Paraphiles and the Far Right

Putting MAPs on the map, notably through building up as a rich source of quality information, has been just one achievement of today’s guest blogger, Jim Burton. In his thirties, his activist contribution from the mid-noughties onwards has included funding and submitting large amounts of information to Wikipedia and Newgon. He is the current Strategic Lead for the latter. More recently he has invested in MAP networking websites, and spent some time organising disruptions on X (Twitter) from a chat server he funds ( This involved the creation of various false identities such as Andy Parkinson and Jamal Ross. Today he deftly tackles a tricky strategic issue, nimbly navigating the minefield.

Potential allies, or guilt by association?

The perils and profits of associating MAPs with other outcast groups

For civil rights movements, the debate over what may or may not be a productive alliance is time-honoured. In today’s era of online censorship, conspiracy theories and antagonistic “groomer” and “TERF” smears, the downside risk of guilt-by-association reaches far beyond traditional strategic alliances, and now has implications for any kind of association between particular groups – especially the marginalised.

With the association fallacy firmly in play, there has been a lot of debate recently within the MAP Community about two controversial groups – namely Paraphiles (other people with supposedly “non-normative” sexual desires) and Fascists. This debate has been particularly visible among the younger MAPs on Fediverse social sites.

Fediverse sites, for those unfamiliar, are a series of independent servers (i.e. websites) that selectively link up with and block other such servers, to create a unique (generally Twitter-like) social experience for their users. Touted as the future of social networking, this model intends to eliminate the risk of censorship by central authorities such as Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Naturally, the Fediverse has attracted a variety of marginalised groups, from the zoophiles and paedophiles to anime/lolicon fans and people with multiple “alters”. Even self-identifying psychopaths, rape fetishists, race role-players and unhinged neo-Nazis have found a home on Fediverse, with fresh-faced young activists such as Greta Thunberg awkwardly adjacent.

So, on the fringes of Fediverse, we end up with a strange situation wherein Nazis on their one server, deem the other server of rape and animal abuse fetishists to be, in their time-honoured words, “degenerate”; blocking them as a result. In turn, the rape fetishists respond by blocking the Nazis for harassment, or because according to their doubtless refined sensibilities, they find them offensive or vulgar. In this sense, each Fediverse server’s federated content stream (hence the name) is dynamically curated according to the wants of its administrator/s and its wider user-base’s prejudices.

The Nazi Smear

This year, I personally became the target of a similar kind of respectability politics when anti-c MAP/Paraphile activists alleged that conversations taking place on a chat-based MAP Fediverse server I fund ( were “problematic”. In a campaign of malicious and disruptive disinformation, I was accused not only of tolerating Nazis and rampant transphobia, but normalising sex between adults and babies – something my server members were said by the accusers to uniformly relish with gay abandon. After a short internal review (I do not immediately read everything posted on the server), I found these allegations to be unsubstantiated. I also found that my moderators had acted as per my wish – repeatedly removing ethnonationalists on vacation from other servers. Usually, this was because of their insufferable behaviour towards other users, but was otherwise enforced at the point where their all-consuming, and off-topic obsession with “race” became tiresome or started to rub other members up the wrong way.

It appears the smear was in fact the brain-child of a few highly political individuals – primarily two young, self-identifying “psychopathic” anti-c anarcho-communist MAPs who had migrated from Tumblr, via Twitter to Mastodon (itself a Fediverse protocol) three years ago to evade bans. This group had long been pushing for the wider online MAP community to be curated according to their own radical politics, expunging any trace of its previous intellectual diversity. Since their criticisms were aired, the two principal instigators have been discredited, after further information regarding their involvement in malicious conduct (doxxing – sharing of personal information) against other MAPs emerged. But their changed personal situation aside, the argument these two made is still wholly unacceptable, for if we were to submit MAPs to a monolithic model of identity politics, we would be at risk of confirming one of the Radical-Right’s worst misrepresentations of MAP visibility. This is namely the myth that MAP acceptance is solely a project of Liberal-Left, “postmodern” and/or “woke” politics.

Paraphilia Activism

During these trials, a few matters raised by MAPs and paraphilia activists on Fediverse forced me to clarify my own positions, which clash strongly with theirs:

  1. I do not personally agree with the tactic of copying verbatim the model of queer/trans identity politics seen from the 2010s onwards, at least in the case of MAPs. Our situation is one of extreme invalidation, and theirs is one of seeking recognition and validation within an already assimilated identity group. Therefore, a multi-pronged strategy would be more appropriate in our case.
  2. I do not argue that MAPs are just one small part of a “Paraphilic” spectrum, comprising of perhaps over 500 diagnoses/identities. I’d rather see MAPs treated as a special case; far more numerous, and with a rich history unrivalled by other such groups. A “strong” identity here is key; we will not win by playing the victim forever, nor will we gain considerable ground by validating the outdated politics and imagery of victimhood and trauma that compounded our situation from the late 70s and 80s on.
  3. Nor do I argue that MAPs ought to stay “degenerate”; that liberation is an absolute “false ideal”, since it entails “assimilation” into a norm. This argument would be deemed absurd, if applied, e.g. to the liberation of youth or ethnic minorities.
  4. Finally, MAP-inclusive paraphilia activists, in responding to other MAPs’ valid concerns about associating their already invalidated identity with some of the more fringe paraphilias, sneeringly chastise their “assimilationism”. This is intellectually dishonest and completely unsatisfactory, since there are forms of assimilationism that must absolutely be avoided (i.e. explicitly anti-paedophile rhetoric), but also forms that might be inevitable and/or advantageous if used in the right way (i.e. normative historical arguments). But as proven by the recent paedophobic attacks on Trans people, political adjacency is also a complex dynamic; peoples’ situation (and personal safety) varies greatly, and thus any association with other groups must never be by compulsion. Attempts to purity-spiral the MAP Movement are short-sighted, and will only give undeserved ammunition to the worst kind of assimilationists.
An absurd “strategy”, like “Keep youth oppressed”.

Further, if seeking assimilation wasn’t a serious strategy in civil rights organizing, homosexuals wouldn’t have made early gains using unsophisticated civil libertarian arguments based on privacy, to the temporary exclusion of unapologetic queerness. Nor would they have made further, and substantial gains appealing to the state, military, nuclear family and corporations while distancing themselves from MAPs.[1] If bad optics weren’t a concern for MAPs engaged in real-world activism, the otherwise radical David Thorstad would not have felt compelled to complain about the NAMBLA Bulletin becoming a soft porn rag for paedophiles,[2] nor would Tom Reeves have had to stress the same organisation was fundamentally about teen boys rather than children.[3]

Nevertheless, the breed of Paraphile activism I address above, is a considerable and growing online trend. Putting aside the implausibility of classifying attraction to legally defined minors as a diagnosable paraphilia, there are apparently individuals in our community who need to feel this way, and will sadly only become mobilised under a mantra of minority, deviancy, victimhood, shared suffering and trauma. Call it placation, but in my opinion, vainly rejecting paraphilia-based MAP and ally activism and radical inclusionism as a parallel strategy would be foolish and counterproductive, as would any considerable investment of time and energy directly arguing against it.

Fascist and Paraphile MAPs: Harm vs Acceptability

One question we have faced on Fediverse, is whether it is ever acceptable to platform Fascist MAPs, or those who identify as e.g. child rape fetishists or psychopaths.

Take the idea of allowing Fascist MAPs to speak, while suppressing the words of an unapologetically “psychopathic” MAP. The rebuke to this is of course that the Fascist has chosen their own path, while the person who finds him or herself attracted to the young and/or nonconsent/violence has little or no control over it. While I do see it as simplistic and glib to imbue political inclination with a dynamic free will not afforded to sexual inclination, this I find irrelevant to the debate at hand. For me, rather than naive ideals and theory, the strategy and optics of the situation are far more important – realpolitik for MAPs, if you will. When we look at the comparison from this purely pragmatic standpoint, it is the same fact – i.e. most people believe the Fascist is expressing free will, that makes his or her fleeting association with MAPs less potentially compromising to them, as opposed to, say the rape fetishist MAP. While the presence of the occasional Nazi in most communities is pretty much a given, and can be easily ascribed to bad “personal choices”, a MAP who identifies as being attracted to the rape of small children is a considerable negative publicity risk, in that he confirms some of the most dangerous stereotypes propagated by the Radical-Right concerning the supposed innate violence and degeneracy of paedophiles. No equivalent harmful stereotype of the “Fascist MAP” appears to exist, with the “normalisation of paedophilia” instead being dishonestly cast by the media as a project of the political left.

The topic of Fascists on MAP Fediverse “instances” causes endless controversy, despite the fact that Fediverse is designed to overcome censorship.

Of course, as readers here will be aware from years of research, the harmfulness of something does not necessarily correlate with its acceptability among a particular group. Most online MAPs, particularly of the younger generation, strongly reject ethnonationalist ideology and wish not to be associated with it in any way, nor even to share a space with it. At the same time, the often-heard slogan Attraction ≠ Action (attraction does not equal action) provides a rallying point for both MAPs and Paraphiles, meaning that even an abstinent rape fetishist might be a far more comfortable ally than a Nazi – or for that matter any follower of usually hostile ideology.

Still, it remains an obvious irony that most Fediverse users cannot acknowledge a person’s ability to hold hateful beliefs while not acting on them, decrying even non-violent white identitarianism as “invalid” freedom of conscience while permitting open celebration of identity for virtually every other group – historical oppressors included. At the same time, the history and present of free speech rights (e.g. paedophile-tolerant Fediverse servers using the same host as the Daily Stormer) tells us that free expression for the Fascist is analogous to free expression for the sexual deviant, whatever trite slogans both groups may hurl around in dismissing one another’s claim to those rights.

One last note should concern the fact that until very recently, the anti-c MAPs who rallied around attraction=/=action in the 2010s were also ignorant or wilfully blind to the fact that for pro-c’s, attraction does not equal intention. Instead, they chose to scapegoat writers such as Tom as illegalists, or “pro-abuse” until the work of researchers belatedly put paid to those attempts.[4][5]

My approach to moderation

In drafting a set of moderation guidelines for social communities I invest in, I have continued to err on the side of outright excluding Fascists, rather than fringe paraphilias – even those that disturb me. This would appear to mirror views in the community as to the unacceptability of platforming ethnonationalist MAPs, rather than my own personal approximation of, say the relatively harmless optics of allowing one to speak, vs. the potential benefits of de-radicalising them. Still, as community builders in an expanding frontier, we must also be on the look-out for those who seek to portray MAPs as rapists and psychopaths by creating false identities, as was the case with FST earlier this year.

In conclusion, while Paraphiles might today or one day in the future, be naturally invested in a more thoroughgoing alliance with us, no good has come (or will come) from a strategic association with card-carrying Fascists.

This is something to which I suspect we can all agree.


  1. De Orio, S (2017). Punishing Queer Sexuality in the Age of LGBT Rights. (A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, University of Michigan).
  2. Denizet-Lewis, B (2006). “Boy Crazy”. Boston Magazine.
  3. Naedele, W (1982). “Boy Love Convention Is Protested”. Philadelphia Inquirer. See also, e.g. The Advocate, 1994.
  4. Jahnke, S and Malón, A (2019). “How pedophilic men think about adult-child sex: effects of child gender and physical maturity”. Psychology, Crime & Law, 25:1, 90-107, DOI: 10.1080/1068316X.2018.1503665.

“Furthermore, participants with stronger liberal attitudes were found to be more likely to defend the sexual act, as were participants with a preferential interest in pre-pubescents. There was no link between attitudes towards adult–child sex and sexual offending, replicating the non-associations reported in previous community surveys.”

  1. Bailey, J. M., Bernhard, P. A., & Hsu, K. J. (2016). “An Internet study of men sexually attracted to children: Correlates of sexual offending against children”. Journal of abnormal psychology, 125(7), 989–1000. DOI:10.1037/abn0000213.

“In contrast, permissive attitudes regarding child-adult sex and frequent indulgence in sexual fantasies about children were not significantly related to offending.”


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An article about children filming themselves with dogs:


Tom’s ‘TOMS’ – Top Gong!

