A trail across a bleak landscape of lies

From a high vantage point, as though we are in a police helicopter in search of tell-tale signs of a crime, we find ourselves looking down over a bleak moorland landscape. The scene is dramatically cut through by a single salient feature, a winding road, its silvery surface a glistening snail-trail.

The cover photo of Nick Basannavar’s book Sexual Violence Against Children in Britain Since 1965 is powerfully evocative of the work’s sombre contents, especially the Moors Murders – sadistic killings that became the most notorious criminal enterprise in later 20th century Britain, still regularly revisited in the media after well over half a century. The image of a snaking, silvery road primes us for a trail to be followed, as does the subtitle: Trailing Abuse.

Thus begins my recent review of the book for Sexuality & Culture, deliberately evoking the sensationalism of a lurid crime novel or red-top yarn. The style, I feel, makes a good fit with the author’s mentality. His first ambition was to be a tabloid hack (takes all sorts!), but then he opted for a posher version of the same thing, becoming an academic on a mission to expose and denounce sexual violence against children. No problem with that. Heretic TOC holds no defence brief for sadistic murderers or indeed anyone who perpetrates actual violence or coercive sexual acts on any sentient being, human or otherwise, of any age.

The sneaky thing about Basannavar, though, is that he never defines “sexual violence”. He merely implies, throughout his entire tome, that any form of adult sexual involvement with a young child, or with any minor below the age of consent, is necessarily violent, no matter what actual consent there had been. In a work otherwise very attentive to language, and how the meaning of words shifts over time, his own deliberate act of verbal violence against MAPs – libelling us all through guilt by association with killers and other real abusers – is glossed over, left in obscurity.

For me, this was personal. A big chunk of his book is focused on the history of PIE’s activism in the 1970s and 80s, including a critique of my 1980 book Paedophilia: The Radical Case. He credits us with taking the word paedophilia out of psychiatric obscurity and making it a household word. And so we did, quite deliberately, only to see its meaning twisted out of all recognition in the media. He even claims our work was intellectually influential at the time, right up to government level. But he talks us up only to take us down, claiming we were cynical “entryists” within the gay movement and our championing of children’s rights was only for show, a ploy to justify abuse. These smears are made without a shred of evidence as my review indicates.

Lie of the land: a book that does violence to the truth of MAP history by distorting the language in which it is characterised.

Quite properly, the editor of Sexuality & Culture decided that my personal involvement In the historical events reprised in the book meant I was not well placed to review it objectively. He nevertheless decided my views were of interest and should be offered to readers as a “commentary”, not a review, and that the author should be presented with my piece ahead of publication and given an opportunity to respond. Basannavar declined, which suggests he found himself unable to rebut my critique.

The full text of my article is available for download at ResearchGate, where my books and academic papers are all now available at the author public profile page. Do pay a visit! Apart from its appalling bias, Dr Basannavar’s book itself is actually not a bad read, and at least has the virtue of basic historical accuracy: he has done his homework. Unlike my work, though, you won’t get it free. The hardback is currently on offer from Amazon for £99.99, and the paperback and Kindle versions are not much cheaper!



Children are making “indecent images” of other children using AI image generators, we learned from a BBC report linked here recently by “Cyril”. Very enterprising of the smart little buggers (and fuckers)!

I responded with a comment saying “The genie is out of the bottle”, meaning the kids will keep  finding all sorts of ways of expressing themselves sexually despite every attempt to shut them down. This new development will be hard to blame on “grooming” by adults, albeit the killjoys will always come up with some excuse for censorship and suppression.

In the case of Omegle, reported here by “Prue”, the naysayers have scored a victory by getting the site closed down this year, ending a 14-year run in which it allowed users to socialise with others without the need to register, thus enabling kids to chat freely with other kids and adults – making sexual content an inevitable consequence (visuals, not just talk).

When Omegle was first mentioned in a Heretic TOC blog a couple of years ago, I noted the threat to such heady freedom from the UK government’s Online Safety Bill, which has since become law. But the fatal blow was struck elsewhere. Not by the BBC, despite the crowing of their cyber correspondent in an article headed “Omegle: How I got the dangerous chat site closed down”. No, the coup de grace was delivered by lawyers in the shape of a multi-million dollar “product liability” claim, settled out of court on behalf of a woman who had been (as an earlier prosecution had determined) coerced into online sexual acts for three years from the age of 11 onwards by a man who was later convicted and jailed for this offence and other similar ones.

It truly is a Wild West out there. Some regulation is needed in order to avoid real abuses. Whether product liability law should be the deciding factor is not something I propose to tackle now – it’s complicated – but the demise of Omegle and what brought the site down should not be allowed to obscure what the kids are increasingly up to of their own accord.

The fact that adults cannot always be implicated in juvenile sexual expression online has long been evident from numerous published sources, especially (but not only) as a teen phenomenon. For instance, in one of a number of links posted here by “Happy Humping Pup” we are reminded that the police have long been aware of even very young kids “sexting” of their own accord – and in some of the earlier reports, such as this one, the authorities had not yet got around to explaining it all away by putting it down to “grooming”.

Indeed, a recent study based on young adults reporting their childhood experiences found a whopping 88% of “image abuse” involved youth-produced images. The report, by David Finkelhor (a name many here will recognise) and colleagues, in Child Abuse & Neglect, unsurprisingly puts a negative spin on the findings. But even these “abuse” professionals find they have to admit that “when youth voluntarily share self-made images with adults… the adults do not necessarily betray the intent of the sharer by misusing it in a way that was not anticipated.”

So “victims” are not necessarily victims and “groomers” are not always (or perhaps often) villains.

A recent LBC report based on Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) information, socks us with the zinger headline, “Children as young as three preyed upon online”. Predictably, the “preying” bit turns out on closer inspection to be largely speculative.

But their actual figures look more substantial. We learn, for instance, that while “the majority (57%) of images concerned children aged 10-13, the sharpest rise has come amongst 7-10 year-olds, who now comprise 40% of all cases. Also, a staggering 95% of reports were self-generated photos and videos (topping even the Finkelhor et al. figure) and a fifth of these images, no less, were “Category A”, the naughtiest level, which includes penetration.

As I was saying: Little buggers! Little fuckers! Little darlings too, of course: they can be lovely without being “innocent”!



When the headline “Paedophile priest’s windows removed” presented itself in The Times to my astonished eyes, I didn’t exactly choke on my cornflakes but that may have been because I was in the pub at the time, as is my wont, sipping ale and munching peanuts as I read.

In truth, though, I was intrigued rather than shocked. Windows? What could this mean? What did it portend? The Times version of the story explained the basics, but I later found the French paper Libération offered a far more luxuriant, beautifully illustrated account. A scandalised account, to be sure, but what a classy scandal!

For these were no ordinary windows and this was no ordinary priest.

Known as the “Picasso of churches”, Father Louis Ribes was a prolific artist and craftsman who was for many years a priest without a parish who “moved as he pleased” in the Rhône-Alpes region of south-eastern France, creating stained glass windows to his own designs for numerous churches, bringing to the work a touch of sly humour that is now seen by his detractors as an irreverent and even profane intrusion into a sacred task.

Picasso of the churches. Stained glass church window by Father Louis Ribes.

His much worse profanity, of course, to the conventional mind, was that he was an active MAP, eventually exposed as a prolific, unabashed and celebratory lover of children, who dared to express his enthusiasm through his art, which had been inspired by his multiple liaisons dangereuses with scores of children, or possibly hundreds (boys and girls), during artistic workshops he laid on for decades, from the 1960s to the 1990s.

A number of them are now calling themselves “victims”, unsurprisingly, and looking for monetary “compensation”, but a photo in Libération of a couple of his young companions with him does nothing to suggest they felt remotely traumatised at the time.

What has certainly been traumatised, indeed vandalised, is the churches themselves. In a stupid, philistine concession to victim culture, all of the churches have now been stripped of his creations, the stained glass seen these days no longer as art but merely as crime-scene evidence. Quel vrai scandale! Quel dommage!



A couple of blogs ago I mentioned a “fantastic” new paper by Bruce Rind based on German survey data, saying it was worth making a song and dance about, but that would have to wait until another time.

Well, another time has now come and I have changed my mind. Yes, his German study is top quality, as usual, but without a lot of fresh take-away points, so I’ll keep this brief. His data this time mainly reinforce the truly ground-breaking findings based on a huge study of school children in Finland – youngsters who substantially reported, in flat contradiction of “child sexual abuse” (CSA) dogma, that they had not felt victimised or abused by early sexual contact with adults.

The boys, especially, had been very positive: nearly eight out of 10 had reacted positively at the time to their first “minor-older” sexual experience. The girls had been more ambivalent, but even among them, more had felt positive rather than negative at the time.

Among German youth too, the findings were at odds with the CSA paradigm. Notably, positive reactions were just as likely when a minor had coitus with an adult as with an age mate. The overall rate of positive reactions was lower in the German sample than the Finnish one though – which Rind attributes, quite reasonably we might think, to the fact that Finland has a generally more sex-positive culture. Quite simple really: stop telling kids sex with a grown-up will scar them for life and, guess what, they stop saying later on that they were “traumatised” by it.

Brevity is also called for to make space for mentioning another new Rind paper! The guy is amazing, a relentless truth engine, coming up time after time with figures so robustly indisputable the only thing the antis can do is ignore them. Which they increasingly do these days, unfortunately.

But Bruce’s latest isn’t about numbers. It focuses instead on sources of bias and consequent error in psychological research – a subject of much consternation in the business for years now in the wake of a “replication crisis” that has afflicted wide areas of science, especially medicine and psychology. Whereas Rind’s German study resulted in significantly similar findings to his Finnish one, thereby supporting the earlier findings, adding to their credibility, the same has not been true for a lot of other work in the field, including some famous papers. Results have failed to be repeatable, putting their validity in doubt and leading to a loss of confidence in the whole discipline.

But the great thing about science is that it takes its own shortcomings very seriously and addresses them methodically, looking for ways in which to improve. Bruce’s latest contribution to this noble endeavour is a chunky chapter in an enormous new book (nearly a thousand pages!) called Ideological and Political Bias in Psychology. Having read a number of its 33 chapters since it came out in September, including Bruce’s, I am impressed by the earnestness of the approach. Currently offered by Amazon at £119.99, it is hardly going to be a best seller but that isn’t the point.

