‘Age gap’ angst: Left must choose or lose

It is no accident that today’s guest blog by “Prue”, who needs no introduction to time-served heretics here, includes a goodly sprinkling of links to excellent Newgon pages, of which they have been a prolific creator. There are many other links too, in their well referenced and challenging (especially to the Left) analytical essay.   


When MAPs Go Mainstream: Why Phillip Schofield Apologised after Doing Nothing Wrong

A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of paedophilia. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre. Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as paedophilic by its opponents in power? Two things result from this fact: I. Paedophilia is already acknowledged by all European powers to be itself a power. II. It is high time that Paedophiles should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Paedophilia. [Freely adapted from The Communist Manifesto]

In this piece, I challenge the political Left to ‘do better’.

Minor-attracted people (MAPs) have gone mainstream. We are coming up to #PaedoSchwing2025. Will the sheer scale of violent right-wing hatred linking transgenderism with paedophilia push liberals and leftists towards a more sympathetic stance on MAPs? That’s the prediction, the wager, the gambit of some MAPs (see Katie Cruz 2022). MAPs are increasingly and accurately seen as a vulnerable minority population prone to mental health issues and suicide. In response, sex abuse experts are increasingly supporting efforts to de-stigmatise MAPs, so that they feel safe to build up what Allyn Walker (2021) called ‘resilience strategies to offending behaviour’. Many of these academics, including Walker who has a background in prison abolitionist politics, are politically liberal or left leaning. In addition, MAPs are growing community conscious or, dare we say it, ‘class conscious’. With increasingly internet-savvy generations rising up to contest their underclass status, MAPs have strength in numbers and can be seen boycotting stigmatising/dehumanising researchers/projects which cast them as ‘monsters’ and ‘predators’.

Whatever happens by #PaedoSchwing2025, MAPs, adult-attracted minors (AAMs) and their allies can help to bring about a sea change. Newgon has been successfully building a baseline of resistance and community, using anonymous sock-puppet Twitter campaigns to gain visibility. The budget for these projects is low: this is not some fairy tale of ‘elite’ so-called paedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein. No, it’s arguably the most hated element of the working-class, working together with their allies to get their voices and history heard. Some of these MAP-related Twitter posts have gained millions of views and led to coverage in mainstream media.

And that brings us to Phillip Schofield, a 61-year-old British TV presenter who has been demonised over a homosexual affair with a younger male staff member…

Going by news reports, the facts are that Schofield and a young male, Matthew McGreevy, first interacted over Twitter when Matt was 15 years old. The two maintained a friendship over the years until Matt went to work as a runner for ITV. With Matt now at 19/20 years old, their relationship at some point became sexual. Precisely what happened is unknown: sex? fellatio? a kiss and hug every now and then? News media and the ‘victim industry’ (Best, 1997)  typically speak of “abuse” and fail to give us the facts. Because the pair first interacted when Matt was under-age, Schofield is being labelled with the “groomer” slur, even though reports indicate that their relationship was entirely legal and consensual. On YouTube, the harshest media scrutiny has come from right-wing outlets, principally GB News. In one of many GB News videos about the drama, after 6:20 the guest says “let’s be honest, grooming a young boy”. A 19/20 year-old “man” easily morphs into a “boy”.


Happier days: Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby with an 18-year-old Matt McGreevy between them as the centre of attention, in 2014. McGreevy, then an aspiring young actor, had been invited to the London studios of ITV’s This Morning show as part of a “behind the scenes” day.


Another video reveals that The Sun newspaper ran a front-page story using the ‘groomer’ slur. By contrast, Piers Morgan, who denies being ‘right-wing’, has defended Schofield.

In YouTube comments, I have seen claims that Matt was aged 10 on first meeting Phillip. They attempt to draw a link between Schofield and his brother Timothy who, at 54, was imprisoned for sexual activity with a male teenager (see here and here). Meanwhile, Schofield has said how he sees “nothing ahead of me but blackness”, asking his critics “Do you want me to die?” He raises the case of TV presenter Caroline Flack, who took her own life in 2020, saying: “I think I understand how Caroline Flack felt. Last week, if my daughters hadn’t been there, then I wouldn’t be here.” (here).

Is it taboo for minors and adults to be friends outside a family context? Prohibiting or stigmatising such friendships might benefit those seeking to normalise incest and keep young people proverbially, or not as the case may be, entwined with their parents. But for everyone else, it’s a huge restriction on everyday freedoms. Do we live under ‘age apartheid’, as Gayle Rubin put it in Thinking Sex (1984). To me, the underlying media message is clear: if you’re adult, never be friends with a minor. The cynical haters seem to believe that Schofield would only want to be friends with the young Matt for his body, so evidently desirable it must be… Why else, I’ve heard it said, would you be friends with a minor?

Schofield’s case combines the age taboo (Tsang, 1981) and the workplace taboo. Part of the uproar is that Matt may have got his job because of Schofield, thus appearing as favouritism and corruption. Even if this were the case, it only shows how inequality can be mobilised between workers for their benefit. The gap between them is where the ‘power’ of paedophilia, or, as it is currently widely if incorrectly understood, age-gap relationships, comes from. Like the gap in communism between the working and capitalist class, age-gap relationships, as a 1970s French gay liberation group put it, “radically questions all of society; subversion par excellence”. Or, as historian Kadji Amin explained:

French gay liberationists valued pederasty as a radical challenge to the bourgeois nuclear family, understood to be the fundamental disciplinary unit of a society founded on repressive sex and gender normalisation. They theorised pederasty/paedophilia as a crucial means of contesting parents’ possessive investment in their children and of championing minors’ free exercise of their sexuality.”

Leftists, who should in theory be class conscious, should also be aware that workers often spend eight hours or more a day at a place they call ‘work’. This can leave them little time or energy for much outside that space, including finding a romantic/sexual partner. To impose a social taboo on workplace sex/relationships is an attack on the working class: a massive restriction on working people’s everyday lives. Love, affection, and sexual connection do not wait for the office doors to close and neither does the magic line of an age of consent handed down by the state; all while sitting neatly along ‘age apartheid’ lines.

The Liberal Left appears to hate anything even MAP-adjacent. Figures on the Left such as the YouTubers Xanderhal and Vaush speak of ‘Pedocon theory’, attempting to paint conservative viewpoints as inherently supportive of intergenerational sex. The Left wants to avoid ‘their people’, particularly transgender people, being hit with what historian Vern Bullough called “the paedophile smear”. Because MAPs can also be transgender, as is increasingly being discovered in trans-inclusive research such as Allyn Walker’s, the Left will find itself validity policing who is acceptably trans and disavowing the ‘bad queers’ who are too hot to handle. Ignoring or ignorant of past links between LGBT groups and MAPs, as well as more overtly communist/socialist groups, the contemporary Left is trying to protect adult-adult gays and adult trans people, while avoiding the issue of MAPs.

Exploiting fears around queer children is the Right’s biggest weapon to roll back the gains of previous decades. As seen recently in Florida, the Right will use the issue of MAPs to keep the Left on a leash and roll back as many gains as possible. The Western Left have been losing for decades on workers’ rights, but have maintained some progressive sexual law reform. With even Roe v. Wade being overturned last year, increasingly the Left will have to choose: drop trans kids and stay MAP-phobic, or keep losing.

The Left has failed children (and Phillip Schofield)

In UK feminist Stevi Jackson’s 1982 book Sexuality and Childhood (PDF here), she writes:

[A] great deal of effort is spent in keeping children childish. Not being encouraged towards independence, they remain dependent; unused to looking after themselves, they stay vulnerable; having their smallest needs fulfilled by adults, they are often unable to perform simple tasks well within their capabilities. (p. 27).

The activities and interests of children in other societies may contrast sharply with our ideas of what is natural or appropriate for them. We would find it strange for a boy of six or seven to be preoccupied with financial provision for his marriage, yet this is considered natural among the Tallensi. We would not expect a child of this age to be making a real contribution to the economic survival of the community, yet this is commonplace in many simpler societies. […] It is unusual for five-year-olds in our society to be fully aware of the facts of human sex and reproduction, but elsewhere this is normal.

Despite all the different forms of childhood that exist throughout the world, our society might be singled out as distinctly odd (p. 29).

Legally defined ‘children’, usually people under 18, tend to either not work or work very little. They are unlikely to be making “a real contribution to the economic survival of the community. If they do secure legal employment, they often face discrimination in being paid far less than older workers for what might be the same job. The fact that minors often do not, cannot, or are socially discouraged from work probably has a lot to do with the images we attach to terms like ‘child labour’. Similar to the image of the ‘monstrous paedophile’, the image is one of a very young child doing dangerous, dirty activity. It’s not a bulky or energetic, strong-willed 15, 16 or 17-year-old “child” stacking shelves. Children, as feminist Kate Millett pointed out, have little to no money: it is one of the major sources of their oppression. As the legal age of childhood has increased, alongside the decline of the trade union movement and the suppression of worker’s wages and rights more generally, young people will remain – and are remaining – in relations of dependency for much longer.

While minors rarely work, they now have access to technology at younger and younger ages. This has been a massive material change in their everyday lives, with teens “as young as 13” reportedly using false IDs to engage in sex work on apps such as OnlyFans. According to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) report on self-generated content (2021), “Of the 252,194 webpages actioned during 2021, almost three quarters (182,281 or 72%) were assessed as containing self-generated imagery.” (See here). The economically dependent, veritable underclass that is legally defined as ‘children’, against all the negative messaging about young people and sex, still tries to earn money and express themselves sexually. Kept largely out of work but with internet access, they have ample time to post online with few other socially/sexually validating and fun options to earn money. In supporting minors’ agency to take part in the now heavily debated ‘trans affirming care for minors’, but also denying their sexual agency, the Left are playing into the Right’s image of the vulnerable, confused, asexual child who cannot know their own mind or body: an image the Right use to stoke hatred for trans people and MAPs alike. Such hate leads to death, and not just by suicide. In the 2021 ‘Club Q’ shooting, for example, a MAP-phobic gunman shot five dead in a Colorado nightclub after it had advertised an “all ages drag” event.

The Anti-MAP Left are creating their own enemies

In MAP forums you’ll often hear protest at the idea that anyone seriously proposes raising the age of sexual consent to 21 or 25.  There is much talk online of men’s rights and discrimination against men… In this case, raising the AOC would hit young men like Schofield’s lover particularly hard. With young people remaining economically dependent for longer, often living with their parents rather than pay huge private rental fees to move-in with a prospective partner, the rates of young male virginity have increased. As much as young males may try, it’s not very sexy to bring sex partners back to your parents’ house. In an era of easy access to sexual content and interacting with each other without having to leave the house, people are lonelier than ever before. Dating apps such as Tinder, which sees male users outnumber women by large ratios, have been particularly bad for young heterosexual men. Raising the AOC would only induce further loneliness, misery and resentment in young men, driving them towards the political Right who offer them some hope compared to a dismissive Left who tend to mock ‘pick up artistry’ and men’s attempts at self-improvement.

