The old queen's Christmas Message

What is it about carols? I cried a bucket listening to the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, on Christmas Eve. Don’t worry, though: it only took a nice mince pie to perk me up afterwards.
Superficial sentimentality then? And is that all an atheist’s faithless response to Christmas can ever amount to?
Well, you can be the judge of that for yourselves, but when I survey the wondrous cross on which the prince of glory died – or rather when I survey the gorgeous choirboys (an especially fine crop at King’s this year, but not great for those into “ethnic” or, God forbid, girls), when I survey the soaring vaulted roof of King’s, when my thoughts turn to the power of the Christmas story down the generations in lands near and far, when I think of the Star of Bethlehem and all the myriad stars, and what lies beyond them, and all the majesty of creation, I am overwhelmed.
What’s it all for? Why are we here? We live. We die. We are no more. Does this diminish the magnificence of Life, the Universe and Everything, or does it demand that we bloody well appreciate it while we’ve got the chance?
The latter, for me, is the message prompted by the spiritual power of Christmas – that and thoughts of sharing, inclusivity, fellowship, love and hope. I write this alone, as many paedophiles and other “minor attracted” people will be at this time of year, some of us ostracised by our own families and cut off from any sense of community.
Luckily for me, I do have good friends and my days are filled with a tremendous sense of purpose. I love writing and sharing my thoughts and feelings. For many others, I know, it is not so easy, especially at this time. What can I say to you? Hang in there, buddy, things can only get better? Not really. They might get worse. I can remind you that Jesus befriended the sinners and the outcasts, even if most of his oh-so-fucking-righteous Christian followers wouldn’t dream of doing so. Not a lot of comfort there then either.
It must be admitted, though, that there are some real Christians, and doubtless these stalwarts of religion have their counterparts in other faiths: I’m thinking of the Salvation Army types, the ones who put themselves out to help the lonely and the troubled and the down at heel. It is not unknown for them to extend the hand of friendship to paedophiles as well as others, through organisations such as the Circles of Support and Accountability and Heather Elizabeth Peterson’s Unconditional Love. If you’re really at your wit’s end you might want to turn to them.
Beware, though, a deal with such people is a Faustian pact: they are after your soul, and when you are feeling low you might sell it too cheap. You would be handing over your conscience, giving it up as a vassal’s tribute to an alien moral imperium. As a complete human being, as a moral agent, you would be exterminated.
An Old Testament way of putting it would be to speak of selling your birthright for a mess of potage. None of us has a birthright to sexual engagement with whomsoever we choose, because others must also choose us. But we do have a right to our own sexuality and to seek willing sexual partners of whatever age. That right is denied by law. The law must be obeyed. But we should not lightly surrender the moral birthright of all humanity, including its children.
Religion in general, and Christianity as developed by St Paul and his followers in particular, has a poor track record when it comes to sexual morality and much else. The best Christians, as already noted, are good on fellowship: they do community values much better than most of us atheists. But their primitive, brain-dead pretence to have worked out in the Bible an enduring guide to moral values is ludicrously inadequate to all except those who still feel adulterers should be stoned to death as its pages demand, or who approve of a vicious megalomaniac God who would torture you for eternity for failing to respect Him: this is the morality of a vain and sadistic Mafia capo.
I read the Authorised Version of the Bible (more commonly referred to in America, I believe, as the King James version) from end to end a few years ago, taking my time over the course of a year or so to absorb it slowly and thoughtfully. It is a wonderful read: many books, in many styles, with much wisdom and drama, and much to elevate the soul; but also a lot of utterly vile, despicable, nonsense.
I had just completed this Bible reading of mine back in the day, when Bill Clinton was in trouble over his sexual transgressions in the White House. I happened to get involved at that time in an email debate with a Christian American lady who opined that Clinton, who professes Christianity, should read his Bible more, and absorb its “lasting values”. With a detailed knowledge of the Bible fresh in my mind, I was able to tackle her view as to the real value of these so-called “lasting values”, referring her, chapter and verse, to all sorts of difficulties raised by her approach.
The outcome was two substantial essays, one primarily focused on the Old Testament, the other on the New. I am as proud of these pieces as of anything I have written. If you are interested, see The First Epistle of Thomas and The Gospels According to Thomas. Feedback would be very welcome.
Here endeth the lesson – or, rather, one old queen’s Christmas Message!