What matters is that research psychologists are setting their sights on higher standards. Perfection will remain out of reach, us humans being what we are; but gradual improvement is a worthwhile and achievable goal.



When Dieter Gieseking, long-time leader of Germany’s MAP group K13, got in touch with me recently, he took the opportunity to alert me to a report by a media platform in his own country about anti-MAP vigilantes operating in the UK.

The article in Epoch Times, a Berlin-based paper started in America by exiled Chinese dissidents, turned out to be extensive and interesting. It credibly if dispiritingly reported that “paedophile hunters” in England are now “catching 1,500 suspects a year”, their success facilitated by a Supreme Court ruling  made in 2020 over whether the activities and evidence collected by vigilantes are lawful. The court determined that such evidence can be used in criminal trials without violating the rights of the accused.

His victims could not hide. Jason Nassr at the courthouse ahead of his sentencing. Dale Carruthers / The London Free Press

What also caught my eye in the story, though, is the fact that the hunters do not always have it their own way. They can get into big trouble if they do not follow the rules. In June, we are told, 29-year-old Sam Millar was arrested after ambushing a man he falsely accused of grooming a child. The man was pinned to the ground and had a flashlight shone in his face for nearly 15 minutes. The entire incident was broadcast on Facebook. A jury found Miller guilty of false imprisonment and he was sentenced to a nine-month prison term.

An even bigger development along similar lines came just last month in Canada, where Jason Nassr, the guy who had been behind the vigilante channel Creeper Hunter TV, got his come-uppance after about a hundred video episodes of ritual public humiliation for his victims, smashing their lives in every conceivable way including their death by suicide.

He is now subject to house arrest for 18 months, having been convicted of harassment, extortion, and, in a nicely ironic touch, “production and distribution of child pornography”. Court documents said the child porn charges arose from Nassr’s communications with his “catches”. The prosecution argued that his sexually charged texting in the persona of an underage individual constituted child pornography.

His method had been to communicate with men on dating sites and social media platforms, initially portraying himself as an 18-year-old female. Once the correspondence turned sexual, he would tell his targets he was actually younger, even as young as age 10. He would entice them in phone conversations, adopting a high-pitched, girlish voice. Trickery of this sort, sometimes called “entrapment”, is legal in some jurisdictions and is used by law enforcement, but even in these countries freelance operators such as Nassr may go beyond what the law allows, putting themselves at risk of prosecution.

It’s good to see a few of them beginning to have their wings clipped in this way.



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Ed Chambers

For Matt, MAPS, AAMS, Antis, LGBTQ, Worldwide & WAY Beyond.

MAKNA – Mutual Attraction Knows No Age.

Last edited 5 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

24 and 17 is avery tiny age gap.


Love & Attraction know no age.


didnt get the films name.. but its being well received apparently which is good?


“Call Me By Your Name”. Which is a landmark gay film from the 2010s.

The LGBTQIA+ Movement is going to face a reckoning sooner or later of the integral role pedophilia, pederasty, and the other banished philias played in the movement, and how they can’t really escape that legacy no matter how hard they try. And that if they don’t reconcile themselves to this, they will lose all the ground they’ve gained in the last 20 years.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed

24 and 17 tho, thats.. ephebophilia? or just, fuckign nature??


I mean, technically, if we really want to be honest- it’s two adolescents being adolescents.

The legal concepts of minor and adult are just that- legal constructs. They do not match biological reality. Children, biologically, are preadolescent, prepubertal- which can change as early as 8 and as late as 16. When science has to draw an arbitrary age line, children are 13 and under. From puberty onward, they enter human adolescence- which can finish as soon as 15, and as late as 26. If science has to draw an arbitrary line between adolescence and adulthood, it’s usually about 21, which coincides with more arcane ideas of “majority”. “Adulthood”, biologically, begins once puberty is finished, and full physical stature, maturation, and brain growth (not development- the brain is always developing, it’s never not developing) are maxed out.

And none of it’s a linear progression either- sometimes the physical stature of a person is undergoing more rapid change, sometimes it’s emotional development, sometimes the body focuses on brain growth and development, and other times it pumps most of its energy toward sexual development. This varies person to person. Unfortunately, we use this as a pretext to deny the young any personhood or autonomy- even though humans naturally start developing the capacity and desire for autonomy as toddlers. And by the time they reach about 6-8, they’ve developed the capacity for concrete reasoning and are no longer in the magical thinking stage (which is why religions- especially the high demand ones- are so big on brainwashing little kids before they reach the age of 7). In historical terms- age 7 has been considered almost universally, in all cultures, to be the “age of reason”. Not the age of majority, but the age of reason, and typically the age where society sees fit to hold them accountable for their own decisions and the consequences thereof.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed
warbling j turpitude

“And none of it’s a linear progression either- sometimes the physical stature of a person is undergoing more rapid change, sometimes it’s emotional development, sometimes the body focuses on brain growth and development, and other times it pumps most of its energy toward sexual development. This varies person to person. ”

Glad you’re back, Pervplexed! I for one would be very interested to know what you understand this..well, this “it” to be here, this …agency? The one that supposedly supervenes on/directs all of these qualities/’faculties’, be they cerebral, sexual, emotional or whatever else…? Do you say this supervising agent is “the body” or what?

Last edited 5 months ago by warbling j turpitude

Rereading, “it” is in reference to growth and development, particularly during adolescence. It’s not linear, and isn’t a cookie-cutter process. People’s bodies, brains, and emotions, each have their own take on that process. Patterns are ever only general from aggregate. No individual is wholly alike another.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed
warbling j turpitude

Okaaay, but lose all that ground by dint of whose agency exactly, are you so cconfidently claiming here?


They will lose to conservatives, reactionaries, fascists, and puritans, whose power is on the ascendance for the time being. The right will succeed in rolling back all the gains of the 21st Century of queer people. The LGB exclusionaries will find this out the hard way- there is no room for you in the puritanical, conservative, traditional world. You are an existential threat, and it’s because the slippery slope is actually real, in this case. And progressives can deny this all they want- the fact is you cannot have a successful LGBT+ liberation without “coming for the kids”. Without liberating the kids. You can’t conservativize it. You can’t “decentify” it. You can’t do it with just adults- because people’s sexuality and gender are formed much earlier than adulthood. You can’t free gay people, unless gay kids are free. You can’t free trans adults, unless trans kids are free. You can’t free the queer adult, without the liberation of the queer child. The movement itself cannot help but steer towards youth and child liberation- liberation from exclusive parental authority, liberation of the will, liberation through bodily autonomy. Liberation of their free expression without limitation. Because otherwise, LGBT people are doomed to forever “coming out” as adults, and forever doomed of being pornified in the eyes of half the population. Doomed forever to have to endure a childhood and adolescence that is not suited to them, and the trauma that engenders. Doomed to forever be broken adults who have to have lifelong therapy.

The trans sector of the movement does this most especially. If you make every trans person wait until adulthood before they transition, they will always be stuck in the “wrong body”. A manly body that cannot ever look sufficiently feminine. A womanly body that will never look sufficiently masculine. The trans movement specifically, more than all the others, requires youthful autonomy and agency, in order to reach self-actualization in physique which heavily informs our ideas of gender and how we treat people. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck with parents and guardians who will forever undermine their trans identity, because they made them wait until they were adults before being able to claim agency over their identity, or they will be at the mercy of adults who wanted a child of a different gender than the one they got. Ergo, we must be able to ensure, somehow, that it is the decision of the child, and the child alone, without external pressure from authority figures, in either direction.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed

As for the more biological aspect- nobody is on the exact same timeline. Even if everyone hit puberty at age 12, you’d find some who hit it in the first few months of being 12,and some who hit in the later months, and such

This is true, but the offset is not that significant. You just need to start from the most “precocious” option in order to start proper sex education and by the age of 12 everyone will have the necessary knowledge that will allow them to understand the risks and how to avoid accidental pregnancy, infections and injuries.

The right will succeed in rolling back all the gains of the 21st Century of queer people. The LGB exclusionaries will find this out the hard way

I reckon you are exaggerating. There may be a slight weakening of the LGBT agenda, but without significant repression. Knowing the opportunistic cowardice of the LGBT community, the current generation will not make radical statements, for the same reason, to avoid associations with pedophilia. Until a new generation, raised in a queer-friendly society, albeit with some restrictions, begins increasingly stronger to question the old status quo. Allyn Walker is an early bird )


I mean, I believe education of any kind, including sexual education, should be taught as soon as a person is capable of understanding the words being uttered to them. Of understanding the material reality of it. If you’ve waited till 12 to have “the talk”, you’ve failed already, in legion ways.


There was an interesting essay I came across that articulates some of what I mean. They’re not advocating for youth liberation, and have a narrow scope, however they touch on things that I think are illuminating to that end. They were writing it about a Pixar movie, and talking more about queer representation in media, and how that’s important for both queer adults and kids. It’s hella long, though, but I’ll leave it in case you care to read it.

Why Disney-Pixar’s “Luca” is Queer, & Why it’s Important


“So I believe there is something in what you say, but I would like to know how you have arrived at your opinion. On what is it based?”

It’s in part to a framework that can be, part, distilled to “Description, not Prescription”. That even with scientific information and the complex interactions of psychology and biology- it’s a matter of description- whether of an individual or the aggregate patterns that emerge from larger populations. But it doesn’t amount to prescription of how it SHOULD be, which is a judgment call made by humans. A judgment is, however informed, “just your opinion man”, even if a very useful one. You can’t prescribe how an individual ought to be, or what they should do, from the aggregate pattern. You can only describe it, and compare and contrast it. But the aggregate pattern, shall we say, doesn’t constitute a rule or imperative which must be followed or obeyed. It’s just a phenomenal description, and nothing more. If a description and descriptor fits, or approximates you and your experience, or even aspiriation, then by all means use it. If it doesn’t, then you’re under no compunction to identify that way.