For his part, Schofield lived most of his life as a closeted, repressed homosexual. He may have missed out on gay sex during his teens and twenties. After coming out as gay on live television in 2020, it’s understandable that an older Schofield, peeling away the repression of his earlier years, would welcome sexual interest from a younger man he already knew and likely felt comfortable with on that basis. Schofield’s lover Matt had an interest in his future employment while still a minor, and later on a sexual interest in an older man, making him distinctly ‘odd’ by current cultural standards. Sometimes called the ‘paedo multiplier’ in online discourse, the force/impact of an accusation can be multiplied by placing the accused as close to the paedophile smear as possible. Schofield is, however, not a paedophile. He’s a teleiophile being dragged down because he engaged in a perfectly lawful and mutual relationship which is adjacent or ‘too close’ to paedophilia/minor-attraction. His public shaming represents nothing more than ‘adjacency anxiety’ and an attack on the working-class.



Back to your host. My name is Tom O’Carroll in case you had forgotten — it has been a while since I posted a blog, although I have been kept quite busy moderating the 350+ comments (thanks for all of those) on the last one. I should take no credit for this final item about the late anthropologist David Sonenschein, whose scholarship in the field of sex research, especially on paedophiles and the media, is of obvious relevance to us.

Unfortunately, David’s death two years ago went unrecorded here, and our guest blogger Prue has quite rightly suggested this omission should be rectified. More fortunately for me, this is an easy task because there is an excellent Newgon page on his life and work. See here.

I will just add that I read David’s exceedingly thorough two-volume work Pedophiles on Parade many years ago. An abiding memory of it for me is the detailed attention he paid not just to paedophilia in the news media but also in fiction, notably the stomach-churning sex-crime novels to which lawyer and master hate-monger Andrew Vachss turned his hand. Vachss’ depiction of paedophiles as the sort of psychopathic villain who would kill a puppy in front of a child in order to intimate and coerce them into (invariably violent) sex is difficult stuff to read but David somehow forced himself to plough through quite a few of these dreadful novels so that we do not have to. In other words, he dutifully performed a sterling service in the necessary business of carefully documenting how we are collectively libelled in fiction.

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Warbling J Turpitude

In case you thought America was avidly dining out on anything less these days than fast food and unrelenting CSA fantasies, this movie about a globetrotting ‘saviour’ plucking moppets from ‘child sex slavery’ is doing bigger box office than any in the US right now. The fools will just never, ever stop to look at how their incessant hysteria guarantees more than anything else in the world that the ‘the child” will remain the Fort Knox of erotic capital. Played of course by the fellow who portrayed JC in Passion of the Christ.


As ever in HollyWeird spooky negative bogeyland for Ratings & Profit from their childlike, infantilised shallow ignorant masses.

Mass denial of wholesome homeland MAPS & AAMS is the real story.

We await the true BLOCKBU$TA: “VALENTINO’s virgins to FRANKIE’s bobbysoxers to PRESLEY’s lolitas & beyond (how mass media unleashed the latent lust of young girls for grown men)”




Last edited 10 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

Specialists say girls had sex on their minds while watching Elvis



Well at least there was ‘cuties’


UK Sexy ’70s pro-MAP quote from TV Hard-Nut Cop.

‘The Sweeney’ D.I. Regan/John Thaw and D.S. Carter/Denis Waterman sat in a BIG Granada ‘Obs Car’ near a schoolyard where leggy Lolis played netball.

Bold-MAP Regan: “Whoever invented the gymslip should get a bloody medal.”

Weak-Shocked Carter: “Here hold on Guv…”

Bold-MAP Regan: “Shut it!”

Ed Chambers

How could you tell the email is not valid?


Bear in mind the author might ask your address to send a review copy. If they were trying to ‘get you’, that would be the thing to look out for. But, since they haven’t asked you, prob not much to worry about. Just an odd email that seems to need a follow up from the author.

Now you’ve posted here where the author could see it, and you’re not able to reply anyway if the email doesn’t work, maybe just wait n see if they send you a follow up. Hopefully one you can reply to.

I had a look over their website. A standard WordPress blot that anyone could set up. Nothing shady but nothing to suggest not shady either. So neutral in my eyes…


Could be a ripoff plagarising of Vlad’s 1939 Russian pre-Lolita “The Enchanter”? Original Russian title, “Волшебник (Volshebnik)” translates as “The Wizard”.

The Enchanter is a novella written by Vladimir Nabokov in Paris in 1939. As Волшебник (Volshebnik) it was his last work of fiction written in Russian. 



Last edited 10 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

Hello All,

I too have had issues with this new Protonmail email address. We should be able to sort out what’s happening in due course.

HappyHumpingPup you are on the ball. I was hoping someone would make the connection between my name and Nabokov’s Volshebnik and you did 😉

I’m being a bit cautious and cagey with regard to my identity as I’ve had a lot of harassment in the past and am pretty much over it. My identity is not really a secret and it will be discovered before too long I’m sure but I want to keep it low key, at least until the book is released.

I will post an extract and/or synopsis on the WordPress blog site next week.

All the best and keep up the good work.



This should link to the extract. The book cover is now also on the site and the release date brought forward.


Katie Cruz

@Tom, I sent a message through your contact form about an upcoming project. I’m wondering if you received it or if it went to the spam folder, as there were some links in the post.


Neat initiative Katie.

Last edited 10 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

Next, surely an antis-trashing, AAM logo/badge/QR/SDAI for the mega-millions of Adult Attracted Minors.

To proudly display and share, compare, with their peers and parents, on phones/screens/caps/sox/pants/tee-hee-shirts etc.

And so called ‘authorities’ gobsmacked as the unstoppable circle closes to form one Worldwide Free Love BIG Club, with Victorian AOCs finally redundant?

Slogans & Posters, “Safe Sport for All – Safe Sex for All” “Kids can say NO, or I dunno, or mostly YES PLEASE!”

AAM assertive mantra, “My Mind, My Body, My Choice, My MAP – Mind yer Own!”



I think what Katie’s doing is amazing, and she’s always been supportive and kind everywhere I’ve seen her. She’s very internet savvy and active in MAP spaces, and her ‘MAP merch shop’ has already started to gain attention (negative / normalization panic from normies and conservatives, positive inside the MAPsphere).

The question is, would you like your site on QR codes? Perhaps pasted around towns, in universities in sticker form, making local news when some unsuspecting student with a chip on their shoulding and a budding penchant for tabloid journalism loads up the code? Perhaps it’ll get some sympathetic/neutral eyes on your website?

In addition to H-TOC, it could be a good idea to have a QR code linking to IPCE’s hosting of the Radical Case? https://www.ipce.info/host/radicase/index.htm

That way you’ve got IPCE and your book in one link.

Katie’s just asking for your permission here right? I doubt there’d be more to it than that… If so, I don’t really see an issue with giving the go ahead.

Ed Chambers

The MAP merch shop is a great idea. As for sticking MAP QR codes everywhere I’d be careful not to get into any trouble. But for sure it’s a nice idea.

Katie Cruz

I actually reached out to the webmaster email for IPCE, but I haven’t gotten a response. Does anyone have any alternate contact methods for them?

❤️ Katie

Last edited 10 months ago by Katie Cruz
Katie Cruz

Thank you all for the kind words and the encouragement, and I appreciate wanting to share my activism efforts with the community. But I was really needing to keep this project on the down low until we’re ready to move on it. We’re still at least a few months out. This could open us up to counterfeit QRs being produced ahead of time by antis.

❤️ Katie

Last edited 10 months ago by Katie Cruz
Katie Cruz

Sending it as a private message to your contact form, rather than as a public comment was your first clue. But I’ll know better next time.

❤️ Katie


It’s a good idea to spread awareness.
Modern AI technologies allow creative MAPs to generate realistic virtual avatars and create Informative and valuable videos for FStube, which could be shared via QR stickers. In addition, it would be useful to have templates for all sorts of MAP merch.

Katie Cruz

Each participating site would be asked to create an index page of all of their own approved images, so if they are found in the wild, someone could look them up to determine if they’re authentic, and have deniability if an unauthorized code pops up that links to their site. You would either be able to create the QRs, or delegate the creation of QRs to someone in the community, and you would have final say of what appears on the QRs to your own site.

❤️ Katie

Last edited 10 months ago by Katie Cruz

Requiring translation (from Dutch and Spanish) there are now further details and statements on Marthijn and his partner’s situation, made available by Anton Dautzenberg:

The gist of these messages is that the men have been set-up, and Dautzenberg does not doubt their innocence. The absurd claims made by O.U.R. and their state-funded Dutch partner were found to be without credit in court, and were dismissed with extreme prejudice. Thus, a charge had to be concocted to bring the prosecution to a credible conclusion for the well-funded and well-connected charities who had initiated the arrests, but whose lies could not pass in a court of law.

A decision was therefore made by the judge to aver on the balance of probabilities that material obtained from freely available and highly controlled websites such as Pornhub and TikTok featured people marginally under the age of majority in “sexual” situations. It is against these claims that the men will appeal, and will seek to mobilize a liberal element in Dutch journalism, to shine a light on the injustice.



Ed Chambers

Good luck to them both. With corruption rife in Ecuador it’s a long shot but they have no option but to appeal. It’s a far right shit show with Ballard virtue signalling and paying Ecuadorian officials to go along with it.


I’ve updated the page for https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Gennady_Borisovich_Deryagin after it’s been brought to my attention that he’s been arrested for what his friends and relatives reportedly believe to be a set-up. As I summarized:

In June 2023, according to Russian news, Deryagin was arrested on suspicion of sexual contact with a minor, after a 14-year-old male teenager who was reported missing was found the same evening at Deryagin’s residence. Deryagin denies any criminal activity and has reportedly been sent to a pre-trial detention center for 2 months. Russian news states that his friends and relatives believe the case to be a set-up by his influential political opponents.

Then, a dedicated section includes comments from some of his supporters: https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Gennady_Borisovich_Deryagin#2023_arrest

Fata Morgana

It turns out that sweeping young people’s sexuality and sexual self-expression under the carpet in the hope that it will go away has counterproductive effects.


Well, i thought id pop by an add a comment after tonight. I asked the bar staff in my local premises when some new bar maids would be in. She said, there is one, but shes 19 and that would be weird, as im in my early 40s. I didnt say much, but lets see, arent there many other weird things that go on but are deemed politically correct while age gap relationships are deemed obscene?? Such hypocrisy.


Age-gap phobia, like most fake fears for Ratings, Profit, Power & Control, by mass deception deviously masked as so called ‘Public Protection’.

Began and spreads from a usual few suspects in the phoney Anglophone fakestream media. Loudest voice in the room, aka, ‘The Dominant Narrative’.

Sewing fake discord to distract divide-and-rule their infantilised shallow ignorant masses.
Leaving them knowing only what they’re told/brainwashed to believe on most issues, not least ‘Love & War’.

Misquote Anglo War Hawk Churchill, “Never have so many been fooled by so few.”

And, alt. voice Anglo MAP Loli-lover Woody, “After many trials and tribulations I have come to the conclusion that the best thing is..Blonde twelve year old girls. TWO of them whenever possible.”

00m.50s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNWGVpwgzz4

Last edited 10 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

I get this type of age-gap phobia all the time since I will only date younger women in the age range of 18-early 30s, this because I am legally denied dating anyone in their young teens. Seriously, why is it considered “weird” for a man to be with a much younger women when people of the same gender forming romantic partnerships is now cheered on as mini-examples of the Second Coming? I am not saying we should go back to persecuting homosexual liasions, of course, but I find it interesting how once one phobia was exonerated in the cultural zeitgeist this new one quickly took its place. It would appear that the phenomenon of bigoted phobias, like nature, abhors a vacuum.