T. Maler 5.0 out of 5 stars  In-depth Research by the Author

Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2010

First of all this book is extremely well researched. The author took a Hercules-Task upon himself, just think for instance of the over 13`000 pages of the official transcript of the process in 2005 which he went through with. Certain points he elaborates excellently especially in regard to the hypocritical role of the tabloids.

Secondly, this book is in no way a cheap Jackson-Bashing or a questionable Getting-Rich-Project of the author at the expense of Michael Jackson. The conclusions of this book are also in no way anti-Jackson, but rather anti-tabloids and anti-«sexual morals of the Anglo-Saxon world».

The author convinced me with his argumentation that Michael Jackson most likely commited sexual abuse in a strictly legal sense and got away with it. But I found it harder and harder to convict Michael Jackson’s deeds on a moral ground. One question slowly but surely saw the light of day in my mind :

« What exactly is wrong when a boy starts exploring his sexuality and furthermore chooses to share this experiences with an adult young man or also with an adult who is already a bit older ? »

I think the real problem of Michael Jackson was that this question today is simply ignored or not thought of as important. A recommendable read from start to finish, thought provoking and furthermore written in a very nice English.

21 people found this helpful


Jackson fans (the sort who insist against all the evidence that the late superstar was not a MAP) boycotted the book

in a black and white world of media, for some Michael was a kind normie, for others he turned out to be a crafty pedophile. In a reality, both camps are right, because “kind” is a synonym of “pedophile”, as part of Tom’s cunning “conspiracy against morality” lol


Ur most welcum Top MAP Tom ‘TOMS’.

Most welcum too is Top Reviewer T. Maler’s Top Point: “The conclusions of this book are also in no way anti-Jackson, but rather anti-tabloids and anti-«sexual morals of the Anglo-Saxon world»”.

Who’d a thunk it?

Ye Olde AngLow Saxon Phoney AngLowPhone SeX-Filled Totalitarian ‘Family’ Tabloids anti-KidSeX hypocrites – What The Fuck?!

Quote, AngLowBrowSaxon totalitarian ‘Family’ tabloid Dad: “That dirty lil git my son’s only TWELVE bin wankin’ over my SUN Page 3 agin! It’s STUCK to Page 2 wiv that report on little kids groomed to SeX by dirty paedos – DOH!”

Last edited 6 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

Many fans of bygone authors, artists, singers et al. whose historical record provides very good evidence that they were MAPs, such as J.M. Barrie, Lewis Carrol, Mark Twain, Elvis Presley, etc, similarly dismiss the evidence. They cannot reconcile every other facet of that artist with the possibility that they had a preferential or significant attraction to people below the Magic Age. They have been so indoctrinated with the idea that this attraction base makes someone an awful person that no one should ever admire for anything at all that they see no choice but to go into vitriolic denial. In their eyes, identifying a famous person they admire as a MAP is the metaphorical equivalent of sprinkling arsenic in a meal or drink they and many others have long thought of as great.


An excellent book – translated into Russian.


It’s strange that I missed this Amos Yee debate. I didn’t expect that anyone dared to call him for a public discussion. It is also unexpected that this video was not censored by YouTube.

But the comments under the video are expected. People write that he does not understand the development of children (of course they think that they understand it better, despite of being in an environment of total censorship and a sex-negative victimological narrative) and allegedly he himself, as an child actor, probably was subjected to sexual abuse and therefore his thinking was distorted (and of course they are absolutely sure their thinking is not distorted by the CSA industry)

Last edited 6 months ago by Leonerd

New acronym, “CSAM”

Children Sexually Amused.

E.G. In plain-sight, the untroubled obsession of underage, many pre-teen, millions who chase, grab, grope, groom, lay adult celebs; and millions more unseen benign MAPS!

Last edited 6 months ago by HappyHumpingPup
Warbling J Turpitude

Sorry chaps, but i have to rage and despair again. For there i am once more, writhing about at the very very bottom of the Unherd commentariat, having been wildly foolish enough to dissent in the wake of the two most recent assaults thereabouts on “paedophiles” (One on German pedagogy, the other the latest splurge by J Bindel, in which the word “abuse” is used about six times before she is even three paragraphs underway)

WHY, in this (wait for it) bastion of civilized public discussion – or the closest thing UK has to it – does there continue to be zilch (aside from me) felt “MAP” presence? Why? What are our excuses this time? Afraid of Mr Downvote?

Why does everything appear to be becoming increasingly conpartmentalized, with everyone evermore comfortable and secure in his or her “appropriate” sector of the internet?

In what way, pray tell, does this constitute any kind of progress?

warbling j turpitude

What you say there is very accurate, Tom, and one must indeed take care not to blow one’s gaskets! I suppose it’s not so much the likes of Bindel’s Dworkinesque ravings themselves that engage me as what is revealed in subsequent comments, which is a sort of special complacency that implicitly refuses to really confront the scapegoating-structure always at work beneath broadly “liberal” approaches to sexual expression. The fact for example that not a soul in the sceptered isles speaks up for the hapless endungeoned Gary Gliitter seems to me the very essence of unconscious – therefore supremely real – scapegoating.

My own efforts currently include an appeal to the intellect of Spiked & Spectator’s Joanna Williams

warbling j turpitude

I thought you might have enjoyed my impression of JB frantically paddling her surfboard to try and catch a ride on “the TIDAL WAVE of child sexual abuse”* before it finally smashes down on the (paedoph) isles sweeping every good little child within them off to hell

* yes she actually included that very line in her piece


But Pornhub is unlikely to be bothered. They know their market is too enormous and well supported. To borrow a phrase, they are too big to fail.

Sort of like a few years back when every vocal “normie” out there insisted that Netflix was not long for this world because of Cuties. Remember that? And ironically, it was Netflix’s adoption of so many woke movies, TV shows, stand up comedy shows etc that has put it in poor financial straits of late, not Cuties.

And yes, one of the problems so many people fail to understand about the hysteria surrounding any implied depiction of child sexuality or the notion that adults may dare to find them attractive is that making an exception to freedom of speech and artistic expression for “just this one thing” leads to moral crusaders using it as a bludgeon to attack other forms of sexual expression they detest that do not even involve kids by trying to make a spurious connection to kids. That’s how it works with these fascists posing as champions of child safety and preserver of their pious image: start your censorship brigade by attacking the lowest hanging fruit that few will argue with you about, gain an undeserved rep as a hero as a result (think Tim Ballard), and then use it to go for the next target. And so on and so on.

You see the same thing when crusaders against “sex trafficking” deliberately conflate common instances of consensual sex work by women with very rare instances of those being coerced into it. Why? Because they find sex work to be immoral and they want to stop it by posing as champions of women’s safety and freedom when in actuality they are looking to strip away a certain aspect of women’s agency.


Yep, Netflix has received much criticism for a deluge of woke material. It’s not to the point where it’s on its way out as the most popular subscription streaming service in the world yet, but it no longer has the clout it once did thanks to pandering to liberals so it can receive those DEI scores. It has lost enough subscribers, however, that it’s now considering starting an ad-supported option for a lesser monthly subscription cost.


I wrote an e-mail to lawyer Julia Mekkes of Mekkes Advocatuur. I’ll quote it here for the public record. All links are as they are in the e-mail.

Subject Line: Pro-murder law firm?
Mail Text: Dear Julia Mekkes,

I am writing this e-mail because I am wondering if the official position of your law firm is that murder is a good thing? Because you are listed on the official Ambassadeurs page of the organization FAG, and they are chanting pro-murder slogans in front of cameras in public, as you can see in this video here:

The Ambassadeurs page I refer to is here:

Is your law firm officially pro-murder? Is it the official position of your law firm that political activists who disagree with your political views should be murdered?

I don’t care what your political views on age of consent law are, but I am curious if you think political activists who disagree with you should be murdered for disagreeing with you.

I also want to point out that FAG has engaged in criminal defamation/slander tactics against democratic activists whose political views they disliked. For example, in an official open letter to the Mexican government, they wrote the following sentence about Nelson Maatman: “Mister Nelson Maatman recently fled The Netherlands in order to avoid being prosecuted for crimes against children.”

The natural reading of this sentence is that Maatman has committed actual crimes against actual children. However, the only “crime” Maatman was accused of was his political opinion about age of consent law.


Does your law firm Mekkes Advocatuur officially endorse defamation tactics to destroy political activists who disagree with your political opinions? 

There has already been a real physical murder attempt against the political activists of PNVD in the Netherlands (breaking and entering + knife attack). Despite knowing this, FAG and their biker friends went in front of a camera and chanted pro murder slogans fully in public, in reference specifially to this democratic political party.

Does your law firm Mekkes Advocatuur officially endorse the murder of political activists who disagree with you about age of consent law?

There are also credible reports that these activists were tortured in South America, and FAG participated in mobs harrassing them at home. Source:

Does your law firm Mekkes Advocatuur officially endorse torturing political activists who disagree with your political views?

Does your law firm Mekkes Advocatuur officially endorse harrassing political activists who disagree with your political views and forming mobs in front of their homes?

We will be observing with curiosity if you knew all of this or if you didn’t know, and if we will see your face and name be removed from their Ambassadeurs page as a consequence, or if this is all actually officially endorsed by your law firm. If it’s the latter, I’m sure all your stakeholders should want to know.


Thank you. The situation is frustrating because there is nothing we can do, and it very clearly violates all the important principles, while no one cares. The response I received on the internet was one of, “Why are you surprised? They had the wrong political opinion, so what did you expect?” As if that was how it was supposed to work in a democracy.

My own bank account was frozen for three months because I had donated some money to Nelson when he had become homeless. I couldn’t acces my own money! The bank never gave an official reason, but it was shortly after I donated. Perhaps it was the politics, perhaps it flagged some anti money laundering thing, I can’t know for sure, and they have no legal obligation to tell me, not even after the fact. Very dystopian.

On Wednesday, after Julia Mekkes hadn’t responded, I wrote her another e-mail. I’ll quote this one too:

Subject line: Pro-murder law firm??

Mail text: Dear Julia Mekkes,

last Friday I wrote you a lengthy e-mail detailing the criminal conduct of organization FAG, of which you are an official ambassadeur, including public calls for murder of political activists who had already been physically attacked, and massive harrassment and defamation tactics against these activists, who were subsequently jailed and tortured for their political opinions.

You elected to ignore my e-mail, answer none of my questions, and you are still listed as the official ambassadeur of the criminal organization FAG.

The destruction of basic human rights, democracy and free speech in the EU and worldwide, chosen and supported by people like you, was not a free action. If you think that girls and women will now live in a safer and freer world as a consequence, including you, you are objectively mistaken.

___ (End of quote.)

To illustrate the last point, which I didn’t in the e-mail: Remember those FAG-allied Sin Miedo bikers who chanted pro murder slogans on their joint protest? Turns out their boss actually murdered his own girlfriend!


I’m sure that girl felt very “free” as she was murdered by her FAG-allied biker boyfriend.


FAGS who murder their girlfriends? When you get past the murder part, if you still have a sense of humor, it’s pretty funny stuff! Actually, it would be more accurate to change the organization name to closet FAG.


SeXy ’70s pro-active AAM grooms benign MAP.

02:05 “You’re just my kinda man, you really are!”

Quote HOT Loli Brooke’s cool Mom, “Forget the uptite critics Honey. You’re proud of your body and career – so fuck ’em!”

Last edited 6 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

Look at all the sad, psychotic, jealous hypocrites (SSRI users) freaking out in the comments. They’re gonna have to censor all of fucking human history to stop being triggered into emotional upset by youthful sex under the modern feminist “age of consent” hoax. I say, keep triggering ’em with history, the sooner they jump in front of a train or blow their brains out, the sooner humanity can heal.


There are some pro-AAM/MAP replies, maybe from ex-AAM wimmin?


I should have my MAP card revoked because I STILL haven’t seen “Pretty Baby”! Neither has my husband. Need to watch it this weekend. That’s a GREAT clip, I hope the rest of it is that good.


Pro-active AAMS grooming benign MAPS.

Quote from “The Erotic Lives of Women”, 1998, “When I was four I loved taking my fun uncle into my secret little garden, where he liked crossing my borders.”