As for the more biological aspect- nobody is on the exact same timeline. Even if everyone hit puberty at age 12, you’d find some who hit it in the first few months of being 12,and some who hit in the later months, and such. Even if there’s a general pattern and sequence of events, any given component is lasting at slightly different lengths, and coincide with other factors, and on and on- and then life circumstances and daily life also bounce off and interact with that. So while many people can have similar experiences, biologically and socially- no one has exactly the same experience. Certainly the similarities can be useful, but they don’t constitute a “rule” that must be conformed to either, and nobody should need to feel badly (whether or not they do is another matter) for not matching the pattern, in whatever ways they might fall outside the aggregate pattern. While an overall melody may arise from the din, it’s not because every actor- every gene, every hormone, every cell, every person, every society, every environment, is playing the same tune or playing in harmony. Just that enough of these actors and factors are close enough to be in some semblence of “sync”. Both a little bit on purpose, a little bit just cuz it be like that, and a little bit at random coincidence. Which we then start to identify as “normal” and tend to create social rules and expectations off of.

Technically, even “disorders” are just a human invention. Nature has no such bias or compunction. Evolution just does its thing, where things work for the time they are, or they don’t, and certain traits and behaviors are more likely to be passed on or not. But there’s nothing in nature that says things “have to” be a certain way. That’s wholly a human idea- a social convention, which we can, and do, change all the time.

Hence, why things like gender roles are social constructs, rather than actual biological imperatives. Because there are no “biological imperatives”, really, beyond the impulsive.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed

Useful to the end of whatever people feel is useful. It in and of itself a judgment call. But, for example, humans find certain foods more useful to cultivate because of the amount we can grow, as opposed other foods which are harder to grow. But, that’s not to say they couldn’t or wouldn’t, and don’t, do otherwise. Our opinions and views are themselves subject to a sort of evolutionary process- those who survive or “win”, well, win, and are more likely to pass on and cultivate those views. Those that don’t, don’t. And something that was once useful may in time become a losing strategy, and will fall out of favor. But, as far as some external, moral, abiding judgment as like from some kind of God or innate moral fabric woven into the universe, as we would understand morality- there is none.

Our ideas of right and wrong, good or bad, useful and useless, arise from within us, and they change as we change. It just “is”, and it is until it “isn’t”. There’s not much by way of “should” to it. Should is a human artifice. Judgment is a human characteristic, not one of the universe or nature itself. It only could be said to be natural insofar as humans seem to be inclined to make such judgment calls, and therefore, arises from “human” nature- shifting and malleable as that is.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed

Laws, morals, norms, morality itself- is just the aggregate pattern of all our collective, individual beliefs and behaviors and thoughts and feelings, and judgment calls on how things “ought” to be- or rather, how we want them to be. Which in turn, shapes our individual beliefs, and vice versa, around and around. There’s no beginning or end to it, so long as people are alive.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed

Not existentially, as a rule. It may be true now, it may be useful for a long time, depending on the desires of those pursuing whatever end. But it may not always be so, though hypotheticals are endless in scope. We go with our best guesses until they no longer work for us, and then we try something else. Something may be true today, and false tomorrow. Nothing is true forever, or, at least, we cannot have any way of knowing that. We just kind of roll with whatever works for us, subjectively, until presented with evidence convincing, to our own minds, otherwise. But that’s all just our perception, and there’s no way to convince or show anyone their perception is wrong except by “evidence” they will accept. Empiricism and knowledge have their limits- they ultimately are just guesses and opinions, or rather, we have no way to objectively prove such things outside our own perceptions of them. Truth, with a capital T, can never be proven. Only convincingly demonstrated to the satisfaction of our own judgment. Sufficient, to us, that we come to the conclusion we have no better explanation and don’t need further or alternative explanation to it.

And, as per evolutionary forces, those who perform better in their analysis of the world are more likely to win out over time, and those who don’t seem to do as well, wind up perishing over time. But, that has less to do with “true” and “false”, or eternal morality, and more to do with who makes it all work, and who doesn’t. Natural selection- survival of the fittest. Not the strongest, not the smartest, not the truest- just the most adapted to whatever circumstances happen to throw at them. Even if smarts and strength and a sense of morality happen to be what makes people more fit at any given time, though, again, it could change or be different. Strength can become a weakness, intelligence can become a stumbling block, adherence to “truth” may prove inflexible in the face of destruction.

It once was advantageous for humans to live in small tribes. Then it became advantageous to construct large civilizations. And perhaps it may come again where it is more advantageous to live in small tribes. Neither could be said to be objective “true” in any eternal, unchanging sense. Only temporarily true at best. Truth with a lower case “t”.

But who can say what the future holds. We can only ever cross those bridges when we get there. We’re only ever dealing with a game of probabilities and likelihoods, as we understand them. Not absolute certainties, even if some things we come to feel a relative level of certain about.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed

Well, I suppose where we differ is that I’m not going to stop flat earthers from flying to the edge of the earth, and crashing in the process. I’m not about protecting people from the natural consequences of their decisions and I’m not about protecting people from their own stupidity. If Flat Earthers want to try their hand at flying a plane, that everyone agreed to be flown on by flat earthers on the basis of their “theory”- that’s their business, and if they crash into the ocean, or fly into a mountain, or run out of fuel over Antarctica, well, I won’t be sending the cavalry to help either.


As for why people should listen to me, there is no objective or existential reason why anyone should. I can only attempt to be convincing, and people will make up their own minds about what I say, and I have no control over that, no matter how much I may try to be persuasive, no matter what rhetorical or emotional tips and tricks I might apply. No matter my efforts at knowing and scientifically learned manipulation. No matter the “empirical” evidence I may provide. I may increase the likelihood of succeeding by some method or another, but there’s no guarantee of it. No one “has to” listen to me, and most do not. I can only make the attempt, and provide what evidence I see to support my position, best I as I can, and people may or may not give any credence to what I have to say. Cuz, just like everyone else, it’s just my opinion man.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed

Advice from my doctor is just that. I do not do something simply because my doctor says so. I do my own research. I do not take things on faith or expertise. I may be more likely to give a doctor’s opinion weight, but I will never take it as gospel truth. I have had doctors give different opinions and advice all the time. And many of the more “by the book” ones wound up being wrong as hell. A random person may say something that I then take the time to look into as well. I may dismiss it, but I also may give it a look. It’s my judgment call.

Last edited 5 months ago by Perplexed

another ENEMY to add to the list.. james woods. complaining about a film with a 17 year old guy and 24 year old guy. even tagged NAMBLA on his post! but i think namblas age gaps are a lot more than that.. anyway hes a loon. and apparently he was seeing a 19 year old when he was 60. so a hypocrite prick as well!


James Woods, what a homo! (no offense to homos)

Grifters and NPC sex psychos, that is the USA today.

By the way, looks like I’ve been bragging too much about my tranny twitter account, because it was finally banned. I appealed it with some legalese, we’ll see what happens…


whats a grifter? yes its sad what the land of the (cough) free has become. from aoc 7 in delaware 1880 to many wanting it at 25. sorry you got banned, musk is a real free speech hating lying egotistical selfish bastrad


There’ll never be an enforceable minimum ‘Age of Consent’ anywhere for naturally seXy AAMS to naturally wank to natural seXy thoughts, or images of attractive adults.

E.G. 1990s preteen HOT Lolis to ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP, “We think of you at night in bed. We want to give you BIG Hugs & Kisses under the covers!! Bold HOT Loli, bonus quote, “My little sister likes you in a NAUGHTY way!”

Sexual guilt is a negative emotional response associated with the feeling of anxiety, guilt or shame in relation to sexual activity. It is also known as “sexual shame”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_guilt

Social stigma is the disapproval of, or discrimination against, an individual or group based on perceived characteristics that serve to distinguish them from other members of a society. Social stigmas are commonly related to culture, gender, race, socioeconomic class, age, sexual orientation, sexuality, body image, physical disability, intelligence or lack thereof, and health. Some stigma may be obvious, while others are known as concealable stigmas that must be revealed through disclosure. Stigma can also be against oneself, stemming from negatively viewed personal attributes in a way that can result in a “spoiled identity” (i.e., self-stigma).

“Being controlled by shame and judgement is a miserable experience — it inhibits your pleasure, worsens your mental health, and interferes your life,” says Erica Smith, M.Ed, a sex educator based in Philadelphia and creator of Purity Culture Dropout Program, which works with people who were raised with evangelical beliefs about sexuality. Because sex and sexuality are such vast concepts that intertwine with all areas of our lives, Manduley says, “Becoming sex-positive can be a tremendous source of health, celebration, nurturance, healing, and well-being.” In other words, the point is that it can drastically improve your entire life.

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Allow me to be the first to coin a new term . AGAP. age gap atracted person ! this can include people like leo decaprio! please spread.


When Charlie Chaplin proposed to Oona O’Neil, he was 53 years old and she was 18 years old. The great artist said, “Marry me so I can teach you how to live and teach me how to die.”
She replied, “No, Charlie, I’m going to marry you so you can teach me how to grow up and teach you how to stay young.” They lived together for 34 years and had 8 children.

When ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP was 50 an AAM HOT Loli, 6, on his lap asked, “You’re not married are you? How old are you? You can kiss if you’re in love can’t you?”


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how did bill wyman get away with marrying a 13 yo in his 40s?


A little update on my tranny trolling twitter campaign:

I found a few sympathetic people, actually, MAGA people if you can believe it.

And guess what – as soon as they expressed agreement with the fact that there is nothing wrong with pleasurable youth sex or age gaps or any other age nonsense, and that people of all ages are attracted to each other, they got banned by Twitter!

However, my profile still exists! It is now beyond confirmed that if you want to do effective advocacy against sexual oppression in 2024, you must identify as trans, and you can say whatever you want.


maga people vote trump. which means they vote for a party that will put you in jail for life for asking for a photo of someone under a certain man made number. i cannot tolerate any of them


Do you really think there is a difference between Biden and Trump?
For one thing, if a candidate makes it to the final challenge for the presidency of the USA today, he cannot by definition be a decent person. And secondly, even if for purely random reasons a decent person were to reach the final challenge and win it, he would probably be assassinated. It is no coincidence that the few good presidents the US has had have been those who were eliminated shortly.


well, biden is a bit of an incarcearation loon i believe. but trump, his party, are psychopaths. no, i dont live in the us (thank fuck) but ive read enough about their policies which seem like stuff drawn up in mauritania


Anglo-defiled agin? ‘notha Dutch SeX Positive going positively south?

