Getting to grips with love handles

Craziest move yet by the “age gap” antis must surely be the trashing a few weeks ago of 16-year-old (now just turned 17) darts prodigy Luke Littler’s relationship with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Eloise Milburn. There have been “vile comments” and accusations, according to a London Evening Standard report.

The trolls are idiots, but it would be wrong to say there is nothing scandalous in what has happened to Luke. Not that romance is the problem. No, the culprit isn’t love, it’s “love handles”. Have you seen the geezer’s girth?  Humourist and restaurant critic Giles Coren, hit the bullseye in his regular column for The Times:

… poor Luke, 15 stone if he’s a pound, thanks to a widely celebrated diet or pizza and kebabs, a young man who only lost a sporting battle that day… [when he narrowly lost the World Darts Championship final]. He will lose everything, everything, in the not-too-distant future if he does not sort his diet out. At this rate, like two thirds of his generation (by geography and education), he will be dead at 60. He is only 16, but diabetes, heart disease and cancer are a few  short years away…

Coren rightly blames a “timid” government’s scandalous failure to stand up to “the tyranny and lies of Big Food” – the commercial interests who relentlessly push unhealthy hyper-processed junk under our noses in the fast-food joints and on the supermarket shelves, and who lobby against reasonable public health policies such as a sugar tax. Research published in the journal Obesity Reviews, reported elsewhere in The Times this month, compared the diets of more than 66,000 children in eight countries. Preschoolers in the UK got 61% of their calories from ultra-processed foods, higher than any other nation – the US figure was 58% and Australia 47%.

As for “geography and education”, Coren is right to point out that in the less prosperous parts of the UK, and among the less well educated, obesity is much more prevalent than elsewhere and lives are much shorter. We might add that these, too, are failures of a government whose long-term neglect of “left behind” post-industrial areas, and slashed school budgets, despite Tory claims to the contrary, have inevitably resulted in what amount to serious child abuse against young people like Luke and his generation.

But it would be facile to blame only the government. There is a deeper cultural thing going on that has seen obesity levels, and specifically child obesity, ballooning around the world like the kids themselves. As with getting stoned, or drunk, surrendering to the immediate gratification of junk food, or anything pleasurably bad for us, is especially tempting when there may be little else in life to look forward to, little to incentivise self-discipline. This clearly was not the problem in Luke’s case, quite the opposite. His young life has been so disciplined, so highly motivated towards sporting achievement, that his rigorous regime of practice, practice, practice has left him no headroom for looking after himself. Like a Japanese sumo wrestler who deliberately piles on the weight to gain competitive advantage, he may even be well aware he is harming himself. Success can feel more important than life itself.

Big boy Luke Littler

And why not? After all, as with the gladiators of old, what is life actually worth when your options are limited? In the Roman world, the limits were set by the institution of slavery – a man might fight for his freedom but otherwise what was there to live for? In our times, we are arguably all becoming, if not slaves, then serfs under the thumb of  the mega-rich, especially the tech multi-billionaires. Just the right conditions for a philosophy of “Eat, drink, and be merry”, with no thought for the future.

It could be why so many of us respond rebelliously against actually quite sensible “nanny state” government nagging to stop smoking, drink less, eat better, brush our teeth (coming shortly, if Labour win as expected), etc. It is seen as an attack on what little personal freedom we have, bearing in mind that most of us are wage slaves, or dependant on welfare, controlled every which way by bosses or benefits rules, and all the while spied on electronically by capitalist commerce, giving the shakedown merchants all the personal data they need to nudge, cajole, and con us out of our every penny. Freedom-loving American heretics here are probably even more suspicious of advice from the government than us Blue Pill Brits. We, the sheeple, just bleat a bit if we don’t like it, then do as we’re told.

But that doesn’t mean the Red Pill rebels always get it right, as scrutiny some of their more off-the-wall ideas quickly tells us. Feminist philosopher Kate Manne would probably be surprised to see her bonkers pro-obesity thinking framed as a bust-out from The Matrix, but bear with me. She may be an elite Ivy League professor, but her latest book, Unshrinking: How To Fight Fatphobia, collapses under the weight of its reality denying, not reality perceiving, Red Pill refusal of conventional thinking. A review of her book by Janice Turner neatly captures the absurdity:

To Manne the very notion that obesity requires a solution is “fatphobic” since its end goal is people becoming “normal” size. Rather the world should end its “moral panic” about child obesity, embrace fat bodies as part of diversity and expand everything to fit the new reality, from MRI scanners to theatre seats. And let’s be clear here: Manne is not talking about how impossible beauty standards cause misery for those of us carrying a few extra pounds, or even stone. She is talking about the morbidly obese, such as the stars of the US reality show My 600lb Life….

I’m reminded of how some deaf activists don’t believe that deaf children should receive cochlear implants because this undermines deaf culture. Just as they believe being deaf is equal to having hearing, Manne insists morbid obesity is no less a desirable state than being average weight – there are no “essential” problems to being obese, only “logistical” ones. So how will society function and pay for health-care if we just stop fighting our “obesity epidemic” and embrace a supersized world? Manne doesn’t say, or even seem to care.

If that doesn’t persuade you that thinking outside the box (or outside the recommended BMI) isn’t always wise, nothing will – except perhaps “extreme body modification” by amputation, which is certainly a surefire way of losing weight quickly, but not a recommended one! Of course child obesity should be a matter of concern. It is an epidemic that urgently needs not just a public policy response aimed at the corporate villains but also a cultural revolution grounded in radical politics that give kids and the rest of us a worthwhile future to look forward to.

Poor diet also stunts kids’ healthy upward growth, as discussed in a Guardian story last year. Tim Cole, professor of medical statistics at UCL Institute of Child Health, blamed austerity policies in the UK for the restricted growth of British children in recent times. In another report this month he also said child height was not just about diet. It was also an indicator of health more generally, because it is influenced by levels of infection, sleep, and – massively important in cultural terms – exercise and stress.

As Lenore Skenazy, author of Free-Range Kids has been saying for years, kids need much more exercise than they are getting these days, and without it they are becoming stressed and depressed. The misguided culture of excessive child “protection” means they are kept cooped up like battery hens, never let out of their parents’ sight, and given little personal autonomy, causing serious damage to their health and wellbeing.

Skenazy has always had evidence to back up her claims, and now we have a major review in a leading academic journal that backs her to the hilt. Called “Decline in Independent Activity as a Cause of Decline in Children’s Mental Well-being: Summary of the Evidence”, by Gray, et al., in The Journal of Pediatrics, the review documents the “battery hen” phenomenon in detail and theorises a connection with poor mental health in particular.

To give just one example of the data, in England, permission to walk home alone from school dropped from 86% in 1971 to 35% in 1990 and 25% in 2010, and being allowed to use public buses alone dropped from 48% in 1971 to 15% in 1990 to 12% in 2010. Finland stood out as allowing children the greatest freedom of movement. At age seven, we learn, a majority of Finnish children can already travel to places within walking distance or cycle to places alone; by age eight a majority can cross main roads, travel home from school and go out after dark alone; by age nine a majority can cycle on main roads alone, and by age 10 a majority can travel on local buses alone. Unsurprisingly, Finnish children are up at the top end of the happiness charts, scoring well on life satisfaction and psychological wellbeing. By contrast, the increasingly cooped up lifestyle of kids in the US has seen the rate of suicide among children under 15 rise 3.5-fold between 1950 and 2005 and by another 2.4-fold between 2005 and 2020.

Gray and his colleagues pay a lot of attention to many such connections between children’s freedom and their mental well-being, and theorise why freedom should be so important to them from a couple of different angles, drawing on the lifestyle to which evolution has best suited us, and on a more specific Self-Determination Theory (SDT), which postulates that “people of all ages perform better and live happier, more satisfying lives when they experience themselves as living in accordance with their own internal desires and decisions rather than being driven from outside sources by rewards, punishments, and demands from others”. Common sense, really, we might think, but we are told “hundreds of studies support this premise”.

Hope and Glory: [See below] Sebastian Rice-Edwards as “Billy”, the boy whose childhood wartime experiences the movie depicts, is seen here with his cantankerous grandfather. In later scenes, an improbable friendship develops (no, not THAT sort!) in the beautiful riverside setting of the old man’s countryside home after the family home in London is destroyed.

The authors also cite the first half of the 20th century as “the golden age of unstructured play” and show how children’s free play, especially outdoors, declined from about 1960 on. Fortunately for me, my  childhood in the 1950s fell within that golden age. I was able to walk to school on my own from age five onwards, and my pals and I were gloriously free to explore as far as our feet would carry us – or as far as we could ride our bikes – without adult interference.

A favourite location for our fun and games in that post-war period was bomb sites: derelict buildings blasted by Hitler’s air raids. Dangerous places, no doubt, with hazards such as falling masonry and unexploded munitions, but I don’t remember any of us coming to much harm. To get some idea of the paradise this era was for kids, heretics here should check out the beautiful film Hope and Glory, based on director John Boorman‘s own childhood wartime experience of “the Home Front” in a London suburb. Kids during the war itself were of course exposed to vastly more danger than I ever was, but also to even more excitement and freedom (including the sexual kind), not least because in many cases the traditional disciplinarian of the family – dad – was away fighting the enemy. Who’d have thought it, the bliss of the blitz!



An astonishing legal triumph for children’s rights, including sexual rights, was chalked up late last year by Germany’s pro-MAP group Krumme 13 (K13). Little has been made of it in the media, though, probably because K13’s substantial role was very much behind the scenes.

So, instead of the “mainstream media”, on this occasion we find that feminist journal Reduxx has given the most comprehensive account in English, starting with this headline: “German Parliament Accepts Constitutional ‘Children’s Rights’ Petition From Pro-Pedophile Activist Group”.

How about that! Exciting, eh? Well, yes. What we are talking about here is a change to Germany’s constitution, which sounds like a pretty big deal. Article 6 of the Basic Law has been changed, Reduxx reports. It now says, “children should be viewed as legal subjects with their own rights”. Among the rights listed is children’s right to have a say in all matters that affect their emotional, mental and physical well-being”, and the right “to the free development of their personality”. Significantly, “sexual self-determination” is included in Article 2 of the Basic Law under the phrase “free development of personality”. Although this right is very general in character, it could potentially be drawn upon to bolster children’s rights claims in future specific cases before the courts. The petition was first submitted to the Bundestag in 2019 and has been the subject of a review process lasting several years.

As might be expected, Reduxx was less interested in reporting a step forward for children’s rights in Germany than exposing the alleged scandal of K13’s role in it. Genevieve Gluck’s article sourced the story to an announcement on K13’s website. This said that a resolution developed by the group’s founder, Dieter Gieseking, and put forward in a petition to the Bundestag (parliament), had achieved enough votes to be added to the constitution, or Basic Law.

Dieter Gieseking seen against an English language version of his 2019 petition posted on the Bundestag’s website.

This sounds absolutely amazing at first glance, giving the impression that K13 is hugely influential. But it soon becomes clear that K13’s petition was one of a number along the same lines that were all considered together, on 11 October last year. Gluck writes that “neither Gieseking’s name nor the title of his organization… appears on the Bundestag website for that day”.

Nevertheless, Dieter and K13 should be congratulated on the part they played in such a positive development, rather than painted as conspirators who had pulled off some sort of criminal plot. Now, unfortunately, Dieter has a new battle to fight. He tells me, “my web host has taken the K13 pages with the domains and email addresses offline”. Well, there’s a surprise. Not.