Last edited 6 months ago by HappyHumpingPup

I’ve just found out that Omegle, the ridiculously popular website which links up random people for virtual video and text chats, has shut down. According to research collected by data analyst Semrush, Omegle grew globally from about 34 million visits a month in January 2020 to 65 million in January 2021.The British BBC has multiple relevant articles. In this one, we see ‘cyber reporter’ Joe Tidy waiting outside the home of the site’s creator for 7 hours, until he finally walks past. The first real question he asks: “We want to know why you’re not protecting children, Mr. Brooks”. Brooks doesn’t even open the door. The clip is from a new BBC documentary titled Omegle: Matched with My Abuser, where this guy speaks exclusively with “Alice”. Described as a child abuse survivor, Alice was ‘coerced her into becoming [a paedophile’s] digital sex slave’, as ‘he [a Canadian] forced the American girl to send him explicit images and videos of herself for three years’. The details of said case would be interesting, if any are given in the doc [which i doubt]. Meanwhile, she’s bringing a lawsuit against Omegle ‘in a landmark case that could pave the way for many more lawsuits against other social platforms.’

The article describes the site’s creator as “reclusive”. Maybe so. But he gave them a reply to an email, and if he doesn’t want to talk to a reporter stalking and running at him (who would?), that’s up to him and perfectly reasonable. Anyway, about the site itself:

Reclusive owner Mr Brooks and his fans argue that the shutdown of Omegle is a symptom of internet freedoms being taken away and the end of an era. But in many ways Omegle was a strange relic of a former way the internet worked. […] Moderation was extremely light-touch at a time when politicians and society are asking for more from internet companies.

In Feb 2021, the same Joe Tidy who seems to have made it a personal crusade, reported how the BBC [just him? a team? his mates?] used Omegle and were matched with men masturbating as well as minors looking for sexy time. He gave that article the not-at-all moral panic, fear inducing title Omegle: Children expose themselves on video chat site.

Fast forward, in amongst Covid and a massive rise in people using their webcams and tik toks for social connection, the Internet Watch Foundation finds that ‘Imagery of young children carrying out sexual acts on camera has risen more than tenfold since the pandemic lockdowns […] In 2022, the IWF logged more than 63,000 webpages showing the material compared to 5,000 before the pandemic.’

When it comes to Omegle, very few people will find any of this surprising. The BBC uses the phrase ‘rite of passage’, but whatever we call it, it’s a common experience for teens and young people to go on Omegle and have fun times chatting with males and females of all sorts of ages and nationalities. People expect to see unusual and sexual content: that’s why people go there. Because it’s fun and funny. I’ve never used Omegle bc I don’t want to see men jerking it, but I can tell you that at least 1 woman I know has told me all about how ‘horrified’ her mother would have been, if she knew what she and a highly sexual and experienced friend, at around 15/16 years old, were saying to / asking men to do on Omegle. I am fairly sure they don’t feel abused, but I am confident that many people must have used Omegle as an outlet for sexual expression. I can see a general study of sexual experiences on Omegle being a future research project.

So, what got the site taken down, despite its ridiculous popularity and cultural impact? The woman known as ‘Alice’: ‘How I got the dangerous chat site closed down’ (BBC News). Reported this week, again by Joe Tidy, she demanded the website’s closure as part of an out-of-court settlement.

Alice launched her ground-breaking lawsuit in 2021 around the time her abuser – a father-of-two called Ryan Fordyce – was sentenced to eight years in prison in Canada.[…] Fordyce had collected 220 images and videos of Alice from the age of 11, carrying out sexual acts under his duress over three years of abuse. He had done the same to five other girls, meeting and grooming three of them on Omegle. […]

Throughout her legal fight, Alice said that she wanted to take the lawsuit to a jury trial where she hoped to get $22m (£15.6m) in compensation. But she now says settling out of court for an undisclosed sum earlier this month was better for her and others.

There will be other sites like Omegle, while all people, younger and older, will find avenues to express themselves sexually regardless of how taboo it becomes. But yes, definitely the end of an era for this platform that held a special place – positive, negative, neutral and mixed – in many people’s childhoods,.


Omegle: Children expose themselves on video chat site.

This happens on all sites where anyone can upload videos. Even on YouTube, minors upload self-made erotic content, which is deleted by moderators, but everyone unanimously pretends that this is not happening, and “innocent” children suffer from compliments from “perverted adult men”.

All this censorship is aimed at maintaining the myth of “innocence”, and hiding the presence of a significant number of minor attracted people by turning off comments and blocking MAP channels. At the same time, the inflated counters of views and likes are still visible.


There’s no place for Omegle in sex psychosis 2023. It makes sense it was shut down now, it’s sad. The Japanese are also shutting down more internet stuff since the feminists successfully got the new western style rape hoax and age of consent hoax law passed in Japan. We continue to spiral backwards into the dark ages, which were ironically more tolerant about youthful sex than now. Going to have to find a new analogy…


To me it seems the freedom hating USA is having a big influence on japan, even forcing them to make child porn illegal.. and even lolicon i suspect? and no doubt the AOC as well.


Children generate CP with AI:


The feminists are really exposed on this one. The protecting the children argument is completely absent as no real children are involved. Banning AI porn under the age of consent is purely done as thought crime which threatens the sexual power of women.

Simps and women will probably support its ban for obvious reasons.


ID Politics.

Quote AAMS (grooming benign MAPS), “We identify as sexually aMused NOT abused.”


Quote, 1990s pro-active AAM HOT Loli, 5, spurned a rough lad’s advance for a Kiss n Cuddle, then quietly ‘groomed’ smooth BoldMAP, “I’ll give YOU a Kiss n Cuddle.”

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A new article where ‘Courtship violence’ between minors is explained non-sexually.

[MODERATOR: I have deleted most of this post. It is not very coherent. One reason may be that it appears to be based on an even more incoherent very bad translation into English of the linked article in question. For instance, the Abstract includes a reference to “eating” criminal sanctions. Quote: … when the diversion with justice efforts restorative do not produce results and an agreement to eat criminal sanctions (Ultimatum Remidium) is the last resort.”]


A new article on what types of grooming are discussed in the court.

Grooming includes ‘Teaching abnormal sex ideals’ and ‘do[ing] nice things for you’, tickling and ‘playing horsey’ with one’s daughter, favoritism.

Children are said to be ‘isolated’ by defendants when the latter ‘physically isolated the child through taking them on trips’.

Also, children are said to be ‘threatened’ when the defendants warn them about being separated in a case of disclosure.


>A new article on what types of grooming are discussed in the court.

Another all negative Anglo Victorian-GROOMED pair U$/OZ Emily Denne & Stacia N. Stolzenberg. Likely Gen Z with no perspectve on the Century plus phoney Anglophone sex PHOBE mass GROOMING. Since Victorian mass media monster Stead negatively GROOMED the whole nation with his fake sex-PANIC for profit power & control, raising the UK 1885 AOC from a half-natural 13 to a totally perverse 16.

And, Emily and Stacia in deep denial GROOMED to ignore modern Anglo Sex-Filled ‘Family’ media MASS GROOMING kids more than any MAP.

[MOD: Remainder deleted. Too many shouty capitals, too graphic, too syntactically challenged, too long bearing in mind the other shortcomings.]

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Grooming includes ‘Teaching abnormal sex ideals’…

How about nudism, homosexuality and transgenderism ? It were also considered “abnormal ideals” not so long ago. I wonder since when friendliness, empathy, mentoring, romance, hugging, kissing, masturbation became “abnormal ideals” ? It turns out that when a adult man goes to a restaurant with woman he likes, gives her gifts, is this all malicious grooming too ? (Angry lonely radfems will say “yes”, but that is precisely why they are lonely)


There are such deviations like ‘date rape’ (sex during a date) and ‘dating violence’ (attempted sex during a date), so the next step is to criminalize dating as grooming.


Anglo-elite fake grooming of the kept dumb infantilised masses on most issues. Anglo fake grooming for careers, ratings, profit, promotions, power and control, always deviously masked by Anglo fake media as so called ‘Public Protection’. De facto a fake-virtue waving vast Protection-Racket ‘new patriotism’ last refuge of overpaid scoundrels.

[MOD: Deleted lots of tediously repetitive “Anglo” stuff. Repetitive evidence (see links below) is more justified.]

Boy of five among 400 sexting cases. ProQuest. › openview by N IRELAND — Thousands of children, some as young as five, have been investigated for sexting. … and Wales, according to freedom of information requests from the BBC.4000 Cases of Sexting Dealt With By Police

Cyber Safe Warwickshire › 4-000-cases…

11 Jul 2017 — Thousands of children, including a boy aged five, have been investigated for sexting, the BBC has learned. Nearly 400 children under the age of consent…

“Children as young as six are sexting suspects, Met Police reveal”

Sexting among under-16s skyrocketing, says Labour.
Thousands of children sexting, police say – BBC News › news
11 Jul 2017 — Thousands of children, including a boy aged five, have been investigated for sexting, the BBC has learned. · Nearly 400 children under the age of consent…

Children as young as six are sexting suspects, Met Police …

BBC › uk-england-london-51507352
14 Feb 2020 — The Met Police said it was looking to “educate” children. Hundreds of children as young as six have been deemed suspects in sexting offences …
Police investigate 17 child sexting cases a day

BBC › news
06 Nov 2017 — Police investigations into children sharing sexual images of themselves and others have more than doubled in two years, figures have shown.

Hundreds of children in Wales sexting, police figures show
BBC › news › uk-wales-40565909
11 Jul 2017 — Police in north and south Wales have investigated 166 young people for sexting since 2013. … Thousands of children sexting, police say.

Plus: “Sex pests aged FOUR kicked out of school: 14,754 expelled or suspended for sexual misconduct. 1,123 children were of primary age, some in reception!”
Lockdown ‘sexting’ blackmail concerns for young people …
BBC › news › uk-wales-54194093

18 Sept 2020 — Police warn Welsh pupils over ‘sexting’ · Thousands of children sexting, police say. “Young people are at home alone and wanting intimacy …

And, not just online, check, UK top-sales SeX-Filled ‘FAMILY’ tabloid The SUN, Chief London Reporter Tom Wells: “Kids Aged 6 are Teacher Sex Abusers! Among a sharp rise in similar shocking cases, a six year old girl stood in front of a male teacher, lifted her skirt and boldly massaged herself through her underwear.”


So glad so much police resources are being poured into looking at young peoples phones without their consent… actual crimes being ignored.


A page I made that I particularly care about, as it recounts a now largely forgotten national scandal where an intergen couple were not just roundly condemned, but instead become the subject of heated debate and even sympathy. Films, books, and even the French president appearing sympathetic!

The page is well worth a read…


French–only Wiki on Russier, but…

The fact-based tale of Gabrielle Russier (1937–1969), a thirty year old teacher whose affair with a much younger student made her the object of bourgeoisie ridicule. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe, and remains Annie Girardot’s biggest box office hit in France.

French inconsistencies abound. They still rightly protect MAP Polanski and MAP artists in general. Plus Anglo student Stammers and MAP teacher Forrest (first held by French cops on non-sex enquiries) yet France still condemns non-arty other MAPS, and always Worldwide BIG Lies of Omission-LOO they STINK!

NEVER a “Mightily aMused not abused.” AAM posi-tale posted by neo Victorian nasty regimes in deep denial and in plain-sight of SWARMS of underage fans, often pre-teen, chasing, grabbing groping, grooming, laying Adult Showbiz & Sport stars.

Quote Deep South Rock God sweet peado Presley, “If young gals wanna rip all mah clothes off me I let ’em. They put ’em there in the first place!”

Quote Deep South song, “Tulsa girls half-grown, jump ohn a man like a dawg ohn a bone.”

And, West Coast HOT Rockin’ Ricky Nelson, “From ’57 thru ’63 when I finally got wed, I reckon I got chased and laid by about 3,000 young chicks, ages all unchecked, clean across the land. And it could get scaRy. One time six young chicks laid down in front of my limo and BEGGED me to Rock n Roll over their arms and legs so they’d have my tiremarks as permanent trophies. In my line of work, growing up is no option.”

Never forgetting the PREMIERE French Student-Teacher AAM-MAP Macrons!!