To be fully honest, it would be foolish of me to try and date women in their 40s and 50s to appease societal sensibilities because I am not attracted to them on any level. I would get no happiness or satisfaction out of it, nor would the unfortunate older lady I shacked up with to use as a “beard.”

What is truly weird is how nowadays most segments of society readily accept that same-gender attraction is natural and a not a choice, but somehow this is not likewise accepted for age-disparate attraction. Society is utterly bonkers hyperbolic about demonizing adult attraction to kids and young adolescents, yet they cannot show restraint with this subjective volatility towards people with a natural chronophiliac attraction base who compromise with society in a major way by following the law and limiting their dating choices to younger people with the legal right to make the decision? Or, in the case of mesophiles, who wait until they reach the Magic Age before dating older people?


>Seriously, why is it considered “weird” for a man to be with a much younger women when people of the same gender forming romantic partnerships is now cheered on as mini-examples of the Second Coming?


BTW, is your reply to the main blog forthcoming?


After some criticism of a few pages I’d made, mostly because I’d left things out or didn’t see them as relevant when creating the page, I’ve now updated the page for https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Gabriel_Matzneff

The page now includes a gallery at the end featuring notable and possibly rare photographs of significance to modern, post-war history. And also, the major criticism, that I’d left out mention of Francesca Gee, who I’d never heard of until it was brought to my attention. You’ll see her section in the post-2019 controversy segment.

I have also translated into English a short text. Lisi Cori, in a 77 page privately printed 2021 work entitled La Petite Fille et le Vilain Monsieur (The Little Girl and the Naughty Man), compared the published accounts of Matzneff and Springora. Their text challenges Springora’s framing of their relationship. Quite what to make of it I’m not sure…

Stephen James

I notice that the full movie The Go-between is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U_OI0HRG40&t=1s

For those who don’t know it, this is an excellent film in which a young boy is exploitatively caught up in adult doings with nobody prepared to actually explain to him what is going on. The boy is played superbly by Dominic Guard. The score is also fantastically good.

The film amounts to a powerful argument for good sex education!

Stephen James

Also, there is this very interesting interview with the adult Dominic Guard looking back on his experience in the filming:


Hey Tom did you receive a comment from me about a certain Colleen Ballinger? One said it went to spam bc I edited it, so I then did another seperate comment copy pasting the prev comment.

[T.O’C.: Just fished it out of Spam and posted it. Looks like your present post repeats part of the earlier one, but no problem.]

Colleen Ballinger is the latest big online drama and by big i mean BIG! Her musical response to allegations/claims got 4.4 million views in one day!!!

Interestingly, she’s accused of ‘grooming’ and ‘acting inappropriately’ with minors, which translates to being friendly with her fans and apparently occasionally bringing something sexual into conversation. (One instance of which was instigated by the alleged minor, and anyway they are very short text logs so who knows the context or reality behind it. Could’ve been a fake profile for all I know…)

In a video which shows a few clips of her now controversial live shows, and plays her musical response vid, a YouTuber who I watch who used to be great on MAP issues and has been attacked for it ever since, had the gall to compare her to Ghislaine Maxwell https://youtu.be/-4BgzNtOctc

Her persona and online life are generally comedic / silly and sometimes cringy (here’s an apparently “inappropriate compilation” https://youtu.be/_wJ7D0NPGzY)

You can find all about her very different unique career by looking her up; she has an extensive wikipedia page.


After nearly 2-decades of US/UK/EU/Worldwide positively growing ‘Love Generation’.

The 1984 Anglo (who else?) US NBC-TV scare-deal “The Silent Shame” generating hate, all negative – no AAMs. Led to the 1986 US Senate Report raising US MAP-phobia, soon causing the US ban on Dutch, Danish and all CP. 

O1m:00s Florida Dem, Senator Paula Hawkins (victim?) SMILES, recalling her own AAM/MAP-affair as a 5yo with, “a good friend of our family.”

02m:30s part-sexplicit alert. 

Pre-dated by 20-years sensationalist NBC-TV, 2004 MAP-web stings, “To Catch A Predator” – all negative no AAMs. Cancelled in 2008, following the suicide of Rockwall County, Texas, assistant district attorney Louis Conradt, as police attempted to serve him with a search warrant after he had been caught talking to and exchanging pictures with a Perverted-Justice volunteer posing as a 13-year-old boy. Conradt fatally shot himself as police and an NBC camera crew entered his home, an act that was captured by the filming crew. His estate sued Dateline for US$105 million, then settled out of court.



Last edited 10 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

As ever ‘attack’ with firm facts – the best defence against mindless myths. 

By attacking historic and ongoing Anglo glaring factual weaknesses in their pet project so called ‘Child Protection’ from mutual sex?
Not for true Child Protection but Mass Deception by 24/7 fake media deviously omitting that long PROVEN 90% of serious child abuses are non-sex serious abuses with millions of non-sex child abuse victims. About whom age-and-sex craZed Anglos don’t give a damn!

E.G. the 1984 Dutch politician pressured by Anglo propagandists NBC about mere CP, could/should have attacked back by saying:

“You mealy mouth Americans and English don’t really care about true Child Protection while you are mass kiling kids in Vietnam and Cambodia. And then selling your professional photos and videos of screaming naked burning, dying and dead children to your infantilised so called ‘Adult’ masses, and Worldwide. I would quote your deranged psychopath ex-German senior diplomat Henry Kissinger, ‘We’ll drop bombs from everything that flies, onto anything that moves!’ Now please leave my office and report that to the World. Good day to you!”

Now THAT’S a tellin’ ’em! 


Stephen James

Kissinger is indeed a moral monster, but to mention in this context that he is an ‘ex-German’ is a little prejudiced.


S.J….Heinz/Henry K’s enduring inhuman arrogance is shared by pre-WW2 Germans and post-King Henry Anglos’ Reformation of political convenience, deviously masked as religious conviction. 

An apt comment on a Kissinger biography, “Not Wanted Alive or Dead!” And, arrogant subhuman Kissinger again, “Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Neo Fascist Kissinger’s monstrous story includes the fact that he was an integral part of ex-McCarthyite (Reds, not peds, under beds) NixonNazi’s late-Swingin ’60s/Sexy ’70s US Anglo Fascist Republican regime, with close aides Anglo Fascists Erlichman and Dean organising the Watergate criminal break in and bugging, plus their vital so called ‘War On Drugs’.

Post-prison ‘doing good works’ in Georgia, ageing bearded Erlichman grudgingly admitted to ‘Vanity Fair’ Dan Baum, that Nixon’s so called ‘War On Drugs’ was a mask for their unstated ‘War On Love’.

Paraphrased, “From the start in 1968 we needed to stop the anti-War Hippies ‘Love Generation’ and civil rights Blacks protesting and disrupting our anti-Commie/Vietnam, Military Industrial commericial agenda, and the common factor was cannibis and coke. So we made ex-U.S. Army Sargeant all American Idol Elvis Presley (MAP-idol died from drugs?) as our clean cut poster boy Honorary U.S. Marshal. Then we gave the Cops and FBI carte blache to raid homes, jail the ‘un-American’ protestors and destroy their sub-culture across the nation. All pulicised nightly on nationwide TV news. While simultaneously we covertly had the CIA flying bulk drugs in from Mexico in C130s to USAF airfields for ‘pushing’ on the streets, and our vast profits laundered through corrupt Wall Street Banks, some with German names.” 

The Dutch politician’s suggested parting shot to the sexually repressed Anglos NBC should include, “Enjoy your stay in shamelessly sexy, proud Holland. Where guilt-free kids can freely say, ‘No’, or ‘I dunno’, or ‘YES PLEASE!'”


Not forgetting that psycho serial killer Monarch Henry V111 (arrogant mantra ongoing, “Dieu et Mon Droit”) was/is the arrogant Anglo role-model for their 4-centuries ongoing psycho serial-killing, lying, stealing Worldwide on 5-continents. History’s worst role-model, fake posing as ‘Best’?ration/46639997

[MOD: Deleted the rest. Drifting off topic too much; too hard to read.]

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On topic?

[MOD: Yes, but much as we love the old tunes, they can grate when the record gets stuck in the groove. Golden Oldies occasionally, not all the time. Best bet? Post less often, and preferably with direct relevance to (a) the current blog or (b) the news or (c) in response to another comment. And keep it short because your style is difficult.]

Swingin ’60s/Sexy ’70s ‘Love Generation’ Global slogan and symbols still feared by Anglo Fascist War Hawks.




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Stephen James

I don’t dispute all this. I was simply making the point that to mention Kissinger’s German origin seems to suggest an element of anti-German prejudice.


Fair point S.J., no nationalist, racist, sexist, or any discrimination here.

Tho, well known then and now ‘Nixon’s Nazis’ was a not inaccurate popular smear for his regime which just happened to include names of clear Deutschland origin, indeed Heinz Kissinger was born there in 1923.

Ironically, in 1938 Heinz was a 15yo Jewish lad fleeing to the U.S. from Nazi persecution. Only to join U.S. Anglo Fascists initiating persecutions of ‘others’ including the Swingin ’60s/Sexy ’70s ‘Love Generation’. Not least, loving MAPS now persecuted Worldwide like Jews in Nazi Germany!

(Sorry Tom.)


The latest youtube moral panic: American comedian, YouTuber, actress, singer and writer Colleen Ballinger (Wikipedia), AKA children’s entertainer ‘Miranda Sings’.

The drama is being covered in Time magazine, Rolling Stone, and NBC, after she made a musical response video with the main line aptly decrying the ‘toxic gossip train’. She’s accused of, get this, messaging minors (ooooo!), and now some of those minors are older and have internalized dominant ‘protection’ discourse, they want careers of their own (including one youtuber) and are now turning on Colleen in a wave of ‘me too’s’ to say that she should’ve ‘protected’ them. I.e, she should’ve known better than to be friendly and (sometimes it appears) flirtatious with minors. Her 4.4 million views response video ‘hi’, posted 1 day ago(!), uses the same title and mirrors the thumbnail of her youtube accuser. Smaller youtube figures are weighing in on the drama in the hopes of getting eyes on their channel, and you can find long summaries of Colleen’s career in the lead up to her current drama. Colleen is lambasted for ‘inappropriate behavior’ both on and off stage, with her on stage performances involving, for example, joking about her fan’s appearance as pornographic (receiving laughs from everyone in the process…). A youtuber who used to be sympathetic to MAPs and intergen sex expression but has turned with the tide of non-bannable social consensus, compares her to Ghislaine Maxwell

A huge case of online disapproval which doesn’t rise to the level of criminality, I think it’s worth looking into and thinking about…

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Made pages on the 2 major French MAP organizations I’m aware of, https://www.newgon.net/wiki/CRIES and its predecessor https://www.newgon.net/wiki/GRED

These both originated from homosexual orgs in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The pages are almost exact English translations of French Wikipedia, though the page for GRED is confusing. If anyone happens to know a lot about the French MAP movement and wants to improve these articles, suggest additions etc, that would be cool 🙂

Later on I’ll add some relevant photos of something related, possibly a magazine cover or photograph of a key person if I can find suitable ones. (If anyone has any suggestions do let me know).


Decades of immense scholarly works by MAP-defence analysts, Tom, Prue/Newgon, Prof Deryagin, and many more can’t be overstated.