Amsterdam Liberal Femme Mayor Femke Halsema to move Centuries of liberal Red Light district De Wallen, 4km south to industrial business park Europaboulevard Ave.

Femke Halsema, the city’s mayor, said Europaboulevard Avenue is the most suitable location for the new red light district. Since taking office in 2018, Ms. Halsema has sought to move the red light district to a new place. The new red light district will have spaces for LGBTQ+ people in Amsterdam along with many areas for cultural events of eroticism and feminism.



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Fata Morgana

This makes for an interesting read. 52% of all child abuse cases (which, from context, should be taken to mean child sexual abuse cases) in the UK are perpetrated by children aged 10-17 and this includes exploratory behaviour that is technically illegal but, as everyone knows, perfectly normal and natural in pubescent minors. It would interesting to know what proportion of those cases involving an adult perpetrator involved an adult aged, say, 18-20, with a minor aged, say 14-15, which would fall outside of the scope of the close-in-age exemption but would nonetheless constitute relatively close-in-age encounters (compared to what people typically imagine when they hear about CSA) involving biologically and statistical ‘normal’ attraction. (EDIT: Cases eligible for application of the close-in-age exemption are technically illegal, if excusable, so these will presumably also feature in the figures. What proportion of the cases included involved close-in-age encounters?)

What are the implications for public perception of CSA of a majority of offences being committed by sexually aware, sexually agentive children?

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teens ARE NOT children dont be brainwashed by those retarded politicians and police.


these people seem so baffled as to why sexting is so rife, its becasue they arent children duh! 9 year olds dont tend to as they ARE children !


>9 year olds dont tend to as they ARE children !

Matt, not seen a pre-school playtime? Since year dot, not just 9yr olds, but TOTS are SeXy. Not least from modern hypocrites ‘Family’ media, millions of images of near-nude adults as role-models and sex-objects – for AAMS.

E.G. 1990s grinning AAM HOT Loli, 4, lolling on the living room rug aping her Dad’s tabloid Page 3 doll, legs-wide panties flashing at ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP..


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There is no doubt pre-pubescents are sexual. As if we didn’t already have a ton of scientific observations and all of human history to draw upon, we can simply remember our own experiences. I had sexual feelings as a prepubescent for as long as I can remember even though I didn’t have the secondary sex characteristics of puberty.

Now, I find pre-pubescent sexuality mostly annoying, but to each his own. “Pedophilia” certainly is not the ridiculous evil pushed by the sex psychos on SSRI’s. Human history up to this point worked fine with each family and individual making their own sexual decisions, without micromanagement by the government and other people’s psychotic opinions.


um, thats fine, but not my forte sorry. i concentrate on puberty + people… its less d angerous.


>um, thats fine, but not my forte sorry. i concentrate on puberty + people… its less dangerous.

Not fine nor forte, just FACT. Dangerous for naturally seXy tots in plain-sight. Falsely made to feel guilty freaks by today’s seXphobe psycho-freaks, neo-Victorian phoney Anglophone.

Body-guilt fake narrative since fake Bible year dot, so called ‘Original Sin’.



The Sex Positive Movement.

During the 1960s, a shift in the ways people thought about sexuality began to take place, heralding a period of de-conditioning in some circles away from old world antecedents, and developing new codes of sexual behavior, many of which have since been integrated into the mainstream.[12] The 1960s also heralded a new culture of “free love” with millions of young people embracing the hippie ethos and preaching the power of love and the beauty of sex as a natural part of ordinary life. Hippies believed that sex and sexuality were natural biological phenomena that should be neither denied nor repressed. Changes in attitudes reflected a perception that traditional views on sexuality were both hypocritical and male-chauvinistic.
Sexual liberalization heralded a new ethos in experimenting with open sex in and outside of marriage, contraception and the pillpublic nuditygay liberation, legalized abortioninterracial marriage, a return to natural childbirthwomen’s rights, and feminism. Historian David Allyn argues that the sexual revolution was a time of “coming-out”: about premarital sex, masturbation, erotic fantasies, pornography use, and sexuality.[11]

The term sex-positive first came into use in the United States in the late 1990s with the founding of the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, California, and The Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, Washington. In 2009, Sex Positive World began in Portland, Oregon. As of 2019, there are more than sixteen chapters of the nonprofit, in five countries.

And before the 1st Rind or 3rd Reich – cum Wilhelm Reich.

Reich’s work on character contributed to the development of Anna Freud‘s The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence (1936), and his idea of muscular armour—the expression of the personality in the way the body moves—shaped innovations such as body psychotherapyGestalt therapybioenergetic analysis and primal therapy.[6] His writing influenced generations of intellectuals; he coined the phrase “the sexual revolution” and according to one historian acted as its midwife.[7] During the 1968 student uprisings in Paris and Berlin, students scrawled his name on walls and threw copies of The Mass Psychology of Fascism at police.[8]

He moved to New York in 1939, after having accepted a position as Assistant Professor at the New School of Social Research. During his five years in Oslo, he had coined the term “orgone energy”—from “orgasm” and “organism”—for the notion of life energy. In 1940 he started building orgone accumulators, modified Faraday cages that he claimed were beneficial for cancer patients. He claimed that his laboratory cancer mice had had remarkable positive effects from being kept in a Faraday cage, so he built human-size versions, where one could sit inside. This led to newspaper stories about “sex boxes” that cured cancer.[12]

Following two critical articles about him in The New Republic and Harper’s in 1947, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration obtained an injunction against the interstate shipment of orgone accumulators and associated literature, calling them “fraud of the first magnitude”.[13]  Charged with contempt in 1956 for having violated the injunction, Reich was sentenced to two years imprisonment, and that summer over six tons of his publications were burned by order of the court.[n 2] He died in prison of heart failure just over a year later.[16]


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Warbling J Turpitude

I think iti incalculably important to be consistently clear: “sex & sexuality” may well be natural phenomena, but what makes them elements of human culture, what makes them now capable of forever more generating the erotic *sign*, independently of any actual physical body, its properties or even presence of same, is of another order, indeed reality, altogether. And it is precisely ‘erotic capital’ upon which an immeasurably profound aspect of our western culture does depend for its terrible dynamic ..

Never fails to be stimulating nonetheless whenever we revisit the work of Herr Reich! Why, i myself even possess a copy of Christopher Turner’s history Adventures In The Orgasmatron


Sexual liberalization heralded a new ethos in experimenting with open sex in and outside of marriage, contraception and the pill, public nudity, gay liberation, legalized abortion, interracial marriage, a return to natural childbirth, women’s rights, and feminism. Historian David Allyn argues that the sexual revolution was a time of “coming-out”: about premarital sex, masturbation, erotic fantasies, pornography use, and sexuality.

the fountain of liberation filled the cup of emancipation to the top, so that there was no room left for the last taboo. Society needs time to drink this cup and make room for youth autonomy and the inter-age relationships.

The term sex-positive first came into use in the United States in the late 1990s with the founding of the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, California, and The Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, Washington. In 2009, Sex Positive World began in Portland, Oregon. As of 2019, there are more than sixteen chapters of the nonprofit, in five countries.

This shows that we are only at the beginning of our formation as a social group. The knowledge and culture of the MAP community is not yet sufficiently developed.


> The term sex-positive first came into use in the United States in the late 1990s with the founding of the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, California, and The Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, Washington. In 2009, Sex Positive World began in Portland, Oregon. As of 2019, there are more than sixteen chapters of the nonprofit, in five countries. This shows that we are only at the beginning of our formation as a social group. The knowledge and culture of the MAP community is not yet sufficiently developed.

3-Decades earlier, during the 1960s & ’70s an ORGANIC sub-cultural shift in the ways post-WW2 people thought about human sexuality began to take place, heralding 2-decades of de-conditioning in some circles away from old world Victorian antecedents, and developing new codes of sexual behavior, many of which have since been integrated into the mainstream.[12] The 1960s also heralded a new culture of “free love” with millions of young people embracing the hippie ethos and preaching the power of love and the beauty of sex as a natural part of ordinary life. Hippies believed that sex and sexuality were natural biological phenomena that should be neither denied nor repressed. Changes in attitudes reflected a perception that traditional views on sexuality were both hypocritical and male-chauvinistic.

The Swingin ’60s/SeXy 70s ‘Love Generation’ sadly TRASHED since the late ’70s thru 19Haties ongoing by neo-Victorian Fascists generating hate. From 1969 by Nixon’s fake pretext ‘War On Drugs’ in truth an incremental ‘War On Love’. Now gladly all but won by LGBTQs leaving only their Fake Sacred-Cow, False God AOC the last taboo?.

All the usual Anglo populist neo-Puritans generating hate. UK Mary Whitehouse, ‘Clean Up TV’; U$ Anita Bryant ‘Save Our Children’; UK Cyril Townsend ‘Protection of Children Act’; UK Esther Rancid’s fake ‘Stranger Danger/Childline’, UK Geoffrey Dickens’ frenzied campaigns in Holland where nasty neo-Dickensians don’t belong. Sensationalist populist for Ratings, Profit, Power & Control over their kept dumb shallow ignorant mob the Anglo tabloid:media trashed PAL/PIE/NAMBLA & Co. Largely following the first formally elected political antis the 1969-’74 Anglo Nixon Nazis!!