Plus, La Belle Francaise 2020 “Mignnones”/”Cuties” premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival on 23 January 2020, where Doucouré won the Directing Award. It was released in France on 19 August 2020 by BAC Films and internationally on 9 September 2020 on Netflix. While receiving generally positive reviews from critics for its ambition and acting as well as receiving accolades, it became a subject of controversy, starting from Netflix’s initial promotional poster that was widely considered inappropriate.


why did this cause a scandal, because the AoC in France since 1945 was 15 years ? And before it was even lower – 13 years, for as long as 80 years.


AOC in the uk is 16, and if i went with a 16 year old id be called names repeatedly.. by what i would call thick c&*%s.


look at the controversy over prince andrew! he only went with a17 year old apparently..


and the Uk aoc was 12 until the start of the 20th century!


The English AOC was raised from 10 to 12 by the Offences Against the Person Act 1861; then to 13 in 1875 and to 16 in 1885.

This is called “salami-slicing tactics”.


Its been 16 that long? while in europe its 15 in most countries, with 14 in a few? Do our politicians and society deem our teens to be less developed than european ones? how insulting!


The AOC was 14 in Hawaii and in Canada until into the 21st century. The excuse to raise the age in both was, not surprisingly to “protect kids from adult predators” and “because parents want these laws.” Youths themselves had no say in the matter, of course, and in fact it’s no surprise that these particular laws and the moral hysteria bolstering them is what killed the second coming of the youth liberation movement. The third coming is going to have to including more radical members, like those during the 70’s, who are resistant rather than fearful and complicit with the pedo panic.


I just realized you asked a question, rather than posing a question then answering it.

Why did this cause a scandal? Honestly, I’m not so sure. How did the media become aware of the case? Did her case become popular because it related to politics and the then-popular idea of challenging established hierarchies like teacher-student? The latter is what I suspect.

I have not read much of the article I linked on the page by the late Prof. Keith Reader, titled “Policing Desire” (2005), but that may help answer some questions.

It seems to me that the case served as a flash point to debate / express views about many changes going on in French society at the time. The case is usually mentioned in relation to the student revolution of May 1968. Gabrielle Russier and her partner’s closeness to that, having been to protests together and w/ Christian being a stauch Maoist, probably have something to do w/ the case’s popular influence.

Anyway, soon I will tidy up the page and add rare photos of Gabrielle and Chritian, that can be found online in more recent French media retrospectives.


Surely it’s WAY past time for pro-AAM/MAP BIG Hit Songs and Flicks?

“What’s AGE Got To Do With It?”


One in 15 men admit they would have sexual contact with a child aged 14 or younger, if no one would find out.

Now let them also conduct the same survey among minors: “Would they have sex with an adult or with someone younger, if no one would find out ?” Problematic ? Why ? Because they are just afraid that the answers will not be what they would like


They claim children will get psychological traumas when hear such questions and talks.


something familiar. It seems that we have already been through this – slaves are not worthy of having free will. This makes owning slaves much more convenient.

It’s known that minors have erotic fantasies and desires, watch adult pornography and masturbate… But according to the Puritans, conducting a survey is harmful to the “innocent” children psyche (in reality, this survey will be harmful to the puritan psyche lol) It’s very very convenient to keep minors in victimological trap and keep adults in criminological trap.


No ‘survey’ needed.

In plain-sight SWARMS of underage often pre-teen fans chase, grab, grope, groom, lay adult Rock-Pop-Sport stars.

E.G. a 1990s adult dateline FreePhone for femmes, had a young femme caller saying to ‘Love Magnet’ BoldMAP, “I like your voice, have ya gotta BIG Bulge?” “Well I’m not gonna say I’ve gotta small one am I? Anyway you sound more 13 than 18, the monitor will BLOCK you.” “I ain’t bovvered!” “So, who’s yer fave star?” “Beckham!” “And what would you do if he was standing in front of you now?” “I’d pull his shorts right down!”

Quote ‘Love Generation’ MAP? dry-wit Lennon asked what he thought of all the young girls chasing the Beatles, “I think it’s terrible.” And in the ‘Hard Day’s Night’ train carriage scene, leering Lennon to a group of giggling schoolgirls, “I bet ya can’t guess what I was in for?”

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where was that survey? are you even allowed to admit to that? ps people in puberty arent children. adolescent is a long word, but not impossible to say. but then the general public can only say simple things like pedo and n***e .


Obvious gaps on Newgon, when it comes to academics that’ve MAP-pilled me, bug me. So I got to work making pages asap for some people I’d had in mind for some time. Most readers will have some level of familiarity, but even so it might be nice to follow the links, save copies of papers if you don’t have them, or see a blast from the past.
[Note the linked review of Kilpatrick’s book and another book on CSA, which is a more obscure publication from Okami’s very based hands].

Updated with his commentary on Kilpatrick.


A CRAZY piece of news I have just looked into: Did you know that Nancy Pelosi, an 83-year-old United States democrat politician and former speaker of the house of representatives, had her California property broken into by one David DePape (43)? As you can see on police bodycam footage viewable on this BBC article, her husband was held captive and struck (in the head, it has emerged), by a man weilding a hammer. But why did he do it? Why am I bringing it up?

Because, dear readers, it involves Gayle Rubin (yes, that Gayle Rubin!) Considered a leading academic in feminist theory and queer studies, and currently a professor at the University of Michigan, she is regarded as a founder of American queer theory. She was, notably, sympathetic to MAPs and young people’s sexual expression where it was consensual / did not involve rape.

To my knowledge, Rubin has only ever responded to controversy surrounding her “Thinking Sex” piece once, in a 2011 piece titled “Blood under the bridge”. In it, she does not apologize or disown her earlier statements but instead states that that “I assumed (wrongly, as it turned out) that no one would imagine that I supported the rape of pre-pubescents. Even now, as I write this, I am aware that whatever I say will be interpreted in the worst possible way by someone“. She states that the fact that explorations of young people and sexuality “feel so dangerous” is “an indication of something deeply wrong.” (Deviations, ch. 8).

In this informative article, we are told that Rubin was “Target 1”: that is, the first target. The attacker went for Pelosi instead because, after researching Rubin’s home, he believed Rubin’s was too well-fortified. He decided that he could get to Rubin through kidnapping Pelosi, luring Rubin to Pelosi’s home as she would be drawn by Pelosi’s popularity. He would then continue to extract the “Truth” out of other kidnapped politicians and public figures, under threat of violence, ending with Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden (of ‘Hunter Biden laptop CP conspiracy’ fame). Using Hunter as leverage, DePape would have Joe Biden pardon those he considered criminals.

On Rubin, the article tells us that “DePape had a slip of paper in his pocket with Rubin’s address and phone number on it when he arrived at the Pelosi home last year“, which Rubin herself confirmed the accuracy of as part of testifying in court.

On the stand, Depape accused one of his targets, Rubin, of trying to create “pedophiliac molestation factories” out of schools across the United States.

How did he get this idea? Well, we all know that Right-wing populism and fearmongering are popular online and love to use ‘think of the children’ as a wedge issue to radicalize people who would otherwise be fairly ordinary and apolitical. In this case, we read:

DePape’s fascination with Rubin sprang from podcaster James Lindsay, DePape said, referring to the right-wing media personality.

“James Lindsay reads her papers, and what I got is she’s trying to turn our schools into molestation factories,” DePape said.

The article continues:

He told the jury he came across most of his newfound political ideas after listening to mostly right-wing political YouTubers for entire weekends at a time and a minimum of six hours per day on weekdays, including Lindsay, Jimmy Dore and Glenn Beck. He would listen to the YouTubers’ political screeds while playing muted video games for hours on end in the Richmond garage he lived in, which had no toilet, shower or bed.

Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband reportedly has “a large portion of the front of his skull flattened from his injuries and a roughly 4-inch laceration going across the back-right part of his skull“.

Thankfully, both the Pelosi’s, and dear Gayle Rubin, are alive… Those on his target list included actor Tom Hanks, Rep. Adam Schiff, former Vice President Mike Pence (remember how “hang Mike Pence” was chanted during the Qanon attack on the U.S. Capitol building?), former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and billionaire George Soros.

I think we can all see who’s *really* divorced from reality… All the more reason “to turn down the volume” on CSA, as former APA president Martin Seligman wrote (Oellerich, 2001). There is no “pedophilic elite”. Jeffrey Epstein is dead and was, if anything, an ephebophile – not a pedophile. There are no “predators”, “monsters”, etc. – just people and what they do and what they believe. These are images created in your head; journalists manipulating you with eye-catching exciting stories. In a money economy, journalists and entertainers are fighting for views, knowing that they can build an audience and make more money by using drama and sex scandals which promise little pushback.

I reckon that we’d see a lot less violence if journalists and media personalities would heed Rubin’s call, if they’d only read it, in Thinking Sex:

[S]exuality may seem to be an unimportant topic, a frivolous diversion from the more critical problems of poverty, war, disease, racism, famine, or nuclear annihilation. But it is precisely at times such as these, when we live with the possibility of unthinkable destruction, that people are likely to become dangerously crazy about sexuality. Contemporary conflicts over sexual values and erotic conduct have much in common with the religious disputes of earlier centuries. They acquire immense symbolic weight. Disputes over sexual behaviour often become the vehicles for displacing social anxieties, and discharging their attendant emotional intensity. Consequently, sexuality should be treated with special respect in times of great social stress.


A new study rejecting “problematic sexualized behavior” in children to be caused by previous illegal sexual experience:

The existing literature on PSB in children suggests that there may be risk factors associated with these behaviors. One common misperception is the assumption that all children displaying PSB have been sexually abused in the past. While sexual abuse has been shown to be a risk factor for displaying PSB, the prevalence of prior sexual abuse among PSB cases was found to be as low as 38% (2, 8, 9). Several other risk factors for PSB have been demonstrated to occur with significantly greater prevalence. For example, interpersonal violence was found in 68% of children presenting with PSB in the same study referenced above (9). A history of physical abuse was also identified in 47% of PSB cases (9). Other risk factors documented in the literature include high parental stress, neglect, and exposure to sexually explicit media (1, 8-13). A review by Elkovitch et al. (14) highlighted how the intersection of several risk factors plays a more impactful role in the development of PSB than any one risk factor (14). Research is needed to further characterize these risk factors and assess their impact on PSB.

Another misperception surrounding this topic is that PSB is comparable to sexual crimes committed by older adolescents and adults. Children who display PSB with other children are often labeled as “perpetrators, and viewed through the criminal lens, or considered victims of sexual abuse, although neither may be true (5, 12). The Survey on Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors also found that 67.8% of professionals in child-serving roles perceived children who displayed PSB to be similar to adult sexual offenders (15). Recent literature demonstrates that criminalizing the behavior and using punitive responses with children displaying PSB does a disservice to these children, who are in fact no more likely to perpetrate sexual abuse as adults when provided appropriate therapeutic intervention (16). These misinformed perceptions negatively impact the treatment of children affected by PSB and their ability to access care.

Problematic Sexualized Behavior — Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (PSB-CBT) is one such intervention that has demonstrated success with this patient population, with evidence of a ten-year recidivism rate of 2% for children under 12 years of age (16, 17).

The child’s role was characterized as displayer, recipient, both or unknown. The role of “Displayer” was used to identify the child exhíbiting the problematic sexualized behavior, while the role of “Recipient” was used to identify the child on whom the behavior was performed. If a child both displayed and was the recipient of the behavior, their role in the behavior was designated as “Both”: This included children who were the recipient of one behavior, who then displayed a different behavior at a different point in time. The designation of “Unknown” was assigned in cases where all children involved appeared to be participating in the problematic behaviors equally without a clear initiator (for example, in sexualized play).

Only 22 (20%) of the 110 children referred to the CPP were the displayer of the behavior, compared to 76 (69%) the recipients of the behavior (see Table l). Of the recipient cases, the child displaying PSB was also referred to the CPP for medical evaluation 14.5% of the time.

Characteristics of children identified as having been affected by PSB are shown in Table 2. The mean age was 1.2 years older for children displaying PSB compared to the recipients of PSB. A presumed history of abuse was found in 45.5% of children identified as displaying PSB, compared to only 25% of children identified as the recipient of PSB.

