Prime Minister was my buddy – NOT!

I thought I’d heard it all earlier this year when my kind, avuncular, friend the late Peter Righton was accused of a particularly brutal murder. The victim had allegedly been torn apart when roped by his wrists and ankles to a car and a pick-up truck that slowly reversed away from each other, one driven by Righton the other by “another man”.
The scenario is so Hollywood, like something from a Mafia movie or a racial murder in the Old Deep South, it might be thought a screenplay career beckons for the accuser, a guy named by Exaro News only as “Darren”, apparently a former rent boy. After all, Peter had been an outstanding senior social worker noted for his rapport with troubled kids, not a ruthless gangland capo or a white-robed redneck with a pointy hood.
Since then, though, the Exaro stable of suspiciously anonymous accusers appears to have been running their own version of World’s Biggest Liar, which is a great idea for a pub competition, but not such harmless fun when the rightful heirs to Baron Munchausen are let loose on the media.
Lately, Darren’s stablemate “Nick” has been making all the running. Early last month he upped the ante in sexual abuse allegations being made about the late Sir Edward Heath, Tory British prime minister from 1970 to 1974. This was after a Wiltshire police press conference, theatrically held outside Heath’s old home, included a call for anyone to come forward who “believes they may have been a victim” of the putatively pervy premier, who had been “named” as an abuser.
This was an open invitation to fantasists, and world-class liar Nick was never going to miss it. After all, the police only required the accuser to “believe” they “may have been” a victim, not to have actually or definitely been one. So Nick could fit the bill by recovering a memory during therapy, perhaps, or even by simply dreaming a dream that seemed really, really real.
Not that Nick needed even this excuse. He had been screaming True Blue Tory murder for months. According to Exaro, he went to the Metropolitan police, who started Operation Midland, the enquiry into “VIP paedophilia”, on the basis of claims they decided in their wisdom were “credible”.  But now, with the Wiltshire police going high profile, came his chance (and Exaro’s) to make the big-time: his extravagant allegations would far outdo the existing ones, which were themselves sensational enough but of a rather less extreme and more plausible nature. Heath had, after all, been a lifelong bachelor with no visible sex life or romantic interests whatever: in such circumstances, a secret interest in minors is by no means a long-shot. A former senior police officer had claimed that a criminal prosecution of a woman for running a brothel had not been pursued by Wiltshire Police in the 1990s after she had reportedly threatened to expose Heath as a child abuser. Also, the Daily Mirror ran a man’s claim that Heath had “raped” him in a Mayfair, London, flat in 1961, after he had run away from home. Actually, the story makes no suggestion the boy was sexually innocent at the time, nor that Heath forced him into anything. On the contrary, he said had been “on the game”, pimped by his own father, long before meeting Heath, and remained a rent boy throughout his adolescence.
Enter Nick, who told Exaro that Heath was one of a number of prominent men who abused him when he was a child, “raping” him many times at a variety of locations. Oh, yes, and another thing: three boys were murdered, two of them by Tory politicians. As with Darren’s claims, it is Nick’s florid allegations of brutality and murder that look well OTT, not the sexual ones. The Mirror’s witness credibly describes what seems to have been a pleasantly conversational night in Heath’s company, in additional to mutual masturbation and anal sex. I find myself wondering whether the Mirror’s rent boy is one and the same as Exaro’s Nick, his story for the Mirror being true (hence giving him well founded credibility with the police), while the rest was gilding the lily to make extra money from Exaro.
The next we hear of Nick is less than a couple of weeks ago, when former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor held a press conference, accusing police of a witch-hunt after disclosing that he had been questioned over the alleged murder of three boys supposedly linked to an “elite Westminster sex ring”. This turned out to be a reference to Nick’s allegations, and the Operation Midland investigation.
He added that he had been accused of being part of a child sexual abuse ring along with the late prime minister Edward Heath, ex-home secretary Leon Brittan and former heads of MI5 and MI6.
Proctor said he was “completely innocent” of accusations of murder, rape and torture of children and should either be charged with murder or his accuser should be stripped of his anonymity and charged with perverting the course of justice.
Nick was said to have claimed that during one alleged sexual assault Proctor had been going to cut off his (Nick’s) genitals with a penknife. Edward Heath was supposedly present at the “large townhouse in London” where this took place and only his intervention stopped the terrible deed. Proctor said he and Heath couldn’t stand each other, despite a shared party allegiance. So it was unbelievable he would have been invited to the former prime minister’s home to take part in a sex attack.
Proctor said Nick had accused him of stripping and strapping a child to a table, before stabbing him all over his body during a 40-minute attack. Also, after raping a boy, the former MP had allegedly strangled him until the boy’s body went limp. And for good measure he was accused of punching and kicking another boy to death.
Bearing in mind that no bodies were found, nor have there been any reported disappearances of boys matching the times and places in question, Nick was already pushing his lying to the limits of the believable, making him a shoo in for Worlds’ Biggest Liar. But no! Amazingly, he was about to be outdone, and not by stablemate Darren but by a dark horse coming through late on the rails. This new contender was going for the really big one, not just the world title but also the hugely coveted, rarely awarded, Munchausen Mendacity Medal, the MMM, which only ever goes to a truly incredible tall story, a tale so bizarre the only sane response is to fall about laughing.
And guess what: that story deeply implicates PIE! Whereas last year the hot news was all about PIE’s supposed connections with big beasts in the Labour Party, including the current acting leader Harriet Harman, this year the yarn is that we were in bed with Conservative Ted Heath! The media were asking me last year about PIE’s connections with Harman et al. through the National Council for Civil Liberties. Now, just a few days ago, a “quality” national newspaper has asked me what was PIE’s connection with prime minister Heath!
The interest arose, I was told, from claims made in the distinctly non-quality, downmarket tabloid the Sunday Mirror. It is one of their journalists, a guy called Don Hale, who has made a bold bid for the MMM. In a story published on 9 August Hale reported on another missing dossier on VIP “child sex abuse” to compete with the already fabled one supposedly compiled by the late Geoffrey Dickens MP. This time the dossier is one that nobody seems even to have heard of before, whereas the Dickens file was rumoured for years.
This takes us from Baron Munchausen to Baroness Castle. Barbara Castle was a leading Labour cabinet minister in the 1970s. Hale writes: “We can…reveal that Heath, under investigation by seven police forces over child abuse claims, was present at more than half a dozen Westminster meetings of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.”
Further down, he continues:

“Baroness Castle showed Heath was present at Westminster meetings with paedophile rights campaigners from the PIE group. Heath is said to have attended at least a quarter of the 30 or so monthly or bi-weekly meetings. His name is said to have appeared on minutes of the private gatherings, also apparently attended by other MPs, along with scoutmasters and headteachers. But the Castle files have been missing since the mid 1980s.”

Ah, yes, Sailor Ted, my old good buddy! I remember him well from when I was Chair of PIE and he was sitting in on our meetings in our palatial Westminster suite of offices! What a laugh he was, what a riot, always regaling us with salty seadog stories about the marvellous sex parties he had aboard his famous yacht Morning Cloud, with young boys hired from that children’s home in Jersey. What was it called? Haute de something.. Haute de la Garenne, that’s it! Managed to get myself an invite to a couple of those sessions. Very good too. Fabulous kids, really hot, nothing but the best for Ted and his guests! Better not tell you about all that, though. Don’t want to incriminate myself, eh?
Only trouble was, once Ted got started on his stories in those meetings, there was no stopping him. If only we had been able to get him to stick to the agenda for the meeting we might have found his advice incredibly useful. What we really needed was a strategy for building up funds and connections across the media, business, the academic world, all the centres of political and cultural power and influence. Instead, the opportunities were somehow just frittered away, so we remained open to attack from the forces of law and order. And when the arrests started, wily old Ted just quietly slipped anchor and buggered off back to the safety of the high seas. Ah well, such is life!
As for that newspaper who approached me last week, I denied everything, natch. Me and Ted were pals? Come on, I said, you’re having a laugh, aren’t you?
In truth, I didn’t speak to the paper’s reporter directly. He said he’d be happy if I’d answer some questions by email. I was content to do that. Whether he’ll ever make use of my boringly negative answers is something we’ll just have to wait and see. For the moment, the paper must remain nameless, for reasons that may become apparent in due course.