Re-check true journo Dan Baum/’Harpers’ Mar 2016, “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people,” former Nixon domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman told Harper’s writer Dan Baum for the April cover story published Tuesday; “You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities,” Ehrlichman said. “We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”


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From F.B. Loli MAP Francois Lemonnier;
“How and at what occasion did I start masturbating, I don’t remember. I thought it was wrong since I secretly did it and more willingly in school where I felt safer. But the mistress appeared and warned my mother. One day, cheeks on fire, I was shaking in class and suddenly I saw her staring sternly at me through the door window. She then explained to me that it was naughty for a little girl and that I shouldn’t have started it again. But it had become a habit and I was hardly used to obey. When the onslaught of desire attacked me, only some foreign presence had the power to stop me, otherwise I confess powerless before the greed of pleasure. ”
(Sister Emmanuelle, Confessions of a Religious Woman, Flammarion editions) 



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> Echoes of St Augustine (of Hippo, Algeria) and his confessions.

Not be confused with also early A.D. disgusting Augustine of Cunterbury. Sent by uptite Pope Gregory to ‘Christianize’ the naturally seXy Pagan Celtic Brits. After Greg had seen seXy blonde Brit kids in Rome’s slave markets, and Coliseum being raped by randy baboons, and he asked, paraphrased,”Who are these wild little Angels?”

Coincidentally, now Algeria’s modern Annaba, Hippo Regius was the seXy city of vandals, home of seXy Aphrodite.




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Stephen Hawking visited Epstein island, does that mean everyone hates him now?? i mean everyone turned on rolf harris despiet all the good he did


there are still many children who cannot distinguish between adult behaviour as a form of affection and sexual crime behaviour

That’s why Indonesian social workers re-organize a child mosque, sing about “good touch—bad touch” at school, and perform anti-Internet propaganda in social media (DOI 10.24036/jmiap.v5i4.833)


The antis themselve cannot explain mechanisms how the pediatrician’s touches inside the clinic’s office are “good” and cause no harm, but outside the office or clinic they become “bad” and cause trauma


The 4-decades ongoing post-Love Generation neo-Victorian mass tabloid twisted Dominant Narrative fake media.

Generates hate with their oh so profitable ‘War On Love’ for their kept dumb shallow ignorant mob knowing only what they’re told/brainwashed to believe. Finding only negative pain in intergen consenting sex pleasure. Quote, “Here is the News. This is what we want you to think.”

Yet for 6-decades positively in plain-sight since the Swingin ’60s millions of many underage (often pre-teen) fans chased, grabbed, groped, groomed, laid, adult Pop-Rock Stars. Numerous fans now grinning grannies recall their positive underage ‘Trophy Sex’ pleasure with the stars. Somehow all unseen and un-interviewed by today’s totalitarian tabloid neo-Victorian perverse Dominant Narrative. In deep psychological denial seeing only pain – need BIG Help!

So, does all-negative bullshit Basannavar’s ‘landscape of lies’ even mention serious scholars like TOC and Rind, finding a plethora of positives?

Nah! “Not in our time” misquote BiasedBritCrap Radio 4th Form Bragg. No more than tabloid twisted negative olde Victorians could see Gay OK in plain sight when AAMS like dear boy Bose boldly declared his love for visionary Gay MAP victim Oscar. Quote, 1891, “In olde days men had the rack, which was bad. Now we have the press. which is better but still very bad. Was it Burke who said, ‘Yonder in the public gallery sits the 4th Estate more dangerous than ye all’? The Lords Spiritual say nothing, the Lords Temporal have nothing to say, the Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are dominated by journalism!”



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Brian Dixon

Speaking of their nightmares, you should see the antis’ various reactions to the comedian Jim Gaffigan’s joke about Hollywood pedophiles at last night’s Golden Globe awards show.
For antis on social media, the joke is remarkably ambiguous. They can’t find agreement among themselves on whether they are being “laughed with” or “laughed at”.

warbling j turpitude

“I’m from a small Indiana town (etc etc), i’m not a pedophile…. ”

I don’t get it – where’s the “joke”?


Mark Regnerus, a conservative professor of sociology … throwing up his hands in horror, saying the way things are going is pretty much the end of civilisation

“the end of civilization” did NOT come in ancient society with institunated pederasty, but, according to the fear-monger antis, it should come in a more developed society, where there is no longer forced marriage and where there are advanced contraceptives.


According to a new qualitative review, children don’t want to disclose sex offences
(non-detectable medically in 67% to 93% of cases and “often” psychologically, with dissociative symptoms eventually disappearing!) in 84% to 31% of known cases for reasons like this one:

ve son olarak cinsel yakınlık kurulmuş olan bireye karşı kendilerini sevgi dolu ilişki içerisinde görmüş olmaları ve bu durumu istismar olarak tanımlamamalarından

[MODERATOR: Remainder deleted. Please translate to English before posting here.]


7M£ to 1G£ are spent to prevent children from sexting (DOI 10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1285132) — why not spend these money for something useful?


and this absurdity.

This week, it was reported that British police are investigating a case of rape in the metaverse for the first time. The attack was allegedly carried out against a girl under the age of 16, who is said to have been left distraught. Although it was a digital representation of her – who was allegedly gang-raped, and she herself did not suffer physical injuries, this doesn’t mean it didn’t cause immense trauma and suffering.


there are many sexting studies these days to justify age limits in social networks, the EU and British pro-hacking legislations



Absolutely crazy. Beyond parody.

“A representation of her” is bit of a stretch. Metaverse characters are like characters from the Sims: they barely resemble people in any ‘real’ and certainly not realistic sense. They are clearly characters, and I struggle to believe that anyone 16-years or older would be caused anything even remotely like “intense trauma and suffering” from what, to my knowledge, would amount to representations humping on a screen. Or, in this case, multiple (presumably male) avatars surrounding your character, on a screen.

From my understanding, you can’t have sex in the metaverse… And the way this is being reported is truly like some Orwellian hellscape. Take this one:

A senior officer reportedly told the newspaper that sexual offending in online worlds was “rife”. This “landmark” case, said Camber, raises questions about whether “such an attack should be prosecuted under current laws”. But critics may also ask whether police and prosecutors should be pursuing virtual offences while “struggling with an enormous backlog of actual rape cases”.

‘Actual rape’ cases? Very spicy, hot take there! Is rape sex that is involuntary, or anything your government deems ‘non-consensual’? Should we be concerned that, as Florida is increasing and expanding its use of the death penalty, trans people and gender nonconformity could be punished as a crime for ‘non consensually’ exposing minors to sexual content via the act of seeing your outfit? Following the ridiculous Balenciaga teddy bear scandal, it seems that many people see virtually anything and everything as sexual.

The question this story poses to us, is: do you have to touch anyone to rape them? I can see that lawyers and prosecutors who stand to make big bucks in compensation from Meta for ‘rape’ and ‘child abuse’ cases, will be jumping on cases like this… It really isn’t about protecting children. No child was protected here. The event has already happened, and all a lawsuit will lead to is a worse, less free platform on Meta, and probably a massive fall in popularity. Mandatory age ID verification, no privacy, and a continuation of generational apartheid. The job of business is not just to provide a service, it’s to make money and be profitable whilst doing so. Like PornHub getting rid of millions of videos overnight, companies will do a lot to keep making money and avoid lawsuits.

Rant over. No doom and gloom. Life is good despite its sad parts 🙂


… It really isn’t about protecting children. No child was protected here…all a lawsuit will lead to is a worse, less free platform on Meta, and probably a massive fall in popularity. Mandatory age ID verification, no privacy, and a continuation of generational apartheid… companies will do a lot to keep making money and avoid lawsuits.

Exactly, all these age restrictions were created not to “protecting children”, but to protect companies from lawsuits of their insane parents and continue to make money from children while just removing any hints of child sexuality and disabling comments and maintaining infantilization and desexualization of young people.

I can’t help but remember once again the absurd restriction on the watching of pornography under 18, while having a “teens” category on the site, who allegedly should not have watched anything pornographic until 18, but magically discover erotic talents immediately after blow out the birthday candles and run to look for the phone number of a porn studio agent lol.


shouldnt that be spent on confining these law makers to mental institutions?


BTW, matt, there is a new study DOI 10.3389/fdpys.2023.1284404 proving homophobes to be psychopaths. The same is expected for paedophobes too.


Thanks for posting this. I am going to link to this research paper now and tell pedocrites to forgive their mother with my Tranny twitter profile.


not sure if pedophobe is the correct term…. for me anti nature rings true, especially when its teens.


i wish some dumb ass politician would read this.. they are NOT going to stop teens sexting. the infatilisation and repression of teenagers needs to stop. they deem them quite capable of facing the music if they commit a crime or have to pay tax , hypocritical scum


A new article DOI 10.3389/fpsyg.2024.1293013 proves the validity of the Rind et al. meta-analysis. Childhood illegal sexual experience does not influence cognitive abilities in boys, and non-‘forced’ childhood illegal sexual experience does not influence cognitive abilities in girls.


independent predictors of cognitive difficulties included parental verbal abuse and physical abuse

without “sexual abuse”

For girls, lifetime forced sexual intercourse and sexual violence during the past year were also independently associated

only “intercourse” and only “forced”


FFS… i cant get into FStube.. if its been hacked.. i can only hope the hackers get their mouths sewn closed… so they can se what its like not being abale to speak


2023 had some moments… some MAPs coming out of the closet, or exposed… Philip Schofield, Huw Edwards, Russell Brand. thats just UK, america? of course they were with legal but highly frowned upon people for having relations with… huw asked for pics though but i mean, im sure the person in question is quite fine.


I would put it to you that none of these people mentioned are MAPs. They are teiliophilic men interested in people who just happen to be close to or under the ‘magic age’ of 18, who are post pubescent and are, developmentally if not in law, adults (i.e. developmentally sexually ‘mature’). At least for heterosexual male to female attraction, throughout history and in evolutionary theory, attraction to younger women is the norm. It still, I believe, surprises virtually no one. In fact, if you look online you will see many popular videos in the ‘Red Pill’ community talking about women ‘hitting the wall’ in their 30s, with discussions being based on an underlying assumption that men find younger, more fertile women more attractive. As a trend / broad attraction pattern, we all know this, but feigning disgust or opprobrium is a kind of performative denunciation many figures in the public eye are expected to perform to keep their jobs.

Here’s a funny short vid you might like, from one very up-and-coming ‘red pill’ channel: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/foHL7X4rdqk


F.B. poster Tina Willis on unending unblocked images for Ratings & Profit of Gaza’s devastated VICTIMS. “There are laws against images of ABUSED CHILDREN in pain!!”