There was no statistically significant association identified between history of abuse or developmental delay and having displayed PSB. Chi-square test for independence found the outcomes of displaying or being the recipient of PSB to be independent from history of abuse.


Nice, I hope I’m not too intrusive.

One common misperception is the assumption that all children displaying PSB have been sexually abused in the past. While sexual abuse has been shown to be a risk factor for displaying PSB…

…Test for independence found the outcomes of displaying or being the recipient of PSB to be independent from history of abuse.

They realized that the earth is not flat, but they continue to adhere to geocentrism and notice that something wrong, but they cannot dare to abandon geocentrism, so as not to be condemned and not be branded as heretics. 🙂

I mean the use of the term CSA, which forces one to view the entire spectrum of sexual experience as exclusively negative. But if the experience was voluntary, mutual, initiated and reinforced by the willing “victim”, it becomes obvious why it does not have a negative impact. And in this case, the source of the problem is the social environment, taboos and stigma.


These authors seem to reject sexual needs in prepubertals, try to explain sexualized behavior in children non-sexually (contrary to the same behavior in adult offenders), as a reaction to previous physical abuse and neglect. Sexualized behavior in children is presented as asexual revenge—in accordance to Susan Brownmiller’s theory. So, struggle against sexualized aggression between children is supposed to have nothing to do with the prohibition of sex (because children can want only aggression, and cannot want sex).

Screenshot_20231117_144635_One Read.jpg

I have managed to get a FStube account.. so in the vastness of the internet i now have TWO places too speak freely!! theres plenty of vids but not many comments… needs more recruits i guess..


A new article about “normalization of non-consensual distribution of intimate images within adolescent peer culture and a reluctance to report or intervene”:

By telling about ‘non-consensual distribution of intimate images’ the authors are ‘including unsolicited sexting and unwanted requests for images’, i.e., unsuccessful sexual initiative. No wonder that children consider initiative, even unsuccessful, normal.


adolescent, not children… adolescents sext because they arent children… 5 year olds dont sext, as they are children.. anyway its all aboutt he consequences and bad news when thousands of teens sext quite happily.. until the pigs come round, of course.


>5 year olds dont sext, as they are children..
MILLIONS of sex-keen UNSTOPPABLE guilt-free modern kids Worldwide from AGE FIVE ‘Generation Selfie Sext’. Arrested ONLY in backward Sex-PHOBE phoney Anglophonia UK/U$A Uptight$ickA$$holes fer MOCKING Anglo Victorian fake ‘Sex Laws’.

PARENT WARNING: Boy, FIVE, among 400 primary school age children investigated for SEXTING.  A CHILD of FIVE is the youngest of nearly 400 children under the age of 12 to have been investigated by police for sexting.

By ALIX CULBERTSON Tue, Jul 11, 2017 | UPDATED: 15:34, Tue, Jul 11, 2017
A boy aged five is the youngest to be investigated for sexting. The boy, from County Durham, is the youngest person to be probed for sexting by police forces in England and Wales who responded to a BBC Newcastle request for information. There have been more then 4,000 cases since 2013 where children up to the age of 16 have taken EXPLICIT PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES and sent them to others.

Natch it’s all changed since ‘017 – it’s WAY worse but the phoney Anglophone fake coverups are sooo much better.

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“A record number of children, some potentially as young as three years old, have been groomed to send sexually explicit content online” claimed:


I wonder if it would be as easy to groom them to do their homework?


ok, you are right that sometimes they do, but im right generally, 5 year olds dont generally do adult things.. although heres a major hypocrisy- the drinking age is 5. but for some mad reason, you need to wait 13 years to drink in a pub? i dont know what crazies make these laws..


Is Matt on the wrong blog informing HTOC & Co about so called ‘Adult appropriate’ sex? When for 5-decades ongoing Tom has shown that for all-age AAMS & MAPS all consenting sex is ‘all-age appropriate’.

While, for centuries pre-‘Sexting’ all-age fun sex play begins pre-playschool among all-age young relatives and friends playing traditional ‘Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine’. Plus a more coy ‘Doctor’ just a fun excuse to see, touch, feel.


yes right blog we all here interested in people under 6,574 days old yes?


Just to clarify.

From Day Dot. an intimately suckling newborn ‘consents’ to being pleasantly aMused on the breast, but ‘resents’ being unpleasantly aBused when pulled too soon off the aMusing tit.

That’s HOT Mom’s tit, not Lil Blue Tit nor BIG Tom Tit.


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fact is they cant stop young people sexting.. and psychopath Republiscums over the pond want to jail people for 35 years for ASKING for a photo… and im very worried these loons will get into power again..


Well darn. This is the sort of thing I would’ve wrote. Not that there’s a dearth of things to talk about, just that this has knocked a bit of wind out of my sails- covers a decent chunk of what I would of written- and probably better put and cited than I would have. Gonna have to think of a few more things.


Those who survived online sex offences as minors are said to spend G£s because of MAPs:


Those who did not survive, how many G£s did they spend for the funeral?

[MOD: This was posted more than 24 hours ago. Just rescued it from Spam.]


what is a G£? to save me reading the article, as articles offend me..


[Tom, I sent a short reply yesterday, but it got apparently lost in cyberspace. It read more or less like this:]

What about those who did not survive? Did they spend G£s for the funeral?

[TOM: Just rescued your original from Spam. No idea why it went there.]


Made page for UK female academic Pat Sikes, who in the 2000’s experienced her own moral panic after journalists went wild over her self-professed status as an unharmed student who married her secondary school high school teacher.

Her scholarship is so clear and well written and really shows you how to do it. She is an example of the kind of reflexive, reasonable and resolute academic that we can always do with more of in relation to MAP topics. Though she no longer writes on teacher-student sexual/romantic relationships, she kept her promise (to herself) to write more relevant publications, rather than going completely quiet on the subject. [You’ll find these linked on the page].

If nothing else, you’ll find cases of positive age-gap sex/romance in the sci-hub articles linked on the page. I highly recommend saving copies of her articles / book.

If anyone finds a quote etc they particularly think should go on that page, do let me know. 🙂


Also produced this small page:

A once popular author who, in the 60s especially, seems to have provided a jumping off point for discussion about tolerance and acceptance for sexual minorities.


Good spotting dear Editor! 🙂


Playboy? just thought id point out HUgh Hefner said miley cyrus was attractive. whats the big deal? lol she was 15. paris hilton said the same about 15 yo millie bobby brown.. makes you think… got condemned , obviiously !


I watched that shitty hit-piece documentary about Hefner and was digusted by the ageism. Most of it seemed to be 2 women complaining in disgust at how Hefner continued to be actively sexual during his last years. I make a point of calling people out whenever they make comments disparaging the elederly having a sex life. Ironically, I find the ageism itself disgusting…

There were 2 other women who make up the other bulk of the documentary, who (going by memory) were very very pissed off that their sexual activity with Hugh was recorded (there was dispute, I believe, about whether they knew this would happen beforehand). I can see that argument, fine, but we don’t need to monster the guy in his entirety and everything he ever did. Hugh was a bastion for sex positivity and sex science, known to have supported (funded to some extent) the development of what became the International Academy of Sex Research, and its journal.


Just an update to Ullerstam: found a positive review in an underground LGBT outlet in 1975, called the Berkley Barb. Discussed and sourced on the page.


Hm. Interesting. This is the sort of thing that you’ll start to see more of in the future, I think. It may take a while, starts and stops, backs and forths, but I think even the United States will eventually begin to head in that direction within the coming decades, though probably not for another decade or two. It necessarily goes hand in hand with the lessening of restrictions on drugs- it’s the same animating spirit.


Unfortunately, you are mistaken. For context, in 2021, Germany saw a massive increase in the minimum and maximum prison sentences for cp possession, distribution and sex under the age of consent. They also banned sex dolls. This led to some cases where antis where caught in the crossfire, such as a high-profile case of a teacher who downloaded her 13-year-old student’s self-made erotic material to inform the parents, and who now faces one year minimum sentencing in prison for possession of illegal media. The public cried crocodile tears over this not because it was draconian overpunishment, but because it happened to non-pedos who acted out of non-pedo motivations. So now they’re walking that tiny part back. All the rest will remain more draconian than it was in 2020.


This may be true, Kiz, but the first step in questioning the ramifications of legally sanctioned moral crusading is when it gets so out of hand that “normies” start becoming targets and are jailed for it while attempting to aid and abet those laws.


“U.$. National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth”

Another profiteering arm of the phoney Anglophone CSIC/Child Savers Industrial Complex

A fake virtue-waving ‘New Patriotism’ last refuge of scoundrels. Among the post-‘Love Generation’ 4-decades ongoing tax-dodge charities and psycho-lonial industries in the vast and over arching neo-Victorian CPR/Child Protection Racket. Generating hate Worldwide against mutually attracted AAMS & MAPS.

A grotesque disgrace to true Child Protection when long proven c.88% of serious child abuse is NON-sex serious child abuse, with millions of non-sex child abuse victims. About whom the kidsex-craZed phoney Anglophone Child Protection Racket – doesn’t give a damn! While delivered daily to the kept dumb shallow ignorant masses by the Anglo-talitarian tabloid media ‘Dominant Narrative’ with unstated subtext, “Dumbing Down Works Wonders. Here is the (narrow) News, and this is what we want you to think.”

Abstract: A comprehensive meta-analysis combined prevalence figures of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) reported in 217 publications published between 1980 and 2008, including 331 independent samples with a total of 9,911,748 participants. The overall estimated CSA prevalence was 127/1000 in self-report studies and 4/1000 in informant studies. Self-reported CSA was more common among female (180/1000) than among male participants (76/1000). Lowest rates for both girls (113/1000) and boys (41/1000) were found in Asia, and highest rates were found for girls in Australia (215/1000) and for boys in Africa (193/1000). The results of our meta-analysis confirm that CSA is a global problem of considerable extent, but also show that methodological issues drastically influence the self-reported prevalence of CSA.

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most crimes arent even against children ! they are against adolescents ! yes, there is a difference !


Yeah, but the average person isn’t about to parse out the difference between children and adolescents in this conversation. Society is much more on the side of sheltering. And in favor of extending childhood and adolescence.


Anyone who wants to read about Inquisitor, the cosplayer that allegedly killed himself live online, after being falsely smeared w/ ‘grooming’ allegations: a good page on it is here


In search of magazines – Martijn

“OK magazine” №1-94 (1986-2006) – is an informational magazine about adult-child relationships and pedophilia.

“Martijn magazine” №1-36

Where can I download it??? PDF files
or tell me where to look for the magazine.


I live in a land of lawlessness

“He was a loving husband and father”: near Yekaterinburg, they said goodbye to a man who was mistaken for a pedophile


It sucks. What the hell happened to the world? The places where there was the least hysteria only a few decades ago have all run in the other direction and have lost their minds completely. The Netherlands, Russia, Tennessee… for centuries these places were the most tolerant about age gaps and youthful sex. Now they are hellholes for reasonable and realistic people. I say let the sex fascists in the USA and Russia send nuclear bombs to each other, and leave the relatively sexually normal Chinese out of it.


i guess that includes adolescents too.. that means i cant use my copy of American Beauty (1999) directed by Sam mendes, as proof underage nudity is no harm…


ok ill add to that not always harmful. as it can be whent he pics are distributed WITHOUT CONSENT. the key is consent !


Amos Yee was released on parole on 7 October 2023. He got rearrested a few days ago for unspecified “parole violations”, but he did have the time to write two blog posts while he was out:

Here’s an excerpt from one of his blogs:

So yeah, imprisoning me for my relationship with this 14-year-old who I never manipulated, who willingly masturbated to those nude pictures and encouraged me to continue sending, and also the fact that I just spent 3 years in Prison and my supposed 14-year-old ‘victim’ was literally gloating online about how she got me sent to prison, I think people should reconsider who the real ‘victim’ is.