Sad news reaches Heretic TOC from Canada. I had an email on 30 August from Robin Sharpe’s daughter Katherine, informing me of her father’s death. She wrote: “It was as always on his own terms, in hospital on August 27th. He wanted you to know.”
Robin, who had been ill for a long time and on my calculations would have been 82 when he died, was a fine writer. In a Heretic TOC piece a year ago I focused on the wryly ironic black humour he brought to his fiction, which managed to be both satirical and erotic. His Pagunan Masks: An Ethnofiction, in particular was an all too unsung masterpiece – although even the Supreme Court of Canada found itself obliged to concede that the man had literary talent.
As for why such an august court of law would be making this judgement, I can do no better than refer readers to my earlier piece, which I think stands pretty well as an obituary: Hail to a hero of “transgressive expression”. I am glad Robin was able to read it as he closed in on his final year. I hope it will have been of some comfort in a life that saw not only official attempts to suppress his work but also censorship by even those bookshop owners and printers who had a reputation for sympathetic treatment of radical material.
Even until late last year I was hearing from him of his frustration in trying to deal with such people, who tended to take a hard line against his “child porn” – a term as ignorant as it was cruel: just as misplaced as denouncing a Renaissance painting of the “Madonna and Child” for depicting the genitals of Jesus. Yes, Robin’s writing was erotic, and even pornographic, but the best of it was so much more than that. He was a fine, brave, gifted, man, whose loss is a great one.
See also:


No time to say much about this horror story featured on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, but listening is recommended. There were two separate pieces, both featuring excellent interviews by presenter Justin Webb. The first, at shortly after 7.30am, featured the boy and his mother. The second, just before 8.30am, featured a lawyer from the Criminal Bar Association and – more significantly – a senior police officer.
The latter interview, with Olivia Pinkney, the “National Police Chief Council’s lead on children and young people” is particularly revealing. She explained very well a series of “decision points” the police go through when dealing with such cases. It all sounded perfectly rational and reasonable until Webb gently asked what harm the boy had done. Suddenly cut adrift from her bureaucratic comfort zone she is all at sea, inadvertently admitting that the young “criminal” was the only victim of the “crime”.
Earlier interview:
Later interview:  (This is the entire programme. This interview starts at  8.21am, which is a little over 2 hours 20 minutes into the recording.)

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[…] to me by the inquiry was anything about the fanciful allegations trumpeted by tabloid journalist Don Hale, although these claims had been mentioned in the preliminary […]

[…] absurdity of this claim was the subject of my blog Prime Minister was my buddy – NOT! in September. The whole ridiculous edifice began to unravel soon after this, not least when it was […]


These bizarre and grotesque accusations sound very much like a fully secular version of the Satanic ritual abuse panic that largely started off the sex abuse hysteria in general in the U.S. circa early 1980s. Why are so many media moguls and politicians failing to notice this? Or are they just going along with the lurid feeling of excitement they’re whipping up for the readers? Do they not realize that lack of evidence to back up sensational claims by individuals – particularly of the anonymous variety – has long had a poor track record of veracity? And especially when they take the form of a massive conspiracy theory? This sounds like Baron Munchhausen on acid!
It seems once again that the public needs to believe that evil is hiding among them so they feel better about themselves as human beings, and have the perfect justification for maintaining their hatred of certain groups and putting a leash on their kids.

[…] Prime Minister was my buddy – NOT! […]


It’s quite hilarious I wasn’t even born and there were tons of nice people fighting for at least a better life (for my generation). I got to know a little more about the whole PIE story by reading Paedophile: The Radical Case. For the first time I felt like I found something that I fit in. Growing up and trying to figure out what I was and, at every corner of the internet phrases such as ‘[you] are a monster’ could be seen, is stupendously frightening specially for a ‘about’- 11 years-old boy. Tom, your book is fantastic! I’m looking forward to the next edition! Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a copy to buy nowadays.

mr pedo-man

We have something in common Mr O’ Carol, As well as minor attraction which is pretty fluid in male sexuality it seems: I also was at boys boarding school in the early nineties — I was aware of this creeping hysteria, But young enough to be surrounded by boys. I would love to share my experiences with others on here, But i feel that i must self-censure — Especially post yew-tree hysteria!

mr pedo-man

“For one thing, it’s easier to spell!,…What a clueless cunt i am!…Being reminded of boarding school brought back all the formalities, Such as Mr/Sir etc…I’ll blame you for that tommm:-)