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but more laws against consentual harmless images…


WAY back year-end 2010: “Every time you see (pedophiles) on television, they are either murderers, rapists or kidnappers,” he said as reason for writing and publishing the book. “And you know, that’s just not an accurate presentation of that particular sexuality.”

The book, “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct” by Philip R. Greaves II, includes graphic “first person” descriptions of a child’s sexual encounters with an adult, “presented as an adult’s recollection of his youthful experience,” as well as advice to pedophiles afraid of becoming the center of retaliation. The electronic book, which is not illustrated, was available for $4.79 from Amazon.com’s Kindle e-reader.

Amazon had initially defended the sale of the book, issuing a public statement that said, “Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable. Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts, however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.”



ah, i remember when Eastenders introduced a very controversial, thought provoking Pedo storyline. course, the guy was portrayed as very manipulative etc… i never watched it again. but yes, i saved a lot of brain cells in the process!!


According to a new study DOI 10.1016/j.chiabu.2023.106611, the survivors of so-called CSA do not grow up with depressed mood.


The role of discrete emotional reactions to child sexual abuse (CSA) testimony in mock juror decision-making (2023) https://doi.org/10.1080/1068316X.2023.2292516
Jury-eligible participants (Study 1 N = 143, Study 2 N = 169) reported their emotions (i.e. anger, sadness, and disgust) before and after exposure to child testimony in a CSA case, and then provided case decisions (i.e. verdict decision, verdict confidence, sentencing length) and reported moral outrage. Participants experienced increases in all emotions from pre to post transcript, with the greatest increase in disgust. Moral outrage mediated the relationship between disgust and sentencing recommendations (Study 1 & 2), and between disgust and credibility ratings (Study 2). These studies reveal that CSA cases elicit negative emotions in jurors and emotions predict more punitive decision-making, posing a concern for objectivity.

A study evidencing the obvious which, like a lot of other studies, is not crazy exciting but helpful as evidence.


Not sure I’ve seen it mentioned here, but the actress Brooke Shields, famous for her role playing a prostitute at age 12 in the film Pretty Baby (1978), has come to be highly critical of her successful modeling career. Starring in a 2023 2-part documentary which “revisits the many ways Shields was exploited as an underage girl” (source), Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields(2023) discusses her alleged rape at 20 years old, her failed lawsuit against photographer Garry Gross who photographed her nude at age 10, and how director Franco Zeffirelli allegedly hurt her in order to get his desired reaction. “He grabbed my toe and kept twisting it, so I had a look of, I guess, ecstasy,” an emotional Shields recalls.

Though this may seem to be part of an en vogue trend to disavow one’s part in anything MAP-adjacent in the past, it may well be that Brooke had a shitty time being a child actress, despite the (I suspect) very good money and unique opportunities and experiences said career has afforded her. Something interesting to note…


theres a huge fuss beign made about her appearance in the bleu lagoon… looks very tame to me


Just looked at the Wiki page for this film, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blue_Lagoon_(1980_film)

Does seem pretty tame. In fact, that’s one of the criticisms Wikipedia highlights! Quote:

Among the more common criticisms were the ludicrously idyllic portrayal of how children would develop outside of civilized society,[9][17][18][19] the unfulfilled buildup of the island’s natives as a climactic threat[9][17][20][21] and the way the film, while teasing a prurient appeal, conspicuously obscures all sexual activities.[17][18][22]

But, in the main, reading about it makes the film sound generally tame and probably quite sweet.

I’ve been on a slight Doctor Who binge lately, and if you want a positive representation of an intergen relationship, you could take a look at the 1st episode of Director Russell T. Davies‘ 1990s series ‘Queer as Folk‘, which sees a male teen getting picked up outside a nightclub by an older guy.


A rare, lesser known article that includes quotes focusing on people who recalled positive sexual experiences they had before puberty (i.e. usually before 13, notwithstanding earlier onset of puberty). Take a look at:

Joel Featherstone. Positive Child-Adult Sex: The Evidence, in ‘Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed’, issue 33 (Summer 1992), pp. 60-63.

The original journal can be read here: https://archive.org/details/ajoda-33/page/64/mode/2up

Has quotes I’ve not seen much elsewhere, quoting from the Antis like Florence Rush and Mary de Young who, despite themselves, reported on positive experiences in their works. A lot of minor-initiated activity, so I think I’ll add these to the Newgon positive testimonies page.

To quote the author:

When I was eight my parents sent me to boxing school. I was fascinated by my teacher’s biceps. One day the kids asked him to flex his muscles and I think he noticed how I got into it.

I don’t remember when it first happened but he would take me into the back room and pretty quickly we got to the genitals. I enjoyed it a great deal. I gave him all the encouragement I could” (quoted in Rush, 1980, p. 178)

Mary de Young (1984), reports several case histories of consenting prepu­bertal girls. Eight-year-old Edie and her mother’s new boyfriend:

[Edie] had suggested to him that he fondle her genital area, and although he had ini­tially refused, he later acquiesced” (p . 336).

De Young could detect no anxiety symptoms in Edie as a result of the boyfriend’s reluctant willing­ness to do as Edie had asked him to.

In another of de Young’s case histories, six-year-old Lisa had sexual contact with

a teenaged male baby­sitter who fondled her and had her masturbate him weekly over a 3-month period of time. Lisa pres­sured him to keep their relationship a secret, and called him several times a week for assurance that he would be available for babysitting later that week. She experienced no noticeable symptoms that could be related to the molestation (sic)” (p .336).

De Young also discusses seven-year-old Marie who

invited an adolescent neighbor to take a bath with her and, in doing so, he fondled her while she masturbated him. Less than 2 weeks after that, she performed fellatio on her mother’s boyfriend, telling him that she liked to make men happy. No appar­ent anxiety was noted after these subsequent moles­tations (sic)” (p . 337).

In an earlier work, de Young (1982) notes “three young victims (sic) appeared to be virtually indifferent […]. There were no real signs of trauma in these youngsters except for an annoyed impatience with adults in their lives who were clearly more traumatized […] than were the children.”

Dr. Ann W. Burgess, a ‘radical’ pro-censorship feminist, and an instructor at the FBI Academy, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in re­search grants from the U.S. Justice Department. Ms. Burgess, along with her equally ‘radical’ co­author FBI Special Agent Kenneth Lanning, are leading crusaders in the battle against sexual free­dom for children. Nevertheless, even Burgess admits that in some cases of exposure of a child/adult “sex ring” the child,

resents the interference of the authorities, and feels there is ‘much ado about nothing. ‘ The child main­tains emotional; social, and economic ties with the offender (sic) and feels sorry or angry that the adult was exposed and convicted. The problem and ‘hassle’ are seen as caused by the authorities and interveners (‘why don ‘t you get off my case?’).” (Burgess et. al., 1984, p. 659).

Burgess and Holmstrom (1975) note,

There were some victims (sic) –7 out of 12–who found the sexual activity pleasurable, 171ese tend to be cases in which hand-genital contact was used rather than penetration. One 19-year-old woman recounting her childhood experience with her grandfather said, ‘He would sit me in his lap with my legs slightly spread apart and stroke my inner thighs, labia and genital area … I found it very pleasurable. I would have my back against his torso, my head on his chest and sometimes fall asleep. He was always so warm and gentle and he would tell me stories.’”

I’ll end with the classic quote from Bender and Blau (1952):

The most remarkable feature presented by these children who have experienced sexual relations with adults was that they showed less evidence of fear, anxiety, quilt or psychic trauma than might be expected. On the contrary, they more frequently exhibited either a frank, objective attitude, or they were bold, flaunting and even brazen about the situation… At first the children often showed no guilt but this tended to develop as they were separated from their sex object and means of gratification, and as they were exposed to the opinion of parents and court officials. It occurred especially with the more intelligent children and seemed in part a reflection of adult censure and not to carry any real conviction to the child. In some instances this seemed to result in an intellectual and emotional bewilderment resulting from their effort to reconcile their personal experience with the attitude of au­thority.


Great! Write to Titus Rivas


Newgon Prue’s unmatched pro-AAM research and results must make Newgon Prue PROS of The Year!

POWER to the PROS – trash vile Victorian antis!!

Quote Rockin ’57 MAP BIG Chuck, “Hail Hail Rock & Roll deliver us from days of old !!”

The song was remade by the British rocker Gary Glitter, who recorded it under the title “School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell)” on his album Glitter in 1972.

(Pre-‘selfie’ neat note ABC-TV Dick Clark’s ‘Saturday Night Beechnut Show’ from the Little Theater NYC, gave the kids FREE Beechnut gum to chew and wear a button ‘IFIC’/It’sFlavorIFIC and had a CCTV ‘selfie’ screen showing them ‘Live’ so they grinned BIGtime when they glimpsed themselves aired coast-to-coast across the U$A!!! Now USA/UptiteSickAssholes!!! This clip was in the same week May ’58 that Happy AAM-MAP Couple Myra & Killa were totalitarian tabloid KICKED clean outta UK/Uptite Kunts!!)


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Some interesting content coming from Brazil has recently made its way to Newgon.

One such case is one that has recently come to a sad end, as the once mainstream and popular Brazilian YouTuber and content creator PC Siqueira, hanged himself / was found dead yesterday. He was 37, and had his electronic devices examined by police after he had become subject of viral controversy for admitting sexual attraction to a photo of a 6-year-old female’s butt. Police found no evidence of illegal conduct relating to young people, but it appears the stigma followed him nonetheless. In any case, it utterly killed his social media career. He had been labeled a ‘cuck’ in the past as his girlfriend cheated on him, and it sounds like his life had very little security / backup options and he probably felt royally screwed: ‘Alone and deeply depressed’ as Newgon puts it. Poor soul. One of the many, many people the MAPs and MAP orgs of the future will hold up as victims of a savage witch hunt, in remembrance. https://www.newgon.net/wiki/PC_Siqueira

Not to make it all doom and gloom, because it’s really not. Life is full of beauty, kindness, love and resilience. There’s a more uplifting story to be found in https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Caetano_Veloso whose longtime partner he met when she was 13 and he 40. They’ve had children, separated and reunited, as many couples do. Love is love! More power to them! Leave the (consenting) children alone!


