America’s kick-ass, kill class, culture

Will America follow Obama’s bid to tackle the country’s insane gun laws? The signs are slightly more encouraging than in the wake of previous school massacres. Even the stone-hearts of the “right to bear arms” cannot face-down the butchery of so many little kids, right there in the face of the nation. We’d do well not to hold our breath though: any change is likely to be minimal, and long haggled over in ways that need not detain Heretic TOC.
Here the focus will instead be on how we look upon such events, whether as individual pathology or cultural malaise. It is both, of course. These aspects may be separated for convenience of discussion but, as the poet said, no man is an island. Actually, John Donne’s words were part of a prose meditation, but they are sometimes rendered as a poem:
No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.
Each child’s death diminishes us, as does the loss of their teachers. Nor can we detach ourselves from the killer as much as we might wish: he is the monstrous Other, but we cannot sensibly ignore the backdrop of the American culture that made him.
It is a culture in which children less “in the nation’s face” than those of an American primary school are routinely scrubbed out and no one turns a hair. I do not doubt the sincerity of Obama’s sorrow and his televised tears following the Sandy Hook school massacre, but it cannot pass in silence that the President of the United States has disappointingly become utterly at one with the most violent aspects of his country’s culture.
This is the man, lest we forget, on whose personal orders massacres are routinely conducted through drone strikes on Pakistan that wipe out children (64 on Obama’s watch alone) along with “terrorists”; this is the man who continues to support indefinite detention without trial and George W. Bush’s notorious extraordinary rendition programme, both of which policies amount to support for gross violation of human rights and torture; this is the man who has personally supported, without even the figleaf justification of national security necessity, the vindictively sustained ill-treatment, amounting to mental torture, of Wikileaks hero Bradley Manning.
This is the man who has become the very embodiment, at the highest level, of weapons-loving, military might-deploying, “kick ass” America – an America so much in love with the violent enforcement of its will that the Sandy Hook killer begins to look almost normal.
The American way, sadly, is to “make war not love”. If evidence supplied by neuropathologist James Prescott is right, there is a near inevitability to this state of affairs in the U.S., where it is widely considered proper  for kids to destroy bodies for pleasure but not to pleasure their own or anyone else’s. Hunting and trashing animals for fun, not food, is somehow right in this warped culture, but harmless body pleasure is not.
Prescott focused his investigations on early upbringing. He suggested that sexual satisfaction early in life, and sensual – specifically, tactile – pleasuring in infancy, are a direct antidote to violence in adulthood. His theory was based on correlations between levels of violence in 49 pre-literate cultures and certain variables reflecting physical affection – such as the extent to which infants were cuddled, caressed and played with in each of the cultures, and the permitted levels of pre-marital and extramarital sex. Despite the enormous significance of these findings they have essentially been ignored for decades: research suggesting a positive approach to early sensual and sexual expression does not go down well in America.

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The sandy hook killer was no doubt a virgin, like columbine and like Virgina tech. These killers all had the severe emotional damage of someone who has never been touched or loved. Sex is a social reward that builds self-esteem and connection to other people. But our sex-negative culture never talks about this.


Further, for ‘Sesame’, and for all concerned about mainstream Anglo-Fascists. Always for profit, and always falsely masked as so called ‘Protection’.
Including for the mainstream U.S. gun lobby, perversely posing as self-protection of and by the people. Does anyone really think that if governments, including so called ‘Democracies’ want to crush their own masses seen as dangerous dissenters, that a few million handguns, small-arms, shotguns, and assault-rifles, will stop battalions of heavy artillery, tanks, rockets-launchers, and attack-helicopters?
The best, and maybe only, defence against devious goernments’ surprise hardware is to pre-empt them via eternal vigilance and accountability. If that finally fails then it’s all over too late anyway, to coin a phrase ‘head-for-the-hills’. Which many U.S. Hillbillies have already done, and have bin a-waitin for ammaggedon since the Witch Hunt McCarthyite Rockin ’50s then falsely fearful of Reds under-the bed. As raving-Right draft-dodger Prez Bush/Shrub said when advised of the WTC attacks on 9/11, ” It looks like ammageddon and ahm a geddin outta here !”
For further exposes of possibly the greatest Anglo Fascist Frauds involving Sex Drugs Guns (old bogey Rock n Roll now a mainstream Bizness), check the current ‘ Inquisition 21st Century ‘.


A late response to ‘Sesame’, “You should try to rise by avoiding reading Murdoch’s tabloid and watching Michael Moore’s propaganda cartoons and reading history books instead. ”
Of course, we do both. Read ‘proper’ books, tho well known is that so called ‘history’ is often just the ‘victor’s voice’. While a far too rare, occasional Michael Moore populist docu or book is a vital counter to daily 24/7 raving-Right simplistic Anglo-mainstream drivel.
Mislead, Uber Alles by the dumbing down Fascist, Monster Murdoch.
Thus, an important part of our remit is ‘watching the enemy’, sadly meaning accessing Murdoch media.
Decades of Murdochized mass dumbing down of Anglos, this week further exposed by a BBC Radio Kent interview with an employment agency manager, paraphrased:
“An already difficult work situation here, is not helped by local applicants being lowly-qualified and with poor communication skills. While incoming eastern European job-seekers not only have good academic grades, but better English language skills ! Which I find, truly staggering.”