So would you be considering continuing from where you stopped and release a brand new edition of Paedophilia: The Radical Case? I wonder if it would be very hard to publish it nowadays.
> Were you attracted to boys your own age?
Yes, but when I was about 11, my friends and I had an idea already about what ‘gay’ means and no boys at all wanted to be labeled as the gayish boy.
I never seemed gay at all. I used to played soccer and acted as a regular heterosexual boy (and still do) but I knew I liked seeing what they had between their legs. My friends were generally the same ones when we were 7 up to 15 years old or so. We used to get in each others pants too before the age of 11 or I should say before the nightmare of being labeled as ‘gay’ came up. Back to the point, I was about 11 and I still wanted to keep playing as before. I remember my female friend’s little brother coming to pick her up with their mom and I couldn’t keep my eyes off that little handsome. Now he’s older and looks awful.
I may say I completely knew I was a ‘paedophile’ at the age of 14 or 15 but my searching started before. At that time I was questioning god. Too much “whys” for no answers at all then I came to realise god didn’t exist. I know I was 14 or 15 because of the material from school. I still find some phrases in it questioning god lol. Now everything is okay but I don’t think it was fair to me being young and getting those definitions about paedophilia. At that age we don’t know how powerfully manipulative media in general is and we believe that we’ll become predators, sex offenders, murders. That’s so sad, I wish that the ones discovering about themselves now find out the right definitions.
To sum it up, I wanted to know why I was who I am and I look back trying to check if I was abused (I once thought that it would lead me to be a paedo) and what I can only see is that my whole life I was attracted to boys even when I was one.


> I find it hard enough doing one thing at a time.
I understand that. I am myself a student in university and I find it hard to keep up with my studies and reading about what I like.
anyways, nice to ‘meet’ you Tom. Keep up the amazing blog of yours. I forgot to tell but I’m new here and I intend to read it more often whenever my studies let me do so 😉


I’m not sure if what’s happening now (the so-called ‘Westminster CSA Scandals’ and Exaro and Saville and other dead ex-celebs) exhibits the signs of a classic witch-hunt or not – but there seem to be certain factors that are tending towards building the crescendo of rabid hysteria that we are witnessing.
Firstly the general population want stories of evil paedophiles to be true. I’m not wholly sure why – the Westminster scandals may be partly down to a distaste for politicians, Savile &c may be a pleasure in seeing celebrities brought low. But the relish with which the mob descends on the least hint of scandal betrays that for them all this hatred is cathartic and pleasurable.
I mean, in various fora and debates I’ve presented evidence to haters that most paedophiles are celibate, doing their best to be good citizens and trying to live a good life. But the haters really react badly to this, feel offended at the idea. You’d think that anyone who really cared about child welfare would welcome the idea that most paedos are celibate – but interestingly enough the rabid haters find this an offensive suggestion.
Secondly, when such stories are published there are few voices able or willing to stand up to them. One way or another those under suspicion have no right of reply – whether because they are dead, censored into silence or so intimidated that they dare not speak out. (OK – the fact that I can have this comment read here kind of goes against this – but to a large extent what happens in the ‘paedosphere’ tends to stay in the ‘paedosphere’.)
It’s a danger facing any stigmatised group of people. When a group of people, which is already viewed as in someway troubling, strange, unacceptable, are deprived of their capacity to speak out then it becomes easy for fantasy and imagination to drown out reason.
Thirdly, these stories and rumours usually contain an in-built ‘device’ which serves to neutralise any evidence or arguments that might undermine the story’s credibility.
Lack of evidence in the Westminster CSA scandals? Well, of course the rich and the powerful have the means to cover up and destroy evidence.
A paedophile puts forwards cogent evidence and arguments in favour of children and adults sharing intimacy? Well, paedos are all liars and manipulators by nature, so we can’t believe anything they say.
A paedophile is shown to have acted caringly and lovingly towards a child and refrained from anything that could break the law? “Well, he only acted so nicely towards the child in order to win its love and trust, and he was evidently just biding his time before brutally raping then killing her”.
Fantasist can now say anything about paedophiles and will be believed. In fact the more incredible the story the better it is believed (think of some of the things said about Jimmy Savile – not that he was even a paedo – but that doesn’t matter to the mob), and of course the terrible things said about Peter Righton.
The reason for this is that unspectacular stories get forgotten, grotesque stories enter the mob’s collective imagination, ferment there and become as items of faith – stories that define the mob’s hatred of paedophiles, and thus become as unquestionable to them as the resurrection is to christians.
And of course if ‘Nick’ ever does confess to being a fantasist it’ll be because the ‘powers that be’ got to him and forced the confession on him.