Oops, it seems I jumped the gun a bit on this story. The Basic Law has not yet been changed. Dieter has written to me as follows:

The petition for children’s rights to be included in the Basic Law was accepted with a large majority, with the exception of the AfD (right-wing populists). But THAT does not mean that the Basic Law has already been supplemented with children’s rights. The petition will only be included in parliamentary deliberations. To change the Basic Law, a 2/3 majority in the Bundestag & Bundesrat (all 16 federal states) is required.

The Petitions Committee has not yet decided on my petition “sexual identity in the Basic Law” (including pedophilia).



Heretics here may remember a couple of blogs last year (in March and August) in which I related the terrible plight of three Dutch refugees who tried to make new lives for themselves in Latin America after facing persecution over their MAP activism in their home country – only to find they had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Opportunistically picked on by dishonest anti-CSA organisations, they all ended up in prison facing trumped-up charges – Marthijn Uittenbogaard and his partner Lesley in Ecuador, and Nelson Maatman in Mexico.

As I reported in August, Marthijn and Lesley have both been given 10-year prison terms. An appeal is supposed to be in the pipeline but has faced lengthy delays; and such is the extent of corruption in the legal system this is unlikely to be their “get out of jail” card.

What might be, though, is a move by recently elected president Daniel Noboa, to curtail a surge in drug trafficking and gang-related violence. Ecuador has announced the building of two huge new maximum security prisons, with construction starting this month. That might sound like a recipe for putting more people in jail rather than letting them out, but President Noboa has said that to reduce the number of prisoners he plans to deport some 1,500 foreigners. Could Marthijn and Lesley be among them? We must hope so.

Meanwhile, they remain incarcerated in Guayaquil Prison, the most notorious in the country,  where drug-related gang violence has led to brutal prison massacres. However, as I wrote last March:

An “influential” fellow prisoner informed Lesley that he had brought them to Guayaquil because he wanted to use them for a prisoner exchange with the Netherlands. Whether that is true, we do not know…

So maybe this could actually come to pass. Nelson, though, is in an even more difficult position. Facing a number of charges in Mexico, his case hasn’t even come to trial yet, a process that can often take many years if it happens at all.

The notorious Guayaquil Prison, where Marthijn and Lesley are held – Getty Images



In the Jewish legend, the great warrior Samson ends up, as John Milton famously puts it, “eyeless in Gaza.” He is blinded by the Philistines and harnessed to a huge millstone, forced to drag himself around and around in circles, always moving but unable to go anywhere. Eventually, in the most spectacular of suicides, he gets his revenge by pulling down their temple on top of the Philistines, killing both them and himself. The story is apparently supposed to be heroic, but it feels more like a fable of vicious futility. Cruelty begets cruelty until there is nothing left but mutual destruction.

So writes Fintan O’Toole at the start of an excellent and wonderfully even-handed article on the current Gazan catastrophe in The New York Review of Books. Recommended.

When I saw a UNICEF spokesman on the BBC’s Newsnight last night saying the number of Palestinian children killed in the conflict had now reached 9,000, and heard him reminding us that the most basic of human rights is the right to life, I felt I could not leave the topic unmentioned here.

Nine thousand children. That’s more than a third of the total Gazan dead, a huge loss of innocent lives – innocent in the uncontroversial sense that none of those kids would have been among the Hamas terrorists whose atrocities precipitated the current horrific escalation of the long-running conflict in the region.

To celebrate on this blog a small gain in children’s rights in Germany may seem rather absurd against this background. Among those Palestinian children who have not so far been denied the right to life,  many will have been left “eyeless in Gaza”, and limbless too. The UNICEF guy on the telly said injured children’s limbs were now being amputated without anaesthetic. Hospitals have been put out of action; anaesthetics, and indeed anaesthetists, are in short supply, as are all medical staffs and medicines. And of course there’s the hunger, the disease, the homelessness, the loss of parents, brothers, sisters, friends…



Numerous reports in recent years have indicated that a high proportion of so-called child sexual abuse offences are committed by children themselves, the usual figure being about a third. As if this were not alarming enough for those who seek to deny the existence of child sexuality, a new report shows a dramatic rise in this proportion in the UK, taking children’s own contribution to more than half.

A report by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), which looked at data from all 42 police forces in England and Wales, disclosed that in more than half of all reported “CSAE” cases (Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation) the offender was a minor, with 52% involving reports of children (aged 10 to 17) offending against other children. The report, published last week, said:

The analysis sets out the consistent growth in CSAE reported to police with 107,000 crimes reported to policing a figure that has risen significantly in the last ten years… More than half of CSAE offences were committed by children, a significant increase from what was previously known.

Ian Critchley, the NPCC’s lead on “child abuse”, is reported in BBC coverage of the story as saying, apparently in connection with “sexting” illicit photos of minors, that it’s a crime “whether that’s in a consensual relationship or not”. Which looks to me very like a tacit admission that many or most of these “offences” are indeed consensual.




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Shreya Roshani Selvamohan

16 years old!!! xoxo i’m a cougar for those hot young 16-year old boys!!! Tom O’ Carroll keep up the amazing work!!!

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Shreya Roshani Selvamohan

indeed i am one lusty cougar lol


MurDark’s Noo Yoik Posts the WAY for self-assured Trans at TWO!!

“At 2 years old, she started telling us she wasn’t a boy. At 4.5, she socially transitioned and at 7 she legally transitioned.”

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Not for nasty neo-Victorians.

Longtime cumming pro-active AAM protagonist game-changer bios/novels/Netflix might be?

“ELVIS – fired my pelvis” by Prissy Knickersoff Nabokov.

“JACKO – lit my jackoff” by Jordy Cock Handler.

Uni ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP often aMused not aBused by pro-active benign both-sex AAMS.

E.G. HOT Laddie, 8, to HOT Loli lil sis, 6, “Now you’ve got him pinned down on the bed, give him a BIG Kiss! If you don’t I will!”

HOT Loli, 6, straddling Bold MAP’S firm thigh, “You can kiss – if you’re in love can’t you?!”

Last edited 3 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

Elvis has been getting a lot of shit recently ive noticed. for his long time ago CONSENTUAL affair with priscilla.


>Elvis has been getting a lot of shit recently ive noticed. for his long time ago CONSENTUAL affair with priscilla.

Fakestream Dominant Narrative antis still know NUTHIN!

Rockin’ 55, 4-yrs pre-Cilla proactive AAMS HOT Florida Fans rrrrripped The King’s pants off and he cut the remnants up to throw at them from his dressing room window.

Elvis wild times. This was taken after getting his pants getting ripped off. What. A. Hottie:. Kelly Evans Lewis

Last edited 3 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

>Elvis has been getting a lot of shit recently ive noticed. for his long time ago CONSENTUAL affair with priscilla.

“Ferget Priscilla honey, I really lurve giggly lil Blondes, backstage Huh?!”


Elvis truely loved children there are people that find children endearing iam one of them bravo elvis my cheri xxxoooxxx forever


Michelle Sweetest & most beautiful man ever!



Anasofia Era muy lindo


Ele Maltese Tutte le donne lo adorano,anche le bambine!



If anyone fancies some beautifully crafted, thoughtful content, I’ve been enjoying Max Karson’s (A.K.A. Mr.girl’s) Youtube back catalogue .

He’s also got new content on a substack, including a Valentine’s music video “Would you still love me if I was a pedophile?”

He’s nothing if not entertaining :p


I reckon the MAP community is missing that cultural activism can form and transmit its subculture to the outside. If community members will be creative enough, they would able to create cultural messages – prose, poetry, songs, blogs which will not only expand the internal culture, but also could go outside and integrate into mass culture and reducing tension and increasing tolerance. Despite all the “moral” contradictions, Nabokov’s Lolita and Stephen King’s It have been integrated into popular culture. Let normis start humming MAP songs, listening to MAP podcasts and watching MAP vlogs. And gradually they will move from the anger stage to the patience stage.


how is IT a map film? i noticed hollywood released what could be considered a map film recently. liqourice pizza….


No no, I meant that despite some erotic scenes in the book, the book has not been cancelled, it is still being adapted. And even though Hollywood throws out these scenes, they still can’t resist making money by “exploiting” children (sarcasm)

Last edited 3 months ago by leonerd

Various secondary archiving:

Paedophilia: The Radical Case (1980) – A better version w/ a better description than the one already uploaded:

A lesser-known, rare text, Rev. Hans Visser and Rev. Donald Mader, Misunderstood intimacy: A pastoral approach to pedophilia (1999):

The Kids Club Anthologies:

Vol. 1 2

Have a new PDF waiting to be approved / uploaded, so there’s something novel coming your way very soon! After that, there’s 2 more books planned that’ve never been scanned before, and then, most likely, that’s ya lot! :p

Last edited 3 months ago by Prue

If you type kids club into libgen and scroll to the bottom, you’ll find them. I also got a 404 at that link – not sure why – but I did try again / check, and it loads fine.

Okay, it’s here, the next OCR text searchable book! This one with a mammoth description by yours truly. Children’s Sexual Encounters with Adults: A Scientific Study, by C. K. Li, D. J. West, and T. P. Woodhouse (1993).
Check out:

‘Children’s Sexual Encounters with Adults: A Scientific Study’ presents the findings of two important research projects on pedophilia. The book includes the entire PhD thesis of Dr. C. K. Li, who conducted voluntary interviews with males who admitted to a sexual interest in boys and girls. The attitude and lifestyle of these volunteers differed from what is typically found among samples of apprehended pedophile offenders, and challenge some of the generalizations advanced by professionals in the field.

At the time, Li’s study was one of the few non-forensic / non-clinical research projects on the self-perception of self-identified pedophiles. Li compares the arguments and perspectives on consent offered by Thomas O’Carroll in ‘Paedophilia: The Radical Case’ (1980), and CSA researcher David Finkelhor’s classic paper ‘What’s wrong with sex between adults and children?’ (1979). Li finds flaws in each, and proposes a compromise between the two perspectives. Future academics, including Sociologist Richard Yuill, have discussed Li’s chapter.

Drs. West and Woodhouse questioned samples of adult males, both students and others, about their recollections of sexual experiences when they were boys. The findings were compared with those from a similar survey of samples of women, and offer a startling contrast.

These studies confirm that sexual experiences between adults and children are far more prevalent than used to be thought. The suggestion emerges, however, that many of these events, which mostly go unreported by the children involved, are less serious in their nature and effects than the more rare and distressing coercive and incestuous incidents that come to the attention of clinicians and social workers.

‘Children’s Sexual Encounters with Adults’ assesses the social constructs of sexuality and examines the various motivations, not simply coercion, behind sexual experiences between adults and children.


>Paedophilia: The Radical Case (1980) – A better version w/ a better description than the one already uploaded:

Next, the last-taboo trashed Worldwide: “The Rational Case in plain-sight: Millions of all-age Adult Attracted Minors/AAMS chase, grab, grope, sext, phone, groom, fuck, Adult Stars & Anon MAPS”.

E.G. ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP on a 1990s dateline free for femmes 18+ was groomed by an anonymous aMused HOT Loli, 13, “I like your voice, have ya gotta BIG BULGE?”

“Well I’m not gonna say I’ve gotta small one am I? And you sound more 13 than 18, the Monitor will BLOCK you! Anyway who’s yer BIG Fave?”