Yet, still missing in those ongoing worthy analyses (thus far failed defences?) is a front-foot analytical ATTACK to Truth-Nuke the common cause false psychology of ‘ignorant antis’.

Analytical ATTACKS, exposing all common-cause forms of irrational mob-rule witchunts over centuries. Deviously made by power-elites, Blind Faith religions, totalitarian regimes. And, the new ‘Religion’ Fake Media for Ratings, Profit, Power & Control over their kept dumb shallow ignorant masses.

Power-elites deliberately create Political or Commercially useful ‘Demons’ via false Crimen Exceptum/Malleus Maleficarum.

Quote, Deryagin, “Pedophile hysteria is aroused by ignorant and superfluously emotional approach to the problem with idle, narrow-minded conjectures about the phrases put out of the contexts. There is the wonderful opportunity to organize extrajudicial violence. Just point one’s finger at a disagreeable person calling one a paedophile and the person will be punished without delay and with the crowd approving.”

So, Paedo-finder Generals, are out-ranked, out-flanked, out-gunned by Fact-finder Field Marshals!!
BBC3 ‘Monkey Dust’, c.2005, ‘Kiddie-minster MONSTERED!’

01m:21s “By the powers invested in me by ‘News International’ I pronounce you ‘GUILTY of paedo-philia! Everyman is innocent until proven guilty by SPECULATION.”


(And, check the many comforting comments. So, forget ‘vapes’, make more ‘Monkey Dust’ for the masses.)

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Miskwote ZT, “Potty History”? H-TOC the best place to, er, place for Loli-posterior, er posterity true tales of great days before today’s grim times? 

‘Military Medal’ Hero MAP grew up in inter-war years Liverpool where a whole UK generation of femmes lacked many brave men lost or disabled in WW1. And where his lil bro liked soccer in Anfield or Goodison Park but couldn’t even talk to a Loli to save a goal.

By the late-Roaring 20s late-teens future Hero-MAP played mostly with Lolis loving his cheeky shtick taking no crap off no kinda creep, with Lolis often at his house for tea from his homely Ma. A Mum of one HOT Loli called round to complain that her lil gal was never home, and that she knew what some men got from little girls before leaving them all alone. Future hero-MAP came down from playing in the bedroom with the blushing HOT Loli, “Here she is Missus all safe and sound. And, I don’t leave ’em alone, I can’t even stop ’em coming back here.”

War Hero-MAP also recalled hard times in Scouseville when his tough-guy dad hit a hard-nut last seen rolling down the road. On the park benches old Scouse/MAPS would grin and grunt, “That’s it son, little girls everytime.” One HOT Loli sat on future-hero MAP’s lap for tickles, giggles and a crafty ciggy in the park, then she exclaimed, “Oh Gawd! There’s me Dad heading this way!” The angry Dad stormed up, swiped the fag from the Loli’s lips and said, “I’ve told you, you’re TOO YOUNG to smoke!” Then he stormed off hardly looking at future-hero MAP still with the HOT Loli on his lap. Early as a van delivery driver in pre-mass car ownership times, future-hero MAP had swarms of kids pestering him for rides, and he chose the HOTTEST Lolis soon happily clambering in the back for Cuddles, Kisses, and more.

Shipped out to Capetown before mobilisation in the northern desert, some UK troops were short-term ‘adopted’ by white S. African familes at the dockside, and one HOT blonde Loli, 10, grabbed smartly uniformed future-hero MAP, 24, soon happily misled to sunny backland HOT liasons, and she also sent sweet food parcels to him at the raging front.


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Shocking, credibility gap then and now in popular perceptions; and today’s mighty misconceptions? 

Would any post-1970s UK/US ‘Shock Horror’ tabloid twisted so called ‘adult’ now not negatively over react to any child pro-actively playing with an unfamiliar man in his own home? 

Yet, 1930s firmly grounded UK Mums were merely concerned with Lolis left alone, abandoned, by kind men after ‘mutual fun’. While KNOWING ‘what men do with little girls’. Rightly, not seen as negative when uncoerced Lolis/AAMs pro-actively, willfully, returned to ‘do even more with kind men’. 

Post-Medieval tales ‘Hansel & Gretel’ etc, retold in the aptly named Grimm Brothers 19th Century German bedtime books, the commercially useful ‘Demon Predator’ trope declined.

Until post-WW1 Weimar hyperinflation poverty caused unprecedented German crime waves of all types including kid-snatching killers. Inspiring Fritz Lang’s 1931 ‘child sex murders’ Gothic-horror ‘M’ (rare Rotten Tomatoes 100%).

Screened once or twice and then forgotten in the 1930s mass media HollyWeird mix, Tom Mix & Co Good Cowboys v Savage Injuns, ‘notha Anglow fake trope.

Paraphrase, True American Natives Mass Murdered, including children, from mega millions in the 1700s down to 90k by 1900, “We’ve been fighting UK/US White Terrorists for 4-centuries. They break treaty, after treaty, after treaty. Their word is GARBAGE!”

As for today’s lusty lads scouting for…er, with kind men? 



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Not sure how long this took me (maybe 45 mins to an hour), but I created a page from translated Russian info on a scientist who ended up becoming a focal point of pro-ped academic conspiracy theories. Check it out at: https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Gennady_Borisovich_Deryagin

Pedophile hysteria is aroused by ignorant and superfluously emotional approach to the problem with idle, narrow-minded conjectures about the phrases put out of the contexts. There is the wonderful opportunity to organize extrajudicial violence. Just point one’s finger at a disagreeable person calling one a paedophile and the person will be punished without delay and with the crowd approving.


the other day he(Gennady) was arrested for “pedophilia” this has not been proven yet, an “investigation” is being carried out https://29.ru/text/incidents/2023/06/24/72430508/

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glad to be of service


I hope Strategist and others will not mind me sharing, but a new version of Freespeechtube (FST) has been set up, I believe by people involved with Newgon. I have an account there and will be a moderator for comments (which will become relevant later down the line when / if the site gains traction).

I hope readers will check it out.

See: https://fstube.net

Ed Chambers

Looks good, thank you.


To positively clarify.

Dutch-MAP Wilhelmus and bold-MAP’s WW2 ‘Military Medal’ MAP-hero (of boy-love MAP National Hero Monty’s ‘Desert Rats’) – both loving Dads of HOT Lolis!!

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Some of your comments are more cryptic than others, but the 1st person mentioned I’m aware of bc I made a page on him https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Joop_Wilhelmus. (If anyone has a better photo of him do let me know and we can get it uploaded). The 2nd, ‘WW2 ‘Military Medal’ MAP-hero’, I’m not sure. Maybe https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Hajo_Ortil?


Thanks Prue. The UK War Hero MAP (now late MAP-Hero) was, is, largely unknown but in the Swingin ’60s he launched and ran a Fan Club Appreciation Society for Britain’s ‘Shirley Temple’ the little known pretty brunette HOT Loli tap-dancer Hazel Ascot. Who as a retired school headmistress later attended some club gatherings of largely Loli-MAPS, and jokingly (non-victim) confessed to have more than once been over enthusiastically ‘fondled’ in a crowd of fans at 1930s autograph singings, premieres, or screenings. Sweet Hazel also modestly said she was more of a ‘Hoofer’ than a trained dancer. (Over enthusiasticlly ‘fondled non-victims’ must also apply to numerous adult stars chased, grabbed, groped, groomed, layed by swarms of, often underage, fans before and since Naughty 1940s $exy $inatra’s young Bobby-Soxers.)



Paraphrase ZT, “Millions of pro-active sex-keen kids including AAMs seeking rich and rewarding interactions can never by stopped by so called ‘Sex Laws’.”

Quote guilt-free Lolis & Laddies mocking so called ‘Sex Laws’, “Our minds, our bodies, our choice, our MAPS – mind yer own!”

Quote, trouble-making thought provoker HHP, “All ages keep fit – Stay Fit – Sport for All – SeX for All.”

Zen Thinker

You seriously misrepresent me 🙂


how so? is he too extreme?


Chill out, but stay here, ZT.

Seriously flipped your very sound script from protaganist MAPs to pro-active AAMs, evoking plus votes.

Veteran-MAPS like TOC, HHP et al, surely feel for newer-MAPS like ZT missed the Swingin ’60s/SeXy ’70s ‘Lurve Generation’. When mainstream ignored posi-change was alive and well, and growing Worldwide for MAPS & AAMS alike.

Before the 19Hateys ongoing Anglow Fa$cist Fraud Market, Thatcher/Reagan/Murdoch Axis of EVIL!!! Mass Deception deviously masked as ‘Public Protection’ for Votes, Ratings, Profit – Worldwide Generating HATE!!!

The next posi-change may well cum from increasingly assertive AAMS, quote, “Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Choice, Our MAPS – MIND YER OWN!!!”

Meanwhile your minus-votes don’t include moi – MWAH! X.


Maybe ZT and many people, including the Gen Z MAPs and allies who weren’t even born during that time, ‘missed the Swingin ’60s/SeXy ’70s ‘Lurve Generation’, as you put it. Doesn’t that just make it more important that people who have lived through that time (like Tom O’Carroll) talk about their experience? (At least, as far as legality allows and / or under a pseudonym).

On the suggestion that “The next posi-change may well cum from increasingly assertive AAMs”, maybe, but I can see that happening through disavowal. I.e. “It’s our sexuality to express amongst ourselves, not w/ adults,” and thereby the discourse is made more palatable to the prevailing social norm/view. Minors also internalize dominant discourse – I’d know because I had a dim awareness that my desires for much older women at 14-16 were taboo; not that I know how I knew, it was just a feeling, a sense…

It is true that minors (or anyone) can’t literally be stopped from expressing themselves sexually, or in ways that appear sexual (provocative tik tok dancing), but they / we can all be inhibited, banned, threatened, segmented to different corners of the internet, etc. There’s a lot working to inhibit and challenge youthful sexual expression, at least at the moment. Those who do have intergen sex experiences are by default not the norm, and so it’s understandable that the outliers would represent polarizing cases of unpleasant, unwanted, coerced / forced encounters, to confusing and then of course positive experiences which generally remain underground and furtive lest school, parents and police find out and the stakes turn sizeable. As Kate Millet put it, “considering the circumstances, [positive intergen sexual experiences] are probably heroic and very wonderful“.


True Prue, again.

True feminists like your goodself, Kate Millet & Co (not neo-FemiNazis) want/demand free expression in all forms (not just sex). Free of vile Victorian repression root-cause of the 1885 fake-AOC, and so much more undesirable arrogant hypocritical Anglo Fascism, over 4-centuries ongoing on five continents. History’s worst fake claiming to be ‘Best’.

Quote, True American Natives mass murdered (including children) from mega millions in the 1700s down to 90k by 1900, “We’ve been fighting UK/U$ white terrorists for 4-centuries. They break treaty, after treaty, after treaty – their word is GARBAGE!”

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Zen Thinker

Just a hint for those in the know, but if you’re looking for rich and rewarding interactions with even young children, including through complex and detailed virtual reality environments, maybe look to the future of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms…?

Doesn’t seem possible in today’s forensically obsessive safety culture, but I’d say watch this space!


Quote late great Dutch Loliphile Joop Wilhelmus (Sexy ’70s pioneer of ‘Lolita-Chick’ mags), “It cannot be described, it must be felt.”

Zen Thinker

I disagree. Everything springs from the mind – all our perceptions, our sensations, our experiences. Therefore VR could be incredibly rewarding.