“Secondly, when such stories are published there are few voices able or willing to stand up to them.”
Maybe, just maybe, the following piece constitutes one such voice:


Such articles, though certainly in a minority, are not SO unusual. They are to be welcomed of course, but instead of just saying “These people are using the figure of The Paedophile as a subtle way of expressing their anti-gay feelings”, I’d have been more impressed if he’d said something like “Even the figure of The Paedophile is largely mythical anyway, as paedophiles are mostly kind people and their sexual relationships with children are often mutually desired”, but I suppose that’s expecting a bit too much in this day and age.


One step at a time Stephen; remember, a juggernaut needs time to change direction – in our case, a whole 180°.


Yes, but it’s been on that particular step rather a long time. That’s to say, it’s been rather a long time that books and articles like this have been appearing. They never seem to enter the mainstream consciousness and, with very few exceptions, they don’t progress to more radical conclusions.


Reading this I was reminded of the Channel 4 TV spoof “Brass Eye” documentary on paedophilia. If that was shown again now I wonder how few viewers would twig that it was a spoof?

His name was Shame

I do not know much about Edward Heath’s politics, but for his appaulling decision to take us into the European Union and his having been bewitched as a student at Oxford by the Svengali Churchill. I understand he was a distinguished soldier, a fine sailor and organ scholar at Balliol, who later conducted, among other leading orchestras, the Berlin Philharmonic. He ascended from a lower-middle class background to live out the rest of his days in a splendid old house with many rooms.
Contrast this with the grubby, filthy, vile, disgusting, dribbling demagogue Tom Watson MP, a man who has a face like a sourball collapsing in on itself; an uncultured man without any real accomplishments; and a career politician with not one single acquired art or craft worthy of admiration.


that is good

Decent GL
>>>>>>>>If the measure is approved, any sex with girls under 14 would be considered rape and subject to harsher penalties, including death, regardless of whether the girl gave her consent…<<<<<<<<<
Well, it has certainly convinced me, from now on I am in favor of the death penalty for all sex between adults, and will soon be official considered a sexual crime by my religion.
I like the Chinese girls under 14 years and do not want be killed by mud sexualities.
If the pedophiles / hebephiles / MAPs want to follow in the footsteps of homosexuals, is completely wrong, the struggle between heteros and homos was a civil war, this is a racial war between pedophiles/hebephiles and adultophiles, we must be like the supremacist groups and seek the destruction the adultophiles and gain power and take this world and their beautifull teenagers.
The adultophiles are a inferior mud sexuality, and never, I repeat, NEVER accept pedophilia, NEVER. N-E-V-E-R. This type LGBT-like struggle is futile, and will achieve nothing.
We need to unite in a powerful new sexual religion, we are the finest sexuality on the planet Earth, we must take advance of the mud sexualities and their resources of this planet, or our way to extinction will be next.
Delenda est Adultophilia!

mr pedo-man

” If the measure is approved, any sex with girls under 14 would be considered rape and subject to harsher penalties, including death, regardless of whether the girl gave her consent”…WOW..consensual sex could get you murdered by the state! No doubt that’s what many would want done to us in the west – Only probably harsher, Like death by mau mau for example.
I think they have a similar measure in the Philippines — And it leads to people being bribed; and they will pay if they can afford it, Cos their life could literally be hanging on a thread. If you pick up a Prostitute (over 18) for example, You must never agree to let her friend use your shower for example, its all part of the scam — If she’s under age, They got you!