It’s ridiculous, it’s unjust, I think this is the sort of thing that if it happened to most people, they’d never post anything online again, start leading a very private, secluded life, start irrationally hating people and be needlessly wary of their intentions, would sink into some deep-seeded trauma and depression that would take decades of therapy to recover back any semblance of sanity. Fortunately though I’m not like most people, and frankly if I develop another close relationship with someone underage that I’m sexually attracted to, I’d break the law again, and do something sexual with that kid. I’m not just saying this, you know from my history in Singapore deliberately speaking out against the Government and getting arrested, that I consider it an honor to break unjust laws. Literally months before I was released from prison, I was interviewed and told every police and parole officer that I don’t think I should have been arrested, that I defend pedophiles, that I support NAMBLA, yet they still let me out of prison, which they should have because I should be innocent, but in terms of enforcing the law and ‘keeping children safe’, it kind of doesn’t make sense.

Some people are speculating that this blog might be the reason why he was rearrested. I know this isn’t the most popular figure in the activist community due his habit of being overtly critical of other activists, but I find it quite admirable to see him standing his ground so firmly.

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“In fact, the past 3 years in prison might have been the best years of my life, not because of prison itself of course because everyone knows prison sucks, but mostly because of the 400 books I read(mostly on meditation and religion) and the 100s of hours of mindfulness meditation I did over the past 3 years.”

That’s nice to hear. I don’t think I’ve ever heard any “sex offenders” say that their life in prison was anything but a nightmare. Good to hear about sort of more positive prison experiences.


He is a very odd person IMO, at least from the outside looking in. He is almost certainly autistic which, in his case, has led him to noble actions which are often to his detriment. The quote you posted, where he frankly admits he “consider[s] it an honor to break unjust laws“, is probably one of the most stupidly honest things he could have written.

Honesty is a privilege: not everyone can afford (socially/financially) to do it. Gays back in the day, MAPs nowadays. He is far, far too honest where he doesn’t need to be… He could be such a better activist, if he wants to be, by doing his best to stay clear of illegal activity and toning-down statements like this. You can have values, but you don’t need to act them out!

I do think he was effectively ‘groomed’ (i.e. deceived into engaging in illegal activity by covert hostile actors), but it was a very, very dumb thing to sext and date that girl. It’s bad enough for women / men to lie to each other or be disingenuous / stringing people along, but it’s even worse if they’re deliberately setting out to ruin someone’s life using their self-conscious status as a ‘minor’. Disgusting behavior.

I believe Amos claimed he was / is not a pedophile, and that may well be true. He may be more of a hebephile or, just a ‘normal’ man who finds teenaged, sexually developmentally mature women attractive. But to the uninformed, stigma fueled masses who see 17YO’s and think ‘Pedo’, it won’t look like he’s not self-interested.

“being overtly critical of other activists” > One of his worst qualities. Sexual minority movements are already weighed down by stigma, likely to be full of mentally ill and struggling people. Attacking the inspirational and surviving thought leaders of the past isn’t gonna help MAPs overcome their issues. Everyone needs education and figures they can look to: I’d suggest Tom is a pretty good one… Amos himself often relied of academic research in his online debates, so it was very odd to criticize Tom when they do similar things.

Since Amos is so shameless, I do hope he can bounce back and live a decent life when he’s finally out of prison.

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Xavier Renegade

“being overtly critical of other activists” > One of his worst qualities.”

I’m assuming you’re aware there’s a certain irony to your statement 😉


…it’s even worse if they’re deliberately setting out to ruin someone’s life using their self-conscious status as a ‘minor’. Disgusting behavior

incorrect laws and social stigma encourage people to abuse privileges and use its for reprisals. Even if a person tries to present a surveillance camera recording of how a minor entered his room, flirted, began to undress and masturbate, no one will take this into account, because the current law is not objective and absurd. After all, a illegal video in which a minor laughs, smiles and takes initiative should in itself prove that he cannot be a victim and does not experience suffering.


ah yes the innocent teen… just like Shamina Begun, people can stick their hypocrisy up their


A rare book I’ve not seen discussed much, ‘The Lolita Complex‘ (1966) by Russell Trainer, draws on historical accounts and research reports from various American therapists of the time, to discuss ‘Lolitas’ and ‘Humberts’. What motivates Lolitas and Humberts, seems to me the most interesting chapters.

The framing is interesting. Take this quote:

Dr. Milton Okun has offered his opinion of the makeup of Lolitas for this study. It excludes, in some instances, sex as a motivating factor. “Sex doesn’t have to enter the picture at all,” Dr. Okun states. “A girl at a very young age, even as early as four or five, knows how to act seductively, and she soon learns that it can be the means of getting special favors and attention from her father or a father-image. So the child uses her seductivness for her own advantage. If such a child’s father, or any male, is inclined toward young girls, we then have a situation for the development of a Lolita complex affair that is a ‘natural.’ “ (p. 233)

It’s not that surprising that, for these therapists who interact with / council children who’ve been brought to therapy for ‘sexual behavior problems’, ‘acting out sexually with boys and men at school’ – that they’d see and thus ascribe to children a large capacity for agency and knowledge.

An interesting book to look back on. And, an interesting book you all may wish to keep a PDF copy of, in case currently available online archives ever get removed.


Here’s a decent looking article about the Bill

It has achieved Royal assent, but will take time to have its kinks ironed out and actually be enforced. Ofcom, the regulator given extraordinary power, still has to make its guidelines of enforcement. So although the Bill had passed, not a lot may change for the moment. At least for now…


Ofcom, didtn they ban an advert for a girl in school uniform showing a bit of leg? nutjobs.yes.. it was kingsmill


“If ya think you’re going to school in that skirt, you can think again!”


Big news! A new bill / law that had been floated around and scrutinized in media for at least a year, the UK Online Safety Bill, has now been passed.

It’s a bold, sweeping Bill which, from my brief reading about it, attempts to have under 13’s banned from social media platforms (where “adults” might be present). Of course, it further aims to enforce the removal of “age-innapropriate” content because, god-forbid a “child” might see the sexier or meaner side of humans before turning 16-18.

The emphasis is very much on “protecting children”. To do so, the law attempts to rid us all of the possibility of anonymity online. Want to set up an account with no ID? Sorry, but we need to verify your age before you can use our service 🙂

I can imagine people joking about needing “consent licences” or an “Internet license”, but the latter has effectively come about through ID requirements.

Being reminded by Wikipedia, the law was originally controversial because of the “legal but harmful” clause, but also the proposal to mandate companies scanning all user’s messages for “child sexual abuse material” – a broad term which can include writings and fictional artwork. This would mean the effective de-encryption of the internet. As most big social media platforms have some kind of encryption in the interrst of user’s privacy, which is some times a big draw for their user base, they weren’t willing to go along with it.

Amazingly, I wondered how the UK government planned to enforce this when most big social media or porn sites are not based in the UK. Well, the law is so sweeping that it plans to target *any platform that has UK users*. The bill intends to give the UK regulator Ofcom global power! It’s wild to me; it feels like they must be infringing on international law with that one. It’s so clearly about interfering and meddling in other countries’ business I can’t believe it’s serious.

What happens if companies don’t comply:

Ofcom will have powers to take action against companies which do not follow their new duties. Companies will be fined up to £18 million or 10 percent of their annual global turnover, whichever is greater. Criminal action will be taken against senior managers who fail to follow information requests from Ofcom. Ofcom will also be able to hold companies and senior managers (where they are at fault) criminally liable if the provider fails to comply

So much for low to no regulation, free market capitalists!

Anyway, reading about this Bill will fascinate and (probably) disturb you. I thoroughly recommend checking it out :p


children and adults um is the word adolescent really that complex for these thickos?


Amazingly, I wondered how the UK government planned to enforce this when most big social media or porn sites are not based in the UK. Well, the law is so sweeping that it plans to target *any platform that has UK users*.

Germany has had youth protection law phrased exactly like this since at least the early 2000s. You’d think they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish much given how almost no adult content is hosted in their jurisdiction. However, they’ve been systematically threatening and intimidating the hosts and admins of cartoon porn/hentai sites around the world into banning fictional child porn over the past two decades. I’ve seen this happen so many times back when I was active in the community. They have quite a few NGO youth protection agencies that, while not technically having any legal power, do act on behalf of the government as watchdogs people can report content to they suspect is illegal in the country. They will then attempt to intimidate the host of said content into taking down the offending material. They’re also not above complaining to DNS providers in order to make the culprit’s content inaccessible.

Their greatest achievement was the cultivation of a chilling effect regarding the hosting of fictional material involving minors.


New data on ‘association of physical or sexual abuse with better cognition’:

A review found that ACEs (emotional and sexual abuse) were associated with better executive function


But for post-1970s 4-decades ongoing Far Right Anglo neo-Victorian/puritan perverse logic.

How can any-age natural (not drug-fuelled) pleasure ever be termed ‘pain’?

Answer plse on back of a Penny Black-hearted Victorian postage stamp-on-the-public face.

Oh wait, they perversely invented a new fake ‘drug’ Sex Addiction for the naturally high libido, but naturally ignored the naturally low sex drive?

In 1987 the APA’s Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM-III-R) added for the first time the concept of “sexual addiction” as a term that could be applied when useful to clarify the more general diagnosis of “Sexual Disorders NOS (Not Otherwise Specified).”

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Just found out that Bolivian politician and past president Evo Morales, had claims of statutory rape leveled at him in 2020. A very interesting Wiki segment about it:


It is truly crazy. Especially surprised the Wikipedia would include that detail about the young female resisting police persecution (and being force-fed / tortured), as Wiki is ridiculously hostile to anything that can be seen a ‘pro pedophile’. I looked up and apparently the Bolivian AOC is 14 (when it’s not ‘positions of authority’). An important bit of context, in addition to the fact that no one *really* cares that 14+ young women want to have sex w/ older guys n vice versa: it’s just an easy, disingenous virtue-signaling / purity testing way to attack your political/ideological opponents…).

I added him to a section to the communism page which basically uses the info from Wikipedia but with more neutral language IMO. See:

Also now linked are the previously missing page on Peter Tatchell, and a new very brief page I made for (CAPM).


Another article we have is on the adverse effects of hysteria. At the bottom it lists ways “victims” are persecuted. This may be relevant to some details of this story.


Re-check post-‘Love Generation’ 4-decades ongoing modern-medievil Anglo psycho superstitious madness, generating fake hate Worldwide against MAPS.

“Damn The Children When The Devil Must Be Found!’ I thought of those lines last Monday night, as I watched Panorama’s television account of the Orkney ‘Satanic abuse’ scandal. They come from W H Auden’s poem ‘Voltaire at Ferney’, which is about the defence of humanity against superstitious madness. Panorama played an audiotape: a six- year-old girl screaming tearful denials to THREE ADULT INTERROGATORS. ‘He did so put his dickie in your fanny’ they insisted. She screamed again.’ ”

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Oh yes did you see the treatment of this 16 year old girl who said her nan looked like a transexual. by the police? such hypocrites. they ahd the nerve to accuse me of abuse yet they do it themselves. (actually they said what i wrote about was abuse )


We are considering content management systems (such as WriteFreely) for the MAP News site with a logo based on Paedo Alert News.

WordPress (the system HTOC runs on) is considered too hard to maintain.

Any ideas here?

Ed Chambers

I’m looking forward to these upcoming changes and developments.


SHOOT the Far Right FAKE ‘messengers’.

“Media whitewashes own role in killing of Palestinian-American child in Chicago.”
While corporate media and establishment politicians deliver performative displays of sadness over the lethal hate crime, Illinois State Rep. Abdelnasser Rashid, has pointed a finger directly at legacy media and US politicians for inciting the killing.

“Let’s be clear: This was directly connected to dehumanizing of Palestinians that has been allowed over the last week by our media and by elected officials who lacked a moral compass and courage to call for something as simple as de-escalation, as peace,” the Palestinian-American legislator told the New York Times. But just a few hours later, the quote had been heavily redacted. “This was directly connected to dehumanizing of Palestinians,” the new statement read — a rewriting which effectively erased Rashid’s condemnation of establishment lawmakers and media figures.


Grayzone are pros compared to the ‘tarbrush’ Far Right Fake$tream.
Max Blumenthal & Co can at least read Hebrew in Israel’s oldest rag Haaretz.

Where Max rightly found that some of the Kibbutz blasts were ‘Friendly Fire’ from Isreali Hellfire missiles not available to Hamas.

Friendly Fire/False Flags/Inside Jobs/Pedo Panics not known from the ‘tarbrush’ Far Right Fake$tream – not much!