This house rationally asserts:

1) A minor can lawfully DISSENT to non-sexual PAIN from an adult.

2) A minor can lawfully CONSENT to sexual PLEASURE with an adult.


Thanx Mr TOC, second accepted in the festive spirit, alcohol free? Thanx, mine’s a pint!

More meta(not F.B.)phorical than literal any age can rationally be a small house/pup’s kennel from which rooftop one can assert/contend/shout true life positive sexperiences at The Sexford Union Masturdebate. To totally truth-nuke Basannavar & Co creeps misthinking Benign MAPS are Moor or less sadist rapist murderers – WTF?!

E.G. AAM HOT Loli, 6, “While my Mom’s washing up after dinner, I like climbing up legs-wide on her cute new boyfriend’s BIG Bump when he bounces me up-and-down, up-and-down; and I bounce back with fast bumps. We can’t stop, it makes me feel all tingly, iggerly, giggly, skwiggerly, fizzily ’til we both go POP !! ”

AAM case closed, legs remain open to 3rd & 4th, and more, emotions.

Cum ohn…

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middle aged adults reported experiencing more sexual abuse relative to younger and older adults

  • <a href=”https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10737969/”>DOI 10.1093/geroni/igad104.3018</a>

But why children, youth and the old don’t consider their childhood sexual experience abusive, and mostly f-/milfs do?


But why children, youth and the old don’t consider their childhood sexual experience abusive, and mostly f-/milfs do?

In plain-sight the 2006-ongoing Anglo femmes new victims’ industry “MeTooMoreDough” – DOH! No evidence needed while exploiting fake Fear & Doubt since their 17th Century fake Witchunts and 19Haties fake Satanic Panics.

Always respect true, not fake, victims. Include millions of true victims of fake media for Ratings, Profit, Power & Control over their kept dumb shallow ignorant mob.

#MeToo[a] is a social movement and awareness campaign against sexual abusesexual harassment, and rape culture, in which people publicize their experiences of sexual abuse or sexual harassment.[1][2][3] The phrase “Me Too” was initially used in this context on social media in 2006, on Myspace, by sexual assault survivor and activist Tarana Burke.[4] The hashtag #MeToo was used starting in 2017 as a way to draw attention to the magnitude of the problem.




Late XMAS Greetings early Happy New Year ya’ll from HappyHumpingPup. X


So, 3-4 year olds in the UK are deemed capable of knowing what gender they want to change to, but 17 year olds are deemed incapable of showing their butt. i think theres some very insane people in this country. i mean, foaming at the mouth lunacy


The trans issue is going to break down ideas of youthful autonomy- or rather, the lack thereof. GenAlpha is going to be the cohort to watch. Word on the street is they’re hellions. Now, all authority figures seem to find them disrespectful, unruly, and disobedient. To which I say- thank goodness. A cohort of children and youth ungovernable by institutional coercion is going to be the social correction our societies require.

Teachers Say Gen Alpha Is Poorly Behaved & Impossible To Teach | YourTango


>Interesting, but is it true there are no links to credible independent sources?

So true, in plain sight mass market street tabloids generating hate negatively ‘Splash’, “SHOCK! From Age-5 GenSelfieSext mock Victorian ‘Sex Laws’ positively beyond all control Worldwide with phone porn in their pockets.”

Quote, ‘Love Generation’ Hibbing Bard BIG Bob, “Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command. The times they are a-changin'”



[MODERATOR: Before anyone gets the wrong idea, the reference in the link below is to a video apparently put out under the auspices of The Welsh Refugee Council. With apologies for cramping Honesty’s style.]

Lunacy indeed. Here’s a video some cute 14 year old girls made to attract men with testosterone from the global south:


The male commenters are jealous and impotent, while the women are jealous and envious they aren’t getting the attention. So, everyone defaults to the “pedophile” word as an insult, failing to even recognize a 14 year old girl is not a biological child at all. These people are truly deranged beyond help.

However, I continue giving them the business with my tranny twitter profile, and I’m still not banned! It’s quite fun, this protected class free speech thing.


That post has 7.2 MILLION views??!! And the video is just an ad using schoolkids, trying to make Wales seem attractive for migrants to go to. (There was one funny part – lots of jobs, they say, then immediately brings up Ikea XD Really selling Wales to the migrants with that one lol).

I can’t see the comments below, but if it’s anything like you describe, then clearly a lot of people have taboo thoughts about said young ladies, if they’re arguing about who’s hot, beautiful, and whether that’s ‘acceptable’ speech. That’s no surprise, neoteny being what it is.

It seems like linking that ad to ‘pedophilia’ was the best thing that could happen for its publicity, even if it’s quite odd and funny that the poster isn’t far-off from doing a pedobait version of the BNWO, implying as they do that African and Asian [i.e. non-white] migrants are coming to Europe and will do the sexy time w/ the young ones. Funny in how ridiculous it is, the blatant racism and xenophobia of the tweet is pretty sad honestly… Take the last line: “Wales is using little girls to encourage migrants to move to Wales and claim benefits and housing.
> So what?! Who cares?! I would much prefer people have a roof over their head and an income than have taxes wasted! It’s certainly a better use of taxpayer’s money than pointless military spending, or the joke piss-your-money-away project that has been the HS2 rail system…


these 7.2 million people seem like the same Cuties foaming at the mouth loons.


There’s a study DOI 10.1097/MD.0000000000036733 disproving correlations CSA-disability, CSA-suicidality and CSA-psychosis (OR=1 in Table 2).

But there is correlation CSA—PANSS score because the authors did not compare to healthy controls.


I’d love to understand the numbers. I do not. So, can I ask, does this study conclude that the divorce of parents is more serious predicament of all bad things in the future then the CSA? 🙂


Yes, psychosis is here predictable by childhood illegal experience by β=.003 (Table 2), and interhalized problems are predictable by parental divorce by β=.030 in another study. Ten times more!


A new review of studies DOI 10.46827/ejphs.v6i2.159 claims that 0–5-year-olds are under-traumatized by their illegal sexual experiences compared to older kids.

Weird for those who claim teens to be more resilient than pre-schoolers, isn’t it?

These results mean that one’s sexual experience harms only when one is subjected to (anti-sexual) education, that turning children against sex harms more often than sex itself.


New study of interest which cites Cleves, Rind, Leahy and others. I can’t access it via sci-hub so have not read the full paper, but what i can see shows me the authors have done their homework:

“Will there always be this dark side?” Gay teenage boys’ sexual experiences with adult men (Jan 2024). https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0190740923005340#preview-section-abstract
Or https://doi.org/10.1016/j.childyouth.2023.107338

A retrospective interview study of 15 gay men, the authors note:

Relationships between teenage boys and adult men were common in many cultures and times (Rind, 2016). In the past, unlike today, these relationships were not considered taboo but rather were an integral part of society. One of the most famous constructions was the mentoring of young men into society’s culture and norms, including but not limited to sexual intercourse or romantic elements (e.g. Trexler, 1995). In contemporary times, these relationships are no longer constructed via the dominant mentoring framework. This has stemmed from a radical change in the perception of age (the categories of childhood, youth, and adulthood) and the perception of the relationship between age and sexuality (Laes, 2010), as well as from recognition of the derived power relations that prevents free consent of the younger partner. Thus, intercourse would inevitably become sexual assault. Legislation of the age of consent reflects this change (Riegel, 2019), transforming the phenomenon from normative to social deviance (Cleves, 2018). In Israel, sexual relationships between teenage boys and girls and adults are also prohibited by law when the minor is under the age of 16 and the adult is older than 18 (Israeli Penal Law, 1977 § 347).

The authors conclude:

Our analysis portrays the complexity and ambivalence inherent in the experiences of gay adolescent boys in their sexual experiences with older men. We propose that these experiences be viewed on a spectrum with different variations, thereby contributing to the body of knowledge on the subject, which has tended to depict these experiences in a dichotomous manner as either positive or negative. The findings also shed light on several possible aspects enabling age-discrepant relationships, such as being in the closet and a need for gay men role models.

I found this paper looking up about Richard Trexler, a historian who has written on pederasty (among loads of other topics). More interesting may be the novel recent reference to

Laes, C. (2010, April). When classicists need to speak up: antiquity and present day pedophilia. This can be read easily via google scholar, at links like: https://journals.univie.ac.at/index.php/oezg/article/download/3327/2995


…Legislation of the age of consent … transforming the phenomenon from normative to social deviance…

 … derived power relations that prevents free consent of the younger partner…

By criminalizing inter-age relationships, they only increased anxiety and the likelihood of negative consequences for the participants in these relationships. In sex-positive environment, consensual and mutual sexual activity does not cause “irreparable harm” or leave “lifelong scars.” In an such environment where everyone can openly consent or refuse, the risk of abuse and rape is lower. Openness allows minors to be more protected, and youthlovers can demonstrate their friendliness, Empathy and Honesty.

This is example what happens because of the criminalization of inter-age relationships. In 2020, the young famous online player Troy Wells (known as Puppeh), said that when he was 14, he began a relationship with a 24-year-old woman commentator. From his message it becomes clear that the girl was very afraid that their relationship would become known and because of this she could go to prison. Her constant neurosis and paranoia negatively affected their relationship. The guy now thinks that she abused and used him. But if the law worked correctly, they would not have to hide their relationship and be afraid and it would not cause them pain.


I dont understand religiious countries… Im pretty sure god has no problem with people going with people who he has made capable of reproduction??


Religious ‘cuntries’ like so called ‘Christian’ cuntries?

Now can’t face the fuckin’ fact that that Holy Christ was born to AAM Holy Mary TWELVE when wed to TWO Holy MAPS ancient invisible God and Beardy Ol’ Joe – DOH!!

Did Joseph who was 90 marry Mary who was 12?
Reddit · r/Christianity 120+ comments · 1 year ago

Tradition holds that Joseph was an elderly widower, yes. Mary likely would’ve been around that age, early marriageability for the time.