His name was Shame

What’s surprising here? It is inevitable for China to adopt Anglosphere mores regarding sexuality now that it is raising up a new middle-class for a life of conspicuous cuntsumption, which will eventually subside into general dependency on products by all. There are feminsewage activists in China, also. The premier of that shithole cuntry recently showed himself open to gay marriage. I wouldn’t mind if they just restricted it to girls, as I’m perfectly willing to believe that females are as vulnerable as is made out, as, after all, women NEVER protest victimology, so they must be, but the filthy gays are bound to get started soon. Just wait for vile faggots like the Stupid Person’s Clever Cunt Stephen Fry to start flying over there and calling for solidarity with Gays. What a tosser. Read this:
China will always be the superpower that raised itself up on manufacturing our home-entertainment devices.
The globalist monoculture awaits.
Only some kind of guerrilla war against feminists and LGBTers may save us now. I for one support the honourable ragged men who are kicking to death Americunt invaders in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Decent GL

HNWS, I’ve said many times, the LGTBers are half the problem, all adultophiles are the enemy, who do you think who made that law? a hetero adultophile sure! I repeat, it was a civil war, so that PM is in favor of gay marriage, the hetero and LGTBers are the same race, while we are like another race.
Feminism in reality is just an ideology of adultophiles like socialism, Psychiatry and modern Christianity, created only to destroy the pedophile man, although we destroy feminism, would create another ideology, the adultophiles are loyal only to themselves, are like a religious cult.
And that law is simply a law to prevent cure of adultophilia, the adultophila is a mental-sexual disorder whose only known cure is asexuality or pedophilia, and adultophiles want to remove at a stroke 50% chance of cure, are very intelligent.
And I say, who wants adultophilia? look around there are only illnesses, divorces, rape, gender violence, murder of babies, pornography, sadism … all thanks to the adultophilia.
And an argument to make a religion: Guess who the enemy of China? Falun Gong and Eastern Lightning! and the new anti-lolicon Japan? Aum Shinrikyo!


You shouldn’t be so hostile to Stephen Fry. He has said some things that are supportive to us. For example, he once remarked that the journalist Michael Davidson’s memoir (The World, the Flesh and Myself), in which the author describes his many sexual liaisons with young boys throughout his life was thought of when it appeared as “quite a decent biography” and that such a book could not be published these days. I can’t say that he’s been exactly consistent in his support, as other remarks at various times seem to reflect more the prevailing narrative. Still, I think such support is so unusual that it should be commended when it occurs. He should also be praised, I think, for being open about his bipolar disorder, helping to reduce the stigma attaching to mental illness.

mr pedo-man

Wasn’t that travelling polymath in a controversial play, About a teacher/pupil homosexual or pederast, (to be more accurate) relationship: He also blighted the post yew-tree witch-hunt.


I’m not sure about the play, but yes he did attack Yew tree, another reason for thinking highly of him.

mr pedo-man

I didn’t mean to imply that you had been hallucinating Mr. P and I’m grateful to you for drawing my attention to this, which, I must admit, had completely passed me by. Thanks!

mr pedo-man

No problem, wasn’t implying that; its just my type of humour


Thank you for informing me of the death of Robin Sharpe. I think those inventing stories about Peter Righton and Ted Heath should be prosecuted for criminal libel. I also think that anyone who tries to stop a child from taking a naked selfie of themselves should be prosecuted for sexual harrassment.

His name was SHAME

There is nothing can be done here. All liberty is lost in this country, which but forty years ago was an oasis of erotic love between men and boys. It started with radical thugs like Roy Jenkins getting rid of unanimous juries, and now it ends with the mutilation by femivultures of the corpse of what was once England.
Peter Hitchens, the best writer on liberty at the moment, is right on the money, but witness the response to him here:

mr pedo-man

What i find laughable about that show, Is the fact that its called ‘free speech,..Ha yeah, Free speech on only a number of topics that won’t offend
the public’s delicate sensibilities!


I have been reading some of David Kertzer’s research into the history of the blood libel against the Jews. The parallels are really quite striking.
RIP Robin Sharpe.

Bernie Najarian

Thank you Tom! I have a good idea for a guest blog – now to find the time! You’re welcome to send instructions to my email, assuming your comment form communicates it to you. (Let me know, though – I only look at the account if I’m expecting something).

Bernie Najarian

I think, coincidentally, my new article “Survivor or Storyteller – Nick vs. British History” may be a good complement to your latest piece of socially unwanted truthtelling.
Also includes comment on the idea of Heath going to P.I.E. meetings.
Pity the UK press prefers moralsturbation to facts.
Compliments – BN

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