“And what would you do if he was standing in front of you right now?”

“I’d pull his shorts right down!”

Soon, all pro-active FRENZIED fake virtue-waving UK 24/7 phone-tap cold cops for supposed ‘Child Protection’ aka the Victims Industrial Complex/Child Protection Racket, found and hounded/aBused that HOT Loli, who rationally told ’em, “FUCK OFF!!”

So, she was totalitarian sent for NSPCC re-education/aBuse, and if she still didn’t agree that kids HOT for adults is wrong, she would be placed on a High-Risk register as a potential MAP; and any infants she later had would be taken into ‘care’.


what the fuck.


He’s awesome.I love “I’m a Pedophile” — played it like a dozen times already lol. Can’t wait to play it for my husband when he gets here. I guess this might be a stupid question, but I don’t know this guy — IS he a pedophile, or is he just making a cultural/political point?


I think the 1st 10 mins of his vid “The monster I’ve been fighting my whole life”, gives a good idea as to why he is how he is. His mother and father, plus his Newsletter when he was in high school…


I can answer this pretty easily: only Max can really know. Unless he explicitly tells us in a sincere way that is clearly not a joke (which he has not IMO), then we can’t say with any level of certainty.

Being well versed in his content and the order in which it appeared; the Cuties review being the thing he became known for and lives in the shadow of: I don’t think he’s a pedophile. I think he ended up producing the bulk of his content living in the shadow of the Cuties review and constantly being called a pedophile, getting death threats, etc. He simply played into this at points, with the next music video to come after the Cuties drama to be the classic ‘I can fantasize about whatever I want’. Lines in that song include “you’re playing minecraft in a cave lookin’ for diamonds // that’s funny, I’m in the same cave, looking for minors // ‘Cause my sexual attraction to minors is major, can’t even play hopscotch without popin’ a rager”, before telling us how “when I was a kid, I f*ckin’ molested adults!”, and that (as he has stated elsewhere) his mother kicked him out of the family home when he was 16 because she was sexually attracted to him (“afraid she’d rape me” as he put it)… He is also driven by a significant life event where he was arrested and spent a night in jail, after he expressed sympathy for the Virginia Tech school shooter, in one of his classes. I do not think he is primarily or exclusively attracted to pre-pubescents, I think he’s a very introspective person who’s had a weird life that he reminisces over and has used stories from, to create content.

He’s an artist who was disturbed at the viral (largely hostile) reaction to his Cuties review. He has expressed (correctly) that people are “obsessed” with pedophiles in a way that is not healthy. He is also, however, a very disturbed person. I like his intensity; I resonate with it (I even find it quite attractive…). But, if he’s anything like how he acts in his videos, I think he’d be a difficult person to live with / be IRL friends with…

Being teleiophile (i.e. non-MAP) sympathizer myself, I’m very aware of how many people who are not MAPs will privately express some level of sympathy / support across various issues relating to MAPs. I’ve seen it, I live it. Twitter users are only 1 segment of the world, and even then the Twitter space is heavily censored and now acts overtly to prevent any MAP sympathetic discourse. (If there weren’t MAP sympathizers, they wouldn’t have to do that)!

I would strongly caution against assuming that X person expressing sympathy for the MAPs, researching MAPs, etc., means they’re an MAP themselves. I can tell you from experience that “the age taboo” affects everyone and not just MAPs. We live in an increasingly age conscious society, where “age gaps” are becoming subject to scrutiny even among legal adult-adult couples. In my own teleio life, the last person I wanted to date, who I’d met on a night clubbing and who had expressed sexual interest in me to a friend, seemed very sweet and was absolutely gorgeous – god’s gift to this world! But, the mood changed later when she asked the dreaded age question. She was 18, younger than I thought – I’d have guessed 20 just based on her hips alone – and she seemed unnerved by the gap between us. I noticed the mood change, the vibes, and felt soft rejected after that. I was later powerfully disgusted by the idea that that – someone’s age – an immutable characteristic, would be the the deciding factor for someone. I could never be with someone who thinks that way – it’s gross – akin to unironic racism. Max Karson, Mr. Girl, is willing to admit attraction to post-pubescent under 18s, as I am very confident that virtually all straight men would admit privately. He talks about how he’s been fucking 25 year old’s for a decade… Add to that the Cuties review, and you become aware that the age taboo effects him just like it effects everyone else. Max accepts common arguments about “power dynamics”, and only expresses sympathy for non-offending pedophiles who stick to fantasy and who do not break the law in their sexual experiences. That’s as far as he goes on the overtly pro-pedo front…

What’s the message, if there is one? Well, he has a lot of different videos, but an underlying through-line is saying what you really think, expressing your feelings rather than bottling them up. His videos are intensely personal, often giving lessons from life experiences as with the “I predicted my co-worker would get raped” video, which is about women who lead men on and select for men who’ll push their “boundaries” [a term I distrust and avoid myself], putting themselves in dangerous situations. He’s usually trying to argue that media and public narratives are too simplistic and lack nuance, trying to argue for what he sees as unspoken truth and justice that people are too scared to admit. It’s something like that…


and the oh so open minded and inclusive LGBt movement do not condone age gap relationships! io hate this world. i think i may have to leave. if i cant even go with a 19 year old even , whats the point…..


Don’t wanna depress you, Matt. You can “go with a 19 year old”. It’s just a case of finding one who wants to “go” with you too.

I may’ve had a weird experience w/ an 18YO lately, but she wasn’t *totally* uninterested after what I took to be soft rejection. I don’t want to give the impression that all young people are crazy zealots when it comes to age gaps; that’s (thankfully) just not true. On the contrary, in my case *I* felt so hurt and disgusted that, when this 18YO finally did get in touch again (by which time I had mentally moved on), I had strong enough mixed feelings that I was put off and couldn’t bring myself to engage. So, life may not be perfect but it’s not all *that bad* out there w/ regards to 18/19YO’s, if that’s what you’re looking for…

Keep your chin up, stand proud, and live a (law abiding) life you’re happy with.

Stay strong
Prue ~


New meta-analysis.
“Associations of the ten original Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) with mental health impairments after controlling for the other ACEs. Schuster, Filip (meta-analysis)”

A Filip’s comment on BC

I may be biased, but in my opinion the meta-analysis linked by Apertado is the most meaningful study on the relationship between sexual contact between “minors” and adults with mental impairments.

In contrast to the Rind-Bauserman-Tromovitch meta-analysis from 1998, it does not only include student samples and takes more confounding variables into account.

It would be nice if this meta-analysis could also be referred to in other “MAP” forums. Perhaps there is someone here who also writes in another forum who could do so.

What we need is a peer-reviewed publication of such a meta-analysis of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) studies in an influential scientific journal. In my opinion, this will be the game changer. This is because the evaluation of the ACEs studies clearly shows that after controlling for some of the relevant confounding variables, only a minimal statistical association remains between the sexual acts and the mental impairments and the cause of this remaining minimal association is completely unexplained. The claims that voluntary sexual acts by “minors” and adults in general have negative consequences have no scientific basis, which is also very important for lawsuits and the many people in prison. If someone knows a person who could do and/or fund such a peer-reviewed publication, they could point that person to the publication. But there is also some information that such a project may already be undertaken or will soon be undertaken. So we can have hope that something very important could happen in science in the relatively near future.

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Just bumped into an article on facebook. a post from australian site mammamia. about hilary duffs relationship with good charlotte singer when she was 16 and he 24. whats the problem with that you may say? the ignorance, stupidity and hypocrisy in the comments left me very angry and depressed!! these norons, if a 16 yr old stabbed one of their family, would change their mind and say they arent innocent !! an 8 year age gap is nothing !!


Voluntary and mutual relationships should not concern outsiders. This is just plain ignorance. If previously they would have considered inter-racial or same-sex relationship not permissible, now that this is no longer politically correct, they switched to inter-age relationships, because this is the last thing bigots have left.


yup. society hasnt leaned from the past… but i guess things will change one day…


its all very well talking about 6 year olds, but what hope is there when people think SIXTEEN year olds are helpless babies??


Two new additions to libgen for everyone:

*Roger Moody’s ‘Indecent Assault’ (1980) – with a great description of the author and book lifted from the Newgon page made by yours truly.


[This PDF was already available from the Brongersma website, but secondary archiving and increasing the availability of resources is important, IMO, though not the be-all and end-all of politics; certainly not MAP politics, where great political progress is needed].

*Dennis Harmon’s ‘Boy-lovers: Four sociological case-histories of men who loved boys’ (1969). An amateur scan of an extremely rare book, with only a few copies known to exist in the world. As the title suggests, the book gives four case histories of sexual relationships between older and younger males (“men and boys”). The writing is a mix of sociological analysis / discussion and erotica. Little is known about the author or publisher, but it was mentioned by the late Walter Breen very briefly in the journal Kalos, and the magnum opus Greek Love.


Also, in case you’re blissfully unaware of the sad drama surrounding the once great edgy Leftist streamer Vaush, check out my recent, belated updated on his 2024 controversy in the ‘The lolicon horse-cock 2024 controversy’ section:

Also of interest, there’s a recent article on the life of John D. Stamford, creator of the Spartacus Gay Guide. I haven’t yet got access to it, but quoted the abstract on the Newgon entry as follows:

Engelstein (2022) published a scholarly article on Stamford’s life, arguing that “Spartacus magazine (1969–1972) was one of Britain’s first openly gay periodicals”, and situating Stamford’s “early career” within “the constitutive role of gay entrepreneurs and transnational erotic commercial networks in articulating queer politics in Britain following the 1967 Sexual Offences Act.”

See: Gil Engelstein. (2022). Spartacus magazine and the commercial-political nexus of Gay Liberation. Contemporary British History, 36:2, 227-252.

Last edited 3 months ago by Prue

“As I see it, Stamford was a capitalist opportunist rather than a principled radical, but that didn’t stop him from doing useful stuff”
> It takes all sorts!

“waited on by beautiful twinks got up as Roman boy slaves in scanty tunics.”
> He sounds like a fun guy! :p


once great edgy Leftist streamer Vaush

He still has a chance to return with thoughtful arguments exposing the hypocrisy and stupidity of the anti-agenda. He needs to get acquainted with Newgon )


He does have an email :p


On the subject of police, there was one in wales called terry grange. who said its not really chilled porn unless they under 13 and sex with 15 and a bit older (ie under 20) is a grey area he had potential. but of course was condemned…

[Mod: Just to be clear and to avoid libelling Mr Grange, he did not express approval of any type of porn. He was chief constable of Dyfed-Powys Police when his remarks were reported in 2012. For what he actually said, as reported in the Evening Standard, London, see below. His reported remarks were undoubtedly interesting, though, and broadly on the lines Matt suggested.]

Terry Grange, chief constable of Dyfed-Powys Police, argued there was a distinct difference between underage sex cases where the girl is barely in her teens, or younger, and those where she is nearing the age of consent.

He told a Sunday newspaper: ‘It is much more of an issue for me if a child is under 13.

‘I think the closer they get to 16 the more it becomes a grey area and I think everyone in the field of dealing with sexual health and sexual activity acknowledges that. As it (the age) goes down so I think the liability of the adult gets greater so if the girl is 13 and the adult is in his 20s I am not particularly prone to accept that “I thought she was 16” excuse. And if she is 12, it is rape.’

He added: ‘I don’t personally adhere to the 15-year-old being with a 20-year-old boyfriend being paedophilia, or even if the boyfriend is 30.’