And you have a very disordered writing style – maybe evidence of a disordered mind.

Stephen James

I would defend HHP to some extent on their writing style. I believe they have been on this blog almost from the start, albeit under different names. I think I can tell that precisely because of the continuity of style. It’s actually mildly clever and original, though I must admit it can sometimes be waring and I’m not always in the mood for it!

Zen Thinker

HHP is batshit crazy, and I’m not afraid to say it, however many down votes I get.

Looks like he’s won the argument on this forum anyway.

At least I tried

Warbling J Turpitude

That is the opposite of the truth ZT and i think even one bogged down by metaphysics/philosophy should recognize as much by now.. Whatever we say significance “springs from”, it is not from your mind or my mind or anyone else’s mind.

The wellspring of “everything” is our collectively-felt recognition of a *scene*, and what individually we keep imagining to be constituting or actively generating that (relevant/sacred) scene by dint of the understood signs at play at any time.

Without same joint-attention would not be possible and it is joint-attention to a center alone that separated us once and for all from forever immersion in the animal/lifeworld….

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Zen Thinker

My friend, I’ve given up 🙂

I’m starting to feel my presence isn’t welcome here.

As much as I like Tom, I may just bow out gracefully…

Ed Chambers

Idt anyone wants to see you stop commenting here. However it’s fair to say you’ve singled out HHP for the content of some of their comments when it might have been more appropriate to keep schtum. I think they’re just putting some decorations on the tree, which is always fun ain’t it?


Title & text for Sound Thinkers.

“AAMAP-AdultAttractedMinorsAttractedPersons: the untold story hidden in plain sight by sex-soaked ‘Family’ fake media.”


Mainstream Wiki stays with early Danish ‘CP’ not new demon ‘CSA’?
For Dutch outcasts maybe nearby Denmark not far-off Ecuador would be a better place to relocate?

Child pornography[edit] Color Climax was the first to produce commercial child pornography films.[7] From 1969 to 1979, Color Climax was responsible for the relatively large-scale distribution of child pornography.[9]

Between 1971 and 1979 the company produced 10-minute films for its Lolita series.[7][10][11] These films featured young girls, mainly with men, but sometimes with women or other children.[7][10][11] The girls were mainly between the ages of 7 and 11 years; however, some were younger.[7][10][11] Titles included Incest Family, Pre-Teen Sex, Sucking Daddy, and Child Love.[10]


Zen Thinker

My guess is you’re a troublemaker, HappyHumpingPup.

You’re casting aspersions on the legality of this blog with your potted history of child porn.

No-one wants to know.

Law enforcement will be reading this blog. What are they meant to think?

You’re painting us all black, to adapt a famous Rolling Stones song.


No guess new-MAP ZT misthinks vet-MAP Tom’s Brave Blog hasn’t been watched since year dot by bent-cops knowing only what they’re fake-media brainwashed to believe.

As fer ‘history’ that no one wants to know? If we don’t know what’s bin did, we won’t know what’s now bin hid. Don’t fear History, embrace History, LEARN from History.

Thought-provoker HHP more than once accused of being ‘dangerous’ making trouble for fake-media, replies, “Yeah, dangerous to LIES!”

Rephrase Historic Rock-MAPS Olde Stones, “Paint it TRUE” e.g. “So Young, God help me she’s so young.”

“Well, I took her down to Barney’s, bought her a brand new set of boots
She tried ’em in my arms, she was lookin’ terminally cute
I tried to take it easy, put my dick back on a leash
I see big trouble comin’, I’m gonna beat a quick retreat
She’s so young
Yeah, she’s so young
Yeah, she’s so young, so young
So young, she’s so young”


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The Uittenbogaards have been sentenced to 10 years in jail for images:


Unfortunately comment sections of a major Dutch news site have already devolved towards repeated celebrations of violent rape in jail.

We do not know the exact substance of the convictions, but what is certain is that the bizarre and outlandish claims of the NGOs (sex parties, drugs) did not have any merit.

And how long it will take them to get out of Ecuador and by what means, is still unclear – there may still be extradition, and corrupt means of leaving the country.

Warbling J Turpitude

That the most vile aspects of already loathsomely violent criminals should be visited upon good fellows already enduring the unspeakable misery of being encaged, that the public’s relishment of same is part and parcel of the whole CSA default narrative, all of it testifies to a society in which the barbaric is only ever only so far beneath the surface of our civil religion.

A truly, truly sickening state-of-affairs
indeed, Tom.

I am rendered quite speechless.

Zen Thinker



Well the Dutch were brutal colonisers what do you expect…

Ed Chambers

True. But not as corrupt as the Ecuadorian Government or as facist in nature as the Church of Latter Day Saints.


Truly awful, this is, bordering on a human rights violation.


I’ve just found out that Mike Bailey and a co-author have just had a paper about ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’ retracted: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-023-02635-1

I wonder if SexNet‘s going wild about it or if all’s quiet on the Bailey front? The retraction notice states that ‘The authors disagree with this retraction’, so I suspect Bailey’s pretty pissed off.

Looking on youtube (where I get a lot of my news atm), I found a trans person who pretty reasonably reads through and comments on the study after it came out but before it got retracted. Their main criticism, acknowledged by the authors, is the bias of the data because it comes from parents, not the children/young people themselves, and from parents on transphobic/gender critical/concerned parent websites. Another criticism is the coding / selection of ‘positive’/’negative’ by Bailey and co., that the ‘positive’ statements are not, in fact, positive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdIAUqMjs5I&pp=ygUad2FrZSB1cCBiYWJlIHJhcGlkIGdlbmRlciA%3D

Having not read the study in detail myself (and prob not about to), I can say that the reasoning for the retraction does seem odd. I didn’t think it was standard to have to have written consent from all participants in a survey.. I’d have thought you could state ‘by participating in this survey, you indiciate you understand and consent’ etc. Whatever one’s thought on the study, this seems odd…


I’ll hazard a guess this story will interest people here…


Of course, Gays Against Groomers were immediately on social media claiming that this is all part of a plan to “normalize pedophilia”. When will Tom be quietly ushered into a classroom somewhere in the UK to give a presentation?


Nice, almost surefire way of regular sex education in accordance with age and physiology without dense puritanical censorship.

Don’t show this old video to that “g.a.g. gang”

Ed Chambers

I wish I’d had this level (& more) of sex ed when I was at school. Only crazy people could think this a bad idea.


It’s such a fight to get any serious comprehensive sex and relationship education in American schools. The only place such a progressive curriculum could have a prayer of even being thought of would be San Francisco, and even that would likely be too much for people there. They still don’t even teach the basic mechanics of missionary sex in most states. Or even mention masturbation. The most you’ll hear about is wet dreams and periods, and that’s it. If that even.

Zen Thinker

1) Transgenderism is an abomination that needs talking therapies like CBT

2) Children are sexual beings, but I don’t see AOC laws weakening at all. Personally, I’m attracted to 3-10 year old little girls, but I’ve learned to adjust without needing sexual contact or sexual conversation

3) Something as simple as an Instagram “like” is a good way of showing your appreciation for a little girl. I don’t want or desire sexual contact with her, because the full weight of society is against me if I do

4) I feel sorry for Philip Schofield, he seems like a good man, but we all have carnal weaknesses

5) The Anti-MAP Left are admittedly awful, absolutely insufferable even, because they moralise about MAPs and then promote the most absurd and ridiculous things themselves.


“I feel sorry for Philip Schofield, he seems like a good man, but we all have carnal weaknesses”

Re-phrased, “Most of us have healthy libidos, not least good little girls.”

E.G. 1990s cute 6yo gleefully whispered to bold-MAP while guardedly tugging at his waistband, after healthy hugs romps & giggles at bold-MAP’s first meeting with her amused Mom and sexy sweet lil sis, 4, flashing her panties, “I want to see your willy!”

The know nothing anti-MAP Left would unwell say, “They were already sexualised.”

Damn right (not left) millions of UK tots 24/7 saturated in SeX-soaked healthy mainstream ‘Family’ media daily flashing near nude HOT adults.

Last edited 11 months ago by HappyHumpingPup
Zen Thinker

Lol. At the risk of sounding unpopular, even Epicurus did not have such an indulgent idea of pleasure.

Sight in itself is one of the most refined pleasures. We have it in visual art, in the beauty of nature, and in the face of a sweet child.

I don’t want to transgress any boundaries, not just out of respect for the criminal law, but the moral law too.

Perhaps nothing gives me more of a refined pleasure or is more stunningly beautiful than a sweet, cute, adorable child, but I like to follow the “moral law within me”, as Kant would say.


Z.T. what ‘internal or external law’, can ever stop natural sweet adorable cute indulgent HOT Lolis mutually attracted to Loli-loving kind MAPS?

Pro-active cautious indulgent (not innocent) HOT Lolis, paraphrased, “We know it’s naughty, but we want to see your willy.”

Recalls Sexy ’70s bold-MAP quietly watching TV tennis while two family HOT Lolis, 6 & 7 lounged alongside in tight swimsuits, with outside their ‘sexually liberal’ parents on sun-loungers by the splash-pool. The HOTTEST cute Loli leaned on bold-MAP craftily feeling his jeans-clad BIG willy, and then she mischievously jumped up, gleefully squealing, “We can feel your penis! We can feel your penis!!”

All hell broke loose as the parents apologised to ‘victim’ bold-MAP and near neighbours within earshot.

Surely, the only appropriate ‘Saint’ is, St Trinian?


Last edited 11 months ago by HappyHumpingPup
Zen Thinker

Ok, I’m not taking you on, I’ll just say I’m a Christian, and leave it at that.

While I have massive respect for Tom, whose intellect and erudition I admire, I find you a tad vulgar.


Tom’s advice on ‘vulgarity’ respectfully noted.

Tho average schoolyards (including Christian schoolyards) have far more vulgarity than naturally mischievous Lolis merely giggling ‘willy’ or ‘penis’.

Or would ‘Christian’ ZT return to unaturally repressed Anglo Victorian times, root cause of today’s fake AOC, and so much more ongoing inhuman repression Worldwide? When the bare legs of dining tables were draped in long table-cloths for fear of offending repressed ‘Christians’ for God’s sake, whoever He/She/LBGTQ is?

Clearly a Loliphile ZT is maybe closer to repressed Victorian Lewis Carroll, than today’s free expression Tom O’Carroll?


Wikisource publishes humorous erotic works by famous authors who were not affected by today’s child sex panic, for instance Pierre Louÿs. Their literary fame protects them against a backslash, while any contemporary author writing similar things would be demonised, and perhaps persecuted.
However, linking to such texts from WS can lead you to trouble, for instance in social networks, where moderators are ignorant of the merits of literature and deprived of humour, taking such texts at face value.


Pierre Louÿs is a riot. So, so funny and I’ve recommended people to buy his books as a gift idea. I made a page on him: https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Pierre_Louys

2 volumes of his erotic comedy have been publoshed in English, the Handbook for Little Girls, and Pybrac. They can both be purchased online on Amazon etc.

Ed Chambers

Relaxed vulgarity, lol. Not sure what that is, but I’d agree a more relaxed outlook on sex itself, particularly re AOC / MAP issues, is needed. I don’t like to either start casting aspersions about, or encourage, other posters here but HHP is a breath of fresh air, providing some welcome light relief and truth in dark times for sure.