As others have said, Merry Christmas! 🙂


merry xmas everybody. lets spare a thought to the poor souls in jail for insane amounts of times in the land of the free. for such heinous crimes as taking a photo of a 17 year olds butt. and many other crimes. and also here in the uk. yes, plenty in jail here for consentual sex. but its not any where near as bad as murica.


Happy Christmas, Tom. And others.


Thank you. Tom, don’t stop. Wish every child and every MAP to find a lover for oneself next year.


Do MAPs sexualize kids or scare them away from sex? A new dissertation by Gianna Latris Jackson (2023) from Liberty university is aimed to prove that survivors of adult-child sex cannot be family men and are non-potent—but is quoting other studies that survivors grow up as prostitutes or even have more ‘likelihood of cohabitation with romantic partners’ than non-survivors!

There are lots of such contradictions published in this year’s articles:

  • DOI 10.1016/j.pmedr.2023.102387,
  • DOI 10.1093/jsxmed/qdad053,
  • DOI 10.1037/tra0001554,
  • DOI 10.1080/0092623X.2023.2237510,
  • DOI 10.1177/15248380231178754,
  • DOI 10.1080/09540121.2023.2206099,
  • DOI 10.1080/10926771.2022.2142180,
  • DOI 10.31766/revpsij.v40n1a3,
  • DOI 10.1177/10775595221148425,
  • DOI 10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1199735

Jackson (2023) from Liberty university is aimed to prove that survivors of adult-child sex cannot be family men and are non-potent…

With such a surname, she needs to call married Robson, Safechuck and Culkin and ask them how they are doing with their potency lol

There are lots of such contradictions published in this year’s articles

They don’t know what else to come up with so as not to admit the obvious: rudeness and cruelty cause trauma, voluntary and mutual acts are harmless and in this case, therapists instills persons that they ara traumatized.


survivors .. lol. cos maps just want to kill people….


There’s not many cases of people dying from oral sex!


A new dissertation by John Shanks (2023) from the Liberty university has shown

[MOD: Remainder cut. Too long.]


From late great Omegle 2009-2023, still living founder, Leif Brooks:

“Moreover, as a survivor of childhood rape, I was acutely aware that any time I interacted with someone in the physical world, I was risking my physical body. The Internet gave me a refuge from that fear. I was under no illusion that only good people used the Internet; but I knew that, if I said “no” to someone online, they couldn’t physically reach through the screen and hold a weapon to my head, or worse. I saw the miles of copper wires and fiber-optic cables between me and other people as a kind of shield – one that empowered me to be less isolated than my trauma and fear would have otherwise allowed.”

Leif K-Brooks
Founder, Omegle.com LLC



MHAMic.org — yet another site offers valuable scientific information about “Minor attraction”.

From BC
Posted by Manstuprator on 2023-December-22

Leading mental health and sexuality organizations do not provide such information to the public. In light of current public concern over men who interact sexually with minors, this lack of accessible information on the topic is striking. There is no information about pedophilia, hebephilia, or ephebophilia at the websites of the American Psychological Association, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), or the Kinsey Institute.

According to its website, [http://www.siecus.org] SIECUS “provides information on all aspects of human sexuality” and helps “people of every age and background with a desperate need for clear and objective answers to their questions about sexual issues.” However, a request to SIECUS for information about attraction to minors resulted in the following response: “Thank you for contacting SIECUS. Unfortunately, we do not have any information in our library collection that addresses the issue. Did you try The Kinsey Institute?”

A similar request to the [http://www.indiana.edu/] Kinsey Institute resulted in the following response: “It is true that information on this subject is very hard to find — I am sorry that we are not able to give you more information. This is indeed an understudied phenomenon, but at the present time, it is not our field of study here at the Kinsey Institute.”

A request to the [http://www.apa.org/] American Psychological Association also failed to turn up any information, but the organization recommended we contact the [http://www.camh.net/CLARKEPages/index.html] Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto. A forensic psychologist at the Clarke Institute produced a short list of references. The items consisted of journal articles and out-of-print books that were inaccessible to most people.

However, a search at a large university library turned up most of the materials, and led us to other useful information. Continued research and a desire to make this information accessible eventually led us to create this website.

Richard Kramer, Ph.D.
David White, B.Ed., M.A.


Although I later noticed, the site is already listed at the bottom of the blog, but I think it would not be a problem to once again emphasize that the actual factual information about attraction is significantly different and hidden behind toxic stigma and the screams of hysterical media. The “collective guilt culture” prevents from covering things as they are, neutrally and independently.


Antis please explain.

Minors can lawfully DISSENT to physical PAIN from an adult – but can’t lawfully CONSENT to sexual PLEASURE with an adult?

Last edited 6 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

I committed a sin. i was on the bus, and there were two girls. one looked quite old, they started talking about . boys. they mentioned their ages. between 5113-5475 days old. roughly. (i use days as it makes the whole age thing look ludicrous). i kept looking… im so bad. but one of them could have passed for 20. so, that makes us all pedos , yeh? (guess same applies to boys, but i think girls develop quicker.)


Can sanely gender-id to adults from age-3, but insane to partner-id with adults until 18?



Last edited 6 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

such hypocrisy. shamina begun was 15, she knew what she was doing! shes not innocent !

you like 15 yr olds? thats disgusting ! they are innocent and dont know what they are dooing! sigh


There is a new dissertation by Olga WĘGLERSKA (2023) about the role of mentalization in sexual offences on the child. Its conclusions:

  • Mentalization motivation/ability is the same in MA offenders, non-sexual offenders and non-offenders.
  • A perpetrator’s mentalization ability does not predict non-sexual abuse during sex offence.
  • The seriousness/severity of sex offence can be predicted by the perpetrator’s ability to understand others. But not by his/her ability to understand his/her own feelings.
  • Mentalization ability is the same in impulsive and planning offenders.
  • Childhood illegal sexual experience does not impair adulthood mentalization motivation/ability in MA offenders—contrary to childhood non-sexual victimization.
  • A survivor’s sex/age do not predict the perpetrator’s mentalization.
  • The number of survivors/episodes cannot be predicted by the perpetrator’s mentalization.
  • Intra- and extra-familiar offenders differ in the motivation for mentalization and understanding others’ feelings, but don’t differ in understanding oneselves.

Aligned with the overpaid young import thug Basannavar.

Pimping always more confusion deviously masked as ‘clarity’. They don’t want answers, just more questions to feed their Psycho Industrial fake furnace of Fear & Doubt.

And, when the infantilised scaRedy cat nations finally nail ‘mentalisation’, dumb ’em right ohn down to drown in:

AMBIT (Adolescent Mentalization-Based Integrative Treatment)

Mentalization based treatment


Psychic equivalence

Social cognition

Kinda kwote ‘mentalisation’ BIG Daddy, Descarte, “I think, therefore I am.” Cloned by newboy Sartre, “To be is to do”. Closed out by Swingin Sinatra, “Oo bee doo bee doo.”




1) Well-known ritual sexual, physical, emotional, mental violence on generations of elite young boys from age-8 in high fees brutal Brit boarding schools. Somehow creating, not life-scarred victims needing lifelong help and BIG Cash Compo, but trauma-free sneering high achiever National and World leaders like Johnson and Rees-Mogg. Then paying high-fees for their own young boys from age-8 sent to brutal Brit boarding schools to sustain their perverse cycle of the amused-not-abused.

2) Post-1985 religious ritual sexual, physical, emotional, mental MULTIPLE BLOODY TORTURE of c.30,000 UK Muslim young girls. Victim-survivors of criminal FGM, made pan-EU illegal in 1985 and soon all but eliminated in caring mainland modern EU by education and prosecutions. But until 2019 not one prosecution in uncaring UK a bloody disgrace to true child protection, for decades ongoing cowardly bullying and witchunting only tabloid-useful fake-demon benign pedos.

3) Tabloid-useful fake demon benign pedos, including decades ongoing Rock-Pop-Sport Star benign pedos like Presley, Beatles, Stones, Ali, et al. Chased, grabbed groped, groomed, layed by swarms of unstoppable underage (often pre-teen) AdultAttractedMinors. Many now grinning grannies recall their amused-not-abused ‘Trophy Sex’ with benign pedo Stars.

Please explain such serious distortions and omissions in plain-sight?


From Boychat
Posted by AtosW on 2023-December-13 :

I got in touch with Lex Fridman, a quite popular YouTube interviewer dealing with science and social topics, and i suggested he interview someone representing the MAP movement. He wanted me to name someone, so… who do you suggest?

Hey Tom, a lot of people on BC want it to be you. What do you think about that ? Could you find time for this?


Lex Fridman is a ridiculously popular interviewer / podcaster with just short of 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Looking now, he has recently interviewed Jeff Bezoz…

I do not personally understand why he’s popular, but it probably amounts to the fact he’s easy to listen to and gets big names on by being generally non confrontational and placid. He has interviewed some interesting people, like Destiny (a Youtuber), and Yuval Harari. I do not think he is particularly intelligent, a good debater, or would, if he accepted, be ready to present substantial counters to your perspective.

I half think his brain would explode or, to put it differently: it’d be a great opportunity! :p

I think that, if you did do it, you should do so under the proviso that you be able to make your own recording, and that the full interview be published. On Zoom you can record the full thing with one click of a button.
Don’t want deceptive editing or no publishing by Lex afterwards. Worst case, you can post any interview you’d done yourself. Might not have the reach of his channel, but it’d still be historic and interesting.

Anyway, it sounds like you’d rather Lex come to you, so with that in mind it appears that a Boychat poster claims to have sent Lex your email. Well, let’s see if they get in touch!


‘consensual sexting is not detrimental to adolescents’ well-being’: DOI 10.1016/j.chb.2023.108048


wow, what geniouses. i knew this like 20 years ago


Rockin ’56 HOT AAM can’t Help It.



Mass Child Abuse BLOODY TORTURE SNUFF images ‘Live’ from Gaza!!!

Meanwhile from age-5 pro-active GenSelfieSext images MOCKING Victorian ‘Sex Laws’ ARRESTED for promoting PLEASURE – WTF?!

[MOD: Slightly edited]

Last edited 7 months ago by HappyHumpingPup
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