The married father of three also claimed images of girls aged 13 and over should not necessarily be classed as child pornography.

The age of consent is 16 and anyone who has sex with a younger child has committed an offence. If the victim is under 12, it is classed as rape. If the victim is over 13 and consents, it is unlawful sexual intercourse.

However, official Government guidance on prosecuting suggests that two teenagers who have sex with each other when one is below 16 should not necessary be taken to court.

Mr Grange, who also speaks for the Association of Chief Police Officers on child protection, later appeared to backtrack.

He told the BBC he would endorse the prosecution of any man over 20 who has sex with a girl aged between 13 and 15. ‘If the fella concerned…is in his 20s, 30s or 40s then I believe you should prosecute them ruthlessly and the law allows for that,’ he said.

But, addressing the issue of men under 20, he added: ‘If you prosecute each and every time a boy has sex with a girl under 16 and above 12 then we would be in the schools across Britain and the youth clubs across Britain pretty regularly. Since I have been alive, it’s been pretty normal. It’s what teenagers do. The 16 age thing is an artificial barrier that we have in Britain.’


As we can see the problem revolves most between 12 and 16. As this guy said, teenagers have sex, which is true and completely normal. From this we can conclude that they are informed and capable of giving consent. Can a teenager abuse a teenager ? Yes. But when it comes to “peers”, people are able to separate voluntary actions from abusive ones yet. However, as soon as a person becomes older than some kind of “artificial barrier”, for some reason he automatically becomes a scoundrel and a monster. Although it would seem that it is not age that is important, but the circumstances in which people had sex.

The problem lies in the problematization itself. If people themselves stop making this a problem , and this relationship will no longer be a secret, then in an open form it will become healthier and safer. Allow the sale of dolls, non-commercial AI-generated pornography, and this will reduce the problem and the likelihood of coercion and abuse.

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To wit, and as per my other response to this, I think MAP’s as a group, may find unlikely allies in people who are former law enforcement, and even, among active law enforcement. Not in the police departments or fraternities, as organizations, but in the individual people themselves.


Having had a fair number of interactions with people who are in law enforcement- including local police and people who worked for the FBI- you’d be surprised at the gamut of views they hold, and how little it matches the public, or the public’s perception of them. They are not much like how they’re portrayed in media. While the institution is corrupt, and there is widespread horrendous behavior, the rank and file themselves have an, in my opinion, much more accurate view on things which is born of the perspective of their experience. The police themselves, despite what the upper brass and unions and associations would have us believe, tend hold much more…relaxed opinions than people would expect them to have. They don’t tend to be as moralistic, or prone to moral panic. And surprising unjudgmental and forgiving in their views. Sure, some of them are trained to this as an interrogation tactic, but it really seems to be genuine and not just an interrogation tool to be sure it is very much that too). Such opinions being expressed when they don’t have to pretend.


Not sure thats the case- i had a run in with them and caused a lot of trauma to me and the parents and sent around a SWAT team . but then they were the child protection arm of the police… but what i wrote about was adolescents…


Yes, but it’s just a job. They will absolutely do their job. And it is a frightening thing to be on the receiving end of. But, they don’t really feel as much moral weight behind it as the public does, it seems to me. The righteousness is a fictional meme. They don’t really seem to feel that way themselves, and even if they enter with it, reality presents them with greater nuance.


>Yes, but it’s just a job. They will absolutely do their job. And it is a frightening thing to be on the receiving end of. But, they don’t really feel as much moral weight behind it as the public does, it seems to me. The righteousness is a fictional meme. They don’t really seem to feel that way themselves, and even if they enter with it, reality presents them with greater nuance.

No, so. Check, ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP Y2K victim of UBER ZEALOUS Met Cops anti-MAP Unit SO5/Serious Offenses Five. (Inherited defunct Adult Obs Pubs/Obscene Publications). Only five, WTFour are more serious than benign MAPS merely breaching Tory Home Sec coward Howard’s tabloid appeasing anti-CP Act, Oct 1994.

Auto-delete here BIG Tom?

[MOD: Difficult. There is no auto-delete function at HTOC. Remainder of your post is substantial rather than repetitive, which argues for its inclusion. On the other hand it is lengthy and the characteristic “shorthand” style demands labour in the parsing, both for the general reader and the moderator. This may be no problem for the former, who can freely choose, as with difficult poetry, whether to persist in searching for potential hidden riches; but the latter has no choice. The moderator has no choice but to either delete or make sure they understand every last word and its implications, especially as regards legality. While the remainder of this post passes the legality test it fails on the length issue, or rather on a hard-to-pin-down combination of length + labour cost. That labour cost, BTW, includes the sheer time taken for writing a response such as this one along with prior pondering of the issue. Nothing here is deleted lightly. Do appreciate that on a great many blogs “awkward customers” tend to be seen off with far less patience and deliberation.]


>While the remainder of this post passes the legality test it fails on the length issue, or rather on a hard-to-pin-down combination of length + labour cost. That labour cost, BTW, includes the sheer time taken for writing a response such as this one along with prior pondering of the issue. Nothing here is deleted lightly. Do appreciate that on a great many blogs “awkward customers” tend to be seen off with far less patience and deliberation.]

Honest patient critiques (if not deletes) always welcum.
While wondering if honest AAMs imperfectly expressing lengthy accounts here would be repressed by PEDantic ‘MOD’. Also patronizing others denied their own critiques of lengthy posts often far longer than honest HHP’s few puffed-up paras?

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Dunno they seem like robots to me…


>’..The 16 age thing is an artificial barrier that we have in Britain.’

The ‘abuse’ thing is a neo-Victorian fake barrier perversely creating false ‘victims’ of any age keeping fake media and arrogant authorities in their self-serving ‘Victims Business’.

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>The ‘abuse’ thing is a neo-Victorian fake barrier perversely creating false ‘victims’ of any age keeping fake media and arrogant authorities in their self-serving ‘Victims Business’.

Auto-delete for neophile anti-repetition Tom?

21st Century Carrollian/KC3/TOC scholar HHP coins the term ‘Victims Industrial Complex’. Describing neo-Victorian ‘living fossils’ dominant-narrative fake media and arrogant authorities self-serving ‘victims business’. Creating and exploiting an enduring Global fake pretext from England to Ecuador Worldwide and WAY beyond, so called ‘victims’ of mere sex-pleasure?

An inhuman extension of the 19th Century ongoing Victorian totalitarian psychopaths with no remorse nor empathy. In all, 4-centuries ongoing History’s worst on five continents perversely claiming to be ‘World best’. The Anglo Military Industrial Complex, Banks Industrial Complex, Prisons Industrial Complex, Media Industrial Complex. All deviously, cynically creating and exploiting fake pretexts destroying millions of lives Worldwide for their self-serving corrupt careers, ratings, profit, power & control over their kept dumb shallow ignorant masses knowing only what they are told/brainwashed to believe.

E.G. “Here is the News. This is what we want you to think.” Quote 1940s Anglo insider ex-BBC, ex-cop, ‘1984’ visionary Blair/Orwell, “Mass ignorance is strength for BIG Brother.”

Re-proving 1930s totalitarian media monsta Goebbells, “Said LOUD and often, ANYTHING will be believed!”


>Victims Industrial Complex
Not bad. I might even nick that one myself! As for Goebbels, like you he overdid the “often”. Probably why Germany lost.

Be my guest BIG Tom, but please spell ‘Goebbells’ right or there may be an ‘L’ of an Anglow totalitarian PEDants’ Outrage?

Last edited 3 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

>I have to tell you, HHP, trying to score pedantic points doesn’t work too well when you get it wrong! Instead of calling out your own misspelling, by contrast, I simply used the orthodox version without comment.

Thanx BIG Tom. Ever wary of an Anglow totalitarian PEDant’s revolt. True scholar HHP ALWAYS welcums correcshuns. Kwote,”Never made an error never made NUTHUN.”

Mwah! X.

warbling j turpitude

Nah. Disagree! “VIC” is simply a crude expropriation of long existing term. Victimary thinking, or indeed even victimary logic, is not only far more elegant but goes much further in the attempt to understand the recrudescence, even parody of Christianity itself that we are now confronted with. It may be ‘industrial-strength’ already, but calling it a ‘complex’ only comfortably obscures things, it seems to me.


‘The 16 age thing is an artificial barrier that we have in Britain’

That’s a very funny, radical line if taken in isolation, but of course the full context changes things. This person seems extremely wedded to the significance of age, making massive leaps of judgment if the age shifts from 12 to 13, for example. The problem here has always been the same: people differ greatly no matter their age, so a focus on it at those ages with 1 year of difference is especially arbitrary and superficial.

People get stigmatized so often for their age – stereotypes based on being dubbed somewhere in the triumvirate nexus of ‘old, young, or middle-aged’. I increasingly think being hyper age-conscious is detrimental to mental health on the individual level, and to society more broadly. Especially when people consign themselves to age apartheid and try to only hang around people close in age to themselves. That really sucks for those who can’t find decent friends their own age, those who have shit friends their own age, or those who find they get along better with older or younger people.

I remain good friends with one of my sixth-form teachers, and I can remember once when he invited me to an artsy-festival camping trip (I was over 18 and at university), a friend I’d told joked “So where did he touch you?” I told the teacher and we both laughed about it, but still these kind of comments reflect stereotypes and an underlying sex-negativity that deserve push-back. (So what if he did want to have sexual contact? What’s wrong with that?! It’d be my choice too; where’s my agency in all this?!)

Returning to the quoted passage: ‘The married father of three also claimed images of girls aged 13 and over should not necessarily be classed as child pornography.
> Based!

He told the BBC he would endorse the prosecution of any man over 20 who has sex with a girl aged between 13 and 15. ‘If the fella concerned…is in his 20s, 30s or 40s then I believe you should prosecute them ruthlessly and the law allows for that,’ he said.

> Not so based. Sounding like a judgmental prick :p
Notice the strategic use of ‘man’ and ‘girl’ which creates an arbitrary distancing in the imagery of male and female (and people who may in-fact, despite their age, be very similar). I wanted to say for a while, and this seems a good opportunity, that I really like the way this blog entry starts by discussing ‘age-gap’ Antis in those terms.

I increasingly use the term ‘age-gap sex / sexual contact’, because it gets away from the signifiers of ‘adult’ and ‘child’ and gets at the absurdity of what people (esp. online) seem to be upset about: age gaps… If it sounds absurd to get upset over a mere age gap, then yes, that’s because it is. To use this far more deflationary term when compared to the far too symbolically meaningful and (for many) emotive ‘adult-child sex’, to appropriate it for use in a positive context and throw it back into the wild world of the Antis, is (I think) a good idea.

Fata Morgana

Time to wheel out Rind’s 2022 study, which suggests that non-close-in-age encounters are slightly less harmful at the time and in retrospect than close-in-age encounters. Then we can dispel the lingering ageism in the otherwise refreshingly commonsense opinions of people like Grange.

The 13 threshold has been chosen as arbitrarily as the age of consent, of course, and is particularly assailable when one considers that the average age of menarche has fallen significantly since these thresholds were set.


19th Century Victorian scholar Charles Darwin coined the term “living fossils” to describe organisms that show little diversity or difference from their ancestors in the fossil record.