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Reconcillation with Christianity
Lust isn’t freedom,
you’re a slave
of those who feed you
or who gave

a chance to fuck
someone and now
blackmails. Mocked
by enviers, how

can you avoid
problems with law?
How much devoted
you’re, all those

pleasures are still
belong to men
of power, really
never meant

for you. If not
defended by
a good fame, lots
of foes can lie

about you,
and even truth
said by you’s mute
just because you’ve

told it. As though
an honest man
can keep his own
good renommée.



that supposed to be:

even truth,

said by you, ‘s mute

just because you’ve

told it.

The subject here is “truth said by you”, and the predicate is “‘s mute”.

You see, I’ve been hostile to Christianity because it forbids sex (though knew about some promiscuous cults), and only for the last years have noticed that secular society has more sexual prohibitions than religion and law. Actually, neither the church, nor the political regime are popular if they don’t follow societal taboos.

Thus, the initial problem is not the idea of sin. The Christian idea of salvation seems to me now not as hypocritic God’s mercy during God’s punishment, but as saving oneself from sexual rivals by rejecting one’s sexual needs. While the person is in monastery or in marriage (that is often the same) he hasn’t to worry about people’s envy, jealous and aggression. (On the other hand, having a good reputation, i.e. rejecting one’s desires and cowardice, cannot be honest.)

Today I finally expressed these thoughts as the poem, and I’m happy about it.


churches are used for sex victimological therapy and anti-MAP education:


You love those boy trebles because they are so lovely. That’s one question answered. I know this is not what you heard, but a good boys choir singing Britten’s Ceremony of Carols makes me cry evrey time.
There really are reasons for boys choirs being all boys. But they are too much to go into here.
Atheism vs. what passes for religion is probably an unproductive way of approaching the issues you are touching on. A more useful way of framing it might to ask whether the basic stuff of reality is mind-like or thing-like. The current assumption in educated circles is that it is thing-like. However some form of pan-psychism is an alternative that does not fall into all the absurdities of most current religions. I won’t argue the case here, as you want these posts brief. But one’s assumptions here are important. In the one case we as conscious, loving, struggling beings are an anomaly that was inexplicably produced by a blind billiard ball sort of universe. We experience ourselves as foreigners here. A person persuaded of a pan psychic perspective sees him/her self as kin to all there is. But here is the mind/body problem (a part of this whole debate) finally solved.
Is the Pain in the Brain?
It is my toe
That hurts me so.
It was remote, but now I’m seeing
That its the center of my being.
This ache, philosophers would find,
Is not the body, but in the mind.
Yet if you asked a scientist,
He or she would quite insist
That this intense and throbbing pain
Is not the mind, but in the brain.
But brain and mind are both not so.
My ache is plainly in my toe.
The wise would probably declare,
“That only seems.” But I was there,
Right in my toe,
And thus I know.
Hope that clarifies everything.


Entirely my fault, my leige.
Please forgive our few sins, and the millions who have surely sinned agin’ us.
Not least in not having correctly addressed Ur majesty in this particularly resplendant silken thread, as, “Good QUEEN Heretic-TOC”.
Long live Good King & Queen Heretic-TOC, and all the little Royal n Randy Heretic-TOCs !


“God forbid, girls” , good King Heretic-TOC ?
How un-Christian, even un-gracious !
However, Ur concise c. 18,000 words to Christian Ms X of Japan seemed to have nailed that sweet gentle Jew Jesus gal. With no reply of her’s, included in Ur proud sermons, with which we fellow atheist Peds n Adultos don’t disagree.
No doubt that if sweet lefty-socialist gentle Jew Jesus came back now, millions of raving-Right/Wrong-uns, naZty NeoCon psycho so-called ‘Christians’ would nail him up again.
To balance Ur all-boys choirs we quote good ped Brit broadcaster late great John Peel late night Rock radio late-1970s, “To all fans of the English Schoolgirl. If you missed last night’s TV ‘Songs Of Praise’, then you missed a classic edition.”
And never forgetting late great Brit ped Peel’s last broadcasts were rightly titled ‘Home Truths’. While John’s last gospel-interview, last line (Indie on Sunday, 29 Aug ’04) is an all time gospel truth, “Rupert Murdoch has destroyed most of what was good about this country!”

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