Since several years, I have stopped using the word “left” in politics, it is hollow and meaningless, it fogs the political nature of movements and blurs real boundaries. I know more about true cassoulet than about “true left.” The essay even mentions “Liberal Left,” a bankrupt notion put forward by the bourgeoisie in order to give you only the choice between its two wings, the “conservatives” and “liberals,” in the same way as in the USA one tells you that the choice is between the RP and DP. Take out liberals, take out Malthusian greens who want to make capitalism compatible with nature by driving humanity into poverty, take out bourgeois feminists who want to punish men in order to make capitalism women-friendly. There should remain working-class socialists/communists. Then beware of the official “left” that promises anything then does in government the same as the official “right.” Beware also of all pseudo-revolutionaries, such as the silly “anarcho-feminists” mentioned by Prue in a comment to the previous article. Their political thinking is shallow and complacent. In all questions of sexuality, they follow the liberal mainstream, covering it with red paint.
In the whole political spectrum, the only intelligent and progressive articles on sexual matters that I have found were published years ago by the Spartacist League in its journals Workers Vanguard and Spartacist. I say “years ago,” because this organisation seems KO since the Covid lockdowns. The fate of many such small groups is to fall into isolation, despair, aloofness or sectarianism.
I will not give here the links, this would send my comment to the spam folder. I have kept the references, anyone can get them from me.


Currently huge debate about scrapping the long out-dated 1861 Victorian ‘Abortion’ law victimising UK wimmin.

Next, scrap the long out-dated 1885 Victorian ‘Age of Consent’ law victimising the World!


Heres some hypocrisy for you… Shamina Begum was a not so innocent young woman who knew what she was doing even though she was 15 according to most people… But when it comes to anything even mildly sexual, they are are completely innocent???

Stephen James

There has been a new development in the case of Stephen Kershnar, the philosophy professor at the State University of New York at Fredonia, who has been banished from campus since he questioned conventional wisdom on paedophilia in a podcast. Kershnar is now suing the university administration for violating his free speech rights under the U.S. constitution. (Information courtesy of the Leiter Reports blog – philosopher Brian Leiter is a staunch defender of the free speech rights of academics.) Kershnar is not allowed to teach any of his courses (even online), despite the fact that the university is struggling to fill the course vacancies which his suspension has created. The pretext for the suspension was safety issues, but, as the official complaint makes clear, it is implausible to think that it was motivated by anything other than the university president’s dislike of the views expressed by Kershnar and the social media reaction to them. One amusing passage concerns the length of time that the university’s ‘investigation’ appears to have been taking:
“If it is still ongoing, SUNY Fredonia’s investigation has now outlasted the Warren Commission’s investigation into the assassination of JFK, the U.S. Senate inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic, the Iran hostage crisis, and the federal government’s investigation into the Challenger disaster.”
It does look as if Kershnar’s case is an extremely strong one and we can only hope justice prevails.

Fata Morgana

His case will also be bolstered by the fact that he published the related book back at the start of 2017 and the university will no doubt have known about the project prior to publication. And yet they didn’t kick up a fuss until the cancel culture brigade started sharing excerpts from his interview out of context. If cancel culture is to be defeated, institutions and individuals need to have a lot more backbone. It’s good to hear that Kershnar is fighting his oppression. His book is a technical analysis and invites society to hone its arguments.


Wow great news! I very strongly suspect he’ll win such a case. Kershnar has experience in law as an attorney, plus a likely very high salary for 20 years with which to build capital and hire legal representation, etc. The internet drama after the Brain in a Vat video went viral on right wing media, is not the 1st time he’s come to controversy…

In 2006, Kershnar took the university to task after claiming that he was denied a promotion after he criticized university policy in local publications, by the then university president Dennis Hefner. After a period of scandal and support of Kershnar by FIRE, Hefner recanted and Kershnar received his promotion.
Following the 2022 controversy, Kershnar was apparently accused of sexual assault occuring more than a decade ago, and, while under investigation and therefore unable to communicate with students to defend himself, Kershnar’s defense attorney, Barry Covert, replied, “[Kershnar] indicated that you reached out to him regarding a baseless accusation of attempted assault. No such charge has ever been made against him.”

If anyone here’s in a masochistic mood, you could watch this awful, dogshit video i had the misfortune of hoping might provide some convincing response to kershnar’s Brain in a Vat arguments. Anything! The guy literally says “come on bro!” to Kershnar’s arguments, as if that’s in any way convincing. So, so disappointing… It’s cringey slander that knowingly uses disclaimers so that Kershnar doesn’t sue him for libel or defamation, whilst also conveniently claiming to have heard from people who’ve “come forward” but he’ll screenshots or evidence of hidden from us, the viewers, to protect their anonymity (a censor bar over the name would do!).

The video has to really try to attack Kershnar: his promotion to a distinguished professor is claimed to be part of a conspiracy by older, conservative professors at the campus. It is said multiple times that not 1 student has given an actionable complaint against Kershnar in his entire 20+ years at Fredonia, and even this he frames negatively! To the accusations I say: prove it! Or, get someone, anyone, to go on record or make a formal complaint to the university! You think a crime has been commited, report it to the police! Anything, if it’s so obviously true!).

Kershnar “became a distinguished teaching professor in 2014”, according to Fredonia’s uni newspaper. If it’s conspiracy, it’s fairly recent!

The linked article includes a statement written about Kershnar’s appointment in 2014 on fredonia.edu, SUNY Board Chairman H. Carl McCall said, “The distinguished designation, SUNY’s highest academic honor, is reserved for the best of the best…”

The latest thing Kershnar has published on the topic is:

Should Statutory Rape be a Crime? (2022). Springer link here.

In this chapter, Stephen Kershnar argues that age-different sex should not be a crime. […H]e argues that such sex does not infringe on the minor’s right, we do not know whether the sex passes a cost-benefit analysis, and criminalization fails intermediate scrutiny. Perhaps this is unsurprising. States are increasingly recognizing the right of teenagers 16 and older to have sex with one another without criminal penalty and there does not seem to be a significant moral difference between a 16-year-old having sex with a peer and with an adult.

The whole book containing this chapter can be downloaded free at library genesis: library.lol/main/C1B438A9E15EB8B84C57E43ACC4ADB57


A 1990s fake-media abused bold-MAP co-victim of a Piers Moron tabloid incited mob-rule firebomb which nearly burned down the wrong house with children inside. Was referred by a pro-MAP London Senior Consultant Psychiatrist (colleague of Cambridge Uni Eminent Criminologist Donald West) to a wide-issues weekly support group of men & femmes all needing ‘help’.

Among whom was a scholarly woman music teacher, Valerie, with lifelong ‘anger’ issues. Which an earlier brainwashed ‘production line’ puppet-psycho had ‘diagnosed’ were (you guessed it) due to, scapegoat-for-all-ills her childhood sexual contacts with a family friendly MAP who had amused her with fun outings, and then gently bathed her, before reading her amusing bedtime tales.

Valerie revealed that she was still angry mostly with her late mother/’domineering bitch’ who had used her child’s piano talents to show-off and boast that she had produced a ‘genius’. Plus, Valerie’s still living jealous bully brother by then a lawyer whom Valerie could not speak with by phone for more than a few minutes before a yelling match ensued.

Eventually, bold-MAP politely asked Valerie if her late-bitch mother and ongoing bully brother might be the true root-cause of her enduring anger; with ‘logically’ the kind-MAP her true friend amuser-not-abuser?

Valerie slowly smiled, before several other women agreed, and only a few dumb men disagreed as the fake ‘Dominant Narrative’ fell – unmasked as the true mass-abuser of millions.

The two facilitators/CPNs Community Psychiatric Nurses were also not amused and referred back to the Senior Consultant Psycho who knew that bold-MAP had blown the decades ongoing UK fake cover story, and they closed the group. Before bold-MAP Truth-Nuked the whole UK totalitarian-tabloid ‘Murdochracy’, fake deMockracy. 

Paraphrase, 1940s ex-BentBeeb visionary, True Brit Orwell, “Mass Ignorance is STRENGTH – for BIG Brother.”

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Stephen James

It’s an interesting story, HHP. Do you have a specific source for it?


Thanx S.J.

On record, stone cert source from the same bold-MAP who later Truth-Nuked the UK Group SOTP/SexOffenderTreatmentProgramme. By proving that so called ‘victims’ were abused ONLY by bent-cops GROOMING them to lie by omitting that via tapes and images they were sexually highly amused. Including by one kind MAP-Dad then jailed but on-release asked to babysit his own grandkids, and the whole family mourned at his funeral.

All on record the Fake Media Mass Mind Raped robot facilitators (insults to trainee traffic wardens) and violent rapist cons were floored as the session ground to a halt in dire need of cheap group (or expensive solo) therapy; including ‘victim impact statements’ of fake media serial abuses. 

Not SOTPping, bold-MAP earlier also Truth-Nuked Scotland Yard’s fake Child Protection Unit/SO5 specialist cops, a bloody disgrace to true Child Protection having failed to prosecute ONE FGM case (from c.30k UK victims described in 1990s Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monolgues’) in decades since the vile multiple mental, emotional, physical, sexual bloody torture of young Muslim girls was rightly made pan-EU illegal in 1985. And soon all but eliminated in mainland modern EU by education and by prosecutions.

Confirmed by a good femme French cop senior prosecutrix to Channel 4s true journo Jane Dodge in Y2K asking, “Why not in Britain?” “It’s due to typical cowardly Anglo-Saxon P.C. – because you’re CHICKEN!” Cock-a-doodle-doo, straight from the sharp beak of a fine French Hen!


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Stephen James

Sorry to keep on about this, HHP, but you gave one reference to a Wikipedia article. A quick skim didn’t reveal to me any connection to your story. Could I trouble you for some indication of where the relevant information comes, so I don’t have to wade through the entire article?


Sorry, S.J. here are more recent stats from Wiki UK-FGM:

“The diaspora communities in the UK thought to be at high risk of FGM include those from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan. The largest is the Somalia diaspora, with nearly 42,000 women and girls in the UK believed to be affected as of 2011.”

Eve’s London production referred en passant to c.30K unprosecuted UK cases which any caring pro-active (not cowardly populist) UK cops could simply prove with a 1-minute medical, instead of wasting vast public funds for years expensively witchunting innocent kind-MAPS from decades earlier.

E.G. 6-decades UK charmer-not-harmer Savile untried, never in court – Innocent. Guilty only by fake media for ‘MeTooMoreDough’ – DOH!


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Stephen James

OK, what I was really wondering was whether you had a source specifically for the story about Valerie.


OK, specifically sceptical, can all online source their own IDs and stories?

Val’s true tale (among many more) simple for bright tots.

Not totalitarian-tabloid twisted tales for dim twats knowing only what they’re bullied to believe, “BULLIES are aMusers making others happy – KIND folks are aBusers making victims ANGRY?”

Paraphrase, critical thinker Mr Spock, “Strictly Anglow perverse logic Capn.”

Need ‘Help’?

Critical thinking pro-MAP Consultant Psychos available Worldwide.

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S.J., sorry, I may have misread your question?

The reliable ‘source’, as described in my original, is the 1st Person Witness ‘Bold-MAP’ who attended weekly Group Therapy sessions at his local Mental Health Resource Centre 1997-98.

The records of which may be available via an FOI request?