21st Century neo-Victorian “living fossils” show little difference from their Victorian organism ancestors in their record of sexual repression.


the people who make laws and enforce them simple life forms. a bit like amoebas. ian critchley is one of these


Victorian britain wasnt so bad, aoc was 12 and 13 for a while and i could get a hooker no problem…


Ancient myths maintain modern pseudo science and superstition.

” The myth was first reported in 16th-century Europe and gained prominence in 19th-century Victorian England as a cure for syphilis and gonorrhea among other sexually transmitted diseases.[3] The origin is unknown, but historian Hanne Blank writes that the idea may have evolved from Christian legends of virginmartyrs, whose purity served as a form of protection in battling demons. ”


>A report by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), which looked at data from all 42 police forces in England and Wales, disclosed that in more than half of all reported “CSAE” cases (Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation) the offender was a minor, with 52% involving reports of children (aged 10 to 17) offending against other children. The report, published last week, said: The analysis sets out the consistent growth in CSAE reported to police with 107,000 crimes reported to policing a figure that has risen significantly in the last ten years…More than half of CSAE offences were committed by children, a significant increase from what was previously known. Ian Critchley, the NPCC’s lead on “child abuse”, is reported in BBC coverage of the story as saying, apparently in connection with “sexting” illicit photos of minors, that it’s a crime “whether that’s in a consensual relationship or not”.

Which looks to me very like a tacit admission that many or most of these “offences” are indeed consensual.

Last edited 3 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

> Ian Critchley, the NPCC’s lead on “child abuse”, is reported in BBC coverage of the story as saying, apparently in connection with “sexting” illicit photos of minors, that it’s a crime “whether that’s in a consensual relationship or not”.

Victorian uptight Critchley to modern web-wise son, “Er, you’re nearly 13 now and we have to talk about,” “OK Dad, what don’t you understand?”


oops one comment not psoted maybe im getin too angry . but teens or younger who have the police interfering with their PRIVATE lives should tell them where to go in a non polite way. of course then they will get arrested as the police are robots and dont actually care about young people.


that was directed to ian critchley btw


If Trump gets in maps are going to suffer immensely. and even people in relationships with someone the same age ! (think sexting). these monsters cant get in…. why so many support them??? maybe they arent aware of their monstrous policies..


Few interesting updates:

More rare material made available! If you’ve ever wondered what the entity ‘NAMBLA’ thought about X or Y issue, there’s a chance you might find an answer in NAMBLA’s Constitution and Position Papers (revised August 21, 1992). The document shows the the various issues that NAMBLA as an organization took positions on, up until 1992, including opposition to corporeal punishment and female genital mutilation. The first page shows the organization’s Constitution, which was adopted by the membership in December, 1980.

Then there’s a scan of Fag Rag creator Charles Shively’s book Calamus Lovers, with dedication to fellow Fag Rag writer Tom Reeves, who went on to become a founding member of NAMBLA and one of the organization’s main spokespersons. The inscription reads:

For Tom Reeves

1/2 comes directly from your inspiration

the other 1/2 indirectly

many kisses

Charley Shively


comment image

For those who’ve not seen it, the back page of Censoring Sex Research (2013) has some great pre-publication comments, including the late great Erwin J. Haeberle and Fred Berlin of all people!

And lastly, here’s a lesser-known piece by Andriette, ‘Intergenerational Sex: Consent Isn’t the Problem’, in Empathy, Vol. 3, No. 1 (1992).

And that’s an update from me! :p


Newgon updates:

A few people I’ve rarely seen discussed in MAP spaces, largely (and unfortunately) because their work is usually a combination of too extensive or too difficult to access:

The sex radical:

And influential LGBTQ German filmmaker, who was very friendly with NAMBLA co-founder and spokesperson Tom Reeves, and whose work influenced the development of LGBTQ+ rights movements worldwide.


A little while ago in a comment below, I mentioned that another “rare” book would soon become available. That time has now come.

I reveal to you, scanned, OCR text searchable, available for free to everyone for the 1st time:

The Betrayal of Youth: Radical Perspectives on Childhood Sexuality, Intergenerational Sex, and the Social Oppression of Children and Young People, edited by. Warren Middleton (London: CL Publications, 1986).

Now available on library genesis to anyone with an internet connection. Click on the hyperlinked title above, or follow the link here:

As gay / LGBTQ+ activist Peter Tatchell stated in his positive review of the book, ‘The Betrayal of Youth presents a diverse collection of essays by 16 different authors who offer a ‘radical perspective’ on the history, sociology, politics and ethics of ‘childhood sexuality, inter-generational sex, and the social oppression of children and young people’. The book and Tatchell’s contribution were the subject of a great blog entry on heretictoc, titled Gilt is stripped from Saint Peter’s halo (2021). Now, anyone can read what Peter and many others argued, without having to find a rare print copy.*

As I mentioned / to repeat for anyone who missed it: I’ve also made sex researcher David Sonenschein’s magnum opus, Pedophiles on Parade, available online for the 1st time.

Volume 1 can be found here:
Volume 2 here:

*[And yes, before anyone mentions it, I know there’s 2 typos in the library genesis book description: no one’s perfect! :p – I’m on top of it! – it’s what happens when people rush you! I’d just rather post about it ASAP first! It’s the book itself that matters most, so save a copy for yourselves!]

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For Matt, getting to grips with

[MOD: remainder deleted. Suggest re-posting in the correct place as a reply, minus often repeated (ad nauseam) “mantras”.]

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Mainstream Gov Puppet ‘TNW/TheNextWeb’ Dutch launched 2006, owned since 2019 by UK The Financial Times.

TNW Oct 2012, Judgemental (just mental) OZ-based unfeeling Features creep, Joel Falconer:

“And then there’s Newgon, a site dedicated to child-love. It’s accessible from the clearnet, but forms part of the deep Web’s pedophile community discourse. There’s no porn here, just people writing about and discussing their attraction to minors. It sounds tamer in theory, but I’m not sure what is creepier: clearly exploitative pornography that doesn’t pretend to be anything but what it is, or molesters and the molested justifying the experience in writing, arguing that the experience is natural and has positive benefits for both parties involved.
One quote on the site reads:

‘A fourteen-year-old French girl wrote in her diary in 1978, after having slept with a 47-year-old man, ‘This was the most marvelous day of my life, the most beautiful Christmas gift. Everything I did was deliberate, and everything that happened was at my initiative.’ Unfortunately the girl’s parents, after reading these pages, succeeded in having the man who gave their daughter this wonderful experience sent to prison. The feelings of the child were of no importance.’

There are a few links – a small scattering in comparison to the lists of illegal child pornography – to regular porn, and another small collection for bestiality and mutilation fetishists. I don’t even want to try and confirm my fears about what you might find on a site called ZooNecro-chan. This place caters to the tastes of the most depraved individuals. It makes the most extreme clearnet porn look as tame as a Page Three girl.”

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ok, so what does this 14 year old ADOLESCENT think of the experience now? or has she been silenced?


For Matt, getting to grips with consenting juveniles.

Check HTOC ‘Hotspots’ polymath Marshall Burns. SOL/SexOffenderLaws,

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For Matt, abandon hope all ye who enter (or are Globally dominated by) the phoney Anglophone.

U.S. Alliance For Constitutional Sex Offense Laws.

  • MD: The Absurdity Of Charging 10-Year-Olds As Sex Offenders

November 25, 2019
A ten-year boy has just been charged as a sex offender as a result of a schoolyard game of tag that got out of control. As reported by the local CBS news affiliate: “the fourth-grade students were playing a game of tag that escalated when a boy began making inappropriate comments and movements toward the girls. One of the boys also wrapped his arms around one of the girls.”

Sample comments:.

“.Bill Guest November 25, 2019 10:06 pm
This Registry continues to devolve into state mandated sexual abuse upon children by placing them into these sexually degrading “tests” worthy of Nazi Concentration Camps!
Of course it’s inhumane for the public to sexually assault children but if you slap a label on them it’s okay because Registrants aren’t people!
And if the government approves these “methods” then there’s nothing wrong to traumatize a kid with a “peter meter”! In fact you can get paid to do that!
What sick f#ck signed up for that job?!!


Reply View Replies (1)
G4Change Guest
November 25, 2019 11:10 pm

The United States is becoming the Iran of the Western World. I mean, this is out of control insanity!!!



ReadyToFight Guest
November 26, 2019 8:04 pm

Ah yes….the war against hormones rages on! God Bless America and all that horse shit.


thus the 10 year old will end up on register and some nutjob will set fire to his house and he will die. has happened.


Jun Rockin ’56 (er SeX):
04m:32s “Girls always screamin’, tearin’ ya clothes off, tryin’ ta kiss ya ‘n’ everthang…”
07m:14s “We have a boy on the show even younger than Elvis.” “Yes he’s seven years old.” “Yeah he’s cute.” “Cute? He’s the MOST!”

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Carinthia West ‘notha SeXy 70s SCHOOLGIRL discovered standing at a London bus stop.

At SIXTEEN, West was discovered standing at a bus stop on the King’s Road by Beatles photographer Robert Whitaker. Whitaker, who shared a flat with Eric Clapton, opened the door to a world filled with sixties icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Marianne Faithfull, and Anita Pallenberg.


If only people knew how many of their idols went with so called underage fans….. hahaha


Some updates:

New page for [I should have access to Fag Rag soon, and be able to prove and see how ‘pro’ intergen issues they were, apparently including other hot topics like incest and bestiality…]

Page on [You can watch him speaking, showing you what future ‘speak outs’ could one-day be like, here:

Re-wrote, improved the wording, and added better explanations and links to the page. Might be interesting to re-visit for some. The interview with Martha Vicinus in Paidika, I couldn’t believe I’d overlooked until now. Taking Victorian England as the subject, it’s a very reasonable interview and makes a good case for why it’s very difficult to find clear evidence of lesbian sex [denial, institutional barriers, and sublimation via religion (“spiritualizing the eroticism”) basically].

Living a weird life right now but I’m still finding out new and interesting things. Will write you soon, Tom 🙂

Warbling J Turpitude

Ah come on, Prue, are you trying to tell me that eroticism is not already the product of what is spiritual? Or, in language much more to the point>>> , the product of what permits, or compels us to oscillate ceaselessly between the thing referred to by our sign, and the sign that makes this thing (at all) significant in the first place? Indeed hat very oscillation which freshly animates (‘spiritualizes’) in one way or another every desiring soul on Earth?

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“Ah come on, Prue, are you trying to tell me that eroticism is not already the product of what is spiritual?”
> Something like that :p

Warbling J Turpitude

Well where does the arousal of what we call spirit come from if not from the myriad reaction-formations to the all-pervasive interdiction at very root of the human and its countless social manifestations? The founding interdiction that everyone from the biblical writers through de Sade, Baudelaire and above all Bataille, have written about quite unforgettably?

Your work hereabouts is thoroughgoing and second-to-none, Prue, and that is why i take your apparently offhand use of a particular term, like you know, seriously. Might i then dare to ask again? What is what we call the erotic if not the point where inconsolable spirit mediates between the (physical) object of our desire and the (erotic) sign that sustains its significance for us? Or, of course, in the case of reprographic certification (glibly referred to as ‘porn’) where the sign may sustain us completely?


Innocent 15 year old child shamina begun refused her uk citizenship back. so innocent yet shes incapable when it comes to anything sexual. bunch of hypocrite scum!


what i meant to say is people are saying she quite capable and know what shes doing. but go with a 15 year old and the consequences are dire.