‘Sesame’ says to Good King Heretic-TOC, ” Not the dominant narrative? But when you jump on the gun control bang-wagon this is exactly that. ”
Yet, on a level deeper than the inhuman Media Monster Murdoch’s FIX NewZac.
For 2-centuries and more, the U.S.’Dominant Narrative’, received wisdom / imposed ignorance, is that gun-ownership is all but mandatory for all U.S. Citizens, er, including U.S. ethnic underclass citizens ?
As the good Fat-Man/Weatherman Michael Moore rightly put into the mouths of his (2002, ‘Bowling For Columbine’) ‘Brief History Of America’ cartoon dudes including a lil baby, ” Ah lurves mah gurn !”
So, rightly jumping off the bad-‘bandwagon’ and onto a good-‘bandwagon’ of current very human concern about far too many inhuman acts in 2-centuries and more, is to be, er, human.
A caring species which callous monsters like Murdoch can’t even recognize.
3min cartoon, ‘A Brief History Of America’


You should try to rise by avoiding reading Murdoch’s tabloid and watching Michael Moore’s propaganda cartoons and reading history books instead.
Twentieth century history demonstrates the grave dangers of gun control, which has been a necessary preliminary to mass murders by the government.
[Mildly offensive comment cut. Try to keep it sweet, please. Passions run high on this subject, as on paedophilia. Heretic TOC aims to raise the tone through courteously expressed exchanges. Quality of information and strength of reasoning will get contributors further than angry outbursts: we wouldn’t want to end up with people shooting each other, now would we? 🙂 ]


Surely, all the enduring, ongoing, unchecked phoney-Anglophone sexual guilt, repression, and resultant grotesquely overcompensating anger, stems fom one common source.
An early history of the English Church (becoming their still deeply rooted psychological belief system and ongoing moral self-justification believing they do no wrong) was written by an 8th century monk, the venerable Bede. It contained a famous account of 590-604 Pope Gregory1 in Rome’s market, seeing fair-haired young Saxon slaves, whom he was told were ‘Angles’, and he was inspired to convert their people. Some say that Gregory The Great, Feast Day Sep 3, Patron Saint of choirboys, educators, and gout (from which he suffered) dubbed the young Angles, ‘Angels from heaven’ and that he was an early ‘Golden Boy’ fan. (Unclear how supposedly devout Christians could enslave anyone.)
In 597 Gregory sent a mission lead by early media-pimp/Bible-basher Augustine (of Canterbury not the earlier one of Hippo) to the south-east of ‘Brittania’ to train/brainwash the too trusting pagan Angles & Saxons (invaders from the many Germanic-Nordic tribes). And with crude distortions he CONned & CONfused them with over simplistic/tabloidesque fundamentals; ‘Original Sin’/Pleasure/BAD, ‘Just war’/Just Pain/Exceedingly GOOD.
Still worshipping ‘The Word’, the gullible Anglo gossip is, “If he says it’s in the book it must be true!” ‘Just Wars’ always suffered by the kept-ignorant masses, and ‘Sex Guilt’ as ever ignored by an arrogant elite; with their early version of, “WE Don’t Do What It Says On The Tin”. While also setting an early standard, ‘Cycle Of Abuse-Carry On Abusing’, now typically Anglo tabloid deliberately confused with the always natural ‘Cycle Of The Amused – More Please’.
‘Conned, Confused’ with co-horts, ‘Corruption, Cock-up, Cover-Up’ were soon the devious Anglo-Fascist unstated byewords from which, they still rarely deviate..
Is it now in the Anglophone DNA ?


Not the dominant narrative?
But when you jump on the gun control bang-wagon this is exactly that.


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I could not agree more. I would like to send along an article entitled “Natural Breast-feeding As Lovemaking Between Mother and Her Baby” by Dale Bach. It’s quite good. But I am not sure how to do that on this. (I’ll try making a link to my dropbox). He makes the point that breastfeeding is a form of sexual intercourse. I think he is right. You want us (understandably) to keep our comments brief, so I will not add anything to your critique of the U.S. It is indeed a cruel, dumbed down, violent and heartless culture. But let me expand on the connection that you rightly make between lovemaking and violence (Prescott). As is clear to anyone, this country is extremely prone to sexual hysteria. Suppose that the point made by Bach is intuitively understood by most women. Then they would feel a sense of horror at their own pleasure in breastfeeding, which obviously would not be conducive to a nice experience for all concerned. (See the opening example in the article.) I believe that this is the case and that it goes a long ways toward explaining the violent nature of the American character structure.

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