Have you got what it takes to be a guest blogger?

Heretic TOC is pleased to have attracted on average around eight comments for every blog posted so far. A number have been rejected as unsuitable but the general standard has been gratifyingly high.
Some commentators have expressed frustration over the 200-word limit. On the whole I feel it is a useful restriction which encourages everyone to focus on a particular point and stick to it. There will be times, though, when what is needed is not just a “point”, but a developed argument, much as you would expect to see in a good blog piece or an op-ed column in a newspaper.
As several of the commentators here have shown they are clearly good enough writers for this, Heretic TOC has decided to afford the opportunity to do so. Instead of a long comment in the comments box, readers will from now onwards be able to sit in the driving seat, as it were, and submit a full-length guest blog by email. This should ideally be 700-800 words but could be up to 1000. Unlike a comment slot, where you need to keep to the theme of the blog, you will have freedom to choose your own topic. The only constraint beyond the usual will be the need to have some direct thematic connection to minor attraction. I hope hitherto silent lurkers will be among those who have a go.
Anyone who fancies their chances as a guest blogger here should first email me (tomocarr66@yahoo.co.uk ) with their choice of topic. I will then give the general idea the thumbs up or down, or perhaps suggest some variation on the theme. I cannot guarantee publication of the final endeavour, but I will be keen from time to time to accommodate those who make the effort, if the article is good.
So, why not get your thinking cap on and give it a whirl?

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Thank God for a breath of fresh air! At least there are a few reasonable poeple out there. My sincere thanks and all of my encouragement to you, old Heretic. Scholarbones.

Donald West

As a gay man I resent the idea that I must therefore be inclined to paedophilia. There is good evidence that pre-pubertal kids, especially girls, can be hurt by being persuaded into sex acts they feel guilty about afterwards. Sex contacts with mature adolescents who are legally minors should not be confused with paedophilia. .

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