Getting to grips with Israeli hate for over-4s responsible for Terrorism (but not Eroticism)?

According to former Mossad official, Rami Igra, all children in Gaza over the age of 4 should be subject to the occupation’s collective punishment, including withholding food and humanitarian aid, because “no one in Gaza is uninvolved.”


Mossad and their Western buddies should learn through a simple visual check when and why children are traumatized:

comment image


WHY are such horrific Child Abuse images, legal Worldwide?

For extreme violence (Copine 10) mainstream porn-barons to take, publish, sell, share and be owned by millions of gloating sadists and racists!!

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This reminds me that in 1976 or 1977, a British porn magazine fought the censorship of sexually explicit images by showing a photograph from the US war in Cambodia, of a dead girl with fractured skull, writing under it: “This is pornography”.


not as bad as a 17 year olds butt, right??


>not as bad as a 17 year olds butt, right??

Or, Media Mon$ta MurDark’s all time Top Sales Topless Totalitarian Tabloid Tory Trojan Horse – The SUN, ‘Family’ soft-porn Page 3.

Youngest ever model SCHOOLGIRL Sam Fox, SIXTEEN, first time Page 3 TOPLESS 22 Feb 1983, appeared under the headline “Sam, 16, Quits A-Levels for Ooh-Levels”. (Sam since came out Gay OK.)

She once recalled, “I stopped traffic at bus stops and Mom noticed that a lot of people were saying, ‘You should do modeling,’” Fox says. “I was still very young.” In 1982 the industry took notice, and Fox ended up doing a professional photo shoot with a photographer who couldn’t help but comment on the juxtaposition of her youth and physical maturity. “I remember the photographer saying, ‘Wow, you’ve got the face of a kid but the body of a woman, And he said, ‘Can I take some pictures at the end of the session, just some topless ones? It would be really tasteful.’”

While the neo-Victorian Sun & Co ‘Family’ media perversely campaigned (and still do) for, “Schoolgirls and boys safety from being OGLED by ‘perverts’ “. And millions of ‘pervy’ AAMS mocking so called ‘Sex laws’ still OGLE soft-porn ‘Family Media’ glamour stars as Role Models and Sex Objects.

Not for Capital Punishment here, but surely such gross hypocrisy should at least be a Hanging Offense? “NO!” you say. OK then just stretch ’em a bit. Hang ’em high and then streeeetch ’em real loooooow.

Recalls a 1980s miniskirt leggy HOT Loli, 6 (just met ‘Love Magnet’ Bold Map), striking a ‘Page 3’ pose and asking, “Have ya gotta camera? I’m gonna be a Model Girl.”

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yes im aware i knew of the last 16 year old page 3 girl called cherry dee one time early 2005 i found her and her pics. but next time i went her site all the pics had gone. the law had changed and under 18s could not show ANYTHING anymore. but are still tried as adults and can drive cars. i was fuming and still to this day. nature itself has been destroyed


And criminal liability starts at the age of ~12. At the same time, they are prohibited from using their own genitals, talk about your erotic desires and fantasies. The hypocritical LGBT community, on the one hand, verbally supports the acceptance of minor homosexuality and transgenderism, on the other hand, they afraid and condemn physiological manifestation. A boy may consider himself gay, which means he is aware of his erotic attraction to other boys, he wants to hug, kiss, masturbate them, but the community continues to pretend it doesn’t exist. They are prohibited from registering on gay dating sites and are prohibited from posting photographs of their kisses on social networks. They learn to use condoms secretly. The LGBT community has abandoned those who are considered vulnerable.


Yes, as I see from the post of Perplexed below, a group of MAPs and supporters has formed with the intention of publishing a website some time in the future.

We’re looking for lists of reasonable demands that we believe are supportable by a clear majority of our entire community.

Other than that, we are seeking essays on various topics, including compatibility of Youth Rights with MAP activism. How do we engage in that area without being interpreted as opportunists? Anti contact MAPs have an advantage here, and we have already received two essays that favor Youth Liberation from an anti contact perspective.


there is


I help run, and fund it, so I do know about FSTube.

Who is willing to make the video necessary to poll its users, though?


Whatever happened to the idea of something inspired / in homage to PAN, Paedo Alert News? Pretty sure there was a kl graphic designed with ‘MAP Alert News’ as the title? It looked great! :p

“I see from the post of Perplexed below, a group of MAPs and supporters has formed with the intention of publishing a website some time in the future”
> Is this on Boychat? I’m not seeing the post you’re referring to if it’s about ‘a group of MAPs’ (do you mean Yesmap / Element chat?). Either way, if something does get set up, I’m happy to help contribute short content in some way, discuss ideas etc. You mention you’ve “received two essays that favor Youth Liberation from an anti contact perspective” – were they hard to respond to?

I personally think that the whole Anti stigma crowd has been very helpful in setting the stage for progress to be made. Apart from sticking to the ‘abuse’ dogma, other parts of their framework (reducing ‘offending’ by making sure MAPs aren’t pushed to ‘offend’ via misery), are coherent and reasonable. Humanizing and likely having an impact, as a recent article leads me to believe: They may not be perfect, but I do think that some ‘Anti-C’ people (e.g. Allyn Walker) hold many reasonable and progressive / positive overall takes, on aspects of intergen issues… What’d you think of the pieces you received? 🙂



The idea is to merge the concept into the site presently under consideration.

There will be two content streams users can comment on:


I’m not arguing against the anti-c essays, as it isn’t my job to be pro-c here and pick holes in their reasoning. They will form part of our consultation and be weighed into the results – showing, of course, that MAPs can be in favor of more rights for young people, even if they are against the reform of social attitudes towards minor-adult sex.

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I am not yet sure whether I should be happy about the Google Gemini controversy (for the fact that original and correct answer was presented to so many people), or horrified about the fact Google so quickly overrode it to “pedophilia is wrong” answer. Probably both.


A list of reforms that are feasible and helpful, imo:

Sex Offense & Registry Reform

-Lower possession/viewing of CSAM to Class C Misdemeanor (for first offense), remove from mandatory reporting laws (at least for licensed, professional therapists), may increase with each subsequent offense. Decriminalize if possible.

-Distinguish between solicitation, distribution, or production of CSAM done without exchange or financial incentive, and solicitation, distribution, or production of CSAM involving financial incentive or other in-kind exchange; the former being classified lower than presently, and the latter being more approximate to current designation under law.

-Distinguish between solicitation, distribution, or production of CSAM that doesn’t involve any depiction of BDSM, torture, or distress, and CSAM involving BDSM, torture, or distress, the latter being aggravated.

-Can have increased penalties for repeat offenses, lower penalties for first offense (as is generally done already).

-Create hidden status on registry, accessed only by law enforcement; for possession of CSAM, for minor offenders, and for other lesser offenses. Still applying employment/volunteer/youth work restrictions, background check applicability. Minor offenders hidden by default, and may only be unhidden for compelling reasons of public safety in the face of conviction for higher offenses.

-Decrease registration period for offenders under 21 years of age to 5 years, 10 for more serious offenses. Offense as minor may not be registered for life.

-Remove restricted area/restricted residence provisions for CSAM possession only offenders on hidden registry.

-Repeat offenses on hidden registry may result in registration being public, and in case of CSAM possession only, the application of restricted area/residence provisions.

-Remove minors from mandatory reporting laws beyond just CSAM possession.

-Failure to register at semiannual intervals by 40 business days results in automatic bench warrant, subject to arrest followed by fine or jail, make class C misdemeanor rather than felony, can increase classification for each failure, eventually resulting in jail/prison time

-Some offenses eligible for petition to moving to hidden registry after certain time has passed with no subsequent convictions

-Mandatory participation in survey/research participation when it arises for recipients of both those convicted of offenses, and those receiving therapy for CSAM possession/use without reporting as condition of nonreporting.

-Expand Romeo & Juliet Laws to 10 years (7 or 5 if compromise must be made), CSAM laws don’t apply to sexting between people within Romeo & Juliet legal scope, only to cases of actual abuse, assault, or rape. Revenge porn laws/unconsented sharing still apply.

– As a general criminal reform- minors may not be charged as adults, without being emancipated and made adults in every respect first. Under 21 may be charged as minor.

This is a list of sensible, attainable reforms that I think would push things in the right direction. Not solve anything, by any means, but some improvement, nonetheless.


sadly, the psycho republiscums want to jail people for LIFE for asking for a photo. even a mild one.


Generally speaking, Blue States are worse to be a registered sex offender in, than Red States. Granted, that’s a low bar to clear, but being in California or New York is arguably significantly worse than say Idaho or Kansas.


fine , execute the lot of them (policticians).


yes and that includes scwarzeniger he made those laws in CA as he is a dumb psychopath but sadly people think hes wondefrul


Getting to grips with ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP’S waistband.

1990s Bold MAP was invited to visit a HOT Mom with 3 HOT Lolis, 4, 6, 13.

The eldest HOT Loli was not back from school, but the younger two promptly played with Bold MAP in the living room, and outside enjoying Happy Humping Piggybacks.

Two hours later and time to leave, the 6yo HOT Loli beamed up at Bold MAP in the street and
both hands tugging hard at his waistband, seXclaimed, “I want to see your WILLY!”

Quipped cautious Bold MAP, “Noooo darling, you can’t do that…in the street.”

‘Victim’ Bold MAP not claiming retro BIG Compo.


went out with my nephew other night , he was talking to a girl he knew, i was keen to talk to her, but he said not to as it would be creepy as she just turn 18 todays generation are really stupid.

In search of book – Pedophilia: A Controversial Issue. Analysis of a Social Problem
(Pedofilie; een controversiële kwestie. Analyse van een maatschappelijk vraagstuk)
Auteur: Frank van Ree (2001)

In search of magazines – Martijn

“OK magazine” №1-94 (1986-2006) – is an informational magazine about adult-child relationships and pedophilia.
“Martijn magazine” №1-36

Where can I download it??? PDF files
or tell me where to look.

[MODERATOR: “Martijn” is no longer legal to possess or distribute in the Netherlands. Same may apply to “OK”.]


Myself and a friend have taken the liberty to make available a very rare set of books: both volumes of David Sonenschein’s “Pedophiles on Parade”. You will find that they are now on library genesis, with OCR text searching available.

You can search for it or copy the following search:

Please save copies for yourself and spread the word. I’ll post a message to the Newgon chat soon, if someone doesn’t beat me to it first 🙂

Expect another rare book to become available in the next few days!


Late Great Scholar Sonenschein recalled his years of research in a supposed ‘Modern Democracy’ destroyed by neo-Victorian totalitarian tabloid mad dogs.

In his short 1987 commentary On Having One’s Research Seized, he documents multiple cases where researchers attempting to study the realities of “child pornography,” or “kiddie porn,” were arrested, harassed or subjected to a hostile environment which created difficulty in testing the accuracy of sensationalist media claims.

In September, 1984, my own 4-year accumulation of research on pedophilia and children’s sexuality was seized. At this writing, nearly 2 years later, the materials (including illegally seized legal files and personal and political writings) are still held; it was over 7 months before American Civil Liberties Union lawyers and I were able to inventory the documents. The news media again helped directly in promoting the project as a “ring,” and I was charged with “sexual performance of [sic] a child” for photocopying photo-graphs from commercial “kiddie porn” magazines for content analysis. I have been fined $5,000 and sentenced to 10 years in prison. The content analysis was not completed, and the project, an ethnographic study of child-adult sexual relationships, has been destroyed. Fragments will appear if materials are returned; only one historiographic paper has been published (Sonenschein, 1984).