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> That is entirely possible. But the main effect and perhaps intention of making the claim is to deflect attention from the initial act of Hamas terrorism, without which there would have been no need for IDF fire, “friendly” or otherwise. Nor does it persuade me Grayzone is a reliable source. 

Can Tom name any reliable news source?

[MOD: I will answer the question in a separate reply. I have deleted the rest of HHP’s post for a reason that will be given.]

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Thanx Tom, welcome back.

>However, I do not share your high opinion of them.

My opinion of any reporting is ‘report don’t distort’ especially by OMMISSION. The most common crime in the Far Right fake$tream, often corrected by reliable alt. media, too much to mention.

And without which the Peoples’ Web wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s not written on. Endless insults to a tot’s intelligence, Far Right fake$tream omissions on most issues, not least non victim pro-active AAMS.

E.G. late-20th Century Bold AAM HOT Loli, 7, “I’ve been waiting all week to see you. I luv your strong muscular hands in best white knickers – I LUV IT!”


Not to stay too far-centre ‘off topic’ but..

Current INEXCUSEABLE Far Right OMMISSIONS not least by BritBrainCrap/BBC, are not-distant context.

Of kids killed by Far Right Isreal’s trashing of the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords, and Gaza’s 9/11 when Far Right Israel attacked in 2008. Both MISSING from the current Far Right ‘Dominant Narrative’

Two more ‘appropriate’ links ‘dumped’?…ls-2008-war-on-gaza/

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I only found out today that BBC is nicknamed “the beeb.” I will keep that in mind 😀

And for what it’s worth, I do commend the BBC for finally coming out publicly in favor of strong evidence to denounce the motives of the ethnocentric Israeli government.


>I may not be the most unbiased source on this – just the most objective?

E.G. What could any subjective ‘anti’ possible say to that positively pro-active Bold AAM Hot Loli?


 >Have you ever known antis to be short of answers and strong opinions?

Well short, when totally trashed by far stronger home truths from unstoppable Worldwide modern ‘Gen Selfie Sext’.

Including guilt-free AAMS from Age-5 with PhonePornInTheirPockets mocking vile Victorian fake ‘Sex Laws’. Feeble antis Truth-Nuked by new kids on the block mighty mantra, “My Mind, My Body, My Choice, My MAP – MIND YER OWN!”
Backed by charming skoolyard chant, “Kids can say ‘NO!’ Or ‘I dunno?’. Or, YES F**KING PLEEZE!”

Short plank, shit-thick antis will learn that wee ditty from millions of unstoppable HOT AAMS when it’s a ‘SHOCK’ Anglotalitarian sex-filled ‘Family’ tabloid BANNER for Ratings & Profit

Kinda quote, WAY back ‘Love Generation’ BIG Bob Dylan, “Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command. The times and tabloids they are a-changin'” .

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Obviously, the BBC, like any other news organisation is going to make plenty of wrong calls and be guilty of occasional outright scandals, but we would be crazy to ignore MSM reports in favour of online mavericks whose general reliability is seldom put to the test and who tend to specialise in outlandish conspiracy theories. Pizzagate, anyone? Hillary Clinton heading up a paedo child-trafficking ring? Gimme a break! Many other conspiracies are available. Most of them just as bonkers.

I am in basic agreement here, of course. One thing to consider about “official” news outlets like the BBC, however, is that any corporate media organization is going to have a, well, corporate agenda. This means they will feel obligated to present ruling class ideology in a generally positive light and either dismiss or denounce challengers of that system as “conspiracy theorists” and nuts (as they do all Marxists, I’m sure you know). They are also beholden to corporate sponsors, which in the case of many American news outlets (like The Huffington Post) includes the U.S. Army and many corporations that have lucrative contracts with the military (e.g., Westinghouse). Hence, they will not portray those businesses or the military in a bad light. In fact, Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post, received a 6 billion dollar contract with the CIA a few years ago.

During the past few decades in particular official corporate news outlets like MSNBC have adopted a strong loyalty to the Democratic Party and the liberal agenda, and have spread numerous outright false and disproven conspiracy theories such as “Russiagate” and the idea that huge portions of the American citizenry are white supremacists. And they still do! They have gone from the traditional journalistic standard of challenging official authority to pandering to them in order to maintain exclusive access to their circles, to the point where they repeat governmental propaganda points as if they were proven facts.

Pizzagate, anyone? Hillary Clinton heading up a paedo child-trafficking ring? Gimme a break! Many other conspiracies are available. Most of them just as bonkers.

Total agreement! A lot of these come from QuAnon. Unfortunately, as we both well know, nonsense of this sort is eagerly eaten up by the public due to the extreme emotional reactions such claims elicit in the public and are used to fuel the agendas of moral crusaders looking to con the public and governments out of millions of funds while looking like a hero in the process (Tim Ballard being a good recent example).

When it comes to online alternative media outlets and personalities, you need to separate the wheat from the chafe, and learn to sift out the reliable with an honest agenda from those who have one based on simple sensationalism.

What we of the MAP community need to do, IMO, is not limit our scrutiny of the above to sex panics alone. There are other types of panics which we will be as vulnerable to as any other citizen.


Which, in your view, are currently the “wheat”?

I would argue those include individuals without corporate sponsors that prevent them from speaking critically about the military and the war machine in general (the U.S. Army and many corporations that have lucrative contracts with the military, like General Electric, are sponsors of big media outlets; Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, and a few years ago he received a $6 billion dollar contract from the CIA – try saying anything negative about about Amazon, any affiliate companies it owns, or the American intelligence agencies on The Washington Post, or find objective articles about these topics there), are not seeking DEI scores that beholden them to the “woke” agenda, are proven by a long history to be firmly on the side of the working class, and do not fear most of the usual accusations or name-calling slogans (e.g., being called “anti-Semitic” for opposing Zionism).

This would include, IMO, Max Blumenthal, Hard Lens Media, Due Dissidence, Tim Black, Sabby Sabs, the Grey Zone, Matt Taibbi, and Jimmy Dore. I also have much respect for Tucker Carlson despite my obvious disagreements with him on various issues, because IMO he backs up much of what he says and will not say most things out of fear of being fired, which is why he recently got fired from Fox News despite having the top-rated show on their corporate network and despite most of the corporate sponsors having abandoned his show.

Yes, you and I had our disagreements about Jimmy Dore since he angered you by speaking against the war in Ukraine and he was called a “conspiracy theorist” on Wikipedia, but as I noted to you then Wikipedia has also dragged you and others we know through the mud for likewise espousing non-mainstream opinions even if they were not the same sort of opinions. And as I also noted, war is a very volatile subject that can cause people to take up causes or stances based more on emotion than actual facts–a situation that is also applicable to the pedo panic and medical panics like the Covid situation.

For the record, I have openly disagreed with Dore and others on the above list of mine, so I likewise separate their own wheat from their chafe. All of the above provide good evidence for what they say and are not paid to say or in fear of being fired if they say certain things and are not beholden to corporate sponsors who basically control what today passes for “official” journalism and news reporting.

Warbling J Turpitude

I feel impelled to share this very recent news broadcast from Western Australia, simply because it displays so awfully and irreducibly the dreadful sting the word “pedophile” has to this day (Note that the Australians now give it the ‘short e’ pronunciation like the American, which seems to considerably enhance the ‘magic spell’ effect it has on all media consumers, instantly) The reporter with her mike has a purely revolting accent, and roams about here verily like the predator she dreams of, knowing every word she utters will be pre-digested by millions before it is even fully out of her mouth.

The most trusted man on the island is a PED-O-PHILE!

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This entire report is so gay from top to bottom, jam packed with womanly hysteria and faggots who eat this garbage up (no offense to gays). This guy Steve Smart liked the “abuse” which is why he kept coming back for more, which is why it wasn’t abuse. He is a disgusting weak piece of shit. Just kill yourself already instead of pretending like you’re a victim because you can’t accept you liked gay stuff. There are millions of people who had gay stuff happen to them that was enjoyable, and are now heterosexual. You don’t see them all walking around with a guilt complex or trying to get some guy in trouble so they can cry like a little bitch and get attention and maybe some money. These people are losers who are dangerous to others.


of course in the 60s it would be HES A GAY ! he is the most evil person on earth! people make me sick


Why, no criminal ban on millions of mainstream images of desperate children often bloodied, naked, or near-naked in war zones and famines? Mercilessly exploited by psychopath media for sensationalist profit, and for racists or sadists to gloat over!

E.G. Callous profiteering corporate snapper in closeup mode asked a tearful Gaza small child, “Are you Muslim or Christian?”

Sobbing answer, “I’m hungry and I’m scared!”

(Gaza’s minority Christian population has refused to leave Gaza City, despite a recent Israeli airstrike that targeted an historic church.)


Tom, the deeper point has always been that free of any criminal sanctions, profiteering fake media propaganda ‘messengers’ further mercilessly exploit non-sex desperate child victims of the Banks/Military Industrial Wars.

Always for profit, and always deviously masked by mass deception as so called ‘Public Protection’. De facto a post-Reformation 4-centuries ongoing on five continents Banks/MilitaryMedia BIG Mafia – Protection Racket.

(No anti-Semite here but don’t forget that European Bank$ta Rothschild got Europeans Balfour & Co Brits to falsely mandate middle-East Palestine as the newly minted European ‘Zionists’ future homeland Israel.)

Another corporate snapper (Pullitzer Prize Winner) in Sudan sold his image of a vulture waiting for a starving child to die. Later a sharp radio phone-in caller rightly suggested that TWO vultures that day caused the child’s fate, one of whom could have removed the child to safety.


And increasingly, jurisdictions are rightly making it a crime not to report or where possible remove a child from harmful situations.

While AAMS & MAPS rightly state that totalitarian sex-filled ‘Family’ fake media perversely making intergen mutual pleasure into malignant pain for minors, is itself a ‘vile thought crime’.

Quote, late-20th Century AAM Happy HOT Loli, 6, fresh from school and pro-actively playing wide-legs ‘fast horsey’ on ‘Love Magnet’ Bold MAP’S hard back (HOT whispered), “I want to see your willy!”

Meanwhile, increasing millions of unstoppable AAMS Worldwide from age-5 with PhonePornInTheirPockets MOCK Anglo-Victorian so called ‘Sex Laws’. Quote, “My Mind, My Body, My Choice, My MAP – Mind Yer Own!”

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And increasingly, jurisdictions are rightly making it a crime not to report or where possible remove a child from harmful situations.

I wonder what they do to remove children from situations like those shown in the link below? Or even avoid these situations from occurring? Governments that at ever opportunity speak about “traumatization” in connection with orgasms should learn about the real traumas that they themselves are causing.


Why is there no criminal ban on millions of popular images of desperate children, often bloodied, naked or nearly naked in war zones and famine? Ruthlessly exploited by psychopathic media for sensational profits, as well as for the gloating of racists and sadists!

Because photos of crying children are a propaganda tool to influence emotions and awaken feelings of hatred towards the opposite side and moral justification for the same actions. 

The same images are often accompanied by articles about pornography to incite hatred, while at the same time prohibiting the viewing of real images, even those that were legal in the 70-80s or those taken by minors themselves on their phones. In which there are no crying and scared children who actually smile and laugh. There is an excellent episode from the film about Larry Flynt on this topic.


I would like to clarify that my opinion concerns, first of all, the events of the last 30-20 years, when censorship began to intensify, and the media began to especially abuse their influence. It’s hard to say whether a photograph of a naked girl would receive the same award in today’s pedo-hysterical times? In those times you are talking about, society and press were still relatively free. Soon after this, the Virgin Killer album will be released with a scandalous cover with a naked girl, later NAMBLA will be formed and soon they will be invited to debate with Larry King, and another King will publish the book “IT” with a scandalous erotic fragment. And within 10 years, erotic magazines with minors will be published legally. It’s impossible to imagine now.

