Begad, sir, you’re an impostor!

It’s the end of the year again, and what more appropriate time for leisurely reflection over the past twelve months and a look forward to the future?
Well, sorry, but sod that. Heretic TOC has been up to his ears in something far more exciting, and is bursting to tell you about it. Not since Oscar Wilde was accused of “posing as a sodomite” (speaking of sodding it!) over a century ago has anyone been more improbably insulted than I was yesterday. We paedophiles are well used to insults on a daily basis, of course, but not like this one!
The thing about old Oscar is that far from “posing” as a sodomite he actually was one. To the modern ear, at least, the Marquess of Queensberry’s accusation sounds much queerer than its intended target: why accuse someone of “posing”, or pretending, to be a homosexual, when Wilde really was one, and would have been mad in those days to “come out”? The solution to that riddle, as we know, is that Queensbury was accusing Wilde of being an active gay, not of being some sort of impostor.
Bizarrely, though, I was accused yesterday precisely of being an impostor: that very word was used. So why on earth would anyone accuse an out paedophile like myself of such a thing? Who in their right mind would pretend to be a paedophile, thereby guaranteeing themselves pariah status?
Again there’s a riddle: I was accused not of “posing” as a paedophile, nor even of being one, but of an altogether more serious offence in the eyes of a leading figure on the amazing and wonderful Sexnet forum. I was accused – and you must imagine me now uttering this in hushed tones, portending the most shocking and shameful revelation – I was accused of, of…
It’s no good. I can’t even bring myself to say it. It’s not the guilt and shame that’s holding me back, though. It’s more that I cannot quite get my head around what the offence was. Let’s skip that for a moment, then, and turn our attention to the accuser.
This was none other than my old adversary James Cantor, he of the theory that white matter deficiency is implicated in the allegedly “crossed wired” brains of paedophiles (see The dubious analogy of the ‘extra arm’, 14 December).
James, aka Jimmy “the screamer” Cantori, notorious hit person of the Toronto mob, has been squealing like a stuck pig again, this time denouncing me as an “impostor” unless I can “produce an alternative explanation for the handedness findings”.
Uh? See what I mean?
“Impostor” suggests to me the sort of guy who would con his way into practising as a gynaecologist with no more than a plumber’s qualifications – or perhaps some bogus researcher who might fancy a go at putting on a lab coat and conducting experiments at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto, where quite a few Sexnetters (the Toronto mob!) are ensconced. But I was hardly being accused of that kind of thing.
Beyond the bafflement, though, a man knows when, if not why, he is being insulted. Yes, sir, oh yes! Impostor indeed! This clearly called for pistols at dawn. I would have considered handbags instead but that might have given James an undue advantage.
Diabolically, though, just when I was about to shoot off an email throwing down the gauntlet, in steps the moderator. Hold your fire, gentlemen, he insists! No duelling hereabouts, pray!
What set all this hullabaloo in train, you might ask? What spark reignited the dry tinder of our passions? The telling, in truth would be tedious: he said this, I said that, he came back with…
What I tried to do today, though, was something a little more substantial: a lengthy Sexnet missive addressing the handedness issue, and others. If James makes the effort to answer it with more than just defensive shrieking and wild accusations, I’ll let you know. This tittle tattle is fun, but a real advance in the debate would be much more significant, and of far more lasting interest.

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[…] featured previously on Heretic TOC (see “Scientific egos as fragile as eggs” plus here, here and here for my engagement with him on his research), has now come up with a wheeze to use a […]

[…] Cantori, notorious hit-person of the Toronto mafia, as I dubbed him – from denouncing me as “an impostor”, with the implication that only accredited scientists should talk about science (except, of […]

Gil Hardwick

On this matter of so-called scientific evidence in child sex forensics, I have just finished reading Nathan and Snedeker’s ‘Satan’s Silence’, which analyses in depth the cases and evidence in 1980s and 1990s US satanic ritual abuse trials and beyond.
The central theme of their argument covers the process, essentially, of how the use of words in this matter has shifted over the period from ‘satanic abuse’ to ‘sadistic abuse’, as if it is that which is important here.
Their argumernt fails, too, like that of Clancy on trauma, when they themselves admit child sexual abuse especially within the ‘patriarchal family’ as humanity’s single greatest evil. They make only passing reference to my own persistent theme of widespread physical and emotional abuse, and neglect of children, against which the occasional fondle simply evaporates.
Nathan’s only qualifier there is that feminists are not all the same.
They do rightly point out, on the other hand, that the great silence in all this is that of the children themselves, who beyond now being allowed to say, “But I was not being abused!” and be believed, are still nonethless not to speak of their own bodies or their own sexuality and preferences.
Until such compehensive and now well-attested field data is admitted, no science in this matter is possible.


I hope I don’t disappoint you, but your not the first person on SEXNET he’s called an “imposter.” He called me that a couple years ago because, as a linguist, I had the audacity to believe that I was competent to read bar graphs. (As a moderately intelligent person who successfully completed elementary school, I believe I am competent to read bar graphs.) I think the claim was that I wan an “imposter” in that I pretended to be competent to contribute to scholarly discussions on relevant issues, when I should leave this to the “experts.”

Gil Hardwick

A Year 5, an 8 year-old, can read bar graphs, AND work out for themself how many degrees of longitude there are in an hour, and many other such things that EVERY SCHOOLCHILD NEEDS TO KNOW.
I know this because I myself (now age 63, IQ 165, with two Honours degrees and over 20 years of extended field research, papers, books, novels, all that stuff) spent quite a few years running real fun enrichment and excursion programs for Year 5-6-7 classes, on all sorts of interesting and compelling subjects, by invitation would you believe.
But that’s not how the system is supposed to work, is it? The ‘experts’ will catch up with you eventually. Your interest is children is actually ‘something else’.
Dumb everybody down, to the lowest common demoninator, adults and children alike (as if there is a difference), while the ‘experts’ take it upon themselves to rule, as we have seen not with knowledge and wisdom but by ad hominem tyranny and abuse.
That’s the reason we have so very many adolescent suicides these days.


Not to get too ad hominem, but, they do not like it UP ’em.
Looks like SynapseRelapseFatHeadSlimBrain Jim’s bin PeerRefused/SneerReviewed/MindAbused.
Classic symptoms of a sad childhood deprived of TRUE adult lurve.
While Good Pedo King/Queen Heretic-TOC is clearly NOT, nor poses as, a child abuser.

Gil Hardwick

Tell him, in refutation, that for his argument to be valid he requires a large random sample population, not a preselected small population sample. One might expect that’s the first thing he’d consider.
Sorry, I’ve had trouble with those Toronto people myself over many many years. Arrogant intellectual bullies, sciemntific imposters themselves.
Justice is ours, however, since whenever they come out here to Western Australia they quickly return home humiliated, their work exposed to field conditions for what it is.
My considered guess is, that’s why they stay in Toronto.

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