Comments by arresting officer Sgt. John Russell may be of interest to other investigators: “Your research is through. Your research is over. I have finished your research for you. You can research anything but this”.

Is this the same crazed Texan Sgt John Russell life-caged in 2009 for mass murdering his own comrades in Iraq?


Texas is loony land. i got my research destroyed to. no photos tho.


1987 was a good year compared to today. plenty o 16 year old topless in papers. all dead today. of course..


Getting to grips with HOT Loli ‘Love Buns’.

‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP lost count of the times that piggyback humping HOT Lolis held by their legs, blurted, “Hold my BUM!!”

Surely M’Lud, to refuse would be to abuse?

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intersting, i saw a poster in the pub saying its not ok to touch womans bum . so im guesing the other way round is fine,…. thats equality for you.


>thats equality for you.

Equality might seXtend to WAY back ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP, 14. Lured by a HOT Loli lil cousin, 11, to her friend’s house to, “Feed the cat, cos I’ve got the key while the family’s away on holiday.

[MOD: REMAINDER CENSORED. Necessary, unfortunately. Contribution exceeds maximum safe temperature for hot Loli.]

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ministry of defence??


Lot of fuss about author Amy Nickell on gb news. talking about map folk. everyones talking about woke gone mad. nope, we are nothing to do with woke. woke dont like us


Healthy Nike logo, “Pro-Active Sport for All – Sex for All – No Shame No Guilt – Just Do it.”


I know this is a MAP discussion, but i think it is a positive thing that 21 year old jenny ortega is doing sex scenes with a guy over 30 years older than her. the responses on facebook have been mostly supportive. of course if i was with a 21 year old id get called names. so its important that we fight for age gap relationships, minor or not.


I have come to the conclusion that sex work is mental health work. And that seniors are deserving of having sexual services provided for them as part of elder care.


There is a reason they are called honest girls. Feminist societies denigrate them and the men that patronize them, because dishonest girls know they can get more for their sex if men don’t have an easy choice. Hence, America.


well, and autistic people like me need some action!!


I do think it would relieve some of the incel, red pilled crap, if sex work was legalized.


unfortunately the retards at the swedish government set the ball rolling for it to be illlegal to pay in many countries. some horseshit about encouraging trafficking…


“Tafficking” only occurs with prohibition. Prohibition makes it worse, or makes the problem in the first place. Legalize, tax, and regulate- it will always wind up better than prohibition ever could. This is true of all supposed “vices”.

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yes so why the dumb politicians not realise?


They know. They just find it more profitable and politcally expedient to ban things, and have the crime, punishment, and black money that goes along with it. It’s great for law enforcement budgets, great for the mafia, great for campaigning on, and great for arms manufacturers, developers who build prisons, and companies that run private prisons.


well, thats sure the case in usa… but sweden? at least they have aoc if 15


This man who identifies as a trans woman received no jail time and no sex offender registry for sexual activity with a baby, after identifying as a trans woman and hiring a trans woman defense lawyer.

Everyone is a pedophile now, so whatever age you prefer your sexual activity (especially if it’s under the age of consent or involves an age gap), it’s clear identifying as a trans woman is the right move in 2024, considering you don’t have to undergo any gender surgeries or treatments. You just say you’re a woman now, and then you get more sexual freedom.


yet take a photo of a 17 year old and get life ? america is officially the no 1 insane country on earth. unfortunately this trans madness will get the republiscums back in. and they will jail you for life for ASKING for a photo of a miner.


Goebbels-Orwell reverse reality in plain-sight. Post-modern neo-Victorian unelected psycho-lonial totalitarian tabloid phoney-Anglophone fake media ‘Dominant Narrative’. On most issues now rules Russia, Holland, Ecuador, Worldwide & WAY beyond.

All based on LOUD and repetitive FALSE Pretexts.

[MOD: Remainder deleted: off-topic conspiracy theories]

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why are my posts suddenly getting 10 thumbs up? bit suss.


From F.B. 2024 (my CAPS).

“In 1884, Oscar Wilde married Constance Lloyd, and they had two sons. However, Wilde’s personal life was marked by scandal. His affair with Lord Alfred Douglas led to him being convicted of “gross indecency” in 1895. The conviction SPURRED BY THE MORAL CLIMATE OF VICTORIAN ENGLAND, resulted in Wilde serving two years of hard labor. Wilde was released from prison in 1897 and moved to France under the pseudonym Sebastian Melmoth. His final years were spent in relative obscurity and poverty. He published “The Ballad of Reading Jail,” a poem reflecting on his prison experience, in 1898. Oscar Wilde died of meningitis on November 30, 1900, at the age of 46. Despite his tragic end, Wilde’s legacy lives on. His plays continue to be widely performed, and his epigrams and quotes are frequently cited for their wisdom and wit. Wilde’s life and work remain ENDURING SYMBOLS OF THE STRUGGLE FOR INDIVIDUALITY AND ARTISTIC FREEDOM IN THE FACE OF SOCIETAL CONSTRAINTS.”

Quote mid-20th Century MAP BIG Chuck, “Hail Hail Rock n Roll deliver us from days of old.”

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Most gay icons were pederasts. Not “gay” as we understand the term. Though that gets lost in the fuzzy haziness that late adolescence and historical norms offer- making “adults” range from 15-21, and the AoC being 16-18 most places. So people can fudge people in the past who now would be “creepy pedophiles” in the public’s mind to “gay icons” without thinking too hard or critically about it. The AoC really does a weird warp on people’s thinking, making them irrational and logically inconsistent.

And, if we’re being honest, a vast swath of gay culture is pederastic/pedophilic in nature. The obsession with twinks, most notably. It’s just pedophilic LARPing. Age gaps are also surprisingly common in the LGBT world. Despite GenZ post-modern puritanism. And the gays have an aging problem- especially in regard to twinks, who cannot make it past 30, and age gracefully because, well, theirs and their partners sexuality are contingent on them being “youthful”- here not really in the young adult sense, but rather the adolescent sense. Which is itself an extension of society’s obsession with youth in general- which is also, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, based on the 12-21 year old as being peak attractiveness- in the adolescent sense, not the “adult” sense. Just because we’ve made it that some adolescents qualify as “adults” helps assuage people’s consciences, if only on its face.

As is everyone’s (including the straights) obsessions with MILFs, DILFs, GILFs, and calling their SO “daddy” or “mama”. And step-siblings, step-parents, and incest porn more broadly. Indeed, much of BDSM revolves around such fantasies as well. And all trace their roots back to childhood. Not “adult” sexuality. None of these are adult fantasies born of developments of adult-stage attraction. All those fantasies arose in childhood, often early childhood, but find “safe” “normal” expression, now that it’s “legal” for them to role play. Which doesn’t actually fulfill the fantasy, or really scratch the itch, for anyone- because their wishes are, due to the realities of time constraints, unfulfillable. Though, this is great for the porn industry’s bottom line.

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The Grindr “straight guy” fetish and “trans only” fetish are also displaced pederasty. The entire pre-o trans escort industry is displaced pederasty.


trans teen killed in the uk by children although now they are treating them as adults, make up your minds, freaks


shared news from Russian media (google translate)

Some details of a high-profile story from the Leningrad region (near St. Petersburg) was have become known, where a 25-year-old woman teacher became a defendant in a criminal case about the seduction of an 11-year-old schoolboy.

According to media reports, the young teacher was a class teacher for fourth-graders. Last fall, one of the students in the class began to show signs of attention to the woman and give her compliments. After some time, she began to respond to these advances.

The woman and boy began to retire to the school nooks and exchanged candid photos in the messenger. One day, the boy’s mother saw her son’s correspondence with the teacher and contacted law enforcement agencies.During the interrogation, the young teacher did not deny it and said that she fell in love with the student, and he fell in love with her.

Earlier it became known that a young teacher who worked at a school in the village near St. Petersburg was suspected of seducing a fourth-grader. It was reported that the woman left an 11-year-old student after school and corrupted him. A criminal case was opened against the teacher for seducing a child, and she faces up to 20 years in prison.

Did something terrible happen? No. Just sexting and kissing. As a friend explained to me, the sentence for murder is much lower. According to the law, the court must take into account the opinion of minors from the age of 10, but in such cases no one asks or takes into account their opinion. They’ll just ruin a girl’s life And it is not known how this guilt will affect the boy.

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oh yes i stumbled upon a case in Nevada where a woman got 99 years for making a 13 yr old touch her boobs. if she had killed him might have got lesser sentence. the judge clearly smoking crack.


Another one )
A 38-year-old Minnesota mother of two was arrested after she allegedly had sex with two 15-year-old boys at the same time at a hotel last month.

This is not how I imagine abuse )
She didn’t force them, didn’t threaten them, didn’t beat them, didn’t kidnap them, didn’t tie them up. What was the abuse and who was harmed ?


its abuse to take an extremely mild photo of a 17 yo,. even in uk. although doin them up the butt and then unloading on their face isnt….


Adults sexually attracted to minors are pedophiles?

In plain-sight millions of minors sexually attracted to adult celebs are??


bit strange how people are so against celebs with way younger partners when as teens they wanted to fuck way older celebs..


What a difference the Age of Consent can make in the minds of the public. If that story had been in the US, people would be baying for that woman’s blood. Demanding she be jailed as a pedophile and groomer. Even though more states have 16 as the Age of Consent than have 18 as the Age of Consent.

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these loons think where 16 is aoc its a state run by pedophiles cos yeh all states where trans is legal is run by trans politicians….


Great article that at least offers some hope with the German Constitution change, and the possibility of freedom for Martijn and Lesley, a case of extreme corruption and injustice that is really a brand new level of evil by the extreme US feminists. I mean, these guys are outrageously framed (by Ballard and the despicable Ecuador government) and tortured solely because of their speech for the purpose of making a promotional movie about Ballard, and the entire media and Western governments are fully complicit. It’s mind-blowing levels of corruption on full display; somehow, we are the only ones who care. Maybe the world should be nuked by a US-Russia war.

Well, our favorite new MAGA/Q-Anon feminist age-gap hysteric grifter James Woods has just been accused of inappropriate sexual advances towards a younger female. Take a minute to savor the delicious irony. It’s always refreshing when the vile hypocrites are publicly outed (which is why they act like hypocrites to begin with, of course). I’m looking forward to the next sex fascist hypocrite destruction, I wonder who’s next?


I would have some wishes…

But really, although I don’t really care about pedophile hunters (because they are clearly the lowest of the low and don’t deserve my attention), it makes me very angry and sad to listen to podcasts where they are celebrated.

This guy, Andrew Gold, has interviewed James Cantor some time ago, and even visited and spent some time talking to people running the Project Dunkenfeld in Germany, and yet, even with all the knowledge he should have, he is able to record the following interviews:

I don’t get it…


i wish for swarzeneger to be jailed. hes a massive anti and hes been accused of groping ….


Something I have noticed in all the years of these anti-pedophile Youtube content creators, is many also delve in less than moral codes of conduct when dealing with their own lives. With so many ending up embroiled in various misogynistic and predator / power abuse relationships with females much younger than themselves.
If not that, then they belong in the bearded muscle-bro camp or the morbidly obese; such as ALEX ROSEN. Who is also known for being somewhat as a Sovcity individual , who has also been known to have doxxed other Youtube creators who dare to accuse him of misdeeds.

