Towards an alliance of the invalidated

 Jim Burton, Strategic Lead for Newgon, guest blogs again today following his debut here last year.  This time he makes “a positive, pragmatic argument for an alliance of the invalidated”, using fraternity between MAPs and Zoophiles as an example. MAPs, Zoophiles, and Transids Validity discourse and the Alliance In my previous essay for HTOC, I discussed how associations between different socially marginalised communities can sometimes spell harm for the groups concerned. I conceded that to most, it’s obvious individual Nazis can exist in any community without invoking the idea that every member of said community is themselves one. Within a western […]

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Ignore this tale of sound and fury?

Comedian Alan Davies is a lovable presence on British TV, especially in his long-running contribution as a panellist on the nerdy quiz show QI, where he comes across as an overgrown schoolboy, ever eager to impress teacher with a correct answer but constantly chastised for getting it wrong. This is monstrously unfair. He is clearly bright. He nearly gets it right, only to be mocked time after time by the know-all quizmaster, who invariably reveals the impossibly esoteric correct answer in a smugly superior tone. It is this cruel injustice that brings out our sympathy and affection. It’s a great act,

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How to rewild Generation Doomscroll

Almost half of British teenagers say they feel addicted to social media, according to a recent report. And those who deny it are probably, well, in denial. Or so it might be supposed, going by the latest feverish outbreak of alarm over teen and pre-teen smartphone use. Have you noticed the sheer scale of it? It’s been everywhere in the last few months. The  on-going Millennium Cohort Study was an early frontrunner, foregrounding the self-assessed addiction crisis noted above. Since then there has been a steady drumbeat of demands for a ban on mobile phone use in schools, and even for

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Getting to grips with love handles

Craziest move yet by the “age gap” antis must surely be the trashing a few weeks ago of 16-year-old (now just turned 17) darts prodigy Luke Littler’s relationship with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Eloise Milburn. There have been “vile comments” and accusations, according to a London Evening Standard report. The trolls are idiots, but it would be wrong to say there is nothing scandalous in what has happened to Luke. Not that romance is the problem. No, the culprit isn’t love, it’s “love handles”. Have you seen the geezer’s girth?  Humourist and restaurant critic Giles Coren, hit the bullseye in his regular

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A trail across a bleak landscape of lies

From a high vantage point, as though we are in a police helicopter in search of tell-tale signs of a crime, we find ourselves looking down over a bleak moorland landscape. The scene is dramatically cut through by a single salient feature, a winding road, its silvery surface a glistening snail-trail. The cover photo of Nick Basannavar’s book Sexual Violence Against Children in Britain Since 1965 is powerfully evocative of the work’s sombre contents, especially the Moors Murders – sadistic killings that became the most notorious criminal enterprise in later 20th century Britain, still regularly revisited in the media after well

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Paraphiles and the Far Right

Putting MAPs on the map, notably through building up as a rich source of quality information, has been just one achievement of today’s guest blogger, Jim Burton. In his thirties, his activist contribution from the mid-noughties onwards has included funding and submitting large amounts of information to Wikipedia and Newgon. He is the current Strategic Lead for the latter. More recently he has invested in MAP networking websites, and spent some time organising disruptions on X (Twitter) from a chat server he funds ( This involved the creation of various false identities such as Andy Parkinson and Jamal Ross. Today

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From fallen ‘angels’ to bare Bear

The big story this time was supposed to have been Bruce Rind’s latest, a fantastic paper that came out a couple of months ago, based on German survey data. It is worth making a song and dance about, with a proper analysis and discussion of its contents. But that will have to wait until another time. There is no urgency compared to a whole bunch of other stuff that needs a more immediate airing, some of which can be dealt with more briefly. I’ll be highlighting my own news in a moment but decency demands prior mention of the continuing plight

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A Gen Z vision of MAP anon strategy

Today’s guest-blogger is Liana Lial, a recently-out Gen Z transgender girl, familiar as a Boychat poster in recent years. She has previously written for NAMBLA (“Defeatism and Hopelessness”), as well as the prestigious Dutch student newspaper Propria Cures under the pen-name Laurel with her Coming Out story, wherein she recounts her struggles with family and bureaucracy as a young teenager. Since then, she has only grown more interested in advancing the autonomy of youth and youthlovers alike, attributing many of her beliefs to pre-existing anarchist principles. She spends much of her time reading about historical social and political movements, and she

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‘Age gap’ angst: Left must choose or lose

It is no accident that today’s guest blog by “Prue”, who needs no introduction to time-served heretics here, includes a goodly sprinkling of links to excellent Newgon pages, of which they have been a prolific creator. There are many other links too, in their well referenced and challenging (especially to the Left) analytical essay.      When MAPs Go Mainstream: Why Phillip Schofield Apologised after Doing Nothing Wrong A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of paedophilia. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre. Where is the party in opposition that

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Paradise turns to hell for Dutch duo

Hard to believe I am writing this, but two of my friends have been tortured. In the UK when we talk about getting “hammered” it is just colourful way of saying “drunk”.  But for Dutch nationals Marthijn Uittenbogaard and his partner Lesley it is no mere figure of speech. They are reliably reported to have been “tortured” (non-specific) and battered with hammers (all too horrifically specific) in an attack by thugs in a prison in Ecuador. Those who have been around Heretic TOC for a while will be aware that Marthijn and Lesley have featured here a few times before. Anyone

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