On the other hand, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that in the newsreels of “napalm girl” moment the girl does not look frightened and the scene itself is somehow strange. Children just run past the cameras, and adults calmly film them and no one runs to their aid, and children don’t run up to adults for help. (I am not claiming, probably I’m too sceptical )

Warbling J Turpitude

Watching the YT vid you linked to, it’s almost as if the girl is resting between staged photoshoots or somesuch?.She appears thoroughly cool, calm and collected, and only slightly bemused by goings-on around her! I have no doubt whatsoever that if it was me that had been napalmed, i’d be writhing in pain with both face and body contorted in utmost agony. And compare to the photographs of Japanese women napalmed in Tokyo 1945 – nothing left but charred remains…


>After all, how could anyone in their right mind want more war after seeing such images?

Has any right-minded person ever wanted less sex after seeing or seXperiencing early sex-pleasure pix?

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Marco Antonio

I’d rather see MAPs treated as a special case; far more numerous,

I get that. But I would like to point out that this statement deserves caution, as it could potentially be used to validate certain narratives of majorities-beats-minorities depending on how you frame it. Some people could interpret that if, let’s say, animal-lovers are way less numerous, it is ok to keep discriminating against them. I do believe that this was not the message, but it is easy to misinterpret it as such.

Interestingly, many antis also advocate to treat man-boy relationships as a ‘special case’ (not conforming to the general rule of looking at things rationally and sensibly).

My point is: The relatively high % of MAPs is a reason to put more the focus on the topic, to argue that we have an independent identity, to call for studying this topic as a special case, to have specific spaces inside and outside the fediverse (even separate from any other paraphilia group), etc. But I think it does not affect our narrative in any single way.

and with a rich history unrivalled by other such groups.

Similar observation as before.

There is no competition about who has the richest history. And having a rich history is not even necessarily advantageous to our cause.

But, indeed, because it has a rich history it must be taught at schools, it must be debated more often, it must be studied thoroughly and without any anxieties, etc.


A recent tweet (archived here references an interesting meta-analysis of ‘trigger warnings’. The study is here,, and made news coverage with the main takeaway being that trigger/content warnings “increase anticipatory anxiety”.

The takeaway is that trigger warnings do the opposite when it comes to anxiety, rendering ppl more, not less anxious.

This does not surprise me at all and speaks clearly to me as a misguided outgrowth of post-1970’s/1980’s risk and security culture. People are growing up far more sensitized to risk and security: possibilities, not necessarily actually occurring events. Fears of being raped by a stranger for example, in contrast to the (thankfully) small statistical likelihood that these forceful events will happen to you. [For that statistical claim, see Roger Lancaster’s Sex Panic book],


Any moral panic makes society infantile, neurotic and insane. The American intoxication of political correctness has weakened the pain threshold and moral stability of society, which has led to neurotic and hysterical perception. This led to the formation of numerous social justice warrior groups, which in turn gave birth to cancel culture.

Here is an example of correct political correctness, which is impossible to imagine in the current times. Calm debate on Dutch television with Edward Brongersma in1987 ( unfortunately in Dutch and and without the presence of Tom, who could to keep Edward nice company )


Repressed femme teacher rents call boy for long lost pleasure.

07:44 “Pleasure is not a sin, but a miracle that everyone should experience.”


Tom, please do forward to your enemy James:


Kids on Roblox are hosting protests for Palestine. Virtual worlds provide a way for kids to explore identity and world events.

An example of the evolution of social expression. Due to the inability to organize a march in the real world, in the future MAPs could do it in the virtual world. The key point here is the media attention to this, which can be used to draw attention to the MAP movement.

Last edited 7 months ago by Leonerd

Tom is a real bastion of free speech.. unlike musk and fuckerberg who are bastards of free speech . I can actually talk here. There is freespeechtube, but im having problems getting in…. its become more difficult to make account


Any account you have made on FST will be functional. Each account you have made will not be functional in the first 12 hours as it must be enabled by a moderator.

Say for example someone were to register to share illicit material. This is what we must protect against.


thye never seemed to approve me? weird as i was on the original for a long time as Not brainwashed.


Both accounts are enabled and can post videos.


Don’t miss MAPs natural counterparts in plain-sight. At least since Sinatra’s ‘bobbysoxers’, and for which neo-Victorian sad Antis STILL have no answer.

Millions of amused (not abused) pro-contact AAMs chase, grab, grope, groom, lay HOT adult Pop/Rock Stars.

Quote, HOT MAP BIG Chuck, “Hail Hail Rock & Roll deliver us from days of old…Nine years old and sweet as she can be.”

And top MAP Tom’s fave MAP Jacko, “The girls that hang around concerts or clubs…I’ve lived in that all my life. They do everything with the band…everything that you could imagine. So I wrote a song called ‘Dirty Diana’.”


Bill Wymans pretty cool. mick jagger? look up rae dawn chong . and then there was steve tyler, antony kiedis.. no libel here, its all online.. its so funny when people realise there heroes did wrong things ! madonna even exposed a 17 year olds boob at a gig!


New from the BBC, and it’s dire. Total recapitulation of the Government’s thought crime narrative on AI generated “child abuse”.

It may be worth alerting the social media account of Prostasia Foundation to this story.

Ed Chambers

Do these people actually read what they’ve written? Or just defecate it staccato and move on to creating the next stream of shit without checking? I think it has to be the latter.

How are they real victims of CSAM if the material is AI generated? It’s clearly victimless. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here, out of desperation judging by the tone of the article.


As the last sentence in the article says:
“The reality is that they are now victims of Category A offences that never happened”

What bothers me more is the language they always use. How is anyone who is quietly generating something on their computer a “predator”? One day, people will realize that it doesn’t make any sense… hopefully.


I hope one day someone will seek out these journalists with a hungry lion and unleash it in front of them. So they will learn the difference.


The “logic” used to justify such victimless victimization in the mindset of such people is that even an AI image of a child “represents” children, who collectively serve as personifications of our societal definition of Innocence. Hence, depicting such images in sexual situations violates that sacred paradigm, thus inciting “predatory” thoughts in adult viewers and resulting in the “victimization” of Children as a concept. In short, the sacrosanct image of the child must be protected from “impure” thoughts and fantasies.


As the Blog author, I’m willing to put aside some time to explain the curious origins of Iris and Lecter’s Fedi drama with me, if it genuinely interests anybody. While a lot more is now known about their characters, in brief, their attacks on me started on, towards the end of the MAP community’s thoroughgoing presence there in 2021 and 2022. The complaints are fundamentally linked to Iris and Lecter’s extremist anti-contact philosophy, and their attempts to reconcile said with the wider community. The initial target of their anger was my research unearthing a widely unknown Newgon MAP Flag predecessor (linked here) from 2009, with a similar appearance very similar rationale to the famous 2018 effort. A secondary aim of theirs was to discredit Newgon’s involvement in establishing MAP discourse. Newgon’s role in this is something I can personally attest to, as I was around in 2006/7, and have subsequently located archive evidence of it (linked here). Much of that research was reproduced (stripped of parts seen as favorable to Newgon) without credit on “MAP Wiki”, a resource edited by Iris and Lecter.

Following the “fascism” attacks, and general attempts to politicize the MAP Movement I was forced to post the following on Fediverse. It may serve as advice to anybody who is unfamiliar with shitposting and chan-culture, some of which are undoubtedly occasional features of PCMA (the primary activist workgroup inside the Yesmap server):

I could speculate as to the motives behind the attacks on here, and am already aware of the initiators’ motives (see here and here*) – but the fundamental complaint, I believe, centers on a deliberate/bad-faith misunderstanding of the PCMA discussion group. Certain members have occasionally used trigger-phrases in a radically disinterested manner – in other words, with no negative animus towards whatever group concerned. We do not kick out members for expressing controversial opinions, but do ask that debates are kept in an adjacent space. PCMA users are constructing a philosophy of the political wargame, and not concerned so much with the philosophy of identity. We are different people, with a different culture to Fediverse.

To this end, I’d like to raise something – and that is to ask that Fedi users do not sign up for this workgroup out of mere curiosity, particularly if you are prone to taking offense at lively discussion or bad words. Please respect that we are engaged in visibility and awareness work that benefits you as a Minor Attracted Person, and in no way disparages paraphiles, transsexuals, or other minority groups. If anything, we sometimes attempt to link negative attitudes towards MAPs with bovine takes on other minority groups, by seeding what we call black propaganda in hostile spaces. Our targets are your enemies – see my bio! [Edit to add, this lists a variety of PCMA’s successful conservative targets including Peterson and Lindsay, etc]

Instead, talk to us about setting up an alternative space, rather than needlessly disrupting the existing one. More on this below. And to read about some of our successes, see this article.

Please also be open to questioning the motives of individuals here on Fedi who seek to portray PCMA (“Newgon”) as a hive of right-wing bigotry, some of whom have even created multiple accounts, entered our group repeatedly and sought to cause disruption by crying foul.

A lot of these misunderstandings will hopefully be cleared up once I help open a clear web forum devoted to the MAP identity. I was hoping not to be the person to take this on (and thus force others to take on the task of hosting it), but it appears those hopes and those appeals to other members of the community were in vain. Why will this help, you may ask? Well, once an intellectually diverse MAP discourse is out in the open, casual observers will be able to get a handle on what it is about, and Fediverse propagandists will be less able to misrepresent what is being said by falling back on the inherently private nature of a Matrix Server, and the misplaced faith of their readers.

If you find yourself undecided on any of this, I would like to stress again:

1. Do not enter PCMA, bar the intros room, which is autojoin.

2. If you wish to operate a Yesmap Matrix account, TALK TO ME, admin (hinomoto_oniko), or any of our MODS first, and we can discuss the setting up of a uniquely leftist public space on Yesmap. One already exists on a private basis, although it is sometimes inactive. A leftist, pro-MAP pro-paraphile space on Matrix has been a long-term, clearly stated aim of mine, and would doubtless benefit the existing activist groups.

3. We have a long-term plan to have streamlined discourse spaces on Matrix catering to different political persuasions. In this sense, the activist workgroup (which functioned very efficiently prior to the Fedi drama) will be isolated, and we can return to the levels of efficiency we saw in 2022 and the early part of 2023. To make this feasible, we need more members, but they need to be in spaces that suit their talents and reduce the likelihood of needless conflict.

There are obviously significant differences between the kind of activism PCMA pursues and exclusively anarcho-communist MAP activism. With the former, we are looking to find ways of psychologically manipulating normies, and then dropping pro-MAP arguments and studies. The latter is far more adjacency-enabled and works on a more discursive level. The existing groups on Yesmap reflect that, and we will seek to improve on that obvious distinction. In the meantime, please do not dismiss out of hand the idea that we may have a lot to gain from both strategies, and thus do not attempt to disrupt the presently active PCMA workgroup because somebody with ulterior motives told you it was “problematic”.

Thank you.

MAP lover

Thank you for an informative post on the current state of play. Not that I am out of the loop but just generally not as interested in keeping up with MAP politics as I am in MAP rights.

You’re doing good work.

MAP lover


oh, wow, how do i comment on this site? and how can i get back to twitter? i tried in the library but couldnt get past the stupid puzzle

Zen Thinker

Greetings dear Tom, thought I would drop by to say hello.

How exactly do we define a paraphilia? If I have a strong desire for Aristotleian metaphysics on final causality, does this qualify? Or must it be sexual?

The thing is, as Freud might have said, the sexual energies drive everything on a basal and infrarational level of the human mind, so when I am exploring metaphysics, on one level, I am tapping into repressed sexual longings, no?

When we go to the pub with a friend, how much of it is a repressed homoerotic psycho-sexual transaction? Or would it spoil the very definition of friendship to reduce it to these terms?

In a similar vein, must we always see love for children as a psycho-sexual transaction on the basal level of the mind? Or does this spoil feelings of compassion, joy and indeed our very enjoyment of the existence of the child?

If male-male friendship is not just repressed psycho-sexuality, might we say also that adult-child attraction is not merely psycho-sexual, or indeed a paraphilia, but instead an existential ground on which there are possibilities for friendship, joy and mutual understanding?

And indeed, that to see sexual attraction purely through the lens of sexual attraction per se, is an intolerable reductionism, rather than sexual attraction qua love or sexual attraction qua friendship?

Just some thoughts for you to ponder.

Best wishes, Zen

Zen Thinker

Just wanted to catch up with my old bud, we go back several years haha.

I should have directed the post to Jim, and in fact I shall do so now.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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