Meanwhile his accurate ‘Valerie’ story stands as read, and not unique in the annals of entrenched Anglo-psycho distortions, finally corrected by critical thinking and peaceful pressure on the mass distorters, myths makers, and gullible morons.

Pressure which finally emancipated Anglo slaves and victims, from Negroes to Women to Gays…to MAPS and their natural counterparts AAMs?

Stephen James

Are you saying that the ‘Bold-MAP’ is someone you knew personally? If that’s the case, fair enough, I’m not asking for a doxing!


Known quite well, and very reliable. Much like lifelong brave-MAP Tom, scholarly psycho-academic.

Bold-MAP more mundane psycho-political seeking common cause-and-effect with logic-not-lies rhetoric.

As for Valerie, never a pro-active AAM but cultured yet fake-media brainwashed to falsely believe her pain was caused by pleasure.

While those causing her pain are falsely seen as ‘normal’ by an Anglo Fascist perverse system over centuries for brutal power and control brainwashing billions on many issues not just sex. But also their fave forever fake wars for profit (e.g. post-WW2, Korea, Vietnam, middle-East, Ukraine).

Imagine, a MAP game-changer in place of endless fake media ‘masturdebates’ gone nowhere. Valerie’s tale in a short TV-drama, ending with the group therapy session denouement by bold-MAP on logic-not-lies, and a finally amused-not-abused Valerie, plus a mass victimised Anglo-public; all free from fake media made pain and confusion?

Bonus, a true offender Dad-Loli coerced case on a typical ‘nodding donkeys’ SOTP course facilitated by production-line ‘puppet parrot’ propaganda tools, was brainwashed to finally confess like a reluctant Stalinist stooge needing ‘brownie points’ to supposedly progress and escape the gulag, “I now can’t see how ANY child can EVER find an adult sexually attractive.”

Replied logic-not-lies bold-MAP in 20-critical words trashing another fake session in his own factual-points based system, “Er, small boys don’t lust after adult Page 3 pinups, and young girls aren’t HOT for sex with adult Rock/Pop/Sport stars?”  

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In 1964, Murdoch’s Sydney tabloid, the Daily Mirror, published the diary of a 14-year-old schoolgirl under the headline, “WE HAVE SCHOOLGIRL’S ORGY DIARY”. A 13-year-old boy, who was identified, was expelled from the same school. Soon afterwards, he hanged himself from his mother’s clothesline. The “sex diary” was subsequently found to be fake.

Soon after Murdoch bought the News of the World in 1971, a strikingly similar episode involving an adolescent diary led to the suicide of a 15-year-old girl. And Murdoch himself said, of the industrial killing of innocent men, women and children in Iraq: “There is going to be collateral damage. And if you really want to be brutal about it, better we get it done now . . .”





An as yet far too marginal attempt to cancel a very based up-and-coming academic who focuses on romantic attraction. What a heartwarming topic, i hope she can spread the love :p


A nice quote I read in MAPpy spaces:

Liberals AND purity “leftists” spent 30 years shouting “kids can’t consent”, without thinking for a second that “consent” applies to a whole lot more than just sex. And now the conservatives are playing them at their own fucking game and using that dogwhistle to revoke trans kids’ right to healthcare.

Very well put!


Yep. The mere existence of queer children, and trans kids in particular, begs the question, all on its own. And they’ll keep losing to conservatives fighting on conservatives terms. Because it’s not about “consenting adults” and it never was. This is the whitewashed lie. The trauma doesn’t come from adulthood. The trauma of the queer experience is all rooted in our growing up. Conservatives are right about one thing: it’s all about the kids. They don’t really believe that (conservatives really just don’t want grown ups doing icky things). But you know who does, despite their assertion to the contrary? Queer liberals/leftists. They really are “coming for the kids”- they must. They can shout it’s just about adults in an evermore losing attempt to appease conservatives, and convince themselves in the process, but the truth is that it is about asserting the rights of queer kids, which is where the trauma and formative experience of queer people occurs.

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An interesting article appeared in Aporia Magazine today:


One of the authors, Ben Winegard, has a PhD in developmental psychology and seems very qualified to write on the topic.

Of note is that BPD is a condition that mostly affects women. On online forums for people diagnosed with BPD, it seems to be the norm for participants to believe that their condition is caused by childhood trauma, and there are dozens of victimological studies that appear to confirm their belief. So it’s unsurprising that the article has already begun to provoke outrage on social media.


Bi-polar manic depressives are lifetime traumatised, permanently infantilised, victimised by fake mass-media, pimping myths-not-facts on most issues.

But, their ever useful fake demon, scapegoat-for-all-ills (including BPD) is EARLY SEX!

Classic SeXample: 1837 Child-Charmer Great Dane Andersen’s “The Emperor’s/King’s New Clothes” where the whole town is victimised infantilised/brainwashed, but for ONE WISE BOY seeing straight thru to the Monarch’s BOLLOCKS!


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BBC/BiasedBritCrap Radio 4thForm, “In Our Time”. Bragg & Co Scholars drag out the first mainstream MAP-classic, German boy-lover Thomas Mann’s 1912 novella “Death In Venice”. 

Learned yet coy, tsunami of gay tropes, with small nods to now well known Worldwide Child Love; ancient Greek ‘pederasts’, and more modern ‘paedophiles’.

Surely, it’s WAY past ‘Our Coy Time’ for a knock-yer-knickers-off Global Blockbusta HOT tale with protagonists all balls-busting guilt-free AdultAttractedMinors/AAMs. E.G. “Fuck Me Andy!” by Belgian LAS/LoliAttractedScholar ‘Christian’ ? 

1980s pop group ‘Police’ photo-book shows young girl fans with large poster in the crowd, “Fuck Me Andy!” (drummer Summers). “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” is a 1980 song composed by Gordon Sumner/Sting of The Police, it concerns a teacher who has a sexual relationship with a student. The line “Just like the old man in that book by Nabokov” alludes to Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita. Before joining The Police, Sumner had been an English teacher. In 1993 he said of the song’s inspiration, “You have to remember we were blond bombshells at the time and most of our fans were young girls so I started role-playing a bit. To be frank, it was right in our market, so the idea was, let’s write a Lolita story.”  
And, don’t forget Jagger & Richards “So Young”, 1978. Or, Jerry Fuller’s “Young Girl” for Gary Fuck, er Puckett & The Union Gap in Swingin ’68. 

A full 10 years WAY behind Rockin’ 58 Loli-lover BIG Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Rock n Roller…nine years old and sweet as she can be.” (Which COY cold Rockers P.C./PureCowards now sing as, “Nineteen years old..” – DOH!) 

Neat coincidence, in Swingin ’62 BIG Chuck was short-term jailed under the U.S.1910 ‘MANN ACT’ for ‘transporting a minor across a state line for immoral purposes’. 


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Mann act… more like Lunatic act… cant transport a 17 year old over a man made line to a place where 16 is legal! and 16 year olds can drive killing machines!! they can transport themselves!


After many years of thinking and reading about pedophilia and child sexuality, I have a very clear picture of what it really is. However, I still have some questions about very specific aspects and I would like Tom and other participants of this excellent site to help me resolve them:

1. can pedophilia be considered a sexual orientation in itself, different from homosexuality? Would it be correct for someone to say “I’m a pedophile, but not gay”? On this I read in an article by Frits Bernard for Paedo Alert News in the 1980s, that pedophiles are not really homosexuals, as their object of desire can be directed towards one sex or the other. I have also read statements by other famous pedophiles in the world of culture who consider themselves or considered themselves pedophiles but not homosexuals.

2. Is effeminacy less frequent among pedophiles than among gays? I think so. Why might this be?

3. Can early sexual intercourse cause someone to become homosexual or bisexual? Are there any studies on this?

Thank you all very much.


For Spandu (correction)

Can early sexual intercourse cause someone to become homosexual or bisexual? Are there any studies on this?


…Can you really be made homosexual by having sex with men? O’Carroll (1980, p. 61) answered this question: “The radical response is not to cite research which proves this isn’t so-which is actually the case-but to answer, ‘Well, what is wrong with being a homosexual?'” Tolsma (1959, p. 37), who did a follow-up study of 133 minor “victims”, came to the rather reassuring conclusion that “the seduced person, after going through the seduction experience, finally gains a normal heterosexual preference.”…

From the investigations discussed above, with all their limitations, no concrete conclusions can be reached. But Landis (1956) concluded on the basis of his own research that the great majority of his “victims” seemed to recover (wherever that was necessary) rather quickly. Burton (1968) used a control group so that children who had had these experiences could be compared with children who had not. She could discover no negative effects upon the child’s personality development. Corstjens (1980) found neither a positive nor a negative influence of pedosexual experience on the person’s sex life later. It would be easy to cite other investigations (Brongersma 1980). That pedosexual contacts have no adverse effects upon children can also be seen in summaries of previous research (as, for example, in Powell & Chalkey 1981), and on this basis Van der Kwast (1975) felt it was not stretching matters to say that sex with adults, in itself, does no harm…


I note If a heterosexual could be turned into a homosexual, then it would work in the opposite direction, but as we know, attempts at conversion therapy and hetero sex did not give anything.

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I also found it funny
Thanks Tom. I’m honored to serve


Anti-stereotype, there are flexible (not fixed) ranges in any taste or behaviour, instinctive, innate, or learned, and always learning by experience, critical thought, and study?

E.G. Kind to Maso MAP. Camp to Macho Gay, Effeminate to Butch Lesbo, and always multitides in between.

By definition, not type, Kind MAPS can be Masochists but not Sadists, and by definition Sadists are never Kind MAPS. .

Paraphrase, brave U.$. Porn Baron Larry Flynt, BLASTED by antis, “I may be paralyzed from the waist down, but I’m fully functional from the neck up.”

Sayaka Fermi

I love the opening.


Created page for Hoko Horii who i mentioned in my og “child” marriage blog.

Horii is so cool she even interviewed Ad Van de Berg before he died. This was posted on Freespeectube and was a boring interview IMO but… but, it was nice that it happened. (And Hoko looked hot!)…

I think she’s a very inspiring current academic…



Sex With The Hot Teacher – Jimmy Dore (Stand Up Comedy)

Son of a Chicago cop, Jimmy Dore, “You know that law was not written by 14 year old boys.”



Today in Moscow a 12yo dated a 50yo man for sex to spite her parents and psychologists treating her from adult attraction: https://www.mk.ru/incident/2023/06/13/postradavshaya-ot-nadrugatelstv-50letnego-pedofila-shkolnica-sama-naznachila-svidanie.html


According to antis:
Minors cannot voluntarily consent to be friends, walk, hug and kiss with an adult man. Forbid them to tell that they liked it. This is a very dangerous and traumatic experience.

At the same time, these antis:
Minors can consent to a jump from a height of 7000ft with an adult man. It’s definitely safer. Let’s show a joyful story about this for TV. Hey buddy tell us how did you feel ?



Well put antis-trasher Leonerd.

Another UK approved antis-trasher. Near-nude HOT Oldies hold near-nude Fun Tots bodily close in public pools to ensure they don’t both drown in Brit BULL$HIT!!

(SeXplicit alert?) Recalls a 1980s MAP tall pal in a UK family NUDIST club crowded pool deep-end, standing with a giggling nude HOT Loli, 7, hanging on to him half-submerged. She WOULD NOT stop humping her bald little bump on his BIG nude lump! He couldn’t safely emerge ’til she’d satisfied her little bump, and his BIG lump was drained. (Beats pissing in the pool, Huh?)