My point being despite the physicality, they have all used the anti-pedo stereotype to bolster views and to abuse financial gain for stream content on the back of bullying and harassment (if indeed its not fake). They need to accuse and hunt pedos for money, which is quite a catch 22. If you catch them, you need to encourage more… otherwise get a real vocation in life.
The problem also with these anti-pedo streamers and these predator hunters groups, are they are often rabbled from the low ground social filth. You have your Neo Nazi’s, your racists, your criminal background types riddled with criminal charges from theft, violence, disorder, addiction and sometimes all. To be a pedo hunter is not about care of children, it is clear it is a whitewash of pecking order, to discriminate and create a social scapegoat as a legitimate means to employ more violence, often in accosting with unfair numbers.

As written in a Vice article dated in 2016..

“Anti-pedophile activism has been associated with illegality and violence in the past, and has been practiced by some of society’s more unsavory characters. In the 1970s, for instance, the National Front picketed meetings of the Paedophile Information Exchange, and it was the NF, the British National Party, and the English Defence League that led protests in 2014 against the sexual abuse of 1,400 children in Rotherham—the fact the perpetrators were British-Pakistani Muslim men no doubt being a contributing factor.”

It has never been the true pedophiles (not child molesters and rapists, they are entirely different contexts) to intent to cause stauch horrific social staining such as these rabbles of social lower class and lower educational thinking. If anything the pedophiles are more of a misaligned section of the sexual minorities, that would and could do far better in employing better standards of values to youth. More so than encouraging these of the so called “predator hunter” degenerates, created from a heady mix of social brainwashing and governmental institutionalisation, which keeps them hostile, low-esteem, breadline and angry and addicted life wasters. Which ends up as generational breeding time over.

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i was a bit worried about this article as i thought people were goiing mad due to the age gap. luckily over here 16-17 anmd 21 isnt considered a big deal unlike the crazies across the pond. oh and please excuse my grammar. im used to rushing messages and not caring as so many disapear on youtube for example anyway…..


cool. ok, i get a bit angry, but not with the ppl on here, of course…


no problem mate, you always publish my comments. i have respect for all of you, regardless of age of attraction.


if charlie chaplin did what he did today. he would be bullied to suicide, today. incredibly caroline flack didnt kill herself due to bullying while seeing a 17 yo in her 30s, but the something else.


Why is bullying so supported in this country?


The contemporary norm of permanent control of the lives of children and adolescents (under the guise of “protection”) leads to increasing depression, as young people feel deprived of freedom and experience of life with its surprises. It leads also to less and less time playing outdoors, as they remain indoors under the supervision of adults, which has several negative consequences for health: (a) less physical activity, (b) more temptation to consume unhealthy food (sugar, saturated fats); (c) addiction to screens (TV, smartphone, tablet).
As once told my old mother about two of her grandsons: “They are always on the computer. They don’t even look at girls.”
In February-March 2016, Edelman Intelligence made a study with 12,170 parents from 10 different countries, which found out that now children spend less time playing outdoors than prison inmates. This was cleverly used by the brand Persil / Skip, which made an excellent video clip “Free the Kids – Dirt is Good” to encourage parents to let their children go outdoors and get dirty:


The worst thing is that excessive control creates infantilism, a sense of danger and neuroses. This is why there is an increase in self-doubt and it seems that everything around is offending, and on the Internet there are only toxic people, which also need to be controlled so as not to traumatize someone’s “weak” psyche. It’s a vicious circle.

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>The contemporary norm of permanent control of the lives of children and adolescents (under the guise of “protection”) leads to increasing depression, as young people feel deprived of freedom and experience of life with its surprises.

Quote olde skool dry-wit Groucho Marx, “When we were young we had only street-life and food scraps, but that didn’t stop us being miserable.”


it cant be good for mental health. murica, for example, ok, you 16, you can drive this giant lump of metal hundreds of miles your 16. dont sext. you will be punished


Certainly don’t sext when driving 😉


Living life on the wild side :p

Marco Antonio

And this has consequences in adulthood. Because teenagers restrain from having real sexual experiences or lack them because of watching porn, they do not learn the necessary skills that they will later need as adults. Children are kept ignorant about real life experiences. Same applies to alcohol. They completely forbid alcohol until they turn 21, then they expect adults to be responsible drinkers.


Has anyone here heard about the Mamamax drama? He’s a so-called “predator hunter” on Youtube, with over 800,000 subscribers, who’s known for producing highly stylized edgy videos where he puts on a cringy deep Batman voice and occasionally bathes himself in blood. He’s known for calling anyone who disagrees / criticizes him a Pedo, and even tried to start a hashtag accusing YouTube itself of being pro-pedo, because one of his videos was flagged for violating the terms of service (TOS). He tried to shame / bully big youtubers into getting on the bandwagon and share the hashtag #PickASideYouTube. All because he got some pushback from YouTube!

Well, after years of videos filled with no hard evidence and fearmongering over what usually amounts to nothing, Max has gone too far and his good fortune is on the downward spiral. Everyone is coming out against him, and it’s just… so, so well deserved. There is some hope for humanity…

Max’s claim was that a young black guy called Camden, had ran a vampire-werewolf sex cult which involved ‘hundreds’ of minors, inducing minors to recruit other minors and share self-generated CP, all while living at his mother’s house who apparently had no idea all this sexy time was going on. No, I’m not kidding, there are apparently people out there who need to seek help, therapy and mental healthcare so badly that they believe something like this is even remotely realistic. The kicker is that the main woman Max features as a ‘survivor’, a chubby alternative woman called ‘Spencer’, is now living with him, and is a family friend of his who he went to high school with. The implication is that Camden, the male accused, is her former sexual partner, and Max the “hunter” looking for content, could be her new sexual partner. Whatever the case, these facts don’t help their credibility.

The question everyone is asking is: if these massive claims are true, why is there no evidence and why aren’t the police involved!? How come Camden has no social media presence when he is supposed to have been having relations with hundreds of people?

I’m a fan of the British youtuber Chud Logic, who has to my knowledge been the main driver of anti-max content which other, much larger Youtubers have since built off. He sometimes feels to me like one of the few ‘real’ / ‘normal’ people on Youtube.

Now, we have continuous content from Chud, a fairly popular video from Lerix called MamaMax: A Complete History of Lies, and now the ridiculously popular channel SomeOrdinaryGamers, who was a personal friend to Max and had spread pedo-hysteria in the past, created the video Mamamax Is a Complete FRAUD… which has 1.5 million views in the 8 days it has been posted.

On January 20th, 2024, youtube wiki tells us, Max privated all videos relating to the controversy, including his response to the controversy. It’s a historic moment for decent people everywhere. For years, this scum has been allowed to collectively terrorize the online space, making a lot of money by fabricating dangerous lies, causing so much harm in the world. Max has admitted to a history of stalking behavior, with one woman claiming that Max sent her a photo of his bloody arm because she hadn’t reciprocated his interest and began dating someone else. Not shocking to anyone who’s seen his content, Max was once poor, unloved, and thus deeply mentally unwell. It’s only with Pedo-hunting and his improved social and financial standing that he has found some stability. But it was a lie. The truth is winning out and at least one person Max has accused, is planning legal action against him.

I am no fan of prisons, but we live in a carceral society and this person is nothing if not a repeat offender and a serious danger and menace to society. I increasingly feel that creating and spreading fabricated or false allegations about a named person, especially where they are sexual in nature and intended or likely to cause serious reputation destruction, should face punishment in proportion to the sentence the alleged crime would have led to were it to have occurred. A similar argument is often made with false rape allegations…

Regardless, there is a special place in hell for people like Max. Whilst he’s on this earth, he needs to sort his life out and find a way to make money without having to lie and ruin the lives of others…

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This reminds me of the story of Joseph McCarthy, the bad guy who went too far.


>This reminds me of the story of Joseph McCarthy, the bad guy who went too far.

Quote fake scare McCarthy, “Reds under the bed!”

Quote fake scare Mamamax, “Peds IN the fuckin’ beds!!”

Quote post-McCarthy fair Pres Ike, “McCarthyism is now McCarthywasm!”


Four centuries ongoing since Anglo psycho serial-killer revered role model FATMAN Henry’s Reformation of convenience-not-conviction and the supposed ‘Age of Enlightenment’..

Has produced their kept dumb FATHEADS shallow ignorant masses vile taste for trash tales bearing little resemblance to reality. And 133 years since Anglo-Irish Victorian visionary Gay VICTIM of Anglo totalitarian tabloid trash (deviously masked as so called ‘Democracy’), Oscar Wilde, “The 4th Estate is now the only estate it has eaten up the other three. The Lords Spiritual say nothing, the Lords Temporal have nothing to say, the Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are DOMINATED by journalism.”

Aka “Rule The Media – Own The Minds”.

Aka the pre-WW2 openly Totalitarian Fascist Fuhrer’s media MONSTA Goebbel’s dickt’em, er dictum, “Said LOUD and often ANYTHING will be believed!”

Aka, the post-WW2/’Love Generation’ unelected Anglo media ‘Monarch’ MONSTA MurDark’s new age of endarkenment,generating hate, “Fuck the facts – pimp the fuckin’ myths. No profit in peace!”

Aka MONSTA MurDark’s mafia MONSTA Greg FATMAN Miskiw, “It’s what we do. We go out and DESTROY other peoples’ lives!”

And the once ‘half balanced’ BBC/BiasedBritCrap produced 19Haties FATHEAD Esther Rancid’s fake ‘Stranger Danger’, Quote, 19Haties trash media Mind-RAPED HOT Lolis to street-smart Bold MAP, “Isn’t it ILLEGAL now to talk to strangers?”


A new blog that covers a lot of ground. What a nice New Year’s gift to the community!

I think I’ve already mentioned that I was very much a “free range child” and had intergenerational friendships from a very young age, so many claims of Jonathan Haidt and others resonate with me on a personal level. At the very least, I don’t like to feel cooped up indoors now, and I am very sure I wouldn’t have liked to as a child! I can think of a friend’s sibling who I saw as being trapped inside and, now she’s older, I can see that her horrible life has left her a shell of a person. Extremely timid and barely speaks…

One of the other points raised here, which I feel gets acutely significant when you exit formal education, is (to quote Gray et al.) “people of all ages perform better and live happier, more satisfying lives when they experience themselves as living in accordance with their own internal desires and decisions rather than being driven from outside sources”. A term for this is an internal locus of control. I see you, dear Tom, as having / being a prime example of just that. In your unaired channel 4 interview-cum-movie A Decent Life, you mention being raised to have “an inherent sense of self worth”. Some people get crushed under the weight of circumstance: I’ll never own a house [read: be secure] etc., but despite many serious setbacks and struggles you have remained resilient and steadfast in your sense of dignity and, well, self-worth!

I’m sure I could look into it, but Anna Madill and I’m sure others have studied strategies for cultivating resilience. I am tempted to say that part of the popularity of Jordan Peterson and other self-help gurus, is that they offer narratives which help people do just that! In short, I strongly feel that parents and educators etc should be trying to encourage and cultivate resilience, self-worth, and an internal locus of control in themselves and in the youngest in society. Anxiety, fearing others, kills it. The other biggest buffer, harder to influence, is the economic struggles: the casualization of work, ridiculous rent prices, and so on. Thankfully, improvement is possible in all these areas – it always is – no doomerism here! lol

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