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“psychologists treating her from (for) adult attraction”

Since year dot in plain sight yet unseen among millions of (MAPs natural counterparts) AdultAttractedMinors/AAMs.

E.G. Well seen, two giggling 12 year olds BARRED from a Robbie Williams uptight-UK gig for boldly wearing (flat-chest) t-hee shirts with slogan, “Shag Me Robbie!”

Recalls an earlier relaxed family UK saucy seaside postcard/p.c. (now non-PC cancelled)… Two scanty swimsuit teens having their snapshot taken by a lusty lensman. Teen-1, “Stand still he’s gonna focus.” Teen-2, “What BOTH of us?”

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Centuries of phoney Anglophone large credibility-gaps make huge profits by protecting their client base/infantilised morons from facts. 

Morons fed endless Gothic horror fairy tales like little kids gleefully cowering under the covers. Or between the covers, and online, their sex-filled ‘family’ tabloids with 24/7 images of near nude adults, role-models and sex-objects for their ‘innocent’ lusty little boys and girls, de-facto AdultAttractedMinors/AAMs.. 

Not for capital punishment here, but surely such industrialised hypocrisy should at least be a hanging offence, just stretch ’em a bit? ‘No!’ You say? OK then a lot!! Hang ’em high, and then streeetch ’em real loooow!!  

The post-Reformation phoney Anglophone elite fascist mafia will never relinquish it’s ‘psycholonial’ hold on their carefully cultivated shallow ignorant masses. Populist pitchforks ever ready to impale fake scapegoats from Catholics, to Blacks, to Gays, to Paedos, to Putin. In an always reborn ‘New Patriotism’, last refuge of scoundrels. 

Currently with a decades ongoing mass deception deviously masked as so called ‘Child Protection’. While their Victorian NSPCC has for decades stated that 90% of all child abuses are non-sex serious child abuses, with millions of non-sex UK child abuse victims, about whom de-facto the sex-obsessed UK and tax-dodge charity NSPCC doesn’t give a damn! Dickens’ Oliver twisted kid unfriendly grim Britain is alive and unwell in 21st Century UK.   

Meanwhile, ex-radical Gay now grim PC/PureCoward Peter Tatchell launched a recent rant on BiasedBritCrap/BBC Radio 5-Lies, Nolan Show, paraphrased, “Let’s be absolutely clear, all paedophilia is abhorrent! But Philip Schofield and his large age-gap younger male lover have been in a LEGAL relationship. We can’t condemn Schofield while rightly condoning numerous well known heterosexual age-gap affairs, like Elvis with Priscilla; and many more.”

warbling j turpitude

I guess this part here represents well enough the various problems i’m having with Prue’s post:

“In addition, MAPs are growing community conscious or, dare we say it, ‘class conscious’. With increasingly internet-savvy generations rising up to contest their underclass status, MAPs have strength in numbers and can be seen boycotting stigmatising/dehumanising researchers/projects which cast them as ‘monsters’ and ‘predators’.”

Some questions… How serious is Prue about the merits or value of resorting to the language of class in 2021?

How would Prue most parsimoniously set about describing what they mean by “class”? How serious can they be about solemn adoption of a Marxist terminology? In what ways would Prue say that the idea of class differs from that of the pervasive pursuit of victimhood?

Prue’s Newgon work is wonderful, invaluable, and hugely appreciated. In this post for HereticTOC however i fear they are straying rather too close for comfort to…well, to a bog standard rhetoric?

Am not familiar enough with the Manifesto to know the original wording ftom which Prue “freely adapts” their opening salvo. Might they refer us to same?

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I should hasten to qualify my assertion above, by saying that the post veers too close to BSR only here and there. The bulk of Prue’s post is, of course, right on target


Sorry for my slow reply..

How serious am I about the language of “class”? Pretty serious, but mixed feelings would be the most accurate reply. I feel that class is utterly neglected as a topic and instead the focus is on the “sexier” topics of… Well… sex! Culture war issues of transgender politics and of course MAPs are the big thing. Rent controls, rights to strike, good pay, pensions and job contracts, are very unsexy by comparison.

Maybe it is “bog standard” rhetoric: the Marxist left, at least, have been pretty bad at linking childhood to class politics. There’s not much to work from! The Oxford bibliography entry for Marxism and childhood can barely find a source!

Even so, I do think it’s accurate to speak of children as a class, childhood as an institution. By the very fact of living as “children”, young people have various things in common. In a word, they’re disempowered. Dependent on older, usually working ppl that are usually their parents, they have very little autonomy. When they try and express it by, say, dating an older man who can make up for what they lack (I knew many girls who did this at school), they are punished for it by the adult, working world, for stepping beyond their station in life. For daring to step out of a dependent, desexualized, moneyless / poverty bound “childhood”.

I once heard a very elderly woman answer the question of when a person becomes an adult. I.e. when are they no longer a child? She said you’re an adult when you can live independently from your parents. Well, by that standard I know men in their 40s who’ve become “children” again, having moved back in w/ their parents!

Class and victimhood? I don’t see how the two connect. They are both monikers that can be taken up as identity labels, but they express very different underlying ideas. Working class ppl may feel themselves victims of a capitalist society, but there’s nothing essential about labelling as victim that necessitates the label of working class. The two aren’t intrinsically linked.


Well said, Prue. You put me very much to shame here! I’ll provide a reply to your main blog post soon, as I want to avoid doing too much here in one day and overloading the moderator.


In Marxism, the word “class” refers to a social class, which is defined by its role in production. Members of the proletariat live by selling their labour power to capitalists, capitalists live of profit extracted from the labour of the proletariat; between them are intermediate layers called the petty bourgeoisie, for example craftsmen who live by selling themselves the product of their labour. Thus, MAPs, like Gays or Trans, are not a “class”, nor an “underclass”, they are a persecuted sexual minority (like religious and national minorities can be persecuted in some countries). For a MAP (or a Gay or a Trans), being “class conscious” can only mean being conscious of one’s social class. Being conscious of belonging to a sexual minority is something else.


I can answer this question for you, Warble, since, as you know, I too am a Marxist:

How would Prue most parsimoniously set about describing what they mean by “class”? How serious can they be about solemn adoption of a Marxist terminology? In what ways would Prue say that the idea of class differs from that of the pervasive pursuit of victimhood?

Because class is a very real and extremely defining aspect of a capitalist society. A few people own the industries and make billions, while the vast majority own nothing but their own ability to work and receive far less remuneration. These are class divisions, which are a material reality and always have been as long as we have lived under a system that runs on currency has resulted in such disparity of access to material wealth. Those who have far more the money than others, and who privately own the means to force most others to access industrial technology and information on their terms, will thus have the power to call all the shots. Class is an even more relevant and important concept in this day and age since wealth disparity has increased to the point where over 40% of workers in the United States cannot afford to deal with a $1,000 emergency.

The victimhood trend based on immutable attributes like race, gender, sexual orientation etc, or matters of choice such as religion, are considerably different from the matter of class. The former are natural traits or a cultural choice (in the case of religion) Class is a man-made aspect of our society that is used to confer power to a few over the many, and it is perhaps the most important and defining aspect of our lives. Prue was addressing the concerns of the Left, and the latter tendency has traditionally been concerned with class issues as the crux of all forms of discrimination and inequality, until very recently when liberals started abandoning it in favor of focusing mostly on culture-based issues that were designed to distract from class consciousness and put workers against each other on the basis of those immutable traits or choice of belief.

Sayaka Fermi

It’s from the preamble. Almost word for word in parts.

Katie Cruz

Thanks for the shoutout. Keep up the good work. ✊ Fight the power. ❤️ Katie

Fata Morgana

Your blog is great!

Katie Cruz



weird, I’ve just seen a man with such face a l’Office national d’accueil du Luxembourg


New Rind’s study

Rind, Bruce (2023): Subjective Reactions to First Coitus in Relation to Participant Sex, Partner Age, and Context in a German Nationally Representative Sample of Adolescents and Young Adults. Arch Sex Behav. 2023 Jun 7.



walt, Tom, I used to inform you about this article. Does it mean you cannot get my letters?


Actually, Rind used to publish data of this kind a decade ago: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-013-0186-x

Ed Chambers

I hate these kind of hypocrites. Although PS did no wrong with his lover per se, he shouldn’t have disowned his own brother. Real family stick together, through thick and thin.


> Phillip Schofield said after the conviction: “As far as I am concerned, I no longer have a brother.”


Hi, Ed, hope you are doing well.

It looks like there are financial barriers to get FreeSpeechTube back on line. At least under the old domain name, with the old addresses pointing to the new ones. The old host incurred some debt and wants some of it repaid in exchange for the domain name.

I’ve put forward $350, maybe you or another reader here can help push that towards $500, which we think will be a reasonable offer given the domain’s value is limited by who and what it is associated with.

Ed Chambers

Hi Strat. I’m ok thank you. Hope you are too. I’m not sure I’d ever give money again to any MAP endeavour owing to previous experiences. I saw v little return, if any at all. Often people came up short on promises, and had a very short memory span with regards to where funding had come from. Not your good self I might add. However, FST was supposedly already well funded, so I wonder where that all went (?).


Apparently they were well-funded in kind by their host, and a debt accrued.

The site was then attacked via a rather conventional method.

There was no database backup, so the database attacked was destroyed. The database with the videos was saved.

For those reading – having the domain will help direct regular users to the new version of FST, and will eventually mean that your old FST links can be forwarded to the same video on the new site. Copying the old videos to the new site takes time.

I am forwarding the idea of paying $500 to recover the domain now, as I believe it is worth taking the hit. Readers can donate to Newgon in Monero – the preferred currency of the new FST Admin, who I will also be paying for services

Ed Chambers

Newgon is a worthy cause for sure. I’m less sure about FST. While it encourages MAPs to be more vocal / creative, I’m not convinced of it’s long term value, or indeed longevity.


I would add, that all play has been societally set aside for children alone, and that adults are not socially allowed to have fun (although this is changing with the rise of singleness and childlessness). Children cannot taken seriously, adults cannot be taken unseriously.

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warbling j turpitude

All other questions aside for the moment, does anyone know how to solve this problem? – i want to tweet Prue’s post with two or three of its opening sentences as motivation to read – without them, i feel the link alone will be ignored (those opening sentences do, after all, have a rather special ‘sensational’ flair to them, hehe… )
Unfortunately, by truncating the many alphanumerics of the link to fit word-limit, the link proves faulty. That is to say, it goes to HereticTOC okay, but there it gets an error message and no post.


AOC must be abolished, it is the only way forward. Also Tom, would you be willing to organize local meetup in London some day (while it is not too late) for your readers and commenters?


Your history and antiquity is well known and documented on the Internet. The fight for decriminalizing boylove is not over, in fact it hasn’t even begun.. The question is, do we have what it takes to change the world?

A wise man once said: “All choices are fraught with peril, but inaction is the most perilous of all” and I tend to agree with him.

I believe myself as someone from younger generation and yourself as somebody who has history of boylove activism have something in common, just difference is age and time. It would be great to know your thoughts, ideas and just feedback on certain topics, however this is something to be discussed privately if possible. Can you please share your private PGP/GPG key or some your preferred secured way communication where I could contact you safely, ensuring that next time you will hear from me will be